Shocker-10/20/02-Phoenix, AZ

Shocker-10/20/02-Phoenix, AZ
~Hour 1~

The Show opens up with "Earlier Today" in the center of the screen, then it rushes to the bottom left corner. We see Kurt Angle and Jeff Jarrett talking about their match tonight. Angle says that even though he hates Tag Team matches this is all alright with him because he will be the first person to walk out with the TV AND Tag Team Titles at Regression! Jarrett says that Angle is all wrong that it is HIM that will win the Television Championship and be a Double Champion. Angle gets in his face and argues back but then The Rock and Goldberg walk in and Goldberg tells both of them that there is no way that either will be a double champion with those two belts because him and The Rock will win those belts!

The scene cuts backstage where we see Jeff Jarrett and Shane Douglas walking down the hallway together. The get to a door marked "Triple Threat", and Jarrett says he will talk about that later with Shane, and Shane agrees as Jarrett walks down the hall.

Tony: Well Brain, it seems to me as if the Triple Threat has arrived to the building tonight!

Brain: Yeah Tony, you can bet the Franchise and Jeff Jarrett are up to something.

Tony: There's a few things going on tonight revolving around this faction tonight as Jeff Jarrett and Kurt Angle go for the Tag Team Titles, Shane Douglas goes for the World Title, and yet there's the mystery around the third man.

Brain: It could be anyone.

XPW Shocker hits the airwaves live on TNT as the fans in the arena are cheering as "Tear Away" is playing by Drowning Pool. The camera focuses no the X-Tron as Pyros shoot down from the ceiling, both going diagonal to form an "X" and there is a huge explosion! The camera gets shots of the crowd with signs such as "R-V-f'n-D!", "Hulkamania is Dead!", "Franchise ME!!" and "Steven Richards Sucks!". We head to ringside to join the best announce team for the best Federation, Tony Shavonie and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan!

Tony Shavonie: Fans welcome to XPW Shocker back here live on TNT! I am Tony Shavonie as you already know, and here beside me is long time collegue Bobby "The brain" Heenan.

Bobby Heenan: That's right, and the Humaniods are really going to enjoy the show tonight as we have many matches just waiting to get going! The TV Title Tournament will continue tonight as well as the Tag Team Tournament. Those four men you just saw a second ago Goldberg, The Rock, Jarrett and Angle fight it out tonight to try to advance in the Tournament!

Tony Shavonie: In the TV Title Tournament Edge will take on Steven Richards and I'm guessing by what happened last week beetween those two Edge will want some revenge! We also will see "Sick" Nick Mondo take on The Hurricane!

Bobby Heenan: In a match just one week before their respectful teams meet in the Tag Team Tournament, Kane will take on Booker T! And in our main Event it is confirmed, Chris Jericho, Rob Van Dam, and Shane Douglas fight in a no DQ, Falls Count Anywhere, No countout, ANYTHING GOES match for The World Championship Tonight!

Lillian Garcia: "The Following match is scheduled for one fall and is a second round match in the Tag Team Tournament!"

All of a sudden on the PA System we hear "The Cho-Cho-Chosen One" And out comes Jeff Jarrett with a guitar in hand! The fans boo as he comes towards the ring.

Making his way to the ring from Memphis, Tenessee, Double J, Jeff Jarrett!

Jarrett makes his way into the ring and goes to the ropes and raises his arm and guitar as pyros shoot up from behind him! Then "Medal" hits the PA System and Kurt Angle comes out!

"And his tag team partner, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Kurt..Angle!"

Angle raises his arms up and red, white and blue pyro shoots up from the sides of the ramp as the crowd chants "you Suck!, You Suck!, You Suck...You Suck!!". Angle makes his way down to the ring and goes up the steps. He enter the ring and spins around as the crowd boos. He takes off his gold medals as we hear "IF YA SMELLLL...WHAT THE ROCK..IS COOKIN'!", The Rock comes out from the curtain and the crowd goes nuts!

And their opponents, first From Miami, Florida weighing in at 275 pounds, THE ROCK!"

