Shocker-November 24,2002

Shocker-November 24,2002

Dark Match Results

Bret Hart vs Jeff Jarrett-Neither Showed
Brock Lesnar vs Triple H-Neither Showed

XPW Shocker hits the airwaves live on TNT as the fans in the arena are cheering! A Scene shows from last week as Rhyno wins the United States Championship but only because of help from Shane Douglas! Cameras pan along the arena as "Downfall" is playing by Trust Company. The camera focuses no the X-Tron as Pyros shoot down from the ceiling, both going diagonal to form an "X" and there is a huge explosion! The camera gets shots of the crowd with signs such as "»RVD«", "WHAT?!", and "Eric The Great!". We head to ringside to join the best announce team for the best Federation, Tony Shavonie and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan!

Tony Shavonie: Fans welcome to XPW Shocker back here live on TNT! As you can hear the NEW XPW Theme "Downfall" by Trust Company and what a great hit that is. Just like tonight is gonna be a great night!

Bobby Heenan: Of course its going to be a great night Shavonie it always is here in the XPW!

Tony: Well it hasn't been the best of nights for XPW Owner Eric Bischoff lately because as you know it all started at Regression where STone Cold Steve Austin debuted Stunning Bischoff and it then led to the capture of his somewhat 'secretary' Veronica Caine last week!

Bobby: That Austin is a sick man and you can bet that Bischoff will get revenge on him one way or another!

Tony: Other than that though tonight fans we have a great show as I said earlier, and lets get it started right now!

The camera goes to the ring as Jeff Hardys music hits and out comes Jeff Hardy comes out onto the stage doing his weird taunts. He then starts running down.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, Making his way to the ring from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing in at a 218 pounds..........JEEEEEEEEEEFF HARRRRRDY!!

Jeff then runs down to the ring, and slides in...before posing on the turnbuckle to a huge reception from the crowd. He then jumps down as sirens hit, and Steven Richards walks out.

Lillian Garcia: And his opponent....STEVEN RICHARDS!

Steven runs in the ring, and slides in.

Jeff throws right hands at Richards connecting to his cheek. Jeff then throws him off the ropes, and jumps up connecting with a hurricanrana. Jeff then pulls the legs up and kneels down into a cover, 1.....Steven Richards brings him down into a pin....1.........2...Jeff gets back up....1........2....Steven Richards pulls him down.....1.........2...Jeff back rolls and comes up at him, 1.......2....Steven pushes him off.

Tony: This is exciting XPW action.

They immediately get up and Jeff hits a dropkick to the face. Steven stumbles into the turnbuckle, as he runs at Steven and flys at him hitting a right hand and connecting to the head. Jeff then drops down, and rolls under the bottom rope. He then grabs a steel chair, from Lillian. He then slides in, and Steven immediately kicks him in the head. Jeff yells and Steven kicks him more and more and more. Jeff then slowly gets up and Steven short arm clotheslines him. Jeff lays on the mat, as Steven grabs the chair, and Jeff slowly gets up, and Steven pings it in Jeffs gut. Jeff bends over and CRACK, a steel chair shot over Jeffs back. Jeff falls onto the ground, holding his back, as the fans boo.

Bobby: The chair already being used, by the hardcore one Steven Richards. C'mon now COVER HIM!

Richards rolls Jeff onto his back and hooks a leg...1........2....Jeff lays a foot on the rope.

Tony: Foot on the rope.

Steven gets up and argues with the ref, as Jeff pulls himself up with the help of the ropes. Jeff then grabs a hold of the chair as Steven turns around. BOOM!! Steven gets KO'd with the chair! Jeff then drops the chair, and slowly walks towards the turnbuckles. Jeff slowly climbs out of the ring, and climbs up the turnbuckles, very slow. Jeff does the swanton bomb taunt, and soars high in the air, flipping....Steven then just manages to roll out of the ring, and place the chair, as Jeff bounces off his back on the chair. Steven then gets up, and hits his leg. After a couple of seconds, he finally gets up and Steven shoots his leg out, and Jeff gets hit right in the chin.


Steven crashes to the mat, holding his leg.

Brain: Oh no, he twisted his leg.

