Shocker-10/13-Las Vegas,NV

As we come back from a Commercial break for Hour 2 Of Shocker we are in the hallway where we see K-Kwik getting a drink of water when here comes Nick Mondo with a Barbed wire bat and clubs Kwik in the back of the knee knocking him down! kwik screams in pain and Mondo procedes to run the Barbed Wire bat over Kwik's forehead! Security rushes over and splits the two up.

The scene switches to the office of Eric Bischoff. He is on a cell phone talking to somebody.

Eric Bischoff: "Yes..uh huh, yeah if RVD beats Goldberg tonight, you will face him next week for the World Title....Exactly, not like it will matter right?...Oh Hogan? I stripped him of that Title, besides we need a better Champion for XPW than that, and remember, you are more of a Legend, that Hulk Hogan..I knew you'd like the sound of that..."

All of a sudden there is a knock at the door and Bischoff says "come in" and Shane Douglas walks in the office. Bischoff tells the person he is on the phone with that he will see him later tonight and he hangs up.

"Ah, Shane Douglas. Good job on that win out there over Hulk Hogan, he looked really..really bad after that match out there, gosh."

Both men laugh, as Douglas then speaks.

Franchise: "Yeah, I bet he was hurting. That's what you wanted though..right?"

"You betcha..good job."

"Well no problem boss, but now i want something in return. After all, I did beat the former World Champion tonight, so I think I should be intitled to..uh I dont know..a.."

"Title shot?"

"Exactly. After all I am the XPW Franchise, right?"

"That's what you call yourself, but we will see how much of a Franchise you are, because now next week's Main Event will be a triple threat. Congratulations, Shane Douglas you get a World Title shot next week on Shocker."

the crowd boos, as Shane and Eric shake hands and Shane thanks Bischoff before walking out of the office.

The camera switches to one in the hallway, where The Olympic Hero Kurt Angle is walking. All of a sudden Jonathon Coachman approaches.

Coach: "Hey Kurt, Hey Kurt, can I just have a few words with you for a couple of minutes?"

Kurt Angle: "Yea, but make it quick my match is in a few minutes."

Coach: "For the last week, you have been saying that you can easily defeat The Rock tonight in your first round tournament matchup. Why are you saying that when you know that The Rock is one of the best ever?"

Kurt Angle: "What are you talking about Coach? How dare you say that The Rock is better than me. I am an Olympic Gold Medalists for god sakes and this is how you treat me. I deserve respect around here, and if I dont get it, I will beat it out of everybody. Everybody here in XPW should respect me and if they dont, they will have a broken fricken ankle!"

Coach: "The other thing that you were talking about this week, was the fact that you were dissappointed about going for the Television Title instead of the Heavyweight Title. Why do you think that?"

Kurt Angle:"Coach, you ask the stupidest questions that I have ever heard. What did I just say to you? I said I am a fricken Olympic Gold Medalist and I am the best that the XPW has to offer. There is no one here that can beat Kurt Angle. That is why I feel that I should be going for the Heavyweight Title instead of the Televsion Title. You of all people should know that. That is why, i'm going to spoil the surprise, and announce that it is ME that Bischoff picked to go for the World Title next week! Woo!"

Coach: "But Kurt, how could it be you when the person picked was just on the phone with Bischoff?....."

Kurt: "Shutup Coach! This interview is over. I have to go and break The Rock's ankle!"

Kurt Angle storms off, angry that Coach figured out the lye, as we head to ringside.

Shavonie: "Well it seems Angle is ready for his match later tonight and it seems he wants a title shot at the World Title next week. He won't get it by spreading rumors, he should know that."

Brain: "There is no doubt in my mind that Kurt Angle deserves a shot at the World Title..well maybe just a little. But he will get his shot eventually but not now. When he does, there is going to be suffering for the champion."

Shavonie: "Well, Angle should be satisfied with what he has now, a shot to become the first XPW TV Champion by winning the tournament! Speaking of tournaments, its time for our next Tag Team Title tournament of the night. Lillian, take it away!"

Lillian Garcia: "The following match is a Tag Team Tournament Round One, scheduled for one fall!"

