Shocker-12/01/02-Manchester, New Hampshire

Shocker-12/01/02-Manchester, New Hampshire
~Hour 1~

Cameras pan along the arena as "Downfall" is playing by Trust Company. The camera focuses on the X-Tron as Pyros shoot down from the ceiling, both going diagonal to form an "X" and there is a huge explosion! The camera gets shots of the crowd

Tony Shavonie: We welcome you live to Manchester, New Hampshire! THIS is XPW SHOCKER!

The camera focuses on Shavonie and Bobby Hennan.

Tony: Hello everyone, I'm Tony Shavonie along with the ever vocal Bobby "The Brain" Hennan.

Bobby: Tonight is going to be one to remember Tony!

Tony: Indeed it is Brain. In our main event, The Showstoppa Shawn Michaels will take on The Whole F'N show Rob Van Dam in a ladders match for the number 1 contendership for the World Championship.

Bobby: But what about my Olympic Hero, Kurt Angle taking on Rhyno for the U.S Championship!

Tony: The Franchise will be taking on Edge in a singles match tonight. And Kronik will take on the Hurri-Kane for the Tag Team Gold! That and so much more tonight on..

GLASS SHATTERS, and the cameras cut to the entrance area...

Tony: Oh my!

Bobby: What the hell is he doing here?!

Stone Cold Steve Austin walks through the curtain onto the entrance ramp to a huge roar from the crowd. He wears long blue jeans and a long sleeved "Texas Venom" t-shirt. He hits all four corners, holding his hands high and giving the double-finger salute as only Stone Cold Steve Austin can! Austin grabs a mic from Lillian Garcia and begins to speak.

Stone Cold: Two weeks ago I decided to take something that was the single most valuable possession to a man. Hell, you know every man has prized possessions. Me? I got my mansion on acres and acres of land,. I got my sports cars, I got my truck and most importantly, I always got a few Steve-Weisers cold and waiting! (The crowd cheers). But the most important thing to a man ain't his beer, it ain't his truck, it's his woman. So what I did two weeks ago on Shocker was to take the most important thing Eric Bischoff had, and that was his little slut-bitch! (The crowd erupts) So, judging by last Sundays broadcast, it appeared to me that I managed to piss off Eric Bishoff just a little bit. So Eric, if you want to see that little bimbo of yours, I suggest you get your no good sorry yellow ass out there right now! (the crowd again pops)

Stone Cold: Hell son, you don't have all night! You see unlike me, you can't do whatever you want because I have WHAT you want. So let me make it a little more clear to you. Either you get your ass in this ring right now, or I walk out of this arena and leave you hanging for another week. I'm gonna give you to the count of ten.








"I'm Back!" blasts on the PA System! Eric Bischoff walks out from the curtain and walks down the ramp.

Bobby: Oh yeah, your in for it now Austin!

Bishoff hesitantly walks up the stairs and steps into the ring holding a microphone of his own.

Eric Bishoff: You know, you got a LOT of balls coming in this ring after what you've done! I should have you arrested! I should have you thrown in jail for the rest of your life!

Stone Cold: Why don't you stop flappin' your f*ckin' gums and listen to me before I whip your damn ass!

Bischoff lowers the mic and looks hesitantly at Austin..

Stone Cold: Yeah, that's what I thought. I haven't forgot what you did to me years back in WCW. I never forgot. I never forgot how I was injured and how you cold your secretary to call me, to call you to fire my ass. Yeah, I never f*ckin' forgot, son. Not when I won the title or even main evented WrestleMania. You were always in the back of my head, the man who had the nerve to fire "Stunning" Steve Austin. Do unto others as they do unto you, so it's said. I've come to XPW to get a little revenge.

Eric Bishoff: Where's Veronica?

Stone Cold: Well it's funny you should ask, Eric. I just happen to have a little video that I gave to the son of the bitch in the truck. So play the video before I come out there and burn your little XPW truck down.

Cut to the Xtron. A video of Veronica and Debra on the beach sitting at a table drinking wine in a sun drenched paradise. The two women talk and laugh.

Eric Bishoff: What the hell is this?

Stone Cold: It's amazing how people will be your best friend if you offer them a first class all expose paid vacation to Hawaii. It looks like your little secretary wasn't as faithful as you thought she was.

