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The scene opens up outside of the infamously known Playboy Mansion. We see a couple of women walk inside the door to the mansion, holding drinks in their hands. Driving up Hugh Heffner's circle driveway, pulls a dazzling, bright red PT Cruiser. It pulls up towards the left side of the driveway and parks in one of the Visitor parking spaces, and turns off. The drivers side door opens up and out walks none other than the 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer. Joanie, looking absolutely gorgeous this afternoon, sporting her white playboy bunny tank top, cut short, revealing her stomach, with a floor length gothic style black skirt, with a few chains dangling down her right hip. She shuts her car door and presses the automatic lock button on her keychain and begins to walk towards the mansion. She walks up the walkway that leads to the enormous wooden door. She takes a breath and then reaches down for the shiny, golden door knob, and turns it to the right, opening the door up a little bit. She pokes her head through, and then pushes the door open far enough to step inside, shutting it back behind her. She walks all but 4 steps before a photographer comes up to her, asking to take a picture of her. Joanie smiles, and poses, staring straight into the camera lens. After he snaps the picture, he thanks her and continues on his merry way, in pursuit of other women he can take pictures of. Joanie focuses her attention on a male figure, who walks through a set of beaded curtains, into the main lobby of the mansion, wearing a dark blue robe. That could only be one person..The King Of Playboy himself, Hugh Heffner. He stops, and looks around the lobby, before locking eyes with Joanie. A bright smile appears on her face as he begins to walk towards her. She starts to walk towards him as well, and as they meet each other, they embrace in a hug.

*~* 'The King Of Playboy' Hugh Heffner *~* Oh, Joanie! How've you been?

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* I've been great, Hugh. And yourself?

What can I say? I'm livin' large, as always.

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* *Looks Around* Yeah, I can see that.

*~* 'The King Of Playboy' Hugh Heffner *~* So, what can I get you to drink?

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* *Jokingly* Oh, Hugh. You and I both know that you won't be getting the drink. *Giggles*

*~* 'The King Of Playboy' Hugh Heffner *~* Well, that's besides the point. *Smiles* A Martini good?

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* A Martini sounds great.

*~* 'The King Of Playboy' Hugh Heffner *~* *Calls Over A Waiter* Get this young woman a Martini, would you?

*~* 'Hugh's Waittress' ?? *~* Right away, Mr. Heffner.

*~* 'Playboy Playmate' Melissa Rodriguez *~* *Walks Up Next To Hugh, Putting Hand On His Shoulder* Oh, there you are Hugh. *Giggles* I thought you ran away from me.

*~* 'The King Of Playboy' Hugh Heffner *~* Now, why would I do such a thing?

*~* 'Playboy Playmate' Melissa Rodriguez *~* *Giggles* I don't know, silly! *Turns Towards Joanie* Oh my god! Chyna? Is that you? I am like..such a huge fan!

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* *Fake Smile* Melissa, it's..actually not Chyna anymore. It's Joanie..

*~* 'Playboy Playmate' Melissa Rodriguez *~* Joanie? *Squints* Wait a minute!..Erm..who are you?

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* *Rolls Eyes And Glances At Hugh* Can I get a moment alone with you?

*~* 'Playboy Playmate' Melissa Rodriguez *~* *Excited* Sure! *Grabs Joanie's Arm And Walks Away From Hugh* So..uh..what did you want to talk to me about?

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* *Glares At Her* Actually, I just wanted to talk to Hugh alone..

*~* 'Playboy Playmate' Melissa Rodriguez *~* *Blankly* Well, Hugh's over there, so why are you talking to me?

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* Hmm..*Sarcastically* I guess I wasn't thinking..

*~* 'Playboy Playmate' Melissa Rodriguez *~* *Shocked* Whoa..I have those days sometimes..

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* *Smirks* I'm sure you do..*Starts To Walk Away* Okay..

Melissa begins to walk away as Joanie stares at her. Joanie rolls her eyes and walks back over to Hugh, with a smile on her face.

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* *Looks Around* Quite the shindig you've got going on here, huh?

*~* 'The King Of Playboy' Hugh Heffner *~* Oh, you know, just a little something I put together in honor of all my favorite playmates to celebrate my great success. *Smirks* And I am especially glad you could make it today..

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* You didn't think I was going to miss a get-together hosted by the great Hugh Heffner, did you? *Giggles* After all, I have done not one, but two Playboy pictorials. This here Playboy mansion is like a second home to me.

*~* 'The King Of Playboy' Hugh Heffner *~* Well, I am glad you think so..because I've been meaning to ask you something..

