Shocker-11/3/02-Buffalo, New York

Shocker-11/03/02-Buffalo, New York
~Hour 1~


Alright guys, if you scroll down you will see Results sorta..suck. I have my reasons thouggh so pay attention. I was absent 5 days from school last week, and still havent gotten my homework from it finished, And I have until Friday to do it, the clock is ticking..tic toc..tic toc...ITs ENGLISH HOMEWORK TOO!! So that is important, majorly important. Is majorly a word? Anyways..moving on, I need to get that done, it is more important than XPW really, usually I wouldnt say that but i got an F in the class Lol. And to keep XPW open I need to keep my grades up, so this weeks results must suffer!!! MUAHAHA! Anywho, to top that (and HBK can back me up on this), my stupid ass WebTV kicked me offline when I had the Battle Royal finished, and i lost over half of it. This actually repeated itself two other times, because WebTV Pagebuillder SUCKS. I tricked the system though eeventually! :D, and I got the match done about 2 hours later! Well, to top that, one person didn't send in their match, so thanks to HBK for getting that done for me quickly. I am gonna post any major things on here from Shocker, as well as the matches and what happened in them.The Main Event Could had been better, but as i said before, my web kept shutting offline and i lost lots. I promise next weeks results will be hella better, its the PPV!!! Enjoy, if you can. Regression is next week!

In Dark Matches, Goldberg beat Booker T and Rhyno beat Austin.

~Kurt Angle -vs- Jeff Jarrett~

Lillian: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. From Pittsburgh, PA. Weighing in at 220 pounds, Kurt Angle!

"Medal" begins to play over the PA System as Kurt Angle makes his way out from the entrance to a booing crowd. He makes his way to the middle of the ramp way, and stops and raises his arms in the air as red white and blue pyro shoot up behind him. The fans begin to chant "You Suck!" along with his music while he makes his way into the ring. Kurt raises his arms and spins around yelling out "Wooo!". His music begins to die down

Lillian: His opponent, from Memphis Tennessee, weighing 247 pounds Jeff Jarrett!

We hear 'Cho..Cho..Chosen One' and Jeff Jarrett's music starts up… a few second go by but Jarrett does not appear. Almost a minute goes by, but no Jeff Jarrett. Angle stands in the ring, impatiently waiting. Suddenly, BANG! Jarrett strikes Angle with his guitar, breaking it over his skull!

Tony: Oh my! Jarrett came through the crowd and just smashed that guitar over Angle's head!

Bobby: What a smart move!

The bell rings and Jarrett stomps Angle again and again, he picks him up and suplexes Angle and then goes back to stomping. JJ rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair; he quickly makes his way back into the ring. Angle begins to stand but Jarrett rushes him and steel meets skull!

Bobby: Oh! That had to hurt!

Tony: Angle is out cold!

Bobby: Come on Jarrett, cover that man! Cover him now!

Jarrett has other plans, he whips Angle into the ropes, grabs him and atomic drops him right into his knee. JJ then walks to the dazed, hurt Angle…

Tony: He's going for The Stroke!

Bobby: He's gonna mount his head right on that steel chair!

JJ drives Angle down right onto the steal chair.

Tony: Aw!

Bobby: Say good night.

Tony: 1, 2, 3- NO! ANGLE KICKED OUT!!!

Bobby: Oh… look at his face Shavonie.

Tony: Angle has been busted open, and I mean busted badly folks!

JJ smashes the mat with hands in frustration. He grabs Angle and DDT's him onto the chair and goes for the cover, but again at the last second, Angle kicks out. Jarrett's frustration continues, he decides he'll win by submission and with that he grabs Angle's leg and knee's him right in the gonads, twists the leg and puts Angle into a figure four leg lock.

Bobby: He's dominated Angle since the match started! I didn't see this coming.

Tony: Yeah, but in order to do so he had to attack the man from behind, to smash him with a guitar.

Bobby: You do what you have to do. Both of these guys will do anything to get the win, and I like it.