Steven yells in pain, as referees help him. Soon, Steven finally crawls over to Jeff and hooks his leg. The ref counts and slams his hand down with a 1................................2........................Jeff gets a shoulder up! Steven slowly limps up, and then stretches his leg. He nods to the referees saying its okay. The refs back away, and Jeff slowly gets up, and looks at him, and Steven shoots his leg out again..But Jeff ducks, and Steven turns around into a spinning wheel kick! Jeff then kicks up, and Steven gets up and gets whipped into the turnbuckles. Jeff then unfolds the chair, and runs and jumps off it into a spinning wheel kick into Stevens chest. Aka Poetry In Motion. Steven stumbles foreward, and Jeff gives him a TWIST OF FATE!! Jeff then goes over to the turnbuckles, He climbs up them, then flys off, hitting the SWANTON BOMB!! He covers hooking the leg...1...........................2..............................3! Jeff gets up, and raises his arms. Then from the backstage area, runs Matt Hardy with a chair! He gets in the ring and hits Jeff from behind in the back. He then stomps away at him. Matt then picks him up, and gives him a Matt twist of fate! He gets up and takes a microphone, Richards then gets up, and claps for Matt.

Matt: This is Matt Hardy, Version 1! Jeff, you wanted to go to XPW on your own, not with me. You wanted it to be just yourself, you thought about just yourself, you never though about your brother, but right now...I got a new tag team partner. His name is STEVEN RICHARDS! And our team is MATTNIFFICENT!

"Live For The Moment" hits and Steven and Matt leave the ring.

Tony: Matt Hardy seems to be jealous of his brother Jeff!

We head backstage and we see "The Franchise" Shane Douglas, his girlfriend Francine and Rhyno celebrating backstage with their World and United States Championship Gold! Eric Bischoff walks into the room and tells the Franchise that he can count on him and Rhyno to make this place stay in one peace if he has toeal with other things, like Stone Cold Steve Austin. Franchise agrees and says that there is nothing that would please him better than to be able to keep this fed intact, and if Mr Bischoff had any business to take care of he can count on Shane to make sure certain others dont gain to much HULK HOGAN! Bischoff says that its just an 'incase' sort of question but count on it that he will do everything in his power to own this company well and deal with Austin, afterall he is Eric THE GREAT Owner of XPW! They laugh together as we head to a commercial break.

(«(«Commercial Break»)»)

Tony: Fans welcome back to xPW Shocker and lets talk about Regresssion for a bit. It was an amazing show in which Shane DOUGLAS BARELY Escaped with the World Title!

Bobby: I may agree with you there because afterall he did get out of the US Title match with an injury which basically assured that he wouldn't be the one pinned or the one submitting in that match, which MEANT he would go to the World Title match.

Tony: Right, and then Rhyno's interference in the World Title match, which was a LADDER MATCH cost RVD the win, and gave The Franchise the World Championship for the second time.

Bobby: Well you have to wonder now Shavonie will The Franchise accept Shawn Michael's challenge for the Heavyweight Title match at Christmas Chaos December 15th?

Just then, "One of a Kind" hits and pyro shoots off, fans cheer and here comes Rob Van Dam!

Lillian: Ladies and Gentalmen please welcome Rob...Van...Dam and EDGE!

RVD and Edge come down to the ring and enter and RVD does his thumb taunt while Edge goes up to the turnbuckle, as the crowd cheers. RVD grabs a mic and talks about how for 5 months straight he was the United States champ defending it countless times and then all of a sudden because of some cheating stable the Triple Threat, he LOSES it! RVD continues on to say that he lost his US Title because of the Triple Threat, and he didn't win the World Title because of the Triple Threat! He says that Shane Douglas got lucky 2 weeks ago at Regression. RVD says HE is challenging Shane Douglas for Regression, that way RVD gets 1 more shot at that title! Edge takes the mic and says that Rhyno tried to cost him his match at Regression, but ended up getting away with it last week in his TV Title match! Edge says he is sick and tired of it, Edge says he wants Rhyno, he wants Rhyno at Christmas Chaos for the United States Championship! Edge says that first tonight he has a Tag team match with him and Kurt Angle. RVD takes the mic and says that he isn't Edge's tag team partner and Edge smiles because he knows that RVD is about to say...RVD introduces the NEWEST New Blood member: "HBK" Shawn Michaels!

