Shocker-10/20/02-Phoenix, AZ

Shocker-10/20/02-Phoenix, AZ
~Hour 2~

We come back LIVE! for hour two as the lovely X'-Chix' are Dancing their hearts out in the ring. They are all wearing, or should we say aren't wearing much! They have little lace bikini's on, that have the XPW Logos on them! The crowd cheers as these lovely women dance while we can hear the commentating of Tony Shavone and Bobby Heenan.

Tony Shavonie: Fans welcome back to XPW Shocker back here live on TNT in Phoenix! We just saw Edge be victorious over Steven Richards but Brain what was Jeff Jarrett doing out here?!

Bobby Heenan: He was just trying to help his 'good friend'..out! I'm gonna tell you this right now my sources are telling me that EDGE is the third member to the Triple Threat!

Tony Shavonie: Well I sure hope that is not true because later tonight Shane Douglas the leader of that team will be against one of Edge's teammates Rob Van Dam in the Main eVent for the World Title! The New Blood are a tight group and we certainly can't have them splitting up!

Bobby Heenan: Its not like there is really a New Blood anymore! All it is is R..v..D..and Edge, along with their two bimbos, K-Kwik is gone all thanks to that Nick Mondo guy..The New Blood need to get a New Plan because they're falling apart faster than those bikinis from the bodies on the Xtreme Chix!

The girls continue to dance but Then from out of nowhere "BOOM!" Fire explodes on the rampway, as "Slow Chemical" by Finger Eleven hits on the PA. The Girls jump and immediately exit the ring!

Bobby Heenan: HEY! You can come over here! We'll protect ya!

The arena goes dark and red spotlights shine. Kane and Hrricane then emerge from the backstage area and onto the ramp. Hurricane strikes a hurri-pose before walking down the aisle. Kane jumps onto the apron as Hurricane slides in. Hurricane then gets up on the turnbuckle and poses, as Kane steps over the top rope. Hurricane then jumps down as Kane raises his arms and brings them down as fire explodes from the turnbuckles. Hurricane grabs a microphone.

"The Only XPW Superhero" Hurricane Helms: Citizens of XPW..."Sick" Nick Mondo has come out here and yapped his trap again! Ya see that isn't good. Because "Sick" Nick, tonight you get a hurri-beating! Hurri-style! Ya see may think your sick, but Mr. Small Dick, that is true because look at you! You are dressed filthy, you look like an idiot with a couple words printed on your ┌head. Holy Sick Nick, tonight once I Hurri-Chokeslam you and show you the eye of ┌the hurricane, you will find out why I am XPW's Only Superhero, Hurricane Helms!

"The Big Red Machine" Kane: Booker, you want to show a picture on the big screen about me and Terri....that..YOU MADE? Huh? Well, sucka...tonight is the night I attack your sum-b*tch ass! I am going to take you and beat you from one side of the the the the other! Now...look at you Booker, you think that Hurricane and I are gay?! Well, as much as you would love to be gay with one of us..WE AREN'T GAY! SO GO FIND SOME OTHER PEOPLE!! I will show you why I am a monster, and tonight you will be...SENT TO HELL!

Then all of a sudden...


...Flashes on the X-Tron and BLASTS on the PA System! Booker T emerges from the entrance way with Shawn Michaels walking out behind...

Lillian: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. Approaching the ring, from Houston Texas, Booker T.!!!

Booker gets in the ring and goes to the turnbuckle and climbs up it. He begins raising the roof as the fans cheer and his music dies down. The bell rings and both men pace the ring

Tony: And these are two men who both don't like each other.

Bobby: You got that right. Booker T. told me Terri was some kind of hermaphrodite-hybrid Humanoid freak.

Tony: Will you stop!

{Both men lock up}

Bobby: You know what else Booker T. told me?

Tony: Both men locking up now... Kane over-powering Booker in the early going. Booker down to one knee...

Bobby: You just ignored me...

Tony: Yes, I did.

Bobby: Well I guess I'll just tell all the humanoids out there. Booker told me that the Hurricane and Kane might be a little fruity if you know what I mean.

Tony: That's the most ridicules thing I've ever heard!

