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AngelSpeak Thoughts & Rants
Thursday, 14 August 2003
Bush as Dictator- quicktime movie

  • Posted by extreme4/angelspeak at 12:58 PM
    Updated: Thursday, 14 August 2003 1:16 PM
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    Wednesday, 13 August 2003
    Are we (the US) quickly becoming a mirror of .... Hitler's Germany?
    First of all a link to an article found on What Really Happened (.com):

    America, the Fourth Reich

    Think about this people! It seems so very evident that the situation the US is being put into by current high level governing adminstrators is beginning to look like a return image in a mirror. The image does seem an awful lot like Hitler's Germany during the rise of his reich. Should we fear another Holocaust, caused by or perpetrated on...the United States?! I fear it.

    An essay I "whizzed off" yesterday to Irregular Times (hey, maybe they will like it too) was fueled by an article I read about several states now declining to have presidential elections in 2004. No, this is not about the people of that state making a willful choice not have the right to vote or not wanting to vote. The higher-ups in those states decided for "the people" that for one reason or another it was a waste of time and money! These people will not get to voice their opinion about who the next president should be.

    And for those that believe, "our votes don't count anyway" and that it doesn't matter...the BIG ISSUE here is..a right of the people have been TAKEN from them! It's the civil liberties thing again!

    Wake up America! Expose and GET RID of the people of power who want ALL THE POWER to walk all over an America that belongs to them, their opinions, their ideas...their money....their "people". You will not be free much longer if you do not open those sleepy eyelids!

    Posted by extreme4/angelspeak at 11:20 AM
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    Chosen Essay
    Last week I was greatly surprised (and pleased!)
    to receive an email regarding a post I had sent while visiting the site:

    The article (?) I had sent in was chosen to be on their website. Wow, I was so unexpectedly caught off guard with that email. I never intended or expected to see that on the website listed as a guest's essay. I simply assumed that if indeed it would wind up anywhere viewable on the site it would be in some sort of readers comments section that you just go into and browse a long script of comments and replies from "tons" of website visitors.

    Anyway, enough "pating myself on the back" (don't wanna look like I am bragging because I'm surely not, just an unexpected treat for me! :)

    Here is the verbage from that "essay" if anyone wishes to read it:

    Who does Bush have to answer to?
    - A guest essay on Irregular Times

    After reading so many articles with quotes from our "humble" President, Dubya, I have contemplated: Who does he feel he has to answer to?

    So many quotes attributed to him have him implying that he is above having to answer to any authority. I mean, "we the people" are ONLY the ones who elect, impeach and pay for his "high" services. Guess that does not qualify for getting answers from him on all the questionable 9/11 information or for him having to answer to the now seemingly lies which were told about the reason for war in Iraq.

    Ah, yes, HE moved on with that, I forgot!

    Too bad the soldiers still defending themselves everyday over there have not moved on, except in body bags! Guess he forgot about them in HIS move.

    He doesn't feel he has to answer to (or follow) the UN, Congress, The Supreme Court, our Constitution, the Bill of Rights, the CIA, the FBI, his partners in crime (all his dirty little team of liars) or any of the America's allies or foes. After all, he will not be "micro-managed".

    It appears to this anti-Bush American, that he already is being micro-managed and must consort with, give answers to, and take his own little humble pill from at least two sources. (And, no, one of them I can surely bet on not being a source, is God)

    His Daddy, Bush Sr., and all the corporate moguls that he resides with as well as Sharon and his evil state.

    Yep, you'd better believe that almost without a doubt little "Georgie" is not doing this all alone. He's too arrogant, dumb and probably still having flashback "highs" from all the drugs, alcohol and evil enjoyment he has had all his life.

    There ya go....the little "big" man can be micro-managed and does have to answer to someone, but it "ain't God" like he would like you to believe. (At least it's not my God, the one I know and was raised with, maybe Daddy and Sharon are his Gods!)

    Regards to all that do not fall for his deception and prayers for all.


    Posted by extreme4/angelspeak at 11:05 AM
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    Wednesday, 9 July 2003
    All of America needs to respond this way!

    Clinton's lies were an impeachable offense. They were merely about sex. Bush and his "asses of evil" have lied and cost thousand of lives. His lies and crimes against America, humanity and other nations will continue unless we impeach him and all those working with him in this circle of wickedness and greed.

    On Friday June 27th members of "Code Pink" hung the pink slip shown above from a balcony of the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles where "W" was attending a fundraiser.

    Posted by extreme4/angelspeak at 5:55 AM
    Updated: Wednesday, 9 July 2003 6:13 AM
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    Tuesday, 8 July 2003

    "Bushie's Terror Alert"

    Posted by extreme4/angelspeak at 7:20 AM
    Updated: Tuesday, 8 July 2003 2:39 PM
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    In high school I was interested in how the court system worked (the government) in our country. But, as I became of the voting age, I never wanted or was interested in taking the time to listen to all the "BS" you had to weed through in order to be a conscientious voter. Therefore, I have never voted or registered to vote.

    I am ashamed to say that I have been so lack in being a watchful citizen of what is increasingly evident of what our current government is perpetrating.

    Now, since 9/11, watching all the events unfold around it, seeing "who" we have in the government that are "suppose" to be watching over us, taking care of our best interests, rights and safety and realizing that they are only out to fill their own financial pockets and could really care less about the people they are working for, I plan on speaking out, reaching out, in hopes that all the people who have their eyes opened enough and care enough about this country and the people living in it, will do something about it! Get rid of BUSH! Take our government back to us the people, where it rightfully belongs. We created the consitution, we elect them, we pay their salaries , they are NOT above answering to us (as Bushie thinks he is, but there again he was not elected, he stole his presidency). We are their employer and they are our employees, paid to do the job we expect of them. Not, to take over and remove our rights and liberties and refuse to answer to us when we question their actions.

    Some of you may call me unpatriotic. That is far from the truth as I see it. The most unpatriotic thing you can do is sit back, keep your mouths shut and let money-hungry, non compassionate dictators in our government continue on the route of what will be American Destruction if we don't start checing them. It is our duties to watch over, give checks and balances to the people we let rule. And, if they aren't doing the job or are doing it wrong and deceitfully, GET RID OF THEM.

    Don't be fooled into thinking that you can just sit back, turn on your tv every night and that life as we know it will always be there. It is not going to stay the way our forefathers intened it and the way we want our children to enjoy it, if AMERICA DOES NOT WAKE UP!

    One partial description that could partially define a facist regimes behavior:
    "One could certainly argue that Churchill's war cabinet had behaved no differently than a facist regime, censoring news, controlling wages and prices, restricting travel, subordinating civil liberties to self-defined wartime necessity."

    Sound familiar yet? Okay maybe we are not completely there yet, but certainly you must see that the road we are currently traveling on with "Bush & Co." is leading down that path.


    Posted by extreme4/angelspeak at 6:01 AM
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    Monday, 7 July 2003
    Here to Speak Out
    I am an NBO. That is, a non-complacent Bush objector. I want to speak out against this tyrant and offer others a place to do the same.

    Posted by extreme4/angelspeak at 12:53 PM
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