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* *Raises Eyebrow* Hmm..what's that?

Well, you and I both know that both of your playboy pictorials were two of the highest selling issues in Playboy history..and on behalf of Playboy magazine, I was wondering if you'd consider doing a 3rd pictorial..?

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* *Thinks FOr A Second* Wow, really? A 3rd shoot sounds like a great idea..

*~* 'The King Of Playboy' Hugh Heffner *~* ..And to top it off, you being in Playboy magazine for a 3rd time would give the World Of Wrestling Federation phenominal the way, how is the WOW stars going these days?

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* *Shrugs* OOh, I really don't know..My first match is being held tomorrow for the WOW women's title against The Asian Sensation, Billion Dollar Slut, Black Bitch, Sultry Vixen and well of course..Mwuah..It's pretty exciting that I am back into wrestling and the owner thinks I am so good that I could be like that bitch Gail and get a title shot on my first match...You do know I will have the Women's Title in our 3rd shoot.

*~* 'The King Of Playboy' Hugh Heffner *~* I hear there's a big pay per view coming up, eh?

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* *Nods, While Taking A Drink* Yes, there is. Fatal Fall Out. Should be a great event.. It's tomorrow..Gonna Watch it??

*~* 'The King Of Playboy' Hugh Heffer *~* Yes! And do we get the pleasure of seeing you in action?

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* *Nods as she told him already* You sure do. Not that interesting of a match though, unfortunately. Against 5 women..none of which are on the same ability level as myself, so I should have no problem winning this match.

*~* 'The King Of Playboy' Hugh Heffner *~* Well let's hope so. I'd hate for you to have a lost on your first match

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* *Shakes Head* It's not going to happen.

*~* 'The King Of Playboy' Hugh Heffner *~* Well, that's good. So..not to sound persistent..but 3rd pictorial..yeah? No? Possibly?

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* Hmm..I'll have to think about it and get back to you. I already know that my posing in Playboy for a 3rd time would not only gain publicity for Playboy itself, but for the WOW as well, even though the WOW doesn't need anymore publicity. I'll tell you what. Let me sleep on the idea..and I'll get back to you in the morning. Does that sound good..?

*~* 'The King Of Playboy' Hugh Heffner *~* Oh, not a problem. You take your time.

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* Thanks Hugh! I'll get back to you A.S.A.P, but for now? *Looks At Clock* I've really gotta run now. Got things to do and a match to prepare for.

Joanie and Hugh embrace in one final hug, saying their goodbyes. She finishes her drink and sets it on one of the trays that the waiters are carrying around. She turns around, heading for the huge door to the mansion. She exits the mansion and makes her way to her car as the scene fades to black..

( Scene | #2 | Unwanted Visit.. )

The scene opens up inside The Holiday Inn hotel..the hotel lobby, here in Indianapolis Indiana. Standing in front of the receptionist desk is..who? Oh My God! Is that..Sean? Sean Waltman? What is he here for? In his hands, he has a picture of Joanie Laurer..

*~* 'Joanie's Ex-Fiance' Sean Waltman *~* Excuse me? I have a question for you. Can you tell me if you've seen this woman here at all?

Sean shows the picture of Joanie to the receptionist. At that very moment, the elevator doors open up and out walks none other than Joanie Laurer herself. As Joanie walks off the elevator, the receptionist points towards her and Sean turns and looks. He notices Joanie and his eyes light up.

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* Oh god..

*~* 'Joanie's Ex-Fiance' Sean Waltman *~* Joanie! Joanie wait up!

Sean begins to jog over towards Joanie, and as he does, she turns around and starts heading off in the opposite direction. He continues screaming her name, catching the attention of every single person in the lobby. After he calls her name a couple more time, she stops, and turns around, glaring at him. He reaches inside his coat pocket and what does he pull out? A black box? After he pulls the box out of his pocket, he gets on his attempt to propose..again?

*~* 'Joanie's Ex- Fiance' Sean Waltman *~* Marry me Joanie. Please, I can't live without you..

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* *Frustrated* Get up!

*~* 'Joanie's Ex-Fiance' Sean Waltman *~* *Gets Up Off Knee* I'll do anything for you Joanie. You want me to sing? I'll sing..*Starts Singing* Come..Come Fly With Me...

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* Shh..*He Continues Singing* Shut..QUIET! What are you doing?!

*~* 'Joanie's Ex-Fiance' Sean Waltman *~* Declaring my love for you. Joanie, I've never not thought about you. You're all that's on my mind.

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* Do you even know what you're saying? *Stares At Him* Are you drunk?