The Rock makes his way down to the ring and gets up on the apron and raises his arm the the air as the fans cheer. Rock stares down at Jarrett and Angle who are arguing with each other and not even paying attention to The Brahma Bull! The drums begin to blare over the PA System and its the music of GOLDBERG! The fans cheer as Goldberg emerges from the entrance way and sparks shoot up towards his face. Goldberg breathes them in and smoke comes out of his nose and mouth.He begins on down to the ring.

"His partner, from Tulsa, Oklahoma...GOOOLLLDBERG!"

The crowd chants "Goooldberrrg..Goooldberg..gooooldbergg.." as he enters the ring and The Rock does to. They each look at the arguing pair of the Olympic Hero and The Chosen One. The bell rings and Rock and Goldberg charge the team!

Goldberg goes after Angle and starts hammering away at him. Rock is on Jarrett stomping him down in the corner. Goldberg whips Angle against the ropes and clotheslines him out! The Rock lifts Jarrett up and punches him once..twice..three times and...

Tony Shavonie: "SPIT PUNCH!"

Jarrett flies backwards over the top rope down to ringside and the fans cheer as Goldberg and The Rock stand there in the ring. The Rock gets out of the ring and goes to his corner as Goldberg goes and gets Angle up. He goes to roll Angle into the ring but Angle counters and slams Goldberg's head off of the apron edge! The crowd boos as Angle does it again! He tries one more time but Goldberg doesn't allow it, goldberg whips Angle into the steel steps and Angle crashes against them hard! Kurt starts to move away from Goldberg who is coming towards him. Angle stumbles when getting up and starts to run from Goldberg! Angle runs around the corner and Goldberg follows but gets a clothesline from Jeff Jarrett!

Tony Shavonie: "That's the oldest trick in the book."

Bobby Heenan: "Hey, it worked didn't it!"

The Rock tries to stop this from happening but the ref won't allow it as he holds the Rock back. Jarrett and Angle stomp on Goldberg and then slam his head off of the announce table. Angle and Jarrett double suplex Goldberg on the protective mat. Then Angle picks Goldberg up and rolls him in to the ring. Angle pins Goldberg as the ref sees this and counts 1..kick out! Angle tags in Jarrett while holding onto Goldberg. Jarrett gets in and climbs to the second buckle, and jumps off with an elbow to the head of Goldberg. Goldberg falls and Jarrett yells out at the crowd. This makes them boo and he just yells back sucking it all up! Jarrett grabs Goldberg and slams him down to the mat. Jarrett grabs his right leg and starts to kick it over and over. Jarrett picks up Goldberg and lifts him up, and drops him down with a Shin Breaker! The fans boo as Jarrett does his strutting in the ring and raises his hands in a peace sign. He turns around and Goldberg tackles him with what strength h has!

"I knew this would happen. He always does this!"

Goldberg hammers away on Jeff Jarrett and then gets up off of him and picks him up. Goldberg sends him into the ropes and Goldberg nails him down with a hard clothesline. Both men are down, and the crowd is cheering for Goldberg to make the tag! Jarrett crawls, Goldberg crawls, to their corner slowly. They get their..TAG..TAG..The Rock is in and he goes after Kurt Angle head to head! Punch, reversal, punch to The Rock, Punch to Angle, punch to The Rock..Rock counters a punch and starts to lay the smackdown! Rock sends Angle into the ropes and ..SPINEBUSTER!

"Its about time for the most electifying move in sports entertainment!"

The Rock takes off his elbow pad, and goes against the ropes, comes back hops over Angle and...Jarrett pulls the top rope down and Rock pummles down to ringside!

"Ah darn, ya gotta hate that!"

"STop being sarcastic Brain, that was down right cheating."

"Cheating? Does that word even have a meaning to it here in XPW?"

Jarrett hammers away at The Rock but The Rock fights back, Rock sends Jarrett into the ring and Rock grabs Jarrett's guitar! Rock brings it into the ring and swings at Jarrett. Jeff Jarrett moves and The rock misses, Jarrett kicks the Rock in the gut and picks up his guitar and SWINGS...CRASH! BUT WAIT! The Rock moved and hit Angle who was behind Rock!!! Jarrett doesn't know what to do when all of a sudden ROCK BOTTOM! The Rock is about to pin Angle, when Goldberg says he wants the Tag! The Rock tags in Goldberg and the crowd goes nuts! Angle is now slowly getting up and crawls to his corner, looking for a partner to tag but Jarrett is at ringside! Angle turns around and SPEAR!


