Shocker-10/27/02-Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Shocker-10/27/02-Calgary, Alberta
~Hour 2~

XPW comes back on the air for hour 2 and we head to the ring for 4 Way Action!

Lillian: The following match-up is the 4 Way Match! One pinfall ends the match. First, from Minneapolis, MN. Weighing in at 202 pounds, SICK NICK MONDO!

{Last Resort by Papa Roach blasts over the P.A system as the song plays "Sick" Nick Mondo walks out in his green UFO pants staring at the ground, Mondo then looks up and does the Mondo sign with his hand, And with a intense look on his face he looks around at the ground, Then begins to walk towards the ring. Mondo slides in the ring and does his pose and walks around the ring.}

Tony: This is a man who is sick, who will do anything to get the win. He is extreme to say the least.

Brain: There's a big difference between Extreme and Stupid Shavonie.

{"Never Gonna Stop" Hits the PA System and the fans begin to cheer!)

Lillian: His opponent, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada weighing in at 240 pounds, EDGE!

{Smoke fills the stage and Edge emerges from it with a big smile on his face. The crowd is cheering loudly as he makes way down the aisle. Edge runs and slides in the ring posing on his chest for a few seconds, then gets up and goes to the turnbuckle and taunts to the crowd.}

Tony: The fans love Edge!

Lillian: From Memphis TN. weighing in at 244 pounds, JEFF JARRETT

{We hear 'Cho..Cho..Chosen One' and Jeff Jarrett's music starts up as he walks to the ring with a guitar in his hand and a 'Slapnuts' tank top on. As he walks down the ring, he continues to jaw with some of the fans at ringside before sliding into the ring and saying something to the referee. Jarrett walks over to the ropes and raises his guitar in the air with on foot on the bottom rope as a set of pyros go off behind him.}

Lillian: Their opponent, from Pittsburgh PA. KURT ANGLE!

{"Medal" begins to play over the PA System as Kurt Angle makes his way out from the entrance to a booing crowd. He makes his way to the middle of the ramp way, and stops and raises his arms in the air as red white and blue pyro shoot up behind him. The fans begin to chant "You Suck!" along with his music while he makes his way into the ring. Kurt raises his arms and spins around yelling out "Wooo!". His music begins to die down.}

Bobby: And if you want to talk about a ring general, look no further than that man right there.

Tony: Indeed, Kurt Angle, 1996 Olympic Gold winner, and now one of the best in the great sport of pro wrestling. He's got all the tools.

Brain: If I had to bet on anyone, it would definatly be Kurt Angle.

Tony: You can't count any of these men out. All bring a different style to the table. Mondo, we talked about earlier with that hardcore style. Edge is well rounded in both American and Japanese styles of wrestling and Jeff Jarrett is a multiple time champion who brings quite a bit of technical and smash-mouth style to the ring.

Bobby: But out of all four, Kurt Angle is the most well rounded competitor out there.

Tony: I can't argue with that.

{The Bell sounds and all four men begin to pace.}

Tony: None of these men trust one another here. This type of a match virtually eliminates team-ups Brain; because once one person is pinned the match is over.

Brain: But if they were smart, they would work together, beat a man down until they couldn't get up and then fight it out!

{Nick Mondo and Edge lock up, as well as Angle and JJ.}

Tony: These men were partners last week!

(Angle pushes JJ to the corner. The referee gets in, trying to break it up. Meanwhile, Edge takes Mondo into a headlock but Edge pushes him out. Mondo hits the ropes, Edge ducks down, and Mondo jumps into the air and catches Edge with a flying head scissors sending him down so hard he slides onto the outside. Mondo runs and jumps through the ropes!}

Tony: OH! There's a Suicide Dive from Mondo!

Brain: That man is crazed!

{In the ring, Angle steps back and then chops JJ. The referee complains, trying to get Angle to break but he doesn't listen and chops JJ again.}

Tony: JJ with a knee into the gut of Angle! Jarrett throws him to the opposite turn buckle and follows him in with a clothesline! Angle stumbling, Jarrett from behind with a bulldog! Cover! 1, 2- kick out by Angle!

{JJ goes back to work, smashing Angle over the neck again and again.}

Tony: Outside, Mondo and Edge continue to duke it out! Fists are flying! Mondo with a hard kick sends Edge over the guardrail!

{Edge quickly makes it to his feet but Mondo runs to the guard rail and jumps, using it as a springboard and dropkicking Edge! Mondo drags Edge up through the crowd, delivering punishment as they go. They walk up several flights of stairs and outside into the concession area.}

Bobby: What in the hell are these two doing? You can't win the match if you're outside of the ring!

