Shocker-10/27/02-Calgary, Alberta, Canada

Shocker-10/27/02-Calgary, Alberta
~Hour 1~

XPW Shocker hits the airwaves live on TNT as the fans in the arena are cheering as "Tear Away" is playing by Drowning Pool. The camera focuses no the X-Tron as Pyros shoot down from the ceiling, both going diagonal to form an "X" and there is a huge explosion! The camera gets shots of the crowd with signs such as "R..V..D", "Rock+Goldberg=DreamTeam!", "What About Me?" and "Hi Mom!". We head to ringside to join Tony Shavonie and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan!

Tony Shavonie: Fans welcome to XPW Shocker back here live on TNT! I am Tony Shavonie as you already know, and here beside me is Bobby "The Brain" Heenan.

Bobby Heenan: Tony I am the Brain and I am that Damn good!

Tony Shavonie: I'm telling you Brain if you keep ripping off and mentioning those guys up north you are gonna be in trouble!

Bobby Heenan: Up North? Oh you mean the WWE?

Tony Shavonie: Oh My...anyways fans tonight we have a big show for you and lets get it kicked off right now!

Garcia: This match is schedualed for one fall.....Introducing first from Short Hills, New Jersey, weighing in at 240 pounds......RAVEN!!!!!!!

"Out of the Blue End of Everything" starts blasting throughout the arena as Raven makes his way from behind the curtain. A mixed cheer is heard as Raven appears at the top of the rampway, Raven raises his arms high in the air as several "Raven" signs are seen in the crowd. Raven walks down the ramp toward the ring looking very determined. Raven climbs up to the ring apron and makes his way up the turnbuckle where he extends his arms in a crucifix.

Raven makes his way back to the apron and as his music dies down he enters the ring and awaits his opponent.

Garcia: ......And his opponent from Atlanta, Georgia, weighing in at 285 pounds accompanied to the ring by his tag team partner Brian Clark.......BRIAN ADAMS!!!!!

The arena goes dark, then we hear "KRONIK..kronik.." echoing through the PA System. Green lights begin to shine as the crowd gives a mixed reaction when Brian Adams and Bryan Clark walk out from the curtain.

 They walk down the ramp raising their arms up high. Adams enters the ring as Clark stands in his corner with his arms crossed. He stands insides the ring staring down Raven and he goes to the turnbuckle taunting as his music dies down.

Shavonie: Well folks this will be a great match both Raven and Adams are exceptional talents. This will be a exciting contest how about it Bobby?

Heenan: Well you know what Tony that Raven is a freak and these humanoids seem to like him which is no surprise. I see Adams beating the freak right out of that ham and egger.

Adams charges Raven and starts pounding away at Raven and the crowd is booing Adams as he shoves Raven into the corner and starts hammering away at him.

Shavonie: Oh my look at Adams hammering away at Raven in the corner and Raven is struggling to put up an defense against the massive Brian Adams.

Heenan: Ha, Ha, Ha! Look at that punk Raven get the beating of his life.

Adams is continuing the pounding in the corner but Raven hits a low blow out of the view of the referee and as Adams staggers backwards Raven hits Adams with a clothesline. Raven starts to kick at the head of Brian Adams and Clark is yelling at the referee who can do nothing but watch the match.

Heenan: Well it would not have happened if that cheater Raven had not given Adams a low blow with the referee's back turned.

Clark leaps up onto the ring apron and distracts the referee, Raven sees the distraction and walks over to Clark who is taunting him. Adams slips out of the ring and picks up wrestles a chair away from the timekeeper. Adams slides the chair into the ring , as he reenters the ring the referee tells Raven to step away and when Raven turns around he is struck with a chair by Brian Adams. Adams slides the chair outside the ring and covers Raven for the three count. Clark gets off of the ring apron and the referee turns to see the pin and he begins to count.....1.....2.....Raven kicks out .

Shavonie: Adams almost defeated Raven with that awful chair shot to Raven's skull. Now that was uncalled for in my opinion.

Heenan: Well Shavonie Raven started it with that low blow Adams was just settling things.

Adams gets up and pulls Raven to his feet by his hair. Adams hooks up Raven in the Full Nelson Slam and Raven goes down very hard. Adams covers Raven and the official counts..1.....2.....3! The bell rings and Adams' arm is raised for the victory.

Garcia: The Winner of the Match via pinfall......BRIAN ADAMS!!!!!

Heenan: Look at Brian Adams the winner of the match. You see Adams and Clark will do very well in the XPW but I see a great singles career for Brian Adams. He just left that bum Raven laying in the middle of the ring.