Goldberg looks out at the crowd and taunts, then picks Angle up for the Jackhammer and DROPS him down hard..1....2....3!

Lillian: "Here are your winners, The Rock and GOOOLLLDBERRRRG!"

The crowd cheers as The Rock and Goldberg stand there victorius. Jarrett pulls Angle out of the ring seeing if he is okay and Angle pushes him away. Jarrett takes this as offensive and pushes back, and Angle kicks him in the gut and tosses him over the baracade into the crowd! Angle is soon grabbed by Security and held back while other security gets to Jarrett. The crowd boos while Goldberg and The Rock laugh on their way up the ramp.

We go backstage with Gene Okerlund and Edge!

Gene: "Well I am standing backstage here with the New Blood's Edge, and Edge after what happened on Shocker in Las Vegas last week, I'm sure this interview will be focused on one Steven Richards."

Edge: "You're damn right it will be. Richards, listen up. You made a HUGE mistake on Shocker last week. You wanna hit me in the head with a microphone! You wanna hit me in the ribs with a kendo stick! Steven, last week you were dealing with the cool, calm fun loving Edge. This week Steven, you're dealing with a totally different Edge. This week, I'm pissed off! I'm the raging Edge of old! If you try ANYTHING like you did last week on me tonight, or any time in the future for that matter, you will be made to pay the consequences. Believe me, this is not a threat, this is a promise. A promise I intend on keeping. I'm an angry man Steven. You don't want to mess with me when I'm angry, because you'll end up paying for it dearly. As for tonight in our match, that's right, our match..I plan on sending you a message Steven. A message you won't soon forget. You cost me one match Steven, and after I beat you tonight you had better not try it again. I get the chance tonight, and you'll know just why it's not wise to mess with me. Oh, and Steven, watch out, because the Rage is definately coming your way!"

Edge leaves after his angry speech leaving Gene standing there watching as we head to a commercial break!

--Commercial Break--
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We go backstage and see the owner of XPW Eric Bischoff arriving in his black limo. He gets out and dusts his black leather jacket off and walks towards the arena entrance. He enters and sees "Sick" Nick Mondo walking by with a Barbed Wire Baseball bat. Bischoff stops him and asks him what it is exactly he is going to do with that. Mondo tells him that this is the XPW, and he is going to test how XTREME The XPW Is...

...Mondo continues by saying that what he did to K-Kwik last week is nothing compared to what he will do to The Hurricane tonight. Mondo says he can't stand the superhero gettup, and it drives him insane! Bischoff says, GREAT! The fans are booing as they hear Bischoff say take him to the XTREME!!! Mondo gives off a sick smile as he walks his own way and Bischoff continues down the hallway. Bischoff walks until he sees the top security guard and Bischoff asks him if HE is here yet??? He asks again is HE Here yet did HE get here has HE called?!? Bischoff orders him to answer and the Security guard says no, hasn't heard from him. Bischoff is releived as he walks into his office and sits down.

Tony: Folks it looks as if Bischoff likes the idea of Nick Mondo doing what he did last week and he obviously wants Mondo to do something even better tonighT!..or should I say..worse..To Hurricane Helms.

Bobby: How could you blame him? I hate that Superhero gig too, its just so stupid. Its just so..WWE!

Tony: BRAIN! We are gonna have a lawsuit on our hands if you don't stop bringin' them up!

Bobby: What will they do huh? Besides, my sources tell me that someone very close to the WWE is here TONIGHT!!!

Tony: WHAT?!

Bobby: WHAT?!..what? Stop screamin' Shavonie.

"Never Gonna Stop" Hits the PA System and the fans begin to cheer! Smoke fills the stage and Edge with Stacy Keibler emerge from it with a big smile on Edge's face. The crowd is cheering lowdly as they make their way down the aisle.

Lillian Garcia: Making his way to the ring...weighing 240 pounds from Toronto, Canada....He is a member of the New Blood...Accompanied by Stacy Keibler....EDGE!

Edge runs and slides in the ring posing on his chest for a few seconds, then gets up and goes to the turnbuckle and taunts to the crowd. He gets down as Sirens sound over the PA and out from the entrance way comes Steven Richards with a kendo stick in his hand. He walks down the aisle.