Angle now wears the crimson mask, blood covering his entire face. Minutes pass, Angle goes down several times but manages to get the shoulder up at the last second. Slowly, methodically, Angle is able to turn the figure four around! JJ screams in pain and it seems that now Angle might have the advantage, but JJ gets to the ropes and Angle is forced to break the hold. JJ quickly goes back to working on Angle's legs, stomping away again and again. He picks Angle up preparing for another suplex but…

Tony: Angle reverses!

Angle somehow lifts JJ into the suplex. Both men are down; the referee begins the long count.

Tony: Both men are up! Jarrett in for the clothesline, Angle ducks!

Angle smashes JJ with punches and attempts to toss him into the ropes, but JJ reverses, shooting Angle in. JJ goes for a clothesline, Angle again ducks and comes off the ropes with a cross body! Angle makes it to his feet, grabs the chair and when JJ gets up, his skull now meets the steal! Angle puts JJ in the Angle lock! JJ screams… it seems is over but JJ manages to get on his back and repeatedly kick Angle!

Tony: Oh, Angle had to release it!

Angle is dazed from the kicks, Jarrett walks to Angle and attempts to put him in the Stroke, but Angle elbows out of it, this time JJ is stunned. Angle runs from behind JJ, locking his arms around his waist and putting him into a German Suplex with Bridge!

Tony: 1, 2, 3!

Lillian: Your winner, KURT ANGLE!

Tony: What a come from behind victory by Kurt Angle!

~The Hurricane -vs- The Rock~

The Rock's music hits and the crowd jumps to their feet. The People'e Champion comes walking out from backstage with a determinded look on his face. The Rock walks down the aisle and up the ring steps. He then climbs a turnbuckle, throws one arm in the air, and begins to smell the air as the camera flashes light the arena up more than it is. The Rock then gets down and climbs into the ring. He walks to the opposite side of the ring and climbs the turnbuckle doing the exact same thing. He gets down and his music dies off as he waits in the corner staring at the curtains.

The lights in the arena go out and a green twirling H's begin to line the ramp, one in the ring, and one on the stage. We then hear, "Stand back! There's a Hurricane comin' through!" pyro on the stage then explode's and Kane's theme music hits. Out runs Hurricane and he stops on the stage. He twirls around and then stops again with one arm in front and one arm behind him. Then from behind him appears Kane! The two walk down the ramp and Kane stands outside as Hurricane slides into the ring. He stands up and looks at The Rock as the music dies off and the lights in the arena go back to normal. The bell sounds and the match is underway. The Rock and Hurricane begin circling the ring staring at each other. Hurricane walks to the center and puts out his hand. The Rock looks at his hand then back at Hurricane. The Rock goes to put out his hand but all of a sudden here comes The Hurricane's other hand. Hurricane nails a right, then a left, and another right. He hammers on The Rock until he backs him into the ropes. Hurricane then whips The Rock off the ropes. The Rock goes flying to the other side and when he comes back Hurricane takes him down with a Drop Toe Hold. As The Rock gets to one knee and turns towards Hurricane, Hurricane jumps into the air and delivers a Drop Kick right to the face of The Rock. Hurricane stands and begins pick The Rock up by his head. Hurricane nails Rock with a few knees to the gut and then kicks him in the gut. Hurricane tucks The Rock's head between his legs, then he tried to lift The Rock for a Powerbomb. Hurricane cant do it and The Rock flips Hurricane over his head and out to the outside of the ring. The Hurricane lands hard with his knee hitting the barrier. The Rock regroups for a few seconds then climbs out of the ring and to a hurt Hurricane who is trying to get up. The referee jumps out of the ring as Kane comes walking over towards The Rock and The Hurricane. The Rock lifts Hurricane up all the way then Body Slams him down onto the ring steps knee first. The Hurricane then just lays there holding his right knee. The referee tells him to get back in the ring and The Rock lifts Hurricane up and rolls him into the ring. The Rock taunts at Kane then slides into the ring where Hurricane is just getting up and limping around. The Rock begins to goto work again stomping at the knee of Hurricane. The Rock then whips Hurricane into the ropes and as he comes back he gets nailed with a Clothesline from The Rock. Rock goes for a pin but only gets a two count. Rock then lifts Hurricane up and begins nailing rights and lefts. He back Hurricane into the corner and lifts him up onto the top rope. The Rock then climbs to the second rope and puts Hurricane's arm over his neck. He then Suplexes Hurricane and tries for another pin. Again The Rock recieves another 2 count and again he jumps up. Rock lifts Hurricane up and whips him into the ropes, this time as Hurricane comes back he jumps into the air and nails The Rock with a Cross Body. As Hurricane does this his foot nails the referee. Hurricane goes for the pin but right away notices that the referee is out. Hurricane tries to wake the referee but to no use. The Rock then jumps up to his feet and as Hurricane turns around Rock throws his arm around Hurricane's neck and nails Hurricane with The Rock Bottom! Rock goes fo a pin but the referee is still out. The Rock then jumps up and begins to yell at the referee and nudge him with his foot. Kane then jumps into the ring and as The Rock turns around he gets a big hand of Kane's around his neck. Kane then throws The Rock's arm over his neck. Goldberg then comes running out from backstage and slides into the ring. Goldberg Spears Kane as Kane as The Rock high in the air for the Chokeslam. The Rock falls down onto his knees as Kane goes sliding out of the ring. Goldberg goes after him and the two fight on the outside. The Hurricane gets up and The Rock nails him with a Spine Buster. The Rock then sets in the Sharpshooter and out runs another referee. Hurricane stays in the Sharpshooter for about 10 seconds then he taps out! The referee calls for the bell and Rock's music hits.