"Never Gonna Stop" Hits the PA System and the fans begin to cheer! Smoke fills the stage and Edge emerges from the curtain.

Lillian Garcia:" Making his way to the ring weighing in at 240 pounds from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, EDGE!"

The crowd is cheering lowdly as he makes way down the aisle. Edge runs and slides in the ring posing on his chest for a few seconds. Then Edge gets up and goes to the turnbuckle and taunts to the crowd as they cheer.

Shavonie: "Ladies and gentalmen I am sorry to tell you this but after that attack by "Sick" Nick Mondo earlier, K-Kwik is in no shape to compete, so it is just Edge versus the next team."

The Arena turns black and soon..."BOOM" fire bursts from the stage as then "Stand Back Theres A Hurricane Commin Though!" plays as the Hurri-Kane make their way out onto the stage.

" a combined weight of 427 pounds, Hurricane, Kane, they are HURRI-KANE!"

They walk down the aisle and Hurricane slides in the ring. Kane hops onto the apron and gets in over the top rope. Hurricane then jumps on the turnbuckle and does a Hurri-Pose, He jumps down and walks infront of Kane in the middle of the ring. Kane raises his arms, and slams them down as fire bursts from all four turnbuckles, as Hurricane does another Hurri-Pose infront of Kane. The lights come back to normal..

The bell sounds as Edge looks on at Kane and Hurricane with no partner, and is ready for this match. Him and Hurricane lock up. Edge whips Hurricane against the ropes and Hurricane rushes back but ducks a clothesline from Edge and bounces off the opposite side of ropes and tries to clothesline Edge but Edge reverses into a face plant!

Shavonie: "Edge with the quick cover on Helms.1..OH kick out!"

Edge picks Hurricane up and sends him into the corner, runs for a spear but Hurricane moves out of the way and Edge crashes into the buckle. Hurricane makes a tag to his partner and the Big Red Machine Kane enters the ring over the top rope. Edge turns around and catches Kane when he wasnt ready with a spinning wheel kick! Kane falls backwards against the ropes and bounces off as Edge kicks Kane in the gut and is going for the Edgecution but Kane lifts Edge up and sets him on the top turnbuckle. Kane climbs up and is trying for a superplex but Edge battles back punching Kane in the head. Kane gets down and Edge comes off the top rope with a cross body but Kane catches him in mid air! Kane tosses Edge face first on the top turnbuckle and Edge bounces off falling down on the mat. Edge holds his face as Kane tags in the Hurricane. Edge rises up as Hurricane gets on the second turnbuckle and when Edge turns around Hurricane hits the Overcast! Hurricane pins Edge 1...2...

Shavonie: "Kick out!"

Brain: "I think Edge is starting to feel the affect of not having a partner."

Hurricane walks over to the opposite side of the ring as Edge gets to his knees and Hurricane rushes to him going for the Flying Wizard Kick but Edge ducks it just in time. Hurricane lands on the mat hard, as Edge gets up and locks in a reverse figure four leg lock to Hurricane! Hurricane quickly though uses his in ring knowledges and reaches over to grap the ropes. The ref makes Edge release the hold and he does. Edge goes to ringside and grabs a ladder out from under the ring and Kane sees this. Kane starts to get down off of the apron but Edge helps him down by ramming the ladder into his legs. Kane falls down and hits his face on the apron! Edge hits him with the ladder again and Kane goes down as the crowd cheers! Edge sets the ladder under the bottom rope but Hurricane runs and baseball slides it in the the gut of Edge! Edge flies back onto the announce table but it does not break. Edge gets up just as Hurricane is up on the top rope and he flies off and knocks Edge down with a Cross Body! Hurricane rolls Edge into the ring and pins him 1..2...kick out! Hurricane grabs the ladder and sets it up in a corner. Kane gets up on the apron and tells Hurricane to tag him in and he does just that. Kane enters and climbs the ladder up a few steps, and as Edge gets up Kane flies off and clotheslines Edge down again! Kane pins Edge..

Brain: "This is over!"

Shavonie: "One.."

Brain: "There is no way he can kick out its over !!"