{In the ring, JJ continues to work on the neck of Angle. He puts him into a cammel clutch. Slowly, Angle gets to the ropes and Jarrett is forced to break the hold. JJ lets it go but stomps the back of Angle's neck. He makes it to his feet and attempts a clothesline, but Jarrett ducks and flies over Angle but lands on the apron. Angle turns around and punches and JJ but he blocks and retaliates with a right first. Angle tries another punch but JJ ducks and rams his shoulder into Angle's abdomen. Jarrett then jumps over the rope and takes Angle into a sunset flip.

Tony: 1, 2- no!

{This time Angle rolls backwards out of the pin, making his way to his feet before Jarrett. When JJ gets up, he charges and Angle takes him down, circles him and goes for the Ankle lock, but JJ puts the boots to Angle, forcing him to let go.}

{"Sick" Nick Mondo and Edge continue to battle through the concession area, both throwing punches. Soon they fight all the way outside of the arena! Nick Mondo runs and springs off a bench but Edge jumps and drop kicks him in the stomach, sending him down hard to the unforgiving pavement. Edge picks him up and tucks his head under his arm! He takes Mondo up--}


Bobby: Oh man, Sick Nick may be finished!

{JJ and Angle go back to brawling, finally the Chosen one backs off and charges with a boot to Angle's gut. He hooks him for what looks like a pedigree but Kurt back drops him drops an elbow. Angle picks him up, preparing and goes behind, trying to grab JJ in a German Suplex but Jarrett elbows him repeatedly, trying to break the hold and he does, Angle is now stunned from the elbows and tries to shake it off.}

Tony: Jarrett from behind!


{With Angle stunned JJ hits the stroke and quickly covers Angle!}

Tony: That's gotta be! 1, 2-

{Suddenly, Edge jumps from the top rope and drop kicks Double J right in the head breaking up the pin fall!}

Tony: I thought Jarrett had Angle!

{Jeff Jarrett makes it to his feet and Edge charges, hitting the SPEAR!}

Bobby: COVER!

Tony: 1, 2, Thr..

Bobby: NO NO! That was two! Tony: The official says it was two, the match continues.

{{Edge picks JJ up, and grabs him, hitting the Edge-o-cution and quickly covering!}

Tony: 1, 2-

{Angle grabs Edge's foot and pulls off JJ at the last second and puts Edge into an Ankle Lock!}

Bobby: Angle lock!

Tony: And look at Jarrett, he's out cold!

{Edge tries desperately to make it to the ropes and almost makes it on several occasions only to be pulled back! Minutes pass and the pain on Edge's face grows greater. He picks his right hand up off the mat and opens it, preparing to tap. He debates, holding it in the air for a few seconds. BUT a bloody Mondo slides into the ring with a chair and SMASHES Angle over the head with it! Angle releases the Ankle Lock and falls down.}

Tony: "Sick" Nick Mondo is back in this thing!

Bobby: I didn't think we'd see him for another month!

Tony: The blood is flowing from his face, but he's still fighting! Wait, Jarrett is up!

{JJ runs at Nick Mondo but gets waffled by the chair. Edge hobbles to his feet and Mondo delivers an over-head chairshot. Angle makes to his feet and also charges but tastes the steal as well! Mondo holds up the bent chair, presenting it to the crowd as they cheer in delight. Edge starts to get up, and runs at Mondo, but Nick jams the chair into his stomach drops it and picks Edge up into a power bomb!}


Bobby: 1, 2, 3!

Lillian: Your winner, "SICK" Nick Mondo!

We head backstage to see Steven Richards walking out of his locker room, the camera doesn't show anyone else, but he is clearly talking to someone telling them that its time to 'take care of him'!

Shavonie: What could he mean by that?!

Commercial Break
XPW Hit of the Week, Jeff Jarrett slaming a guitar over Steven Richards head last week!

We come back from a commercial break as we see Steven Richards standing with a wicked smile on his face looking down. The Camera pans down to show Jeff Jarrett in pain on the floor.

Shavonie: Is that what he was talking about? Richards attacked Jeff Jarrett!

Heenan: Its all about revenge Shavonie, Revenge is soo sweet.

We see the back of someone else, who apparently is very huge! Who could that be??? Richards tells the man that they have taken care of business for now, the impact has been made, he says lets go but just then Brian Adams and Bryan Clark walk up. Adams asks Richards if he calls that making an impact? Richards says of course, but Clark doesn't agree, he says why dont you and your new found friend try to make an impact next week, against US! Richards consults his friend, who we only see the back of, and Richards agrees. Richards and the man walk off as Kronik walk over to Jarrett to see what the others did to him.