*~* 'Joanie's Ex-Fiance' Sean Waltman *~* No, I'm not drunk. I'm perfectly fine right now. I've never thought more clear in my life. Joanie, marry me.

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* You're obviously not in the right frame of mine, so why don't you do us both a favor and turn around, and walk away before you embarass yourself even more than you already have.

*~* 'Joanie's Ex-Fiance' Sean Waltman *~* I'm not going anywhere until you accept my proposal. *Takes Her Left Hand* Marry me?

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* *Pulls Hand Away* What makes you think that I would even accept your proposal a 2nd time?

*~* 'Joanie's Ex-Fiance' Sean Waltman *~* Because, even if you don't admit it, I know that you still love me..

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* *Fake Smile* Oh, really?

*~* 'Joanie's Ex-Fiance' Sean Waltman *~* *Nods* Yes, I've never been more sure of it than I am now. I am thinking clearly Joanie..we're obviously meant to be together..Everyone thinks so.

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* Hmm..*Takes The Ring Box* Everyone?

*~* 'Joanie's Ex-Fiance' Sean Waltman *~* Yes..everyone.

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* Well, Sean, it looks as if you're not thinking as clearly as you think you are. *Tosses Ring Box Back To Him* Frankly, not everyone knows that we're meant to be together, because I know that we aren't meant to be together. You disgust me..

*~* 'Joanie's Ex-Fiance' Sean Waltman *~* But Joanie..! I love you!

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* You know what Sean? *Smirks* It's too late for that..

Joanie turns to walk away from Sean, but at that moment, Sean grabs ahold of Joanie's wrist, turning her around. Just then, the elevator doors open up and conveniently enough, Chris Jericho walks out of the elevator. He looks around, and then notices Sean grabbing onto Joanie's wrist. Jericho rushes over by them, and gets in Sean's face as he lets go of her wrist.

*~* 'The King of the World' Chris Jericho *~* What the hell is going on here?! *Sean Doesn't Say Anything* You obnocious pesty grimey sewer rat, answer me! *Turns To Joanie* Are you okay?

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* *Rolls Eyes* I'm fine.

*~* 'Joanie's Ex-Fiance' Sean Waltman *~* *Turns Around And Jogs Out Of The Hotel* You two are a couple of bitches!

*~* 'The King of the World' Chris Jericho *~* *Stares At Sean As He Exits The Hotel* Are you sure you're okay?

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* *Holds Wrist* Yeah, I'm fine..

*~* 'The King of the World' Chris Jericho *~* No, you're not getting it. Are you sure you are okay? Hint Hint..Ah, let me spell it out for you. I helped you once, I'm more than willing to help again. All you have to do is tell me that he hurt you, and his ass is mine..

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* *Thinks* Hmm..okay..*Pouts* He hurt my wrist!

*~* 'The king of the World' Chris Jericho *~* Haha, nice one..

Jericho walks briskly over to the double doors of the hotel, and pushes them, exiting the hotel as well, and as he does, Sean, waiting around the corner for Jericho, goes to hit Jericho with a clothesline, but Jericho sees it out of the corner of his eye and ducks, turning around, taking Sean down with a HUGE calf kick! Jericho picks Sean up and slams him back first twice into the side of the building! He hits Sean with a couple of hard right hand shots to Sean's stomach, knocking him to the ground. Jericho gets up, planning on finishing it as he picks Sean up once again, setting him up, taking him down with a HUGE Pump Handle slam! Jericho stares down at Sean's helpless body, and begins to laugh as the scene fades out..

( Scene | #3 | Interview.. )

The scene opens up in the arena of Fatal Fall Out in the backstage area. The scene cuts immediately to Joanie's locker room, where we see Michael Cold standing by with Joanie herself. Michael raises the microphone to his mouth, and begins to speak..

*~* 'The Frosty One' Michael Cole *~* Hello everyone. I am here with the 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer..*Fans Boo & Cheer Loudly* Joanie..I was wondering, could I get a few words from you about your match at the Fatal Fall Out Pay Per View?

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* Michael, I'm standing here, aren't I? If I didn't want you to interview me, or if I didn't want to get a couple of things off my chest about the match, then I would be inside my locker room right now..not out here..

*~* 'The Frosty One' Michael Cole *~* Alright. The first thing I would like to ask you is about Gail..