"Sexy Boy" hits and HBK comes out to an ovation from the crowd! HBK does the lean on the stage and pyros shoot up from behind him. He walks to the ring and enters, with a mic in hand already. HBK says that its GREAT to be the NEWEST member to the New Blood, and that this is the right place for him! He says its great with R..V..D, H..B..K, and E..D..G..well, Its great being with all of you guys even if Edge doesn't have a three letter name! The crowd laughs a Shawn says that, and then Shawn says once again to RVD its great being in the team, but the thing that didn't sit well with him is that RVD challenged Shane Douglas to a match for his Title. HBK says that he should get that match because he challenged Douglas first! HBK says why dont we ask Douglas himself? RVD agrees and calls out the World Champ.
A Few seconds go by and RVD gets on the mic and says that The Franchise is scared, and HBK says that either way, he will be the World Champion in due time! Then "IM BACK!!!" blasts on the PA System and out walks XPW Owner Eric Bischoff! Bischoff walks to the ring with a big smile on his face while the crowd boos. He enters the ring and speaks: He says that they arent the ones running this place, HE IS! Bischoff says that they don't call the shots, HE DOES! He continues saying they don't decide who gets a title shot, HE DOES! Bischoff says that they shouldnt get too cosey as team mates, because since they want the title so bad they will have to FIGHt for contendership! The crowd boos and Bischoff continues, he says that next week its gonna be RVD versus HBK in a #1 Contenders match! Bischoff tells them thats the final decision and tells them to leave the ring he has other matters to address.

They leave the ring and Bischoff gets on the mic again and calls out Stone Cold Steve Austin. He says that his mind games are over, him holding Veronica Caine isn't doing him any good he can FIRE Austin at any moment so he says for Stone Cold to get the hell out here now! a minute passes and No STone Cold, so Bischoff settles down and says fine, you want to play hardball? Bischoff says that Austin isnt the only person who can play games! Bischoff says from now on, life will be HELL for anybody and everybody here in XPW until Stone Cold releases Veronica Caine...although, Bischoff reminds us that he still loves EACH AND EVERY ONE OF US! HE REALLY..REALLY DOES! And then "IM BACK!!!" blasts on the PA System and Eric gets out of the ring as we head to a commercial break!

(«(«Commercial Break»)»)

We come back from a commercial break and Shane Douglas and Rhyno are standing by with Gene Okerlund! Gene asks Franchise about the #1 Contenders match and he laughs! Shane says that it doesn't matter who wins, they will all go down like the rest and get their asses FRANCHISED!! Shane says the same thing will happen to them, that happened to Hurricane last week, and will happen to KANE this week! Rhyno then steps up and says that tonight he is in a match with some idiot Kurt Angle who turned down a triple Threat offer a month ago, Rhyno says he is going to show Angle that the Triple Threat is the group to be in and why we rule supreme over the XPW. Rhyno says he will get the win for the team and do what Angle couldn't last week, PIN Shawn Michaels! The two men walk off.

We see a Clip from last week's TV Title match as Mondo defended in a Staple gun match versus Edge, and we see K-Kwik attack Mondo after the match tossing him off the stage!

Lillian: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Cameron, North Carolina, weighing in at 220 pounds and accompanied by Steven Richards, Matt Hardy!

Just then, "Live for the Moment" blares over the PA as various information captions show up on the screen. Matt walks down the ramp with Richards and then he slides into the ring and poses on the turnbuckle as many of the fans boo him. Hardy and Richards begin talking in the corner of the ring as his opponent is introduced.

Lillian: And his opponent, from Miami, Florida, weighing in at 225 pounds, K-Kwik!

"Gettin Rowdy" hits on the PA as K-Kwik makes his way out to a great ovation. K-Kwik has a mic with him and he begins to do a rap along with his own music as the crowd gets into it. K-Kwik then slides into the ring and poses on the turnbuckle. When he steps down, the ref looks at both men and calls for the bell.

Tony: Fans I should tell you that K-Kwik suffered quite a blow to the head at a House show this past week but he insisted on competing tonight.

Bobby: What an idiot!

Tony: Well he wants to wrestle for his fans and thats what he chose to do. Doctors told him not to wrestle but he is anyways.

Matt Hardy attacks K-Kwik early on with a bunch of lefts and rights to the side of K-Kwik's head.