~In The Ring~

"Back in Black" by AC/DC hits the PA System and XPW Owner Eric Bischoff emerges from the curtain onto the stage, blowing kisses to the crowd with a big fat smile on his face. Bischoff makes his way down to the ring and enters, grabbing a microphone from Lillian Garcia. He begins to speak.

Eric Bischoff: "What a night its been! So far we know that Hurri-Kane will face either The Rock and Goldberg or RVD and Shane Douglas in the semi finals for the Tag Team Titles at Regression, we know that Nick Mondo is the favorite in the TV Title Tournament, and that Kronik, well they want to make a name for themselves..then Kronik you get your match next week against Steven Richards, and that mysterious guy, who I'll leave Richards to reveal. Let's talk about the Pay Per View Shall we? In the TV Title Tournament Final match, it will be two men one on one, but it isnt going to be in some regular match up, afterall this is the X..P..W, and that X stands for Xtreme! That's why, the Television Championship match will be an, Electronics Match! That Means, if you arent aware of it, that you will be able to use TVs, Radios, Tapes, CD's, Video Cameras, and much much more! Anything and everything that is electronic is LEGAL in this match, and falls will count ANYWHERE! Steven Richards, you seem to not be getting along with Jeff Jarrett lately, and he has come to my office demanding you, well, since he has a TV Title Tournament match next week here is the deal, if he ends up not winning, then its you Steven Richards one on one with Jarrett at Regression! Now, as for our World Title Main event, many are wondering what will happen there? Well, Shane Douglas and..

All of a sudden VOODOO CHILD Begins to play over the PA System! ITS HULK HOGAN! Te crowd erupts in cheers as Hogan makes his way out while Eric stands in the ring with a shocked look on his face.

Eric looks on as Hogan struts down to the ring while the fans scream their lungs out. Hogan walks up the steps slowly, and gets into the ring. He does his hand spin, and then TEARS his Hulkamania shirt from his body! Hogan asks for a mic from Lillian, and she hands him one, and Hogan tries to speak but the crowd is just too much chanting...


Eric: "What in the HELL are you doing here!?"

Hogan: "Well BROTHER, what Im doing here is simple, but we won't get to that until a little bit, hold on a second okay Bisch! Lets talk about what happened and why I was out so long shall we! It was you Bischoff that wanted Shane Douglas to take me out, and infact he did do that! I will admit I am a little past my prime brother but what you did really TICKED ME OFF! I may not be able to fight as well physically as I used to but I sure as heck can fight other ways and Im sure as sure can be that you aint gonna like the punch I throw at you BROTHER! "

Shavonie: "What is he talking about?"

"Ya see Bischoff, a while back when Shane O'Mac ran this federation is was great and it succeeded.."

"Shane MCMAHON left the XPW and abaondoned it!"

"He had his reasons, and those reasons were you! He told me that I was without a doubt the best World Champion he had ever seen and he told me that if something ever happened to where he had to be gone and you were in control, that I not let you kill XPW. Well brother, he entered something into my contract that says if I ever decide to stop wrestling For XPW I still have a home here and that Home here is by being...XPW COMMISSIONER..BROTHERRRR!!!

Heenan: "WHAT?!"

Shavonie: "I can't believe that!"


"Brother, It sure is true, as true as true can be and as my first official act as Commissioner of XPW I am getting a little revenge over Shane Douglas! FRANCHISE! If you think you really deserve that title, prove it!Franchise you will defend your Heavyweight Title next week in a BATTLE ROYAL, right here on Shocker! Almost every star in XPW is going to be in that thing, and you know what Brother? Im betting that you cant win this, we will see how much of a Franchise you are now."

"Woah woah, then what about the main event for the Pay Per View HULK? See, you are already so senial that you can't even see your own mistakes, you are the one that will bring down XPW! See, I say this for our Main Event at Regression.."

"No BROTHER, I say this, the Final Four men in the battle royal are immediately Number one contenders for the Heavyweight Title, and the one that wins it, is the Champ! So him, along with those other three, will compete head to head to head to head in the main event for the world title!"