Kane grabs the ladder and leans it up against the corner where it had been. He goes over to Edge and picks him up and whips him into it! Edge's back hits hard. Kane runs at Edge and Edge quickly dodges and Kane goes belly first into the Ladder! He turns around and Edge charges and..

Shavonie: "SPEAR!!!"

Edge spears Kane into the ladder then kicks him in the gut, and hits the EDGECUTION! Edge pins Kane 1....2.....NO!!! Kane kicks out! Edge is up now, and the match has had its affect on him as you can clearly see. Edge staggers a bit while trying to pick Kane up to his feet. Kane pushes Edge's hands away and tries for a big punch but Edge ducks, goes behind Kane, grabs his head and nails the Edge-O-Matic! Edge rolls Kane up 1.....2...NO!!! KICK OUT AGAIN! Edge hits the mat and he is down right frustrated! Edge picks Kane up, and attempts to suplex him but Kane blocks it and tosses Edge across the ring. Kane struggles to get to his partner and makes the tag! Hurricane gets in and goes after Edge but Edge tosses him over the top rope to ringside!! Kane gets in and clotheslines Edge over the top rope and he goes outside too. As the referee is talking to Kane about what he just did, and Hurricane is slowly getting up, Steven Richards comes down to ringside with a kendo stick in hand! He waits for Edge to rise and hits him in the stomach! Edge falls to the protective mat in pain. Richards rolls Edge in the ring as Hurricane gets in. Kane is on the apron now and Richards goes behind the curtian, the ref saw nothing. Hurricane tags in Kane, and tells him its over! Hurricane gives thumbs up to Kane, and Kane tilts his head to the side in an odd way looking at Helms and shrugs his shoulders. Kane goes over and picks up the injured Edge, and grabs him by the throat. Kane chokeslams Edge and makes the cover 1....2....3.

Lillian Garcia: "Here are your winners...Kane and The Hurricane!"

Both men hold up each other's arms, then help Edge up and raise his, and the crowd is cheering! We head backstage to The Rock's locker room to see him hopping around, getting pumped up for his match.

Shavonie: "Its The Rock! He faces Angle in a TV Title tournament match NEXT!"

With that said, The Rock takes a drink from the water bottle, and walks out of camera view as we head to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

We head back from a Commercial and are outside where RVD and Edge are looking on as The Paramedics assist K-Kwik after his attack from Nick Mondo. They tell RVD and Edge that he is going to have to go to the emergency room, he is bleeding way too much. They get him prepared, and Kwik is off to the emergency room in the ambulance. The Hurricane and Kane walk up to Edge and RVD and Hurricane tells them that it was 'mighty wrong' of Mondo to do what he did. Hurricane says that he will go after that evil doer, and correct the incorrect that is "Sick" Nick Mondo. We head back up to ringside.

Shavonie: "Well folks it is time for our next match so lets get it going!"

"If Ya Smell..What The Rock Is Cookin" hits on the PA system, as The Rock appears on the stage.

Lillian Garcia: Making his way to the ring from Miami Florida, weighing in at a 275 Pounds...THE...ROCK!

He walks down the aisle, raising the people's eyebrow, as the fans cheer. He jumps onto the apron and walks along it, climbing onto the ropes. He looks at the crowd, and 'sniffs' the air as Rock raises his arm. He gets down and gets in the ring as "Medal" hits on the PA as Kurt Angle's music hits. Angle then starts walking down the aisle.

Lillian Garcia: And his opponent, from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, weighing in at a 240 pounds...."The Olympic Hero" Kurt Angle!

Kurt then walks down the aisle and then gets in the ring. He spins around letting out a "wooo" sound. He then puts his medals on the outside of the ring. Rock then goes face to face with Angle.

They then exchange rights.

Tony Schavonie: Right Hands! Right Hands!

After a while of exchanging, Kurt ducks under a right and goes for a German suplex, but Rock back-elbows his way out. Rock goes for his own german suplex, and Kurt back elbows his way out. Kurt then nails rights, and then throws Rocks arms up hitting a huge overhead belly to belly suplex! Kurt then jumps to his feet and picks up Rock. He then picks him up and slams him down on his back with a spinebuster. Rock screams in agony as Kurt begins to stomp away at The Rock. Kurt then picks him up and slams him down with a body slam. Kurt shouts out "wooo" before stomping away at the rock more.