Bobby: Look at that, Matt hitting him in his head, wel DUH K-Kwik is an idiot. If he gets injured its his own fault. <

Matt sends K-Kwik off the ropes and takes him down with a Spinning wheel Kick to the face. Matt pulls K-Kwik up to his feet and attempts to go for a Suplex but K-Kwik slides out. Instead K-Kwik kicks Matt Hardy in the gut and hits a Tiger Bomb. K-Kwik goes for an easy cover..1..2..and Matt kicks out easily. K-Kwik attempts to whip Matt Hardy off the ropes but Matt reverses it sending K-Kwik over the top rope. K-Kwik begins to hold his head as if in pain, but still attempts to get up. Matt distracts the referee and meanwhile Steven Richards hits a couple sharp kicks to the face of K-Kwik on the outside. Richards rolls K-Kwik back in and Matt goes for a cover..1..2..and K-Kwik kicks out. Matt whips K-Kwik into the turnbuckle and then he goes for a Flying Clothesline but K-Kwik moves out of the way. K-Kwik picks Matt up and hits a Brainbuster on Matt. K-Kwik then walks over to the ring apron.

Tony: What is he going to do here?

He leaps off of the top rope and hits a Springboard Leg Drop on Matt and goes for a cover..1..2..and Matt just kicks out. K-Kwik kicks Matt in the gut and goes for a Powerbomb but Matt reverses it with a Back Body Drop. Matt kicks K-Kwik in the gut and goes for a Twist of Fate but K-Kwik counters with a Neckbreaker. K-Kwik picks up Matt and hits an Inverted Atomic Drop and now K-Kwik goes up to the top rope. K-Kwik leaps off and hits a Flying Cross Body into the cover..1..2..and Matt barely kicks out! K-Kwik picks Matt up and goes for a DDT but Matt counters that and hits the Side Effect. Matt now heads up to the top rope. Matt poses on the turnbuckle and leaps off for the Flying Leg Drop but K-Kwik moves out of the way. K-Kwik picks Matt Hardy up and Hat Rack Crack! K-Kwik goes for the cover..1..2..and Richards pulls K-Kwik out of the ring. The ref leans over the top rope to admonish Richards. Richards backs off and K-Kwik slides back into the ring. Just then, "Sick" Nick Mondo begins to make his way down the ramp. The ref sees this and is trying to tell Mondo to go back. Meanwhile, Richards gets back into the ring and Steven Kick to K-Kwik! Matt then kicks him in the gut and its the Twist of Fate. Matt covers K-Kwik..1..2..3!

Lillian: Here is your winner, Matt Hardy!

Matt' music begins to play as Matt leaves the ring with Steven Richards. Just then Sick Nick Mondo gets into the ring with a cast on his left arm.He walks over to K-Kwik, pulls him up in a sitting position, and CLOCKS him with the cast! Mondo holds his arm now in pain,and Kwik is out.

Tony: Oh god he is sick! that could seriously injure K-Kwik!

Bobby: Hey, I TOLD YA SO!

Backstage we see Brian Adams and Bryan Clark walking down the hallway all cocky and such. A production man walks by them and Brian Adams grabs him by the shirt and tells them that they are the #1 Contenders for the Tag Team Titles! Bryan Clark asks him what he thinks, wouldnt they look great with Tag gold? The production man says sure, as if he doesn't really care. KroniK look at each other, and then back at the man and grab him by the throat. They HIGH TIME the man through a table nearby! He lies there in pain as they smile wickedly and walk off with now mean looks on their faces!

Tony: Brian Adams faces THE ROCK NEXT!!

(«(«Commercial Break»)»)

As we come back from a commercial break we see "Sick" Nick Mondo standing by in the cast with Gene Okerlund. Gene asks him what that was all about he could had injured K-Kwik seriously because of his head injury! Mondo says that is what he wanted to do and he hopes K-Kwik learned his lesson that lesson being that nobody is as sick as SICK NICK MONDO! Mondo then puts his TV Title on his shoulder. Mondo says the TV title is for newbies and for no names not for Nick Mondo, so Mondo says he doesn't want the peice of trash anymore because it doesnt show that he is hardcore hell he could defend this millions of times and it wouldnt matter! Mondo says he doesnt want it anymore once again and tosses it down and spits on it! Mondo walks off as Gene stands there confused!!

Next, a clip of last week when Kronik beat the Rock and Goldberg to become the #1 Contenders for the Tag Team titles but only because they used a chair and cheated to win!!! Kronik stands tall as the clip comes to an end.

(due to the fact that the writer for this match quit, there is no match :(, sorry guys, but its obvious the winner is Brian Adams! Because Rock never RPed.
Key Events In Match: Bryan Clark gets involved to give Brian Adams the win. Afterwards, Goldberg tries for a spear but he misses and KroniK double clothesline him over the top rope. They go to the outside where the Rock is recuperating and Grab him by the throat and High Time him through the announce table! They then go find Goldberg and he escapes through the crowd though.

