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Voyager Farkles

Pictures of modifications I have made to make my bike more
suitable for long distance riding.

Hanguards for extra protection from cold and/or wet conditions.

Pics of my aux fuel cell. The first one shows most of the pieces. The second
shows the finished product mounted on my bike.I use the frame rails from my
passenger seat to mount the wood plate that the fuel cell sits on.

The 3 pics above show another wood plate that I made to move my
trunk back 2.5 inches.

Pics of the mount I made and my driving lights.

I used aluminum strap I bought a Lowe's to make a mount for my GPS.
The mount attaches to the unused rearview mirror boss.

Cheap throttle lock is a Caterpillar O-Ring p/n 8M 4991.
Cost is $3 to $5 depending on your local Cat parts markup.

Latest project was to fix up and paint a Harley Tour Pack
and mount it with my fuelcell. The advantage of the Harley trunk is that it opens
from the side.

Saddlesore 1000 & Bunburner Gold 1500
Saddlesore 2000