Eric Bishoff: (Anger etched on his face) You son of a bitch!

Stone Cold: You made a little statement last week that I wanted to address. Roll that son of a bitch!

The XTron comes up with a clip of Bischoff last week on the microphone, and he says: "I can fire you anytime!"

Stone Cold: Cut! I want to make one thing clear. I don't work for XPW and I don't work for Eric Bischoff. Stone Cold Steve Austin works for Stone Cold Steve Austin and no one else.

Eric Bischoff: What in the hell do you want from me? You're harping over something that happened years ago Steve! This is ridicules!

Stone Cold: What I want is to take everything you've ever had and shove it up your sorry yellow ass! But I've thought of something better. I've already taken your damn sex life away, now I want to take your livelihood away. To make it short, what I want a match with you, at Christmas Chaos for complete ownership of XPW.

The crowd pops loudly! Bischoff gets a wide eyed look on his face and steps back some shaking his head in disbelief.

Tony: Oh my a big decision for Bischoff to make and he doesn't look too happy with that offer from Austin!

Stone Cold: Oh yeah, make an excuse! I'm gonna tell you right now, just say no! I'll make your life a living hell Bischoff! I'll make you wish you had stayed in Minneapolis driving that damn meat truck!

Bischoff ponders this for a second or two, and puts the mic to his mouth again and speaks.

Bishoff: You know what Steve, I'm a fair man. And you know what? I'm gonna give you your match at Christmas Chaos.

The crowd suddenly goes insane.

Bobby: WHAT?!

Stone Cold: Stone Cold Steve Austin, Eric Bishoff, Christmas Chaos 2002, I'm gonna make you--- augh!

Austin suddenly drops the mic...

Tony: What the hell?!

Austin drops falling to Bishoff's feet.

Bobby: That's!


Hulk Hogan wears a yellow suite with a red dress shirt, black tie and dress shoes, and black bandana. Hogan stomps Austin again and again, then he mounts him and punches him with hard rights again and again.

Eric Bischoff: But your match isn't going to be against me.

Hogan grabs a chair from the outside. Austin stumbles to his feet. Hogan charges forward and smashes Austin with a hard chair shot to the head, busting him open and sending him down hard to the mat as Bischoff laughs his ass off!

Tony: Oh! That chair shot cracked Austin's skull in half!

Bobby: Well duh! He's busted open, Shavonie!

Tony: Austin is bleeding all over the ring!

Hogan drops the chair then picks up Austin. He positions him under the chair and sets him up for a piledriver.

Tony: Oh no! Not this!

Eric Bishoff: DO IT!

Hogan jumps, pile driving Austin's bald bleeding skull into the chair! The crowd gives out a loud "OOOOO!"


Austin convulses in the middle of the ring.

Eric Bischoff: F*ck him up!

Bishoff stomps Austin as Hogan hits the ropes and Leg Drops Austin!

Tony: This is insane! Austin suffered a broken neck several years ago!

Bobby: I think we've seen the end of that man here tonight….

Eric Bischoff: Don't you EVER f*ck with me Austin! NOT EVER! I'm Eric Bishoff! I MADE you! I made wrestling what it is today!

The crowd boos as Bischoff screams down at Austin, Bischoff gives Hogan the microphone.

Hulk Hogan: You're gonna learn some respect brother! And lesson number one is this, you don't cross the boss!

"I'm back" BLASTS on the PA System and Bischoff and Hogan embrace, Austin lying knocked out, bleeding in the center of the ring. Bischoff has a big smile on his face as he looks down at the carnage in the ring.

Commercial Break€€€

Tony: Fans, we're back. Stone Cold Steve Austin is being put onto a stretcher now. The Commissioner of XPW Hollywood Hulk Hogan and the President of XPW Eric Bischoff trying to take out the Rattlesnake, Stone Cold Steve Austin moments ago..

Footage of what just happened flashes onto the screen. Then back to live action, Austin is wheeled up the entrance ramp in a neck brace, to the back and loaded into an ambulance, which drives off.

Tony: I've seen some incredible things, but nothing like this…

Bobby: Hogan came to his sinces, he wanted the power. That man is an egomaniac and Eric Bishoff can give him the power he wants.

Tony: Fans, let's go down to ringside for our opening contest.