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* *Interrupts* Michael, I'll talk about Gail Kim when Gail Kim is important. As of right now, Gail Kim is of no importance to me..that is until I face her in the ring again. Which you may be thinking she's in your match tomorrow but that bitch isn't important to me

*~* 'The Frosty One' Michael Cole *~* Alright then, moving right along to your match that is sceduled for the Pay Per View. It's a 5 Woman's battle Royal for the World Of Wrestling Women's Title. Now, as we both know, this match consists of quite a few divas..5 to be exact. So, how about we play the name game. I'll name one of your opponents in the match and you speak your mind about her. Does that sound good? *Joanie Shrugs* I'll take that as a yes..and I think we'll start with..Jazz..

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* Jazz- Out of my 6 opponents in the match, you decide to start with Jazz? *Shakes Head* You're the interviewer, and I use that term loosely, so I'll just.."play along". Jazz? Who does Jazz think she is? Really now, she returns last week on Fury and talks about how "The Bitch Is Back". But, Jazz has always been proclaimed as "The Baddest Bich" to enter the World Of Wrestling. You remember the good ol' days of the WWE, don't you Cole? *Nods* Yes, Jazz was also apart of the WWE, and even then..she milked 'The Baddest Bitch' thing for all it was worth. What Jazz did was use 'The Baddest Bitch' to make herself look and sound intimidating, but do you see me scared? Do you see me intimidated by Jazz? *Shakes Head* Not the least bit, and I won't be either. What Jazz doesn't realize about herself yet is that, in WWE, she was nothing, and without WWE? She's still nothing. Jazz will be no problem to defeat in this match for one reason..she has one of the biggest egos..and she'll screw up in the match, letting her ego get the best of her..she'll mess up, and she'll get pinned 1...2...3! Jazz, welcome back to the WOW..where this time around, your career will be short-lived..

*~* 'The Frosty One' Michael Cole *~* about..Dawn Marie?

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* Ah..a newbie to the wrestling world. *Shakes Head* So disappointing though, because she'll have to be beaten in her debut match(~as of I know~)! Dawn Marie? *Rolls Eyes* If Dawn Marie thinks that she has a chance in this match, then she's sadly mistaken. No one stands a chance in this match. Dawn Marie will just be one of the many victims of Joanie Laurer to come. Dawn Marie will be destroyed by yours truly. That'll make for an interesting story. Dawn Marie gets beaten by Joanie Laurer. to my ears..

*~* 'The Frosty One' Michael Cole *~* Uhmm..Stephanie McMahon?

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* Stephanie who? Stephanie? *Rolls Eyes* The stupid bitch who broke up one of the best wrestling relationships in the world. The one who caused me to brake up with the love of my life..nothing but a cock sucking hoe..She can't wrestle...She is only good at buying things..Like her breasts...NEXT!

*~* 'The Frosty One' Michael Cole *~* Lastly we have the Women's Champion herself...Gail Kim?

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* ...The asain chick who won her first match in the WWE and lost the title in like her fifth match? *Holds Back Laughter* She didn't hold the title for more than a month and still has the nerve to come out and act as if she's all that. I've got one question Michael. If Gail Kim can't even manage to get a pin on Trish Stratus or Molly Holly, what makes her think she will be able to get a pin on myself, or Jazz, or Stephanie McMahon or Dawn Marie for that matter?! *Nods* Exactly. Her reputation as a WOW Diva is off to a bad start, losing to a person with a big ass..But regaining a championship in another fed due to no competition. *Shrugs* Doesn't matter, because after Fatal Fall Out, either way you look at it..Gail will begin her losing streak, because at the Pay Per View i will take that title from her and hold onto it untill I get fired, retire or plain our quit..I just hope she gets used to not having the title any more of infact winning...I am going to just simply crush every diva in the match because unlike them I am driven to wrestling..Stephanie and Dawn Marie are drawn to how they could buy themselve plastic parts..Jazz for the steroids and Gail Kim...well, she can't do anything good so she thinks jumping around like a bunny is going to do her some good.

*~* 'The Frosty One' Michael Cole *~* Now that we've gotten through the opponents in your match, is there any final words you'd like to say?

*~* 'Larger Than Life' Joanie Laurer *~* All I have to say is that, at Fatal Fall Out..Stephanie Marie McMahon, Dawn Marie, Gail Kim, Jazz..ah..ALL of them..will realize that they don't have a chance in this match. This match is my inevitable victory. And at the end of the match..I guarantee that I will be the one who is holding that Women's Title in my hands, if it's the last thing I do! *Turns To Camera* Welcome to my world, ladies..enjoy it while you can..

With that being said, Joanie turns around and enters her locker room, shutting the door behind her. Will Joanie do exactly what she says, and win the Women's Title? Only one way to find out, and that's to order Fatal Fall Out, LIVE on Pay Per View!!

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