Tony Schavonie: Kurt Angle is getting cocky here, and it may cost him.

Kurt then picks him up and hits another over head belly to belly suplex. Kurt gets up and picks him up before giving Rock a forearm to the back. He then puts him in a suplex position, and snaps the rock back in a snap suplex.

Bobby Hennan: That is how you do a suplex. No one does it better than Kurt Angle!

Kurt then picks him up and runs with him, tossing The Rock over the top rope and he lands on his back on the cement. Angle jumps out of the ring and walks over to Lillian. He takes her chair, and walks over to the Rock. He then takes the steel chair, and savage kicks him. Rock bends down and Kurt slams the steel chair over the Rock's Back! The rock screams!! Kurt then slams the chair over his back again, as Rock falls on his face, clutching his back. Kurt then slams the chair over his back again. The rock rolls around as Kurt jabs it in his back. Kurt then throws the chair in the ring. He then goes under the ropes and grabs 2 wooden tables. He tosses them in and picks up the Rock, rolling him in the ring. Kurt follows him in and stomps away at the Rock's back. Kurt grabs the chair, and waits. Rock slowly gets up and gets nailed with the chair in the head!

Tony Schavonie: Oh my god, What a shot!

Bobby Hennan: This is great, lookit him.

Kurt then looks at the rock, and finds that he is busted open. Rock bleeds from the head. Kurt then takes the table and sets it up by the turnbuckle. He then sets up the other one right beside it. He turns around to a Rock who kicked up and starts nailing Kurt with right hands. Rock then spinebusters him and runs across the ropes, and hits a PEOPLES ELBOW!! The Rock covers....1...

Bobby Hennan: Comon! KICK OUT!


Tony Schavonie: The Rocks Got It!!!

...SHOULDER UP!! The fans go absouloutely nuts as the Rock looks up at the sky. Rock gets up and grabs the steel chair. He raises it as Kurt gets up and gets smacked in between the eyes with it! Kurt falls onto the mat. Rock smiles at the crowd and climbs the turnbuckles. He poses on them before flying off the top rope, and looking for a peoples elbow. Kurt moves out of the way and Rock peoples elbows the chair from the top rope. The rock screams as Kurt, looks at him. Rock slowly gets up and turns around into a whip to the buckles. Kurt takes the chair and gut kicks the rock. He puts it on the top rope. He then puts Rock on the top rope. He runs and hops up catching the rock with a huge ANGLE SLAM through the tables!! Angle lands ontop of Rock.

Tony Schavonie: Oh my god, an angle slam through the tables!




Tony Schavonie: No, no...not this way! Comon...NO DAMNIT!

The ref looks at Rock and see he is not moving. He then looks at Angle...and waits.

Kurt Angle: Count you stupid idiot!

The Ref then raises his hand and slams it down with a 3 COUNT!! The fans boo as Kurt stands up and raises his arms.

We head backstage to see Eric Bischoff talking on his cell phone again. He seems to be talking business with somebody, and tells them he is very glad that XPW Can start running House Shows...that way, we can see what the other talent has instead of having crap talent on shows. He also understands that some top talent will need to go on the show, but this will all work out for the best. He hangs up the cell, and then calls someone else as we head to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

As we return from the break, we are in the locker room of Booker T and Shawn Michaels where we can see them discussing their win. And how Hurri-Kane won their match so most likely those guys will meet Booker and Shawn in the near future in the tournament. Booker T wonders how many suckas they have to beat in order to win this tournament, and HBK replies by saying it doesn't matter, because by the end of every night their opponents will get some of that Booker says he can dig that...suckaaa!! Shawn laughs as we head to the Prez's Office where Bischoff is sitting talking on his cell phone to the mysterious guy again, and the guy tells him he is almost at the building. Bischoff says that is just great.but Bischoff has another call, and when he answers he gets a shocked look on his face, and seems to be very shaken up. Who could it be?