The camera goes back to the ring where Jeff Hardys music hits, and he walks down to the ring, doing his taunts on the stage.

Lillian: Making his way to the ring from Cameron, North Carolina weighing in a 218 pounds...JEFF HARDY!

Brain: I hate how he does these taunts, he looks retarded.

Jeff runs down to the ring, and slides in before jumping on the turnbuckle. He taunts on that one, then runs to the other and taunts on it, then Harvard music hits, and out comes the harvard graduante. He walks down the ramp.

Lillian: And his partner....Chris Nowinski!

Nowinski gets in the ring, and "Mattitude" hits on the PA system. His loading starts up, and on his website screen it says "Matt beat Jeff in everything!" Then he walks down the aisle with Steven Richards, in the little screen, as he taunts.

Lillian: And the challengers Steven Richards and Matt Hardy!!

They get in the ring, and Matt poses on the turnbuckle, before Nowinski runs at Ricahrds well hes on the turnbuckle, and powerbombs him off it.

The bell sounds as Nowinski stomps away, and Jeff gets in the corner, and so does Matt. Nowinski then picks him up, and chops him across the chest as the crowd goes "WOOO!!" He does it again and the crowd goes "WOOO!!" Nowinski, then throws him at the other turnbuckle, and runs. He jumps and goes for a body splash but Richards jumps off the second rope with a clothesline taking him down. Then Richards starts punching Chris' head. Chris manages to get himself up, but Richards kicks him in the gut, and puts him in a side headlock. He walks over to his corner, and tags in Matt. Matt then kicks Nowinski in the gut, as Steven lets go of the headlock. Matt then throws his hard matt punches at the face of Nowinski. Matt then throws him at the ropes, as Nowinski comes back into an arm drag. The ref checks Nowinski, as Nowinsky starts to get up, he gives Matt Hardy an elbow two times, then lifts him up and slams him off the canvas with a sidewalk slam! Both men lay, as the ref starts the 10 count. 1.....(no movement)....2............(no movement)......3..........................4........................5..............Nowinski starts crawling......6......Matt crawls after him.....7........Nowinski gets close to Jeff, as Jeff holds out his hand. .......8................Matt grabs Nowinskis leg........9.......with all the strength Nowinski has, he gets out of Matts hand, and tags in Jeff!!! Jeff gets right in, and hammers away rights at Matt Hardy, as the crowd burst into cheers! Jeff then runs at the other side of the ropes, and comes back flying and hitting with a forearm to Matt. Matt falls to the ground, as Jeff hammers away right hands. Jeff then gets up, and Matt does slowly, and Jeff runs and hops on the turnbuckle, before flipping off in a corckscrew moonsault onto Matt Hardy!! Jeff then rolls out of the ring, and goes under the ring, before grabbing a ladder!!

Brain: Hey!! No ladders, a ladder is already going to be used tonight!!

Tony: Jeff is just getting revenge from last week.

Brain: Why does he wants revenge god damnit?! He beat Steven Richards!

Tony: .......

Jeff slides the ladder in the ring, and rolls in. He then lays the ladder down, half going out the ropes. Jeff then takes Matt, and gut kicks him and twists him into his own, TWIST OF FATE! Matt lays limp in the center of the ring, but from behind with a chair, is Steven Richards, and he blasts Jeff Hardy in the back!! Jeff falls to his knees, as Nowinski runs in, Nowinski then goes for a clothesline, but gets jabbed in the ribs with the chair. Steven Richards then backs up, and shoots at him with a steven kick! The fans boo. Steven yells as his leg, twists wrong, a little way.


Brain: Yes...Its over!!

Steven Richards gets behind his turnbuckle, as the referee forces him there. Nowinski then gets up, and gets in his corner. Matt crawls over to his corner, and Jeff does to! Jeff tags in Nowinski, as Matt tags in Richards. They then brawl it out in the center of the ring. Matt then takes the chair, and walks over to Jeff in the corner. He then hits Jeff in the back again, as Jeff falls onto the ring mats. As matt hits him stomps. In the ring, Nowinski, body slams Richards. He goes up to the top rope, and Nowinski jumps at Steven and hits an elbow to his head. Nowinski, then picks him up and hits him with a powerslam. On the outside Jeff is getting the better hand as he kicks Matt in the stomache, and bounces his face off the ladder. Jeff then lays Matt on the ladder, and grabs the chiar, and hits him in the stomache 2 times. Jeff then climbs up the stairs, and up the ropes. Jeff then jumps off the top as Nowinski runs at the ropes to come back for a clothesline. Jeff comes down and Swanton Bombs Matt Hardy who is laying on the ladder!! The half inside the ring shoots up, and hits Nowinski in the jaw. Nowinski turns around and gets STEVEN KICKED!! Nowinski then falls to the canvas unconscious, as Steven covers him!! The ref slams his hand down 1.........2.............3!! Steven gets up jumping around.