Throughout the night, Bischoff and Kronik talked. Bischoff and them talked about possibly making bigger impacts and maybe they could do that with Veronica Caine as their sometimes manager. Veronica would have a confrontation with Batista, and Kronik was told to make an impact on him! They got revenge by totally ahnialating him, beating the hell out of him. Which, in return, takes Batista out of the Tag Team match up next.

~Kronik Vs Steven Richards~

As the camera goes to the ring we hear


sound over the PA system, as Bryan Adams and Bryan Clark appear.

Lillian: Ladies and Gentlemen....KRONIK!

The crowd bursts with boos as they make their way down the aisle and into the ring, as they pose on the turnbuckles. Then we hear sirens and Steven Richards makes his way down the aisle. He gets in the ring.

Lillian: Ladies and Gentlemen..In the ring, STEVEN RICHARDS!

The bell sounds as Steven and Adams go at it, slugging each other. Clark gets on the apron. Steven gets the behind against Adams, and Adams hits a gut kick, and lifts him up into a suplex. Adams covers but only gets a 2 count. Adams gets up and whips him at the ropes hitting a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Steven bounces off Adams' knee, as Adams then grabs his head and gives him a Sleeper Hold! Steven struggles to get free, and Adams locks it in harder. The referee, picks up his arm and drops it once. He then lifts it and drops it down again. He then lifts it up, and drops it, but Steven keeps the arm up. He gets up, with Adams and gives him a couple elbows. Steven gets loose and runs off the ropes. He comes back and then BOOM! Adams hits a big boot! Down falls Richards.

Tony: Down falls Richards with a big boot.

Adams is up now, and picks up Steven and puts him in a headlock, walking over to Clark in the corner. Adams tags in clark and Clark comes in kicking Steven Richards in the gut. Adams gets on the apron and Clark lifts him up and fallaway slam! Clark then lifts him up agan and grabs him by his side and lifts him up and then drops him..

Bobby: Theres a spinebuster! Kronik is just taking it to Steven Richards, remember Batista was attacked earlier.

Clark then walks around the ring, laughing. Steven Richards slowly gets up and gets hammered down with a right hand. Richards gets back up, and Clark runs at him but Richards shoots a leg out and STEVEN KICK! Richards jumps on him...1.....2.....Clark pushes him off. Steven Richards gets up and Clark gets up and gets a frankensteiner! Steven hooks the legs!!!....1.............2...............3!!! WAIT A MINUTE! HE KICKED OUT! Steven Richards gets up and slams his hands together 3 times at the ref saying "COMON! THAT WAS THREE!" Clark is behind him, and Steven turns around, and BOOM Steven got tooken out with a clothesline. He tags in Adams, and Adams comes in. Adams picks up Richards, and lands a huge spinebuster to him!