Backstage HBK, RVD and EDGE WALK into The commissioner Hulk Hogan's office and RVD says that Bischoff putting him and HBK one on one is outragious! RVD explains that the team is recovering from problems still and Bischoff wants to START MORE! Hogan agrees, he tells them that neitr of them need to face each other its just not the right thing to do. The New blood needs to stay tight. He says that he will find a way around it! RVD and HBK thank Hogan for his cooperation and walk off but Edge stays in there. Edge says that he would love to have a World Title shot with Shane Douglas, and the crowd cheers. hogan is shocked and asks why. Edge says that everyone sees HBK and RVD as the bigger stars and he wants to prove to his teammates that he can hang with the big men too like The Franchise! Hogan thinks its a great idea and he grants Edge his World Title shot! Edge thanks Hogan and when he leaves the Room RVD and HBK ask what that was about and Edge just says that they shouldnt worry about it. They shrug and walk together down the hall as we head to a commercial break!

(«(«Commercial Break»)»)

We come back from a commercial break while we see The olympic hero Kurt Angle standing by with Mark Lloyd backstage in the interview section. Angle says that tonight he is teaming with a man beast, a filthy discusting slob who reeks! Angle says that Rhyno is going to learn that it wont be him to get the pinfall on HBK tonight it will be KURT ANGLE WOO! Angle says that HBK and Edge are going down! Angle says that after he scores a win tonight, he will deserve the US Title shot, MORE than Edge will! Angle says that he doesnt work well in Tag Matches and tonight we will all see why when he single handedly takes out all three men OH ITS TRUE ITS DAMN TRUE WOOO!!!

Backstage Goldberg walks into Hogan's office and asks if he saw what they did to Rock! Goldberg says that is uncalled for and that they have to be stopped. Goldberg continues and also points out the Kronik cheated last week to win Contendership for the Tag Team Titles and its Goldberg and The Rock that should be going for the gold. Hogan says that The Rock could be in pain after that slam through the announce table by Kronik so let The Rock get better and maybe they will get their shot. Goldberg says he wants a shot TONIGHT! Hogan says that Kane is booked and he is 1/2 of the champs. Goldberg says that Kronik will pay.

(Also, in Shane Douglas vs Kane, no match was provided.) Its obvious who wins, because Shane didn't RP your winner is Kane!
Key Event: AT different points of the match HBK's music played, interupting Douglas and distracting him, and another time, RVD's music played. Kane has Douglas by the throat and Chokeslams him, but it isnt enough, so he picks him up again and just when he is about to Chokeslam him Goldberg runs out and spears Kane! That is a DQ, and Goldberg goes back up the stage.
Winner: Via Disqualification: KANE!

Eric Bischoff walks into Hulk Hogan's office and says he doesnt know what in the hell Hogan thinks he is doing! Eric Bischoff runs the show Not Hogan, just because Hogan is commish by some stupid paper deal he had with Shane McMahon doesn't give him the right to change Eric's match decisions! Hogan says he can and Bischoff says TOO BAD! Because he is changing it back and RVD vs HBK next week WILL HAPPEN! But just because he feels like it he is making a change for the better and that change is that it will be a LADDER MATCH! A contract for the contendership to the World Title will be hanging above the ladder, first person to grab it wins the Contendership! Bischoff also says that EDGE WILL NOT get that title shot, its not his time yet, although HE STILL will face The Franchise next week! Bischoff says THANKYOU VERY MUCH to Hogan and walks out with Hogan irritated.

We head to the ring and we hear some unfamiliar music and out walks Christopher Nowinski!

Tony: What is he doing here?

Bobby: Hey! The rumors are true Chris signed to XPW! Its his hometown Tony why wouldnt he be here?

Chris walks to the ring and grabs a mic. He says that this place is his hometown, and this fed is his playground! Christopher Nowinski brags about being the only harvard Graduate in the Xtreme Professional Wrestling and he is the only one here with morals! Chris says that this is the right place for him and yes he has signed to XPW. Chris says that he wants that Television Championship that Nick Mondo put up for grabs and he wants it now!