Brain: Wa hooooo!!! Steven and Matt win!

"Live For The Moment" hits again, as Jeff looks in the ring in disbeleif. He realizes what he did,Jeff gets in the ring to explain to Chris but Chris just refuses to hear him out, and slides out of the ring holding his face in pain from the kick and ladder. He shakes his head and points at Jeff.

Tony: He dont look too pleased with Jeff Hardy!All of a sudden Steven Richards comes up from behind and grabs Jeff Hardy, Jeff struggles and Matt Hardy comes over and starts punching Jeff in the gut over and over, he then tells Richards to let his brother go, and Matt kicks Jeff in the gut and plants a Twist of Fate! Matt climbs the turnbuckle and taunts to the crowd as Richards stands in the ring looking down at Jeff with an evil smile.

Commercial Break€€€

Tony: Fans welcome back and what a match that was we just saw Matt Hardy and Steven Richards defeat Jeff Hardy and Christopher Nowinski.




A Clip of Edge asking Hulk Hogan for a match with Shane Douglas last week is shown and Hogan gives him a title shot. Another clip this time of Eric Bischoff saying it will not be a title shot is shown. Back to the action.

Tony: Its time for our next match!

Lillian: The following non-title contest is scheduled for one fall! First, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 240 pounds, Edge!

"Never Gonna Stop" Hits the PA System and the fans begin to cheer! Smoke fills the stage and Edge emerges from it with a big smile on his face. The crowd is cheering lowdly as he makes way down the aisle. Edge runs and slides in the ring posing on his chest for a few seconds, then gets up and goes to the turnbuckle and taunts to the crowd.

Lillian: And his opponent, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 245 pounds, he is the XPW World Champion, "The Franchise" Shane Douglas!

The lights in the arena fade to black as the crowd waits in anticipation. Then blue lights flood the arena and flicker in the ring and on the ramp as Perfect Strangers by Deep Purple begins to play along with a tron video, fans begin to boo loudly as Shane Douglas walk out with a cocky grin on his face.

Bobby: I like this guy he is such a great champion! And now Edge will learn that first hand!

He jaws with a few fans before slowly pacing around the outside of the ring. He finally enters the ring and waits on his opponet. The bell sounds and the match is now underway. Edge and Douglas lock up in the centre of the ring. Edge sends Douglas off the ropes and takes him down with a Spinning Heel Kick. Edge waits for Douglas to get up and then he hits a Dropkick to the face. Edge goes for a quick cover..1..2..and Douglas kicks out easily.

Tony: Edge really wants this win!

Edge pulls Douglas to his feet but he begins to fight back with rights and lefts to the face of Edge. Douglas rakes the eyes of Edge and then he picks him up and delivers a Suplex to the mat. Douglas goes for a cover..1..2..and Edge kicks out. Douglas Bodyslams Edge to the mat and then he runs off the ropes and goes for an Elbow Drop but Edge moves out of the way and Douglas hits the mat. Edge picks Douglas up and Faceplant! Edge goes for a cover..1..2..

Tony: Its Over 1..2..!

Douglas just kicks out! Edge goes up to the top rope now and he leaps off and hits a Missile Dropkick and goes for another cover..1..2..and Douglas kicks out again! Edge picks Douglas to his feet but Douglas sneaks in a Low Blow which the referee couldn't see because of the angle where he was standing. Douglas picks Edge up and hits a Backbreaker. Now Douglas sends Edge into the turnbuckle and hits a hard Clothesline. Douglas delivers a couple of chops to Edge's chest and then he mounts Edge and begins the 10 punches. When Douglas gets to the ninth one, Edge counters with a Powerbomb! Edge slumps against the turnbuckle to regain some energy. He then grabs Douglas' legs and locks in the Reverse Figure Four. Douglas is in pain and looks about ready to tap. Douglas reaches and just barely is able to touch the bottom rope for a break. Edge picks Douglas up and hits a Downward Spiral and goes for a cover..1..2..and Douglas kicks out!

