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Pics from my ride to Niagara Falls (June 2003)

I took these pics on the way to the start of the MTF Great White North Tour 2003. I couldn't go on the tour (out of vacation time) but making the dinner at the start of the tour was an excellent chance to get in a ride. I left home with the objectives of getting some good pics from the bottom of the New River Gorge, riding the Western Pennsylvania/New York backroads, and making an official visit to a foriegn country (Le Grande Poobah goes to Canada). The ride was great except for Wet Virginia (yes I mean wet instead of West - it rained hard coming and going). I really enjoyed riding Penn. 666 (thanks Tom) but I waited until Saturday to do it (no way I would ride a road called 666 on Friday 13th). It had been a while since I had been on a long ride and I had forgotten what a pain in the butt it is to go through a toll booth on a motorcycle. Other than the tolls, my only aggravating moment was trying to get into Canada. Seems like Dawn had paid the cute little Canadian customs girl to give me a hard time. She wanted to do a strip search but I talked her out of it. Thanks goodness it was easier to get back in the US. Hope you enjoy the pics.

Click pics for a larger image.

Fancy Gap Virginia

New River Gorge (WV)

Old Bridge - New River Gorge

New Bridge - New River Gorge

Hwy. 19 - New River Bridge

Pic From Side of Gorge

Fagundus, Pennsylvania

Pennsylvania Creek along PA 666

PA 666

PA 666 - Great Ride!

House in Ludlow, PA

Kinzua Reservoir, PA

Kinzua Damn

Senca River, Hwy. 219, NY

Rainbow Bridge

Maid of the Mist

Horseshoe Falls

American Falls