Steven Richards music hits and he comes out on the stage with a mic in hand. He screams for Chris to SHUT UP! Just because this is his hometown Chris thinks he can just come on out here and BOAST about how he is the only harvard graduate?!?!? Richards says he is so dumb thinking that he is the only one with morals here, and Richards says he thought people that went to Harvard should be SMART! Chris says that he couldnt stand a chance against Chris in the classroom, but Richards gets on the mic and says Chris couldnt stand a SECOND in the RING with Richards! Chris asks if that is a challenge?!

All of a sudden the Xtron and screens on TV's go to a computer image and it types in MATT HARDY VERSION 1.0 and Matt Hardy's Music hits! The arena is black and grey with some purple lights flashing and out of nowhere comes Matt Hardy attacking Nowinski in the ring! Richards rushes down to the ring and gets in. Matt Hardy and Steven Richards beat down Nowinski in the corner of the ring as Chris's hometown boos! All of a sudden "LIVE FOR THE MOMENT" hits and JEFF HARDY runs down the ramp into the ring! Steven Richards turns around and Jeff pulls his legs out from under him and lands a legdrop to the groin area. He pulls his brother Matt off of Nowinski and starts to punch him in the face. Chris gets up and they both whip Matt against the ropes. Matt comes back and they lift him up and drop him down on his face! Matt Hardy and Steven Richards high tail it out of the ring and up the ramp as Nowinski's music hits and we head to a commercial break!

(«(«Commercial Break»)»)

Tony: Fans welcome back and in just three weeks XPW will witness its headliner Pay Per View Christmas Chaos 2! Live from Madison Square Garden all of your favorite XPW Superstars will be there in all sorts of matches that are sure to be fantastic! Call your cable company or sattelite provider and order it by name! XPW CHRISTMAS CHAOS!

Lilian: Weight: 285 lbs, from Detroit, Michigan, the XPW United States Champion RHYNO!

Rhynos music hits as the crowd begins to boo. Rhyno makes his way out onto the stage breathing heavily, and begins to walk down the ramp. Rhyno walks down slumped over slightly, and goes up the steps into the ring. He walks over to the turnbuckle, gets up on it, hits his chest twice with his arms crossed, and puts his arms up looking out into the crowd.

Lilian: His tag team partner, from Pitsburb Pennsilvania, weighing in at 220 pounds, KURT ANGLE!

"I Don't Suck" hits the pa system and the crowd begins to chant along, YOU SUCK...YOU SUCK!...Angle comes out shaking his head and talking and stops on the stage, lifts his arms and BOOM BOOM BOOM three pyros in red white and blue colors shoot up behind him! He WOOOs and walks down the ramp and gets in the ring spinning around. He looks at Rhyno and points to his US Title then says that he will get the win! WOO!

"Never Gonna Stop" Hits the PA System and the fans begin to cheer! Smoke fills the stage and Edge emerges from it with a big smile on his face. The crowd is cheering lowdly as he makes way down the aisle. Edge runs and slides in the ring posing on his chest for a few seconds, then gets up and goes to the turnbuckle and taunts to the crowd.

Lilian: Weighing 240 pounds from Toroto, Canada. EDGE!

"Sexy Boy" Hits the PA System as we hear the lyrics going thru the Speakers and the crowd cheering! The music continues to play.."I think I'm Cute...I Know I'm Sexy" Shawn Michaels makes his way down to the ring. He goes up the steps, and enters the ring. Shawn spins around three times, and does the lean flexing his muscles as the

Lilian: From San Antonio Texas, weighing 225 pounds, HBK SHAWN MICHAELS! Tony: Edge and Kurt Angle are going to start this one off.

{The bell sounds and both men lock up, neither man gaining an advantage for a bit} Tony: Standing switch by Angle.

{Angle goes for a German Suplex but Edge blocks it and elbows repeatedly until the Olympic Hero is forced to let go. Edge hits the ropes and comes off with a clothline which Angle ducks. Edge hits the opposites ropes, runs off, jumps and--}

Bobby: Spear!

{Edge picks Angle up and tosses him to the turnbuckle, runs in and hits a clothsline! He tags in Michaels.}

Tony: Angle and Michaels, DOUBLE SUPLEX Angle!

Bobby: Augh, our Olympic Hero is being wronged, Tony! The refree needs to get controle of this one quick! Michaels grabs Angle and tosses him into the rope, jumping off he nails Angle with a cross body! Michaels picks him up and unloads a series of rights and lefts. Angle pokes Shawn's eye and retailates with a clothsline of his own sending the Heartbreak Kid down hard to the unforgiving canvas.