Brain: Steven Richards is getting his ass handed to him!

Tony: BRAIN! Dont say that!

Brain: I can say whatever I want.

At this time Steven Richards is up, Adams looks at him, and then throws him at the ropes, Richards comes back and baseball slides under his legs. He then gives him a huge LOW BLOW! Adams bends over and yells in pain, and Richards runs and does a huge bulldog, he covers hooking legs....1....................2..................SHOULDER UP!

Tony: Oh my god! Another nearfall!

Adams jumps up in anger as Steven gives him a punch, and Adams goes for an axe handle, but Steven ducks under his arm and ROLLS HIM UP!!!....1.......2........3..NO KICKOUT! HE KICKED OUT!

Steven Richards gets up holding his head, as from behind Clark comes in with a chair and bashes Richards. Richards falls into a choke! Clark grabs Richards' throat, too....they lift him up and slam him...

Tony and Bobby: HIGHTIME!

The ref comes to the count of Adams...and counts...One...Two...THREE!

Tony: Its over! Richards almost had it a couple times, but the chair put Richards away!

Jeff Jarrett would run down to the ring after, and nail Richards with the guitar.

~Nick Mondo vs Edge~

Lillian: The following contest is a TV Title semi-final match that is scheduled for one fall. First, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 240 pounds, Edge!

"Never Gonna Stop" Hits the PA System and the fans begin to cheer! Smoke fills the stage and Edge emerges from it with a big smile on his face. The crowd is cheering lowdly as he makes way down the aisle. Edge runs and slides in the ring posing on his chest for a few seconds, then gets up and goes to the turnbuckle and taunts to the crowd.

Lillian: And his opponent, from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weighing in at 202 pounds, "Sick" Nick Mondo!

Last Resort by Papa Roach blasts over the P.A. system as the song plays "Sick" Nick Mondo walks out in his green UFO pants staring at the ground, Mondo then looks up and he does the Mondo sign with his hand, And with a intence look on his face he looks around at the ground. Then begins to walk toward the ring. Mondo slides in the ring and does his pose and walks around the ring. The bell sounds to start the match.

Mondo tries to get an early advantage on Edge by Clotheslining him down from behind. Mondo is stomping away at Edge as the fans boo this cheap attack. Mondo sends Edge off the ropes and takes him down with a Spinning Heel Kick. Mondo kicks Edge in the gut and plants him with a DDT and goes for a quick cover..1..2..and Edge kicks out easily. Mondo sets Edge up for a Superkick but Edge catches his foot and he catches Mondo with a Spinning Heel Kick of his own. Edge sends Mondo into the turnbuckle and then he runs at him and delivers a Spear into the turnbuckle. Edge picks Mondo up and is going for an Electric Chair Drop but Mondo slides out of it and rolls Edge up..1..2..and Edge kicks out again. Mondo goes for a Clothesline but Edge ducks it and hits a Faceplant on Mondo and goes for a cover..1..2..and Mondo kicks out. Edge takes Mondo down with a Dropkick and now he is setting Mondo up for a Reverse Figure Four. Edge turns Mondo's legs around and is trying to get it locked but Mondo is fighting out of it. Mondo pushes Edge out of the ring and Mondo quickly follows Edge to the outside. Mondo attmpts to whip Edge into the steel barricade but Edge counters and Mondo goes hard into the steel. Edge tries to spear Mondo into the steel but he moves and Edge's shoulder hits the steel hard. Mondo picks Edge up and whips him shoulder-first into the ring post. Mondo rolls Edge into the ring and goes for a cover..1..2..and Edge just kicks out. Mondo stomps on Edge's injured shoulder a couple of times and now Mondo picks Edge up and delivers a Suplex to the mat. Mondo picks Edge up and hits a Reverse DDT and goes for another cover..1..2..and Edge kicks out again! Mondo sets Edge up for a German Suplex but Edge blocks it with his right foot and somehow delivers a Hip Toss with his injured shoulder. Mondo runs at Edge but he moves out of the way and comes off the ropes and Spear to Mondo! Both men are down on the mat, Edge is favoring his shoulder as the referee begins the count. When the ref gets to 6, both men get to their feet. Mondo hits a Swinging Neck Breaker on Edge and now he picks Edge up and is going for a Piledriver. Edge slides out of it though and hits the Edge-o-Matic into a pin..1..2..and Mondo just kicks out! Edge now goes up to the top rope and hits a Missile Dropkick on Mondo. Edge waits for Mondo to get up and then he kicks him in the gut and goes for the Edgecution but Mondo blocks it with his feet. Edge goes for a Clothesline but Mondo counters into the Mondo Sledge! Mondo goes for the cover..1..2..3!