Tony: Edge just cant seem to get the three count.

Edge picks Douglas up and Douglas takes a pair of brass knuckles out of his boot and swings at Edge, but misses!

bobby: Wait a second!

Tony: Edgecution!

The ref slides down as Edge pins Shane, but Rhyno suddenly pulls the ref out of the ring!

Tony: Damn that Rhyno!

The ref is laid out outside the ring and meanwhile inside the ring, Rhyno lines Edge up and GORE! Rhyno taunts Edge as he helps Douglas to his feet. Douglas pins Edge, Rhyno helps the referee into the ring and sees the cover..1..2..3!

Lillian: Here is your winner, "THE FRANCHISE" Shane Douglas!!

Tony: He stole that win.

Edge's music hits as he celebrates with Rhyno in the ring. But meanwhile, Kurt Angle is running down the ramp. He sneaks up from behind on Rhyno and Angle Slam! Shane Douglas walks out of the ring but Rhyno tells him he needs to take care of business.and Angle Slam to Edge as well. "I Don't Suck" hits on the PA as Angle celebrates in the ring.      

Backstage we see the back of the head of Hurricane Helms as he puts on his green, black and white mask. Kane comes into view pulling on his glove, and they grab their tag team titles and walk out their lockerroom door. A split screen is shown of them walking down the hall and the other screen shows Brian Adams and Bryan Clark walking down the hallway!

Bobby: Oh boy Shavonie this is gonna be great.

Tony: The Tag Team Titles are on the line..NEXT!

Commercial Break€€€

Tony: Fans welcome back to XPW Shocker LIVE..on TNT!

The Arena turns black and soon..."BOOM" fire bursts from the stage as then "Stand Back Theres A Hurricane Commin Though!" plays as the Hurri-Kane make their way out onto the stage.

Bobby: Take shelter!

Lillian Garcia: "Ladies and gentalmen the following Tag Team Contest is for the XPW Tag Team Championships and it is scheduled for ONE FALL! Making their way to the ring they are the Tag Team Champions, Kane and The Hurricane!

They walk down the aisle and Hurricane slides in the ring. Kane hops onto the apron and gets in over the top rope. Hurricane then jumps on the turnbuckle and does a Hurri-Pose, He jumps down and walks infront of Kane in the middle of the ring. Kane raises his arms, and slams them down as fire bursts from all four turnbuckles, as Hurricane does another Hurri-Pose infront of Kane. The lights come back to normal..

Bobby: This match will be those two guy's first defence, and I say that they will definately get crushed by KroniK.

Tony: You never know I am going against you on this because I do believe The Hurricane and Kane have a lot of fight in them and they will remain the Tag Team Champions.

Bobby: Yeah Figures..

Lillian: And their opponents...

The arena goes dark, then we hear "KRONIK..kronik.." echoing through the PA System. Green lights begin to shine as the crowd gives a mixed reaction when Brian Adams and Bryan Clark walk out from the curtain.

Lillian: The Challenges, at a combined weight of 557 pounds, Brian Adams, and Bryan Clark..KRRRRRRONIK!

They walk down the ramp raising their arms up high. They both get in the ring and go to he turnbuckles taunting as their music dies down and the crowd boos.

Bobby: This is going to be great!

Adams steps out of the ring and Bryan Clark will start the match out for Kronik. Meanwhile Kane and The Hurricane talk over who will begin and Hurricane gives Kane a thumbs up and convinces the big man he will begin. Kane shrugs his shoulders and pats Hurricane on the back and gets on the apron. The Bell sounds...ding ding!

Tony: Looks like The Hurricane has some guts.

Bobby: Guts won't stop Bryan Clark from destroying the little twirp.

Bryan Clark laughs at The Hurricane and has in his mind of an easy win. The Hurricane extends a hand for Clark to shake, he reaches his hand out but then knees Helms in the gut. He grabs the extended hand and uses it to whip The Hurricane across the ring against the ropes. Hurricane comes back and Clark takes him down with a vicious clothesline.

