~'Summary' Results For This Week~

Bischoff comes out to the ring and plugs Christmas Chaos, December 22nd from Madison Square Garden. He introduces Shane Douglas as World Champ and Rhyno as the next United States Champion. Douglas talks some on the mic of how he will reign as champion for a longer time than before and nobody can stop him. Rhyno says that tonight in his US Title match the Triple threat adds one more title to their team. They explain Jeff Jarrett's absense, which is he is out sick. HBK hits the ring and tells Douglas his side of the story, that Douglas will NOT keep that title for a long time, infact he won't even have it in the New Year. HBK challenges Douglas for Christmas Chaos. Douglas and Rhyno assault Shawn Michaels in the ring. RVD and Edge hit the ring and The Triple Threat as well as Bischoff jet.

In Kronik (vs) Goldberg and The Rock, it was a well fought battle between both teams. They both put up a good fight, and almost got the pinfall on each other many times. The Rock hit his trademark Spinebuster and when Brian Adams would get up from it and stagger, Goldberg nailed the Spear. It was all over when Goldberg had him up for the Jackhammer, but a blind sided attack with a chair from Bryan Clark took the man down. Clark would nail Rock with it as well. They High Time goldberg on the Chair, and Adams gets the pinfall. Kronik are the contenders for the tag team titles!

Ace Reporter Gregory Helms tries to get a word in with the New World Champ on his answer to Shawn Michael's challenge. Doulgas doesnt give one, but says he doesnt want to be bothered he has a match to get ready for with Helm's friend Hurricane. Douglas tosses the Reporter out of the locker room.

Veronica Caine informs Bischoff of lawsuits against him. 2 men are sewing him because they were injured on Sunday in the TV Title Match. Someone brings in a tape and Bischoff watches it. Stone Cold was on the tape! In it Austin simply said Bischoff should keep those he loves close to him, because he was going to take them out first.

Shawn Michaels (vs) Kurt Angle: Kurt would land his trademark belly to belly suplexes, but the effects from last Sunday showed. Kurt would get worn down soon, because of the match he had with Mondo. Shawn Michaels gets the win after a Sweet Chin Music. After the match, HBK got on the mic and talked trash to Shane Douglas and how he is too chicken to accept his challenge!

In Shane Doulas (vs) The Hurricane, the match was pretty one sided. For some time Shane Douglas was beating the living hell out of the superhero. Hurricane got in a few high spots, including his trademark "Overcast" and the "Flying Wizard Kick". Douglas overpowered him most of the time, hitting many Belly to Belly Suplexes which wore down The Hurricane. Near the end of the match Douglas was very sure of himself that this match was done with. When he set The Hurricane up for the Franchiser, Helms countered and hit the Eye of the Hurricane. He almost got the 3 count just by a hair. When The Hurricane picks Douglas up he pushes the super hero down and goes outside the ring. Shane Douglas brings in a chair and slams the Chair on The Hurricane. Kane would rush out and take the chair from The Franchise. He attempts to Chokeslam him but Douglas kicks him in the balls and tosses him out of the ring. He picks the chair back up and HBK's music blasts over the PA System. He quickly turns facing the stage but no HBK, from the other side of the ring Shawn enters and Douglas turns around and gets Sweet Chin Music! The referee has no control over the match and rules it a Disqualification to Shane Douglas. Kane helps Hurricane to the back, while Shawn Michaels grabs the World Title, and with one foot on Douglas raises it high just as Douglas did two weeks ago.

"Sick" Nick Mondo(c) [vs] Edge In what was a psychotic match, Sick Nick Mondo took on Edge in a bloody Staple Gun match. The referee had 21-dollar bills and the first to use 11 bills won! Both men used the staple gun, sometimes taking the dollar bills from the referee sometimes simply using the staples. However, in the end the ring would be covered with blood and Sick Nick Mondo would staple the 11th bill to the head of one Edge for the victory. After the match, K-Kwik would make is long awaited return. After a long battle between the two, Kwik would toss Mondo off of the stage, and he would fall some 10-15 feet. __

Austin's pick-up truck was seen outside. Bischoff grabbed a baseball bat and went out to face the Rattlesnake. Bischoff walked to the truck and saw Austin inside the truck! He ran forward and smashed the windows out, a man stepped out but it wasn't Austin! It was MAD TV's Will Sasso posing as Austin! Bischoff's look of anger became fear, he quickly ran back into the arena to find that Veronica was gone!

Our Main Event saw RVD defending his US Title against new Triple Threat member was a classic ECW vs ECW former members battle. Both are very hardcore, and both really wanted to win this match. Rhyno's first match would be for the United States Championship, and RVD, wanted to hold onto it after a 5 month reign. It would be Rhyno though who would come out victorious and WIN the US Title from RVD! Barely slipping in a win though. In fact, it was because of Shane Douglas interference while Rhyno would distract the ref, and Douglas nailed RVD with the brass knux, that would give Rhyno the advantage. After the match Douglas and Rhyno stomp RVD but Edge would come to the rescue, spearing Rhyno. HBK comes out, and Superkicks Douglas! HBK, and the New Blood members Edge and RVD stand in the ring together as Shocker comes to an end.