Lillian: Here is your winner "Sick" Nick Mondo!

~Battle Royal For the Heavyweight Championship~

The Shocker theme hits, and the fourteen men in the Battle Royal begin to make their way out!

Tony: This is going to be one heck of a match! It is for the World heavyweight Championship!

Bobby: Yep, thats right Tony! Shane Douglas is getting a screw job here, for sure. If he doesnt win this thing its no surprise, because this was all thanks to that stupid idiot Hulk Hogan.

We see Edge on his way out, followed by The Rock, and then Kane, and Nick Mondo, and there is Rob Van Dam with his United States Title.

Tony: Rob Van Dam is at a tough situation tonight, if he doesnt at least be one of the last four in the match, he has lost his United States Championship.

Bobby: That's right, because at Regression when the four men fight, they will eliminated one other, and then the three remaining fight for that US Title. So in fact RVD must win this match, or be a final four participant, AND not be the one to get eliminated in the first round on Sunday in their little elimination battles.

Tony: Speaking of Battles, what a Battle Royal this will be!

Booker T comes out next, and Jeff Jarrett follows behind. Behind Jarrett walks Brian Adams and Bryan Clark, of Kronik. Steven Richards, and Kurt Angle are next out. And then here comes Shawn Michaels, and SHANE DOUGLAS with his belt!

All men are in the ring now, and boy, its tight in there!

Bobby: Look Tony, they are packed like Mexicans in that ring!

Tony: BRAIN! I appoligize to you folks, especially all our hispanic viewers, that was WRONG Brain, shame on you.

Bobby: Oh shut up...

The bell sounds, and the men are all staring at each other waiting for a person to make the first move. Shane Douglas makes the first move, attacking Edge. This is the begining of war as every other person in the ring begins to fight with one another! Douglas hammers away on Edge in the corner, and attempts to toss him out already but RVD comes out of nowhere and hhits Douglas in the back. RVD and Edge deal with Douglas as we see then Nick Mondo and Steven Richards battling it out. Mondo gives Richards a hard right hand and Richards falls back, and then comes out of nowhere and clotheslines Mondo down hard! Richards gets a crazed look in his eyes as he picks Mondo up, and sets him on the turnbuckle. Richards climbs up and attempts to suplex him off of it, but Mondo pushes Richards down and he falls into the arms of Kronik! Kronik set him down on his feet and he sees who it was that caught him and gets a shocked look on his face..butWAIT! Richards is battling back and starts punching both members, they shake it off and start laughing, as they grab Richards by the throat, Adams and Clark, and HIGH TIME to Richards! Kronik high five each other but are suddenly jumped from behind by Goldberg and The Rock! The Rock has Adams as Goldberg takes on Clark, and they are totally layingthe smackdown! The Rock DDTs Adams and Goldberg tries for a powerbomb but Clark counters and backdrops Goldberg over the rope, but he lands on the apron, and spears Clark through the ropes. Goldberg gets in and knocks him down with a standing sidekick. Meanwhile, Mondo is on the apron, and does a springboard legdrop onto the fallen Steven Richards! We see Jeff Jarrett come to help his partner Shane Douglas from Edge and RVD...Edge SPEARS JARRETT! Douglas then low blows Van Dam...and grabs Edge by the hair and tosses him over the ropes but Edge too lands on the apron, and he reaches in and pulls Douglas by the head and he falls. Edge climbs to the top and as Douglas gets up Edge leaps off and clotheslines him down! Meanwhile, Booker T and Kurt Angle battle, they hit back and forth back and forth until Booker blocks a punch and knocks Angle down with a back elbow shot. Booker starts to kick Angle towards the apron trying to get him out when all of a sidden Angle blocks a kick, and pulls Booker's foot and he goes through the second and third ropes!


