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Golden Powder

Hmm... Need Intro ? Ok ....

Golden Powder Bulk Density is (20-50 mesh) 88-.90 gm/cc
Heat of Combustion 718 cal/gm
Gas Volume on Combustion 298 cc/gm
Residue on Combustion 28% (H2O soluble)
Ignition Temperature 333o C

First was prepared by Earl F. Kurzt in 1972. Golden Powder. Acid forms polimer around Pottasium Nitrate

What would you need for making Golden Powder :
60.54% KNO3 , Potassium nitrate , Saltpeter
37.34% C6H8O6 , Ascorbic Acid , Vitamin C
2.12% K/NaHCO3 Potassium/Sodium bicarbonate , Baking Soda
45ml H2O , distilated water

If you are using Vitamin C pills you need to powder it with Mortar And Pestle or with Coffee grinder... I preffer Mortar and Pestle.


Now you Powdered your ascorbic Acid.

Weight your Pottasium Nitrate , Ascorbic Acid , and Sodium Bicarbonate and add it to baker. I'm using BoroSilicate 3.3 1000ml Baker.

Now it's time to pour your water. Pour your 45ml water into the baker. It will fizz like hell... Because Ascorbic Acid is reacting with Sodium Bicarbonate.

Stir it about 3-5minutes till stop bubling... Put it in boiling water batch to dissolve all chemicals.
And turn on the heat. Heat it untill all chemicals dissolved. Now you can filter imurities if you are using Pills

When all chems dissolved pour it in the pan and heat to about 90C till all water evaporated.

The right pic i borrowed from It should look like in the right picture when all water evaporated. Then you think all water evaporated leave it to cool.

It should look like this. Leave it to cool .... When it cools down to room temp( 15-25C ). Pour it on newspaper to dry and powder it.

Dry GP(Golden Powder)

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Author : Akrobatik