Shavonie: Well Clark did help Adams win by distracting the referee so Adams can hit Raven with a chair. But either way Brian Adams is our winner, and this is XPW, so he had the right to hit him with the chr I suppose!

Adams and Clark celebrate in the ring as Raven struggles to his feet. Clark and Adams smile at each other as they see him get up and they both grab his neck tightly and they give Raven "High Time". The booes are endless as Clark raises Adams hand and Kronik's music starts back up. XPW Officials rush to the ring as Kronik make their way up the ramp looking at Raven and laughing at his prone unconsious body being attended to by EMT's and XPW Officials.

Shavonie: OH MY GOD! WHAT IS WRONG WITH KRONIK!!!! Raven did not deserve that.

Heenan: HA HA HA HA!! Well Raven got into the ring with the wrong man tonight and he is paying for it. I doubt we will see him around anymore because Adams and Clark probably knocked enough sense into him to keep him from returning.

Shavonie: Well dispite that awful turn of events Shocker will return shortly with the next match.

Commercial Break
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~Earlier Today~

The scene opens in the gym with RVD and Edge working out. As they work out, Edge grabs a TV remote and turns on the TV above their heads. We see a video of the Goldberg/Rock vs Jarrett/Angle match on screen. The two study the match as they continue to work out

Edge-Like I said, Goldberg and Rock aren't slouches. Two of the best wrestlers ever.

RVD-Not as good as me or you though.

Edge-Dude, I know you don't take any one truly seriously, but you need to with Rock and Goldberg. And also there's the wildcard in the Franchise

RVD-Hey, no problem! I beat Goldberg one on one a couple of weeks ago. I just gotta make sure Douglas doesn't try anything stupid, that's all.

Edge-Don't worry, if he does you know I've got your back. Anyway, you're probably right. You can win this. I just gotta worry about my fourway match. I mean, Jarrett's beginning to get to me with his mind games. This whole Triple Threat thing is really getting to me at times.

RVD-Man, I know you'll never let me down, as a freind of as a New Blooder. Besides, Jarrett says he's gonna leave you with Mondo.

Edge-Good. I hope he does. Because that loud mouthed son of a b###h has got a serious ass kicking coming his way. After what he did to K-K, he's got one hell of an ass kicking coming his way. I'm gonna bust his head wide open, and I'm gonna do it for K. I'm gonna bust up his ribs, for K. I'm gonna grab that barbed wire ba...

RVD-Woah, chill for a minute would ya! Calm down!

Edge-You're right this isn't good preperation. I gotta remember my training. The nest way to prepare is to...

RVD-Get laid by your hot girlfreind?

Edge-Is Torrie all you think about?

RVD-Nah, sometimes I think about Stacy...Just kiddin' man, cool it!

Edge-Yeah, I know you're just kidding. Anyway, who do you think I should go for? Go for Jarrett, Angle or Mondo.

RVD-You're probably gonna have to fight all of them anyway.

Edge-Good point. Yeah, I'll go in and let Jarrett know that I don't want to be part of his merry little group by Spearing the shit out of him, then I'll go for Angle. I know his strengths and weaknesses more than I do Jarrett and Mondo. And then, I'll get some revenge on 'Mr Sicko', New Blood style! All this, in preperation for the Semi Finals? Man, that Bischoff is power crazy. Not to worry though, it does give me a chance to soften up whoever I face in the Semis. And, in the end I will be the Television Champion. I know it. I can feel it. Two wins away Rob, two wins! And then, we'll hold the TV and US Titles, plus you'll be going for the Heavyweight Title and as for me, well I'll find a partner and go for the Tag Belts...Rob?

RVD-What do you mean, you'll go for the Tag Titles. I'm gonna be the Tag Champion. And let me tell you, I ain't gonna lay down for anyone, even my best freind.

Edge-Man, I was just saying. Where are you going?

RVD begins to walk out of the gym before breifly turning back

RVD-I'm gonna prepare for my Tag Team Title Tournament Match...if that's OK with you. I mean, if you want I can just lay down for Goldberg and Rock, or maybe I could ask to swap places with you. Hell, that'd be much easier.

Edge-Rob! ROB! Damn it!

Edge follows RVD out of the gym as the scene fades out.

