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Handguards For You Voyager

Pics of how I made guards to protect my hands from cold and/or wet weather. If you
want some handguards, but don't want to make them yourself, David Carter
(Voyager owner from Round Rock, TX) will make and sell you a set.
Contact David at:

Bar tag from the material I used -
polycarbonate from Lowe's
Pattern cut out and taped to material. The materail
looks green because of the plastic protective coating on both
sides. Leave the protective coating on while you work.
I used a marker with a wide tip to trace the pattern.
I used this scroll saw to cut out the guards.
I used the rubber gaskets from the motorcycle's
mirrors to trace the pattern for the holes in the guards.
Use a sanding block to round and smooth the edges
(prevents stress cracks).
This is how they should look.

Click Thumbnails for Printable Pattern

Left Half of Pattern

Right Half of Pattern

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