{Booker slowly works his way back up but Kane kicks Booker in the gut and hooks him for a powerbomb..}

Tony: There's a Power Bomb! Booker down hard!

{Kane grabs Booker in a headlock and crunches. After a few minutes Booker slowly gets to his feet and elbows Kane in the stomach. Finally Kane loosens his grip and T. tries to run but Kane grabs his hair and pulls him down. The Big Red Machine quickly resorts to stomping before picking him up and punching him.}

Tony: Booker T. being rocked back by Kane's massive punches. Booker T. being smashed into the ropes and Kane with a hard cloths line sends him out side!

{Kane rolls back going to meet Booker on the outside, but Book runs and hits a cloths line of his own, knocking Kane down. Booker picks Kane up and whips him into the baracade and Kane crashes against it. He stands up, no pain at all, and charges Booker. Booker runs while the crowd laughs. HBK tries to get in Kane way and clothesline him down but Kane runs right over him! Kane looks down at HBK smiling, and turns back to Booker T who hits a great Sidekick to knock th e big man down. He almost lands on HBK and HBK rolls out of the way then holding his chest breathing hard, his life flashed before his eyes! The Book picks Kane up and tosses him back into the ring. Booker ascends the top rope and when Kane rises to his feet, Book jumps and smashes a drop kick! Kane and Book get to their feet at the same time and both run at each other.}

Bobby: Ah!

Tony: Double cloths line! Both men are down!

{The referee begins the long ten count. Slowly both men make it back to their feet. Booker attempts a jumping kick, Kane catches him and tosses him down like a sack of potatoes.

Tony: Kane's going up top!

Bobby: Things are not lookin' good for that man down there.

{Kane jumps, Booker kick-ups and smashes a boot into Kane's stomach. He grabs him and...}

Tony: Book End!!!

Bobby: 1, 2, 3!!!

Lilian: Your winner, BOOKER T!!!!

-Commercial Break-
Every Week after Shocker check out the Special One on One Segment conducted by "Mean" Gene Okerlund on XPW Radio! (Find it under the Members Column on the main page)..Last week's was Rob Van Dam! You can still listen in now! Its definately one of a kind.

We come back from a commercial break and we hear on the pa system...


The Hurricane makes his way onto the stage as the fans cheer like ..hell!! The Hurricane does a Hurri-pose on the Stage but wait! Just then "Sick" Nick Mondo attacks The hurricane from behind knocking him down with a dropkick to the back of The Hurricane! Helms falls down and begins to roll down the ramp..Mondo has the Barbed Wire bat in hand and begins to run after Helms. He baseball slides Helms in the gut and he still rolls even faster though now! Mondo tosses the bat into the ring and picks up Helms. He whips him against the baracade and then runs at him kneeing him hard in the gut! Mondo walks up the ring steps and jumps off dropkicking Hurricane down! Mondo slams Helms head against the baracade while on the mat, and Mondo kicks him in the head. Hurricane reaches up and graps the top of the baracade and pulls himself up and Mondo grabs Helms by his cape and sends him backwards into the ring apron! Hurricane holds his back in pain as Mondo then grabs him and sends him in the ring. Mondo gets up on the apron and as Helms gets up Nick pulls him down by his hair. Nick connects with a Springboard Leg drop and the bell rings for the match to officially start!

Bobby: What a way to start the match! This Mondo guy is nonstop action!

Tony: You got that right Brain he is really taking it to the Super Hero Hurricane Helms!

Mondo pins Hurricane 1...2..and a quick kickout thankgoodness! Mondo grabs the barbed wire bat and the referee takes it away. Mondo swings at the referee but Helms grabs Mondo's arm and turns him around. Hurricane got up while Mondo didn't look and now he kicks Mondo in the gut and sends him into the ropes. Mondo comes back and gets knocked down with a huge clothesline. Hurricane lets Mondo sit up some and then connects with the flying wizard kick. Hurricane pins Mondo and 1..2..kick out! Hurricane picks Mondo up and Mondo rakes his eyes and knocks him down with a Roundhouse Kick. Mondo leg drops Helms and pins him 1..2..kick out! Nick Mondo picks Hurricane up and sends him into the corner. Mondo runs for a shoulder butt but Hurricane moves and Mondo hits the corner hard. Helms pushes him away from the corner and climbs to the second buckle. Helms leaps off and hits a flipping neckbreaker he calls the OVERCAST! Hurricane gets the pin 1..2..kick out! Helms can't believe it! Hurricane picks Mondo up and signals for the Eye of the Hurricane but Mondo counters, turning Helms around for a backbreaker and its a BLUE THUNDER DRIVER! The pin has been made ..1..2...kick out! Mondo gets up and quickly dropkicks Helms in the face again. Mondo slides out of the ring and grabs a steel chair and tosses it in the ring. He also grabs a microphone and Tony Shavonie's glass of water! Mondo takes a drink of it and puts it in the ring as he rolls in.

