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all about Alkaline Trio

Alkaline Trio-one of my favorite bands.

Band Members-
Matt Skiba-guitar, vocals
Daniel Andriano-bass, vocals
Derek Grant-drums


Former Members-
Mike Felumlee
Glenn Porter
Rob Doran

Maybe I'll Catch Fire
For Your Lungs Only
From Here to Infirmary
Good Mourning

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more info to come...

I'm bored and I have nothing to do, so I've decided to ramble on about nothing. I first heard of Alkaline Trio on the Warped Tour '02 Comp. It was there song "Armageddon" that was on it. I don't think I really paid too much attention to it, or I did and I don't remember. For some reason it seems as if I didn't care for them (or something to that effect), which is normal for me. Most bands I hear once, I don't care for and then I go back a week, a month, sometimes a year later and I'm like "wow, these guys are amazing. why didn't i notice them before?". that's how my mind works or something like that. it has happened numerous times. Back to what I was saying, i heard them and didn't care for them or didn't understand them or something. I proceeded to go out and buy Atticus...Dragging The Lake II, which just so happended to have "Crawl" by Alkaline Trio on it. I believe I prevously re-listened to my Warped Tour '02 Comp and realized I really did like Alkaline Trio. So I bought the Atticus...Dragging the lake II CD. I then totally fell in love with "Crawl", and I still love it. After a little while I got a bit daring and bought Good Mourning, and I fell in love with that as well. The scary thing is, my mother actually likes them.

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