~Outside: RVD/Shane Douglas~

We go outside of the arena where Rob Van Dam and Edge arrive in their vehicle and get out. RVD has the US Title over his right shoulder with duffle bag in his left hand, and Edge is there too, with his black jacket on and his duffle bag over his shoulder holding onto it with his right hand. They begin to walk towards the arena as the fans cheer. They are talking and Edge tries to ask RVD if something is wrong and RVD says he was wondering the same thing, and just then "The Franchise" Shane Douglas walks up with his World Title over his shoulder. Edge says he will catch RVD later and walks off as Shane and RVD Talk. Shane tells Van Dam not to mess up tonight, that they may not like each other but they gotta team up tonight. Van Dam says he shouldnt worry about losing after all he is the Whole Dam Show but Shane says that he lost last week so he doesnt want that to happen this week. A Franchise doesn't lose a Franchise is successful and rules supreme over everything it deals with and Shane says he doesnt want RVD to screw this up or he will get his ass FRANCHISED! Van Dam says dude, its all good ok? He says after all he is Rob..Van..Dam..But just then Shane hits RVD over the head with the World Title, and RVD falls to the concrete. Douglas calls RVD A stupid F####R and walks off.

The cameraman rushes over a few feet away where he focuses in on two vehicles arriving..the ..HURRI-CYCLE and the...what? Hurricane leaps out of his cycle and says BEHOLD, THE HURRI CYCLE! Kane gets out of his vehicle saying..BEHOLD, THE KANE MOBILE! The crowd erupts with laughter as the Hurricanes WOOOOSHes over beside Kane, and says Holy Van Daminator! ITS ROB VAN DAM! He looks to be in danger, this is a job for THE HURRICANE!!! Hurricane WOOOOSHes over to the fallen Van Dam, and helps him up. Kane picks him up and puts him over his shoulder as they walk into the arena at a quick pase.

~Backstage: Kronik/Richards~

Kronik and Steven Richards are talking. Brian Adams says that the impact that was made on Raven is just the begining! He says that Kronik will get noticed and they will make a name for themselves until everyone can't get enough of KRONIK! He says soon everyone will be addicted to them, and Richards says that if they think that was impact, they are stupid. Because he says he is going to make an even bigger impact tonight on someone else, he tells them to get out of his way and he walks down the hallway as Kronik look on.

~Backstage: RVD/Hurri-Kane~

We are in the locker room of Hurricane and Kane while they help RVD. Hurricane gives him an ice pack to put on his head and Gene Okerlund walks in, asking for an interview. RVD says hold up man, he is in a little pain. He says to wait a few minutes and you can have that interview dude. Gene agrees, and asks if there is anything he can do to help as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

~Backstage: Prez's Office~

Eric Bischoff is on his cell phone with somebody when there is a knock at the door. He hangs up his phone and tells whoever it is to come in. In walks a lovely, sexy woman with blonde hair and glasses. Bischoff's jaw drops as he offers her a seat. She sits down and he sits in his chair on the other side of the desk and asks what he can do for her! She tells him that her name is Veronica Caine, and she has come to help Bischoff's XPW very, very successful. Bischoff says the XPW is already going well, but Veronica points out the loss of Chris Jericho last week, as well as people getting injured left and right. She says that there is need for new top talent, and with her help she can form what talent there is now, into top main eventers if given the right amount of 'support'. Bischoff says what that might be, and Veronica says before they continue, she would like some water please. Bischoff gets up quick and says he will get her some water, as he walks out down the hall.

~Backstage: Gene Okerlund Interviews RVD~

Gene Okerlund- Ladies and Gentalmen I am standing by here with XPW United States Champion Rob Van Dam, Rob, first off are you alright after that shot from Shane Douglas?

RVD- Dude, Gene, its cool! I mean, that did hurt a little, but c'mon if Shane wants to act that way then so be it, its all good though after all I am Rob..Van..Dam! Yeah! Now are you sure these people really want to listen to me talk I mean I'm sure they'd more like to see that hot chick again! Who was that?

Gene- I really am not sure but, RVD, these people love you Im sure they would want to listen to what you have to say about your matches. Now can I get your thoughts on teaming with Shane Douglas, your enemy?

RVD- Man, those to clowns are going down, I dont care if Shane Douglas is my partner or not. He wants to turn on me and help them out its fine. Ill take all three of them on by myself. RVD verse the dorks of XPW!

Gene- Well Rob, rumors are that Shane Douglas may leave you hanging dry in that match, or turn on you...Do you even care about him being in the match?

RVD- Shane can kiss my ass for all I care. Im the Whole Dam Show and Goldberg and Rock dont know what they are getting in to. I am Mr.Monday night, and my name is the greatest in sports entertainment, Rob..Van..Dam! YEAH!

RVD walks off from where he is standing with Gene Okerlund. He notices Torrie walking by and decides he has better things to do.

Gene- Well there you have it straight from the mouth of Rob Van..


The Hurricane "flies' next to Gene Okerlund, interupting him.