"Oh wait one second there Hulkster, you are trying to outdo Eric Bischoff? If you will recall it was me who led WCW to 60+ weeks above the WWF, it was me who brought back the XPW and it was me who made YOU, nobody else! What makes you think I'm going to let you outdo me? I got a better idea. Instead of having those four face off in the main event against each other, lets see how much they can handle. I say, lets make them really fight for the World Title!, Hell, lets make them REALLY fight for the United States Championship too! So Rob Van Dam, you will be in that Battle Royal next week and you had better hope you come out as one of the top four otherwise you are TITLELESS! So, the World Championship, will be defended at the Pay Per View, and as will the US Championship. Here is my idea, we do this ELIMINATiON StYLE! The four men that are the Contenders for the World Title fight against each other in a one fall wins it, match at the Pay Per View. The person who taps out or is pinned, is ELIMINATED from the four, which is down to three now! The person that gained the win gets to choose a special stipulation for the next match, in which the remaining three will battle for the United States Championship! The person who is the immediate loser in that match, is out, and the person who gained the win is the US Champ! The US Champ, along with the other remaining person will battle in the main event for the World Heavyweight Championship, in a stipulation that will be announced next week! Now Hulkster, what do you have to say about that!?"

"That Bischoff, is very interesting, but just because you got one up on me this time doesnt mean it will always be like that! I want to ask you something, something you need to think long and hard about, Bischoff, Whatcha gonna do? WHATCHA GONNA DO BISCHOFF, WHEN HULKAMANIA..RUNS WILD...ALLLLLL OVER YOU AND THE XPW?!! WHATCHA GONNA DOOO!!!???"

With that said, Voodoo Child hits the PA System as Hulk Hogan flexes his muscles at Bischoff and taunts for the crowd, Bischoff begins to shake his head in disbelief as we head to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

We come back from a commercial break and we see The Rock and Goldberg talking about their match tonight, The Rock says that the Dream Team of The Rock and Goldberg are going to woop some candy ass tonight! Goldberg says that they are the best, and RVD and Douglas, ARE NEXT!

The scene then cuts to Steven Richards lauging his butt off, in a crazy way, as we listen in.

Richards-"You know that was a very smart plan by me to attack Jarrett like that for costing me my pride. I showed him..and you look at you you are a machine....BATISTA!!!"

Batista-"You are right Richards like always. I am a machine. I am a killer. And tonight I just made my first move on the game board. And there is more to come. I will show why I am a threat to be reconed with!!!!"

Richards- "YESS I know Batista let's go now before Jarrett decides to want more of you. HAHAHA!! But if he finds us it will be for his OWN GOOD!!! I HOPE HE LOSES NEXT WEEK, BECAUSE THE BEATING THAT I AM GOING TO GIVE HIM AT REGRESSION WILL ALSO BE...FOR HIS OWN GOOOOD!!!

They shut the door on the camera man, and we change to Hulk Hogan walking down the hallway and the fans go nuts! Veronica Caine walks up to him and says that he just messed up a great night for Eric Bischoff, and that he had better watch himself otherwise he will get squashed! Hogan whispers something into her ear that the cameras could not pick up and it offends her as she goes to slap Hogan but he stops her grabbing her arm, he starts laughing and walks past her as Veronica storms off the other direction.

Nick Mondo and Edge are face to face, Mondo tells Edge that just like he took K-Kwik out of action, he will do the same against Edge! Edge says that he should just try it and Hogan walks up asking what the problem is. Edge says that Nick has problems that he needs to solve! Mondo says that they are both in the TV Title Tournament, and there are four remaining men, he wants to face Edge next week and Mondo suggests that Hogan make that happen! Hulk says that not because Mondo told him to do it, But Hogan thinks it will be an interesting match up, so its signed. Edge you will face "Sick" Nick next week, and that leaves Angle and Jarrett to face each other. Edge says that that totally reeks of awesomeness, and Mondo says you have no idea!

Commercial Break

Shavonie: "We are back! And its time for our Main Event! Lets Go to the ring for more action!"

Lillian: "The following Tag Team Tournament Semi Final match is scheduled for one fall!"

"One of a kind" Hits the PA System and Rob Van Dam makes his way out with his United States Championship over his shoulder. RVD comes down to the ring and enters and spins around with his hands high. HE waits for Lillian to say his name...

"In the ring from Battle Creek Michigan weighing in at 220 pounds, (RVD does the thumbs) Rob...Van...DAM!"

Shane Douglas' music hits the PA System as he makes his way out to a chorus of boos with his World Title around his waist. a Video clip of him hitting RVD in the head with the chain last week and then the Franchiser is shown, followed by the one two three to win the World Title! Shane gets in the ring and takes off his belt looking over at RVD.

"And their opponents..."

We then hear IF YA SMELLLLLL, WHAT THE ROCK..IS COOKIN! Then the Drums begin to play and it changes to Goldberg's music, Goldberg and The Rock walk out together and begin their way down to the ring!