Bobby: Thats 1 down, 12 more to get tossed out!

Kurt stands up and lets out a big WOOO!!! The Rock and Brian Adams duke it out now, and Adams knees Rock in the gut and sends him into the corner..Adams hits a few knees to the gut of The Rock, and we switch to Jeff Jarrett who is battling Edge now, Jarrett has Edge in a sleeper hold and Edge is falling to his knees, losing breath.. Meanwhile Kane and Goldberg are going at it, and Goldberg tosses Kane over!

Tony: Goldberg has just eliminated Kane, wow, thats amazing!

Steven Richards comes and kicks Jeff Jarrett off of Edge, and plants him with a huge DDT! Richards stands up taunting to the crowd and turns around getting a spinning wheel kick from Edge! Edge picks him up and tries for the Edgecution, but Jarrett clotheslines him down, and then goes after Steven Richards. Edge gets up and dropkicks Jarrett down! Richards starts punching Edge from behind and Edge retaliates punching back, Edge attempts to backdrop Richards over the top rope but Richards won't allow it, and knees Edge in the stomach. Richards laughs his ass off then is about to toss Edge out when Jarrett comes from behind and grabs Richards, tossing him out! Jarrett and Edge look at each other, and Jarrett offers Edge his hand to shake, Edge looks around, and shrugs his shoudlers. He shakes Jeff Jarrett's hand!

Tony: OH MY GOD! Edge and Jarrett together?!

BUT, Edge still holding on to the hand of Jarrett, swings him over the top rope and out he goes!

Tony: A SET UP!

Bobby: Thats what it was! Richards and Jarrett ...they are gone!

Meanwhile, Brian Adams and Bryan Clark are battling The Rock and Goldberg again, and double clothesline both down. Kronik stand tall as the crowd boos like hell. Kronik spit out to the crowd and flip them off, and start to stomp The Rock and Goldberg! They pick up The rock, and grab him for High Time. Shawn Michaels rushes over, and taps both men on the shoulder , they let loose of the move and Shawn hits the Sweet Chin Music on Brian Adams., then to Clark!

Bobby: Hey, some de-ja-vu for Adams heh?!

HBK helps The Rock up and Rock thanks him, and GOLDBERG Spears Michaels suddenly!! On the other side of the ring Nick Mondo attacks Edge, Edge and him battle it out and Mondo kicks Edge in the gut and puts him in position for a piledriver, and hits it! Mondo picks Edge up and calls for the Mondo Driver next, but Edge gets out of it, and clotheslines Mondo over the tope rope! Edge yells at him while standing on the ropes, and says that was for K-Kwik! Beside Edge, Shane Douglas and RVD are having their own battle, RVD tries to spin heel kick Douglas but he ducks it, Douglas tries to clothesline RVD but he dodges that, RVD goes for a clothesline and Douglas moves and RVD rams Edge and Edge goes down to the floor!

Tony: Uh oh..

Bobby: Id say!

RVD tries to say he is Sorry but Edge walks off. Meanwhile The Rock, Goldberg and HBK fight. Kronik decide to get in on that action, so they go over and neither pay attention to them but all of a sudden they triple clothesline both members of Kronik over the top rope! Kronik are pissed, and they reach in and grab the nearest foot, which is that of The Rock. Rock goes out! Kronik and Rock battle up the ramp to the back.

Tony: The next person to get eliminated is the person that will bring this group to four , and the number one contenders will be known!