Hurricane- Holy Meano Geno Okerlund..o, WHASSUP WIT DAT?!

Gene- Im sorry?

Hurricane- Dont be Gene, dont be sorry!

All of a sudden we see Kane come crashing in between the two of them, ramming into the wall! He gets up, and there is a dent in the wall. Hurricane asks him, What is up with that?? Kane says he was trying to do that flying thing, he doesnt get how Hurricane does it. Hurricane sies, and they walk off together talking. Gene laughs to himself while we head into the ring for the XTREME CHIX!


We head to the ring where the Xtreme Chix of XPW are dancing away. The crowd screams and cheers and hollers as they move and groove to the hot music. We head to a commercial break!

Commercial Break

~Hurri-Kane -vs- Booker T/HBK~

As we come back from a commercial, we are ready for some Tag Team Action!

Lillian: The following Tag Team contest is scheduled for one fall and is a semi-final match in the Tag Team Title tournament. First, at a combined weight of 471 pounds, Hurri-Kane!

The Arena turns black and soon..."BOOM" fire bursts from the stage as then "Stand Back Theres A Hurricane Commin Though!" plays as the Hurri-Kane make their way out onto the stage. They walk down the aisle and Hurricane slides in the ring. Kane hops onto the apron and gets in over the top rope. Hurricane then jumps on the turnbuckle and does a Hurri-Pose, He jumps down and walks infront of Kane in the middle of the ring. Kane raises his arms, and slams them down as fire bursts from all four turnbuckles, as Hurricane does another Hurri-Pose infront of Kane. The lights come back to normal..

Lillian: And their opponents, first weighing in at 275 pounds, from Houston, Texas, Booker T!

The arena goes quiet, then all of a sudden on the PA System and on the X-Tron we hear and see the words: "Can You Dig It...Sucka?" And the fans Cheer!

Booker T emerges onto the stage. He takes a few steps and stops. Booker raises his arms in the air as pyro shoots up behind him. He gives a wide-eyed stare around the arena, and begins walking down the aisle to the ring. Booker gets in the ring and goes to the turnbuckle and climbs up it. He begins raising the roof as the fans cheer and his music dies down.

Lillian: And his tag team partner from San Antonio, Texas, weighing in at 225 pounds, Shawn Michaels!

"Sexy Boy" Hits the PA System as we hear the lyrics going thru the Speakers and the crowd cheering! The music continues to play.."I think I'm Cute...I Know I'm Sexy" Shawn Michaels makes his way down to the ring. He goes up the steps, and enters the ring. Shawn spins around three times, and does the lean flexing his muscles as the pyro shoots up behind him. The bell sounds to begin the match.

Shavonie: This right here is a semi final match in the Tag Team Tournament, one of these teams will face either Shane Douglas and RVD or The Rock and Goldberg in two weeks at Regression to crown the Tag Team Champions!

Heenan: In my humble opinion I say that Booker T and Shawn Michaels have this one, I say they win the Tournament because they are just so damn good together. Former World Champs, who can beat these guys? NOBODY! That is the truth Schavonie, and you know I'm always right!

The Hurricane starts things off in the ring with HBK to begin. They lock up in the centre of the ring with HBK showing a power advantage over the lighter Hurricane. HBK attempts to whip Hurricane off the ropes but it is reversed as HBK is sent off and Hurricane takes him down with an elbow. Hurricane runs off the ropes and hits a Flying Wizard kick to the face and goes for a quick cover..1..2..and HBK kicks out easily. Hurricane goes over to HBK and picks him up but Michaels kicks him in the gut and goes for a form of a suplex but Hurricane counters into a backslide..1..2..and HBK kicks out again.

Shavonie: Another close count, The Hurricane is taking it the the Heartbreak Kid.

Hurricane tags in Kane who comes into the ring delivers a Big Boot to the face of HBK and then knocks Booker T off the ring apron. Kane goes back to HBK but Michaels comes back with a Spinning Heel Kick and now Michaels goes up to the top rope. Michaels leaps off going for a Cross Body but Kane catches him in mid-air and delivers a Sidewalk Slam.

Heenan: Wow! That sure backfired, that was uncalled for!

Shavonie: Yeah, if you say so..

Kane goes for the cover..1..2..but it is broken up by Booker T. HBK tags in Booker T who comes in to a huge crowd ovation. Booker T delivers a couple of chops to the chest of Kane but it doesn't have much of an impact. Booker T comes off the ropes, Kane goes for a huge Clothesline but Booker T ducks, coming odd the other ropes and he hits a Spinning Heel Kick on Kane taking the big man down. Booker T goes up top and he hits a Missile Dropkick and goes for a cover..1..2..and Kane powers out. Booker waits for Kane to get up and he goes for the Bookend but Kane elbows out of it, sending Booker T off the ropes and he hits a Tilt-a-Whirl Slam on Booker T. Kane tags in The Hurricane who puts on the green cape and then he goes to the top rope.