"From Miami Florida, The Rock! And HIs tag Team Partner from Oklahoma City, GOOOLLLLDBERRRRRG!"

They slide in the ring and go at RVD and Shane Douglas. The bell rings! Goldberg starts punching Shane in the gut over and over and The Rock lays the smackdown on Rob Van Dam. Rock and Goldberg whip each person against the ropes and at the same time go for a back drop, Goldberg hits it on Shane Douglas but RVD blocks it on Rock and nails him down with a spinning heel kick. He runs at Goldberg and knocks him down with a wheel kick, RVD picks Goldberg up hitting a few forearm shots and then whips him against the ropes but Goldberg holds onto them and RVD runs but gets backdroped out of the ring! RVD hits hard and Shane Douglas laughs on the apron. Goldberg knocks him off of the apron with a sidekick and Shane is irate! He slides in the ring and Goldberg kicks him while on the mat. Goldberg picks him up and slams his head off of the turnbuckle once..twice..three , four, five...Shane gives Goldberg and elbow in the gut and then slams his head off of the buckle. RVD gets into the ring now, and runs at Goldberg but Goldberg puts Shane in the way and RVD dropkicks Douglas over the top rope! RVD is in disbelief and Goldberg rolls RVD up for the 1...2...kick out! Goldberg tags in The Rock and the people's champ gets in the ring and stalks RVD as he staggers up. RVD turns around and The Rock kicks him the gut and nails a DDT! The Rock goes for the win 1..2..and Shane Douglas comes for the save, Rock moves out of the way breaking the count and Shane lands on RVD!!! Van Dam gets up pushing Shane asking him what the hell that was!?! Shane tries to tell him to move out of the way but RVD doesnt listen and The Rock turns him around and nails a big spinebuster! Douglas goes after The Rock and knocks him down with a big clothesline. Goldberg gets in the ring and chases Douglas out of the ring. Douglas looks up at Goldberg in the ring and when Goldberg starts back at his corner Douglas runs in and attacks Goldberg knocking him down! Douglas chokes Goldberg on the bottom rope and The ref tells them to knock it off!

Meanwhile RVD and Rock battle it out, Rock tries for a suplex and RVD lands on his feet and hits a few forearm shots in and sends Rocky into the corner. RVD hits a few shoulder butts to Rock's gut and then backflips and hits another hard shot! Rock stumbles out of the corner and RVD slams him down on the mat. RVD climbs the turnbuckle and comes off with a split legged moonsault for the pin but the ref is too busy with Shane Douglas and Goldberg. RVD walks over and moves the ref out of the way, Douglas and RVD work together to suplex Goldberg down. RVD hits a spinnning Leg drop and Douglas nails an elbow drop. Douglas and RVD pick Goldberg up and toss him out of the ring. The Rock gets up and double clotheslines them down together! The Rock stalks both of them waiting for them to get up and Shane Douglas does and he is taken down with a samoan drop! RVD up, Rock up, Rock goes for a clothesline but RVD ducks it, RVD tries for a kick but Rock grabs his leg and RVD counters with a roll through wheel kick! RVD pins Rock 1..2....kick out! RVD tags in Shane Douglas and Shane pushes RVD aside as he goes to work on The Rock kicking him back down. Shane covers The Rock 1..2...RVD kicks him off!! Douglas asks him what the hell that was about but then Rock grabs him and rolls him in a school boy pin 1...2....RVD mas the save. Goldberg gets in the ring and spears RVD Down! Shane Douglas attacks Goldberg but Goldberg shakes it off, and Douglas feels its better to go after The Rock, so he turns around but ...THERE HE IS! ROCK BOTTOM! RVD is slowly getting up and sees The Rock going for the pin, Goldberg sees that RVD is going up top, but The Rock doesnt... and we have a 1.....2......FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!!! Goldberg pulls The Rock off of Douglas! BAM! RVD lands on Douglas!!! SPEAR TO ROB VAN DAM! Douglas is out! The Rock pins Douglas 1....2....3!!!

Shavonie: "WOW! There you have your winners The Rock and Goldberg!!!"

Just then the arena goes black and...and....and...and....BOOoOM!


The lights come back on and The Hurricane and Kane are in the ring behind The Rock and Goldberg! Hurricane grabs Rock by the throat, Kane does the same to Goldberg, Hurricane is having trouble lifting the Rock so Kane grabs him with his other hand, and BOOM! DOUBLE CHOKESLAM! The fans are going crazy as The Hurricane's music starts back up and they help up RVD and pose in the ring together as the show goes off the air!

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