Angle, Douglas, Van Dam, Goldberg and Michaels stare each other down. Douglas and HBK lock up, RVD and Goldberg. and Angle stands there, with no action! He lets out a loud WOOOOO!!!!! They all turn his direction and start chasing him! The crowd laughs as Angle runs arond the ring over and over again until he decides to stop quick and drop toe hold RVD, who is the first person, and all behind him fall over him! Angle laughs and spins around with his arms in the air and says WOOOO!!!!! Douglas gets up and runs at Angle and gets a backdrop! Shawn Michaels runs at Angle and tries to clothesline him and Angle ducks and about decapitates HBK with his own clothesline.. RVD gets up and runs at Angle and Angle drops low and fireman carries him over. Goldberg comes at Angle and whips him into the corner elbow first! Angle crashes against it and RVD runs at Goldberg hitting a spinning Wheel kick and he goes down. Douglas and HBK duke it out and Douglas hits a big Belly to Belly. Goldberg picks RVD up and RVD hits a kneeling chinbreaker, and Goldberg is down. RVD bounces off the ropes, rolls on the mat and leaps up and crashes down with Rolling Thunder! Van Dam gets up and Angle comes from behind and....


RVD counters and lands on his feet and knocks Angle down with a spinning heel kick! Shane Douglas has HBK set up for the Franchiser, but RVD comes and dropkicks Douglas off of HBK! RVD lifts Douglas up and Kurt and RVD moves...

Douglas backdrops Angle over the top rope!


RVD dropicks Shane Douglas and he goes over the top rope onto Angle at ringside!

Bobby: Thats 3!

Goldberg rushes at HBK and Michaels ducks, he hits Goldberg in the face a couple times then tries to whip him across the ring but Goldberg counters and swings him into the corer. RVD attacks Goldberg from behind, and backdrops him. RVD moves HBK, and gets on the second buckle, and hits a Helicopter Leg drop to Goldberg. Michaels gets up and pulls Goldberg to the middle of the ring and climbs to the top buckle,. HBK calls for the eblow drop, and leaps off. Goldberg Moves! HBK lands hard, and Goldberg gets up and lifts HBK up for the Jackhammer, RVD dropkicks Goldberg in his knees, and he falls. HBK falls too, and RVD dropkicks him down! RVD picks Goldberg up and sets him up for a piledriver but HBK hits the SWEET CHIN MUSIC to RVD! HBK picks up Goldberg and piledrives him!

Bobby: I guess HBK wanted to do the Piledriver real bad!

Michaels picks Goldberg up and whips him into the ropes. Goldberg bounces off, and HBK drops down, Goldberg goes over HBK's body and HBK gets up and quickly nails an elbow to Goldberg, and he staggers, HBK spins and hits the Sweet Chin Music! Goldberg goes over the top!

Tony: There goes Goldberg!

RVD comes at HBK and RVD whips HBk into the ropes but HBK holds onto the ropes. He tries for Sweet Chin Music, RVD grabs his foot and steps over it and hits a wheel kick! RVD picks HBK up hitting a few forearm shots and sends him into the corner, RVD runs and jumps, he hits a Monkey Flip and HBK lands in the middle of the ring! RVD picks HBK up and sends him into the ropes, HBK comes back and hits a bodypress to RVD out of nowhere! HBK gets up and so does RVD, he whips RVD into the ropes and RVD holds onto them, HBK runs but RVD backflips him over, RVD thinks he has won! HBK actually, is holding onto the ropes, and miracuously pulls himself up and lands on his feet in the ring, RVD turns around and HBK goes for the sweet chin music, RVD grabs his foot spins him around and tries for his own Standing Sidekick, but HBK counters too! HBK makes RVD twist around and RVD runs at him, and HBK backdrops RVD out of the ring!

Lillian: Here is your winner, and The new heavyweight champion...HBK SHAWN MICHAELS!

She hands Michaels his belt, and he holds it high above his head with a huge smile on his face.

Tony: We just witnessed history here! HBK is the first person in XPW history to hold the World Title twice, good going!

Just then, Shane Douglas runs in the ring with some sort of shiny object, which decks HBK and he goes down! Shane looks down at the title belt, and picks it up. He holds it high above his head as Shocker goes off the air.