Tony: He took my water! That theif!

Mondo heard this, just as he was getting in the ring and turns around looking at Tony. He reaches in the ring and grabs the glass and threats Tony with it! He is threatening to slam it over his head when...

Bobby: LOOK OUT!

Bobby points to the ring and Mondo turns around. The Hurricane flies off of the turnbuckle down to Mondo but CRASHES into the Glass as mondo puts it in the way. it Shatters and Hurricane falls hard at ringside. Mondo looks down with an evil stare at Hurricane as he is busted up. Mondo picks him up and rolls him in the ring. He grabs the chair and awaits Hurricane to get up. He waits for a minute and a half, but he barely moves. Mondo picks Helms up and punches him in the face. Helms falls to the mat and Mondo picks him up again, taking just too much time which somewhere..somehow..someway Hurricane got some energy to grab Mondo by the Throat, but Mondo counters with an elbow to his head, and hits the MONDO DRIVER! Mondo has him pinned with the 1...2...3!!

Lillian Garcia:Here is your winner advancing in the TV Title Tournament, "Sick" Nick Mondo!!

The crowd boos as Mondo celebrates in the ring. He grabs the barbed wire bat from the corner of the ring where the ref had set it..He is about to hit The Hurricane with it when out of nowhere Kurt Angle rushes out to the ring! Angle attacks Mondo from behind knocking him down! Angle hits the Angle Slam on Mondo and lets out a big WOOO! Just then Jeff Jarrett rushes out with a guitar in hand and SLAMS it over Angle's head! ..this time on purpose!


Bobby: Isn't it obvious Shavonie? The newest member of Triple Threat will be Nick Mondo!

Tony: HUH? I thought you said it would be Edge!

Bobby: What in the WORLD are you talking about???

Just then EDGE comes down to the ring and Spears Jarrett! Kane comes down to the ring and helps his partner out of the ring as this carnage is happening inside of it..Nick Mondo is getting up and Edge sees him..he spears Mondo for good measure and is punching him relentlessly for revenge of what he did to K-Kwik last week!

The Franchise runs down to the ring to get Jeff Jarrett from the ring, and decides to take out Edge for spearing Jarrett..But before he could get in RVD is down there and grabs Douglas' leg, pulling him out. RVD knocks him down with a spinning heel kick and rolls him in the ring...RVD climbs the turnbuckle and signals for the Five Star Frog Splash, he leaps off and hits it on Douglas! Edge gets up off of Mondo and him and RVD leave the ring proud hands high as we head to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

We come back from a Commercial where Eric Bischoff is going through some papers when Goldberg and The Rock Walk in. Bischoff says he was expecting them, and Goldberg wants to know whats up..Bischoff says that we are low on tag teams, but they need opponents in the second round of the tag team tournament so they will face next week, the automatic advancing team of...ROB VAN DAM..AND SHANE..DOUGLAS! Bischoff says thankyou very much and have a nice day as Goldberg and The Rock walk out shocked. The crowd cant believe it either as they are cheering..Bischoff while going through his papers finds a yellow envelope that has a note inside of it, he opens it up and reads it. Bischoff reads a little of it out loud saying that somebody is on their way and that Bischoff cant wrong the XPW any longer...he reads the final which says SIGNED VINCE!!!

Tony: Oh my god! Did I just hear what I think I heard?!

Bobby: I told you!

Bischoff rips up the note and sits down in his leather chair holding his head as we head to the ring!!!