Heenan: Oh god no.

Hurricane leaps off and hits a Cross Body on Booker T and covers him..1..2..and HBK is in to break it up.

Heenan: Thank god, That cape stuff is so stupid, I hope Booker and HBK teach that little kid a lesson!

Hurricane takes Booker T down with a Neckbreaker and now he kicks him in the gut and is going for a Powerbomb.

Shavonie: Doesnt look like thats going to happen Brain!

Booker T blocks it and hits Huricane with a Harlem Sidekick and then he reaches over and tags in HBK. HBK comes in and takes Hurricane down with a couple of clotheslines and then he locks in a Sleeper to Hurricane. Hurricane elbows out of it but HBK takes him down again with a Bodyslam. HBK goes up to the top rope and hits a Flying Elbow Drop and goes for a cover..1..2..and Kane breaks it up. Booker T comes in and Clotheslines Kane over the top rope. Meanwhile, inside the ring, HBK is waiting in the middle of the ring calling for the Sweet Chin Music. When Hurricane gets up, HBK goes for the kick but Hurricane catches his foot and counters into the Eye of the Hurricane. Both men are down inside the ring as the referee begins the 10-count. When he gets to 7, both men get to their feet and tag in their partners. Kane comes in along with Booker T. Kane picks Booker T up by the throat and tosses him to the mat and then he picks him up in the air but Booker escapes and hits another kick to the face. Booker T comes off the ropes a goes for a Scissors Kick which he hits.

Heenan: There ya go!

Booker T begins shaking his hand and then he gets down on the mat and does the Spin-a-roony!

But while Booker T was doing that, he doesn't realize that Kane has sat back up. When he turns around, Kane is waiting with a Chokeslam to Hell! Kane covers Booker T..1..2..3! Kane and Hurricane advance to the finals of the Tag team tournament!

Heenan: There you have it! I told you they would win, Hurricane and Kane, they are the next Tag Champs!

Shavonie: Oh my, (laughing), Brain you are something else.

Lillian: Here are your winners Hurri-Kane!  

With that, we head backstage.

~Backstage: Bischoff/Veronica Caine~

Eric Bischoff walks back in his office with a glass of water and a Water Bottle. He says he didn't know what she would prefer, she takes the glass and says this is fine, thanks. Bischoff sits down and tells her to continue now. She says that certain things could be done to improve, and like she said before she says that some people here need to step up to the next level, no matter what it takes. Because in this dog eat dog world some people cant take the pain that XPW sometimes can dish out, so we need some new guys to fill those spots. She says that if he doesnt mind, she would like to assist him, as well as lend her help to one of the up and comers here in XPW. The only thing she wants in return, is half of what income they make, Bischoff says that he thinks he and her can make a great team, and he is sure that there is someone in XPW that would like her assistance too. Bischoff says that this night is the begining of a great relationship!

~Backstage: Jeff Jarrett Interview~

The camera switches to Gene Okerlund in the interview section with Jeff Jarrett.

Gene Okerlund: Well standing with me is Jeff Jarrett, and we ar...

Jeff Jarrett:Hey, it's the Chosen One to you old man!

Okerlund:Sorry, well anyway we are just minutes away from the preview match for the Television Title Tournament Semi Finals. The four semi finalists in the ring, and it promises to be very interesting. Your thoughts...

Jarrett:Gawd, I thought you'd never shut that big mouth of yours. My thoughts are that tonight I give the three other guys left in the tournament a little taster of what's to come in the future. I don't know who I'm facing in the semis, but it doesn't really matter. None of those guys worry me. I got a little something to settle with Kurt Angle after he lost our tag match, that's for sure, and as for Nick Mondo, I might as well beat his Extreme ass for the hell of beating someone's ass

Okerlund:And can we get some comments on your other opponent Edge?

Jarrett:No you can't

Okerlund:Well can we at least get the story on whever Edge is a part of the Tirple Threat. I mean, you helped him out on Shocker and then later in the ngiht he Speared you. Can we get the lowdown on that?

Jarrett:No comment

Okerlund:Jeff, just a litt...

Jarrett:I said no comment you stupid old bastard! Maybe you need a slap round the face to get your hearing aid working again!

Jarrett walks off leaving Okerlund stunned as we go to a commercial break.

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