Tony: That isn't good for The Hurricane.

Bobby: What did I tell you Shavonie? They don't stand a chance in there with Kronik!

He lets out a loud roar and the crowd boos as he taunts. He turns around and The Hurricane is slowly rising, Clark picks him up and tosses him into the Kronik corner. Clark elbows The Hurricane a couple times in the head, and then tags in his partner.

Tony: There's the tag.

Clark holds The Hurricane and Adams slams an eblow into The Hurricane's skull. Hurricane drops to one knee and Brian Clark picks him up and whips him against the ropes..Hurricane holds onto the ropes and Brian Adams runs but The Hurricane ducks, Adams turns around and The Hurricane tries for a Hurrachokeslam but Adams swings his arm at Helms and he goes flying across the ring. Adams runs and jumps up for a leg drop but The Hurricane moves all of a sudden.

Tony: Hurricane has some energy left he just needs to get to Kane and tag in.

Brian Adams stands up holding his ass in pain and stops Hurricane from tagging in, pulling him bby his leg. Brian Adams tags in Bryan Clark and they both lay in the boots on The Hurricane. Kane begins to get into the ring but The referee stops him insisting he get out of the ring, but while Kane tries to explain what is going on KroniK have their way with The Hurricane kicking him in the corner and choking him with their feet. They pick The Hurricane up and double suplex him. Kane gets back on the apron and Brian Adams gets on the apron as Clark picks up The Hurricane and sets him up for the Pump Handle slam. He waits a few seconds, taunting to the crowd and to Kane. He lifts The Hurricane up but Hurricane counters and falls onto Clark..

Tony: Here's the Pin! 1..2..


Tony: The Hurricane just won't stop!

Brian Adams gets into the ring and then so does Kane, Kane cuts him off and clotheslines him down and the referee makes Kane get back to his corner as Adams gets up, and gets out of the ring. Clark walks over to The Hurricane and goes to grab him but The Hurricane goes between his legs and stands up, The hurricane runs and jumps grabbing onto the back of Bryan Clark's head and he falls.

Tony: Beautiful floating neckbreaker by The Hurricane.

The Hurricane is motionless as is Bryan Clark, Clark starts to move though, and is on his way to his corner. The Hurricane is closer, and reaches to tag in Kane. The crowd goes wild waiting for the tag and Then The Hurricane reaches the hand of Kane and tags him in! Kane gets in and Brian Adams gets tagged in and they colide in the center of the ring with lefts and rights. Kane knocks him down with an uppercut and then Clark comes at Kane but gets a big boot and he goes down. Adams is up and Kane grabs him by the wrist and Adams overpowers Kane whipping him into the ropes and Kane comes back off of the ropes with a massive clothesline! The crowd goes nuts! Bryan Clark is up, and runs at Kane. Kane lifts him up onto his shoulder, runs and slams him down onto the mat!

Tony: Running Powerslam by Kane! MAN He is on Fire!

Bobby: Man man man, quiet Shavonie this won't last. The fire will burn out!

Kane stands up with both members of Kronik down and raises his arms and the crowd goes wild! The Hurricane goes up to the top rope and so does Kane. Brian Adams rises and then so does Bryan Clark. Kane leaps off with a flying lariat knocking down Brian Adams and The Hurricane leaps at the same time for a flying bodypress to Clark but gets caught in mid air. Bryan Clark hits the Pump Handle Slam on The Hurricane.

Bobby: And that's all she wrote!

Tony: Oh come on!

Kane gets up and stands behind the bragging Bryan Clark, he turns around and Kane grabs him by the throat and Clark pushes the referee and LOW BLOWs Kane!

Tony: The ref didn't see it!

Bobby: What? See what?

Bryan Clark lifts Kane up for the pumphandle slam but loses his balance and stumbles into the referee.

Bobby: Accidents like that just sometimes happen!

Tony: Yeah right.

Brian Adams rushes into the ring with a chair and slams it on the back of Kane! Kane turns around and punches the chair away and Adams is shocked! Kane grabs him by the throat but is attacked in the back by Clark. While the referee is down there is no official to make either get out of the ring.

Tony: This is uncalled for, who is the legal man in Kronik even?