Lillian: It is now time for our main event, a Triple Threat for the XPW World..Heavweight..Championship! It has no Rules, no countout, no Disqualification..basically ANYTHING GOES!

"One of a Kind" Hits the PA System as Rob Van Dam makes his way out!

Making his way to the ring right now, weighing in at 220 pounds he is the XPW United States Champion..Rob..Van..Dam!!

RVD slides into the ring and does his thump taunt as the crowd cheers!!! And then The countdown begins on the X-Tron

Chris Jericho apears on the stage with his arms out beside him with his back facing the camera while the crowd boos and red, green, and purple lights shine on the arena.

His opponent, weighing in at 231 pounds, from Winnepeg, Manitoba, CHRIS JERICHO!

The crowd still boos as Jericho turns around with a cocky grin. He struts down to the ring and slowly makes his way up the steps. He pauses on the apron looking out at the crowd and gets in slowly. He walks around a sec and...HE ATTACKS RVD! Jericho gives RVD a nice shot to the face and knocks him down. Jericho is on top of RVD punchinghim over and over again and RVD monkey flips Jericho out of the ring! RVD stands there now, and runs and leaps over the ropes onto JEricho at ringside! They both fall ....and Shane Douglas' music hits as he makes his way down quickly..

"Their opponent from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, THE FRANCHISE Shane Douglas!

Shane clobbers RVD and Jericho. Shane grabs both of them and clotheslines them down together. Shane picks RVD up and slams his head off of the baracade, and thn kicks Jericho while he is down. Franchise picks Jericho up and tosses him over the baracade into the crowd! The fans cheer as he hops over the baracade..Jericho cuts hiim off with a blatant low blow! OUCH! Jericho pushes the fans out of the way and then punches douglas but he counters it and Y2J runs at Douglas..Shane drops down and pancakes Y2J directly on the baracade top! RVD now is on the apron of the ring, and sees Jericho leaning on the baracade. He signals to himself with his thumbs (R...V...D!) and does the Helicopter leg drop! Jericho falls down as RVD hits the move and RVD stands there celebrating, he quickly turns around and just blocks a punch from Douglas and Shane hits RVD with one of his own then RVD punches Douglas and grabs him by the head but Douglas HEAD BUTTS RVD! Douglas reaches over and grabs RVD and Suplexes him into the crowd onto the concrete! Shane brings RVD into the crowd dragging him thru the people. Jericho follows now, and is trying to catch up. Douglas gets to a wall and slams RVD against it. Van Dam falls to the concrete as the crowd boos and Douglas jaws with them!

Tony :What an AMAzing match! These three are really going all out tonight!

Bobby: Im guessing we havent seen the best yet!

Jericho comes from behind and Bulldogs Douglas into the concrete but Jericho seems to have hurt his shoulder in the impact! He is screaming in pain holding his shoulder!

Tony: Wait a second, looks like Jericho is hurt!

RVD gets up and starts to go to work on Jericho picking him up and locking in a sleeper hold. RVD soon lets go though, and spin kicks Jericho down...totally turning his attention to Douglas who GIVES A LOW BLOW to Van Dam! Jericho lye there, in pain holding his shoulder as some meds are coming to his assistance as RVD and Douglas continue in their match. Douglas laughs at RVD who is holding his balls on the floor, but soon realizes he was busted open in the head by Jericho's bulldog! Franchise is angry by the site of his blood, and picks up RVD, and sends him into the wall! RVD crashes against it and stumbles away, as Douglas continues to push him farther away from the ring, and they are about to go into the consession stand area! Douglas takes RVD and pushes him into a locked door and it busts open. Douglas sees a protective curtain and whipes his blood on it. When he pushes the curtain out of the way RVD SNAPS a Mop over his head! Douglas falls as RVD tosses that bit down, and pulls from the room a package of toilet paper! RVD tears it open, and as Douglas tries to get up RVD tosses toilet paper at him and the crowd finds this hilarious!


Bobby: Shut up Shavonie, that is humiliating to XPW's Franchise! You should be ashamed of yourself, so should RVD!

RVD ditches the Toilet paper bit, and searches in the room again. He finds a small mirror and looks at himself in it. Douglas is getting up now and RVD BREAKS the small mirror on his face and RVD shouts at him "HEY MAN, YA BROKE THE MIRROR YOU'RE SO UGLY! But Hey, Thats cool!" RVD pins Douglas and the ref slides down for the count 1...2...KICK OUT!

