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The Bench

The Bench Press is one of the most facinating events in all of sports.
Seeing some huge burly gaint take 700 lbs. and drop it on his chest only to see if he can push it off of himself is just mind blowing.
Why would anyone want to do something like this and chance hurting themselves for no logical reason?
It's kind of ironic because the bench pressing motion itself is almost never used in the real world.
I mean, think about it; when was the last time that you saw someone moving their hands down to their chest and then pushing them back out?
The motion used to bench press is not a natural motion.
It hardly helps you at all with anything but bench pressing unless you trip, fall, and land in push-up position.
So, why do people chance serious injury on a regular basis to improve something that doesn't help them in the real world?
Speaking from experiance, I know a few reasons why people take such chances.
  1. A lot of people bench for something to do. It keeps them occupied and helps them to stay in shape. It also lets them know that if they set their mind to something they can accomplish it.
  2. Another reason people work so hard at benching is so that they are better at something than the person standing beside them. Pride is a huge thing for a lot of people. They have to be better than everyone else.
  3. Lifting weights keeps your heart in good shape and your body lean. Power lifting is a great form of excercise and improves your body drastically. Many people lift souly to keep in shape.
  4. Benching for a lot of people is not only a hobby but an occupation. The more weight you can lift, the more money you make. Money is a great motivator for many people.
  5. The last reason I find that people bench is to leave something behind after they die. For example, Ryan Kennely will be forever know by me for his amazing 800# bench press. People strive to be remembered for doing something fantastic.

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