Tony: A hard clothline by Angle!

{Kurt again grabs Michaels up and tosses him into the opposing turnbuclke, HARD. Michaels renches in pain! Kurt runs in and smashes the legend with a clothsline. He then suplexes Michaels and goes for then grabs his legs and puts him into a sharpshooter.}

Tony: Angle already going to work on that injured back of Michaels.

Bobby: Smart stratagy, he's using one of those three "i"'s.

A few minutes go by, Shawn slowly crawls to the turnbuckle where Angle is forced to relinquish the hold. Angle does indeed break but quickly goes to stomping the back of HBK again and again.

Tony: Angle now, hooking Michaels, RELEASE GERMAN SUPLEX!

{Angle walks to the fallen HBK and puts him into a Cobra Clutch. He renches back on the neck, sitting all the weight he can on Shawn's back. Minutes pass, Michaels slowly begins to crawl towrds the closest rope.

Tony: Shawn Michaels, crawling with everything he's got! Fighting through the pain!

{Finally Shawn grabs the rope, Angle again releases the hold but yet again stomps the back of HBK. He picks Michaels up preparing to put him into another German suplex, but Shawn will have none of it! Michaels lets his fists and elbows fly, smashing Kurt in the face. Michaels backs Angle into the ropes and unloads even more! Shawn steps back and runs forward trying to his the SUPER KICK but Kurt grabs it, spins Michaels around and--}

Bobby: Angle Slam!

Tony: No! Michaels fliped out of it!

{Both men charge at each, each going for a clothline! Both men collide and go down. The refree begins the long count.}





Both men begin to crawl towrds their corners.




Angle tags in Rhyno!



Michaels tags in Edge!

Tony: The tag is made!

{Edge quickly jumps into the ring and runs at Rhyno, clothslining him down. Angle runs into the ring and eats a boot to the stomach and a DDT! Angle gets up but get knocked down with a hard right! The long-haired Canadian turns around to dish out more damage to Rhyno only to see the man-beast running at him!}

Tony: GORE!!! Rhyno covers!

Bobby: 1

Crowd: 2-- ooh!!

Tony: Edge kicks out! {Angle gets to his feet and walks over to Rhyno. Rhyno has already picked up Edge but Angle pushes Rhyno.}

Tony: Oh, earlier tonight these guys weren't getting along.

Angle: You can't finish him off with the gore?! What good are you? I've done all the work in this damn match!

Rhyno: {pushes the dazed Edge to the mat and pushes Angle} Shut the f*ck up!

Angle shoves back

Rhyno: F*ck you!

Rhyno takes a shot at Angle but he ducks and punches Rhyno then Irish Whips him into the ropes--


Shawn Michaels meanwhile, checks on Edge but suddenly from the behind Shane Douglas nails Shawn right in the back of the head with brass knuckles!

Bobby: There's the Franchise!

Tony: That no good son of a--

Douglas mounts Michaels and repeatedly smashes him again and again with the brass knucles busting him open!

Bobby: Look at that Shavonie, Michaels has been busted open big time!

Tony: He's a bloody mess!

Douglas stands up, blood on his brass knucles and hands. He laughs sadistically and turns around


meanwhile RVD comes down the isle with a steal chair

Tony: Why is RVD here?

Bobby: Edge better watch out!

Edge turns around and runs right into a GORE! Rhyno stands up, a smile on his face. But from behind Rob Van Dam smashes Rhyno with a chair in the back. The man-beast stumbles but does not fall! He turns around to see that RVD has struck him. Rage flairs in Rhyno's eyes, RVD tosses him the chair, Rhyno catches it, RVD jumps and smashes the chair into Rhyno's skull!

Tony: Van Daminator!

Rob Van Dam goes up top and looks at both the laid out Franchise and Rhyno.

Tony: What's Van Dam gonna do here?!

RVD tries to decide which to hit and then leaps off onto.....Douglas!


Rhyno crawls over and drapes his arm over the fallen Edge

crowd: 1

crowd: 2

crowd: 3!!!

The bell rings! Rhyno rolls out of the ring

Lilian: The winners of the match, Kurt Angle and Rhyno!!!

Tony: And Rhyno may have gotten the cover, but neither Rhyno nor Kurt Angle look like winnters. Rob Van Dam helps HBK and Edge up and they all stand tall as Shocker goes of the air.

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