Bobby: WOO!

RVD picks Douglas up by his blonde hair, and takes him into the consession area finally. RVD rams Douglas straight into a trashcan as the people around cheer!

Tony: Folks I am getting word that Jericho apparently landed that bulldog wrong, and is being treated now by paramedics, i think it is safe to say he is out of this match. What do you tihnk brain?


Tony: You just ignored me...

RVD takes Douglas and knees him in the gut, and sets him up for a piledriver...Douglas counters and backdrops RVD onto a table with XPW Merchandise on it, but it does not break!

Bobby: Yeah i did, its payback from earlier..

Douglas rolls RVD off of the table and pins him 1...2...kick out. Douglas gets on RVD and starts punching him over and over until RVD gets his legs up and pushes Douglas down by his a counter pin 1...2....kick out! RVD and him both get up at the same time and lock up, and Douglas tries to whip RVD into the Food/Drink bar but RVD counters and Douglas slams against the counter. RVD walks up and kicks Douglas while he is down, meanwhile RVD orders something from the young lady working there, he asks for some Dr Pepper and the lady gives him a regular size DP..Douglas gets up while RVD takes a drink, and SPITS IT OUT ON DOUGLAS! RVD says that he changed his mind, he doesnt want Dr. Pepper..He tells Douglas he can have it. RVD poors it all over Shane and Shane gets PISSED! Shane tackles RVD and he falls! The people there scream and Douglas starts beating the hell out of Van Dam. Douglas starts choking RVD and the ref insists that he let up but Douglas threatens to hurt the ref if he dont go away. Douglas continues to choke RVD and decides to try for the win and its 1....2...KICk OUT.

Douglas grabs Van Dam and tosses him over the counter. The workers exit through the door as Douglas hops over. He opens the pop corn bin and poors the popcorn all on RVD. He then sees the butter despenser, and POOORS Hot butter all over Van Dam! RVD screams as it scalds his body and Douglas laughs HAHAHA! Douglas then asks RVD if he should help him cool that off with a nice BEER! Douglas poors some Miller Light onto RVD's burns which makes it feel even worse!

Tony: Douglas is SICKENING!

Bobby: I like this guy, I told you the best was yet to come...didnt i?..didnt i?

Douglas laughs again, and pins RVD...the ref takes a sec to hop over the counter, and find a spot on the floor to count 1...2...3..NO!!! Kick out!!!!!! Douglas cant believe that Van Dam kicked out!! Douglas grabs RVD and RVD hits him with a quick forearm shot, but Douglas punches RVD for good measure. RVD hits another forearm shot in, and gets another, but Douglas wont allow it and knees RVD in the gut. He sets RVD up on the counter, and he gets up there himself. Douglas grabs RVD by the throat, ready to chokeslam him when RVD elbows Douglas and he falls down onto the concrete! RVD stands there, barely standing on his own, turns around and backflips off of the counter onto Douglas! RVD holds tthere tight for the pin 1...2...Kick out!!

Tony: WoW! What an Amazing comeback for Rob Van Dam!

RVD is shocked and cant, RVD backs up, and runs, and rolls on the floor and leaps up slamming onto Douglas with the...


RVD pins Douglas 1...2...KICK OUT! RVD still doesnt get it...As RVD strategises as to what to do next, the camera shows Douglas reaching into his boot, and pulling out some shiny object. RVD picks Douglas up and Douglas decks RVD with a chain! RVD stumbles back and falls through the table that didn't break earlier! Douglas sticks it in his trunks, and picks RVD up, Douglas hits The Franchiser and pins RVD 1.....2.......3!!!!!

Lillian: (in the ring) Here is your winner, and the NEW XPW World Heavyweight Champion...The FRANCHISE Shane Douglas!

Tony: FOLKS! We are in overtime here and are OUT OF TIME! Franchise did it he is the Champ and what will happen next week when he and RVD have to TEAM UP?!?! For Bobby Heenan Im Tony Shav...

With that said, XPW Runs out of time and must go off the air cutting Shavonie off...