Lillian Garcia: And his opponent from Walingford, CT, Weighing in at a 220 pounds...STEVEN RICHARDS!

Steven gets into the ring as he drops the kendo stick by the corner. The bell sounds.Bobby: We are underway!

Edge starts it off with some hard rights sending Richards stumbling back. Richard runs at him but Edge counters with a shoulder block, sending Richards down to the canvas. Richards rolls to the corner as Edge looks at the crowd and smiles at them as they cheer. Edge goes to pick Richards up, but Richards throws the kendo stick up smacking Edge in the head, making him stumble back. Richards gets to his feet and smacks the stick against Edges knee, making him favor it. Richards then slams it over his back as the crowd boos. Richards drops the stick and he watches Edge fall to the mat in pain. Edge rolls around as Richards picks him up finally and nails hard fore-arms. Richards then gut kicks him and lands a huge jumping piledriver as Edge bounces off his head. Richards gets up and doesn't like what Stacy is wearing. He gets out of the ring and the camera comes up to see what he is saying.

Steven Richards: Go to the backstage area! and Cover up! You shouldn't be wearing those skimpy clothes.

Stacy slaps him accross the face as Steven grabs her by the hair and Edge runs and baseball slides Steven Richards into the barricade.

Tony: A hard baseball slide into the barricade. Steven Richards was gonna hurt that poor woman!

Edge then walks over to Steven sitting against the barricade as Edge starts pounding away at his head. Edge walks to the corner and grabs the kendo stick. Steven gets up and is CRACKED OVER THE HEAD WITH IT!

Bobby: Ouch, he almost took his head off!

Edge then throws the kendo stick in the ring, and then mounts on him and starts pounding his head like a shark who smells blood. Stevens head has blood pouring out of it now. Edge then picks him up and tosses him against the ring post! Richards head bounces off the ring post. Edge then picks up the fallen richards and throws his head against the steel steps. Richards lays over the steps as Edge picks his head up and slams it down on the steps again. Blood drips onto the steel steps as Edge rolls him in the ring. Edge follows him in.

Tony: This is out of control! Steven Richards is bleeding from the head.

Edge goes to the top rope and looks for a spear as Richards gets up. Edge jumps off but Richards quickly gets the kendo stick and smacks Edge in the head with it. Edge hits the ref and the kendo stick as the ref and Edge fall down, as Edge's head starts to bleed. WAIT A SECOND! What the hell is this?! Here comes Jeff Jarret running down the aisle.

Tony: Oh no, what the hell does he want?

Bobby: He can do whatever he wants Schavonie, he is the chosen one, and the future XPW World Champion!

Jarret has a guitar in his hand and he slides in. He moves Richards aside and turns to Edge, as the fans boo. Edge gets up and Jarret swings and smacks Richards in the head! The fans give a mixed reaction as Jarret laughs at Richards who is laying in the middle of the ring. Edge is standing there confused before picking up Richards and executing the edge-a-cution! Edge gets the hook of the leg. Jeff Jarret gets out of the ring and watches as the ref comes alive with the One!....Two!.....Three! The crowd cheer as Edge's music hits. The show then goes.....

...Backstage and we see Booker T and Shawn Michaels talking in the locker room. Booker says his match is up next and there ain't no way he is gonna let that sucka get the win! HBK says that him and Booker face Helms and Kane in one week, and tonight Booker has to send a message to Hurricane that we mean business. Booker says he MOST DEFINATELY will! There is no way the Ambiguously gay Duo...The 'hurri-gay' combo of Helms and Kane can woop up on them! Booker said that he saw Terri and Kane lockin lips the other day, and he says he even took a picture!

A Picture of Kane and Terri comes on the X-Tron but it has a RATS HEAD over Terris! The crowd goes nuts while we head back to the locker room again and Booker and HBK are laughing it up. Booker says tonight that big rear-ended virgin is gonna get PUNKED! NOW CAN YOU DIG THAT! Booker and Shawn shake hands and HBK wishes him good luck. Booker opens the door but pauses, pokes his head in and shouts...SUCKAAAA!!! Booker tells Shawn to get his butt out here with him he wants Shawn to witness the beating too! They leave as the show goes to a commercial before hour 2!

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