Bobby: Why does it matter? Just let 'em brawl is what I say!

All of a sudden Kronik begin to discuss something and Adams nods his head in approval. He goes outside of the ring and grabs a table from under the ring.

Tony: Oh no, not this again. They have been putting people through tables the past couple weeks. This is just sickening. It isn't fair The Hurricane is knocked completely unconcious somewhere around the ring there and they are going to beat down on Kane.

Bobby: its called strategy Shavonie!

While Adams pushes in the Table Kane gives a shot to the throat of Bryan Clark and grabs him by the throat and...

Bobby: uh OH!


Kane goes for the cover but there is no referee. Bryan Clark gets into the ring and kicks Kane in the back. Kane stands up and gets a shot to the face with the dented chair from earlier! Kane falls to the mat!


The Hurricane is up, and on the second turnbuckle! Bryan Clark turns around and gets taken down with the Overcast! Clark sits up on his knees and The Hurricane measures him off favoring his neck area and runs and kicks him in the back of the head! He shakes Kane a little to revive him and sees the table there and Kane gets up and helps The Hurricane set it up. Bryan Clark starts to get up and so does Adams slowly but surely...staggering, Clark turns around and gets grabbed by the throat by both Kane and The Hurricane.

Tony: They are gonna do their own version of the high time to Bryan Clark..through the table it seems!

Just then somebody runs out of the crowd, and snags one of the Tag Team belts. He slides into the ring and slams it into the back of the head of The Hurricane!

Tony: Who is that?

Hurricane falls down letting go his grip of Clark, and Kane turns around to find That RICO did it and he swings the belt at Kane but Kane blocks it but before he could punch Rico Brian Adams to the rescue and grabs Kane by the throat, so does Bryan Clark.

Bobby: Hey I think that's Rico!

Brian Adams and Bryan Clark hold on tight and HIGH TIME Kane Through the table! Rico slides out of the ring and pushes the ref to get up. Adams and Clark push the table remains to the side and some out of the ring. Adams pins Kane and Clark puts a foot on the once again KOed Hurricane and the ref slowly the crowd does as well.



Tony: THREE!

Bobby: I knew it Shavonie!

Lillian: Here are your winners and the NEWWWWW XPW Tag Team Champions, KRRRONIK!

Tony: With the Help from Rico they managed to snag the Tag Team Titles and what is Rico's agenda with Kronik?

Rico holds up Kronik's arms while the ref does as well but they won't allow him to. Rico demands a microphone from lillian Garcia.

Bobby: Well if you'd be quiet we may just find out!

Rico: Ladies and Gentalmen my name is..RIIIICOOO!! And I am PROUD to PRESENT..your NEW Tag Team Champions, Krronik!

Rico holds their arms up high again and the crowd boos.

Tony: Well we still dont know why Rico helped Kronik win the gold but what we do know is that we have new TAg Team Champions and Hurricane and Kane can't be too happy with the way they lost the gold.

Footage from the match shows.

Bobby: I told you so Shavonie, and lets look here at the footage, Kronik reigning supreme the whole match except for here when Kane would battle back, The Hurricane with a desperation move, which would lead to a fake High Time attempt but it didnt work because that man Rico would come to the save. High Time through the wooden table...your winners, New Champs, Kronik.

Kronik and Rico stand tall on the entrance stage with the Tag Team Titles.

Backstage, Hulk Hogan walks into Eric Bischoff's locker room.

Tony: Look its our commissioner and our Owner, lets listen to what is going on!

Hulk Hogan: You know brother, I bet Austin never saw that comin'!

Eric Bischoff: You BET? Hell Hulkster, there is no chance in hell ANYBODY saw THAT coming! I mean think about it, we shocked the world..and all from the creative mind..of Eric Bischoff.

Bischoff smiles to himself, and Hogan grins nodding his head.

Eric Bischoff: But that isn't the only thing that's creative, no you see because tonight while I'm Austin free, with him in some hospital, I will have a great night and by the end of tonight we will find out our Main Event for Christmas Chaos. Last year was total chaos, for Shane McMahon, but this year I'm gonna put on a show to remember! He thinks his little Hell in a Cell match with Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle went well last year, damnit, these fans ain't seen nothin' yet!

Tony: What could he be talking about?

Commercial Break€€€

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