1.) Recap of Kronik vs. Edge and K-Kwik...
2.) Commercial
3.) Stone cold is in his new office w/ cooler of beer. Gene Okerlund knocks and comes in and Austin greets him w/ handing him a beer. Gene sets it down and asks Austin if he feels different being commish. Austin said he always could get what he wanted, but now he actually has power. Just a little different. Austin says his first act was the Kronik title match and his second act is making the world title match official at BreakDown... HBK vs. Rob Van Dam
4.) Backstage: Bischoff and Hogan talk in their locker room. Bischoff says Austin will ruin everything...Hogan tells Bischoff that Austin already booked the main event at BreakDown. Bischoff said that Breakdown was great last time + it had the breakdown brawl where everyone fought for #1 contendership of the title. Bischoff says that next week he will announce the even bigger and better Breakdown Brawl live on Shocker.
5.) Kane's Interview
6.) U.S. Title: Kurt Angle vs. Kane w/Hurricane
7.) Commercial Break
8.) Backstage: Gene introduces to HHH + The Game says that soon everyone will play the game, and lose like always.
9.) Clips of Christmas Chaos - Shane Douglas big fall, Suffers broken neck... Rhyno suffered ruptured spinal disk. Back was injured. Rhyno did small interview and says he will get revenge when he returns.
10.)MAIN EVENT- RVD vs. Diesel w/HBK - Rey assists RVD when HBK helps Diesel.