Shavonie: "Who could hadthat been?"

Brain: "I'm not sure but it looked like Bishoff's whole world just crashed down on him."

Shavonie: "Well up next is our main event, for the US Title it is Rob Van Dam and Goldberg!

Commercial Break

We come back from a Commercial break, and Goldberg's music hits, he walks out and stands. Sparks flair from each side for a few moments, then Goldberg blows smoke from his nostrils and walks forward, beating his chest. Thunderous fireworks ring out and he begins to walk down the ramp slapping hands with his fans.

Lillian Garcia: "The Following match is scheduled for One Fall and is for the XPW United States Championship! Introducing first the Challenger, from Tulsa, Oklahoma, weighing in at 275 pounds, GOOOOOLDBERRRRRG!"

He then walks up the ring steps and goes through the middle rope and holds up his arms and spins in the middle of the ring. Just then he points to each section of the crowd. His theme slowly fades...the fans chant.."Gooooooooooolberg Gooooooooooldberg Gooooooooooooooooldberg".

"One of a Kind" hits and RVD walks to the ring, pointing his thumbs over his head. The crowd chants "R.V.D" and pyro explodes. Van Dam points to Goldberg, the crowd cheers, Van Dam acts as if he will charge the ring for a second, but stops, smiling and shakes his head cockily. "And in the ring is his opponent, from Battle Creek Michigan, he is the reigning XPW US Champion, Rob...Van...Dam!"

Bobby: They don't call this man the cockiest guy in the sport for nothing.

Van Dam slides into the ring and the bell rings. Both Goldberg and Van Dam pace around the ring, neither man taking an eye off one another. Van Dam steps forward to lock up but suddenly backs away. He smiles and climbs the turnbuckle. The crowd instantly chants "Rob Van Dam". But the chants of "Goldberg" can also be heard throughout the crowd.

Tony: A very mixed crowd tonight, both these men have their fans.

Bobby: If I were Van Dam, I wouldn't take my eyes off one Bill Goldberg for a second. All it takes is three moves and that man can you have pinned to the mat.

Tony: This match for the U.S title currently held by Rob Van Dam...

Both men lock up, but Goldberg quickly takes the power advantage and shoves Van Dam back into the corner. Goldberg yells, bulking up. RVD quickly gets to his feet and smiles. Both men lock up again, but this time Goldberg takes RVD into a headlock. RVD pushes out and sends Goldberg into the ropes, Van Dam split leg ducks and Berg jumps over. Goldberg comes off the opposites ropes and Van Dam catches the giant with a jumping kick. Goldberg is rocked, Van Dam runs and attempts a clothesline but Goldberg kicks Van Dam in the gut, grabs him and...


Goldberg picks Van Dam up and power bomb's him down. The referee counts but again Van Dam gets the shoulders up. Goldberg sends Van Dam hard into the corner and charges for a spear, but Van Dam quickly moves. Goldberg's momentum sends him shoulder-first into the steal turnbuckle. Van Dam sweeps Goldberg off his feet and jumps hitting a leg drop. With Goldberg down on the mat, he quickly gets to his feet, hits the ropes and smashes Goldberg with a rolling senton (Rolling Thunder) and makes the cover.

Tony: 1, 2--!

Goldberg breaks out with power, sending Van Dam flying into the air. Goldberg gets up, Furious and yells madly. Van Dam cockily returns the exchange with a middle finger. Goldberg charges and Van dam moves, Goldberg hits the opposite ropes and catches Van Dam with a hard clothesline. Berg picks RVD up whips him into the ropes catching him in a power slam. A suplex, a DDT, Berg works RVD over having the seaming advantage. Goldberg again tosses RVD into the ropes and spears him. COVER! Tony: 1, 2- no again Van Dam breaks out! Goldberg picks Van Dam up, preparing for a press slam, but instead of dropping him onto the mat, he walks forward and tosses RVD INTO the crowd! Tony: OH DEAR LORD!

Crowd: XPW! XPW! XPW! XPW! XPW!!!

Goldberg follows onto the outside, both men brawl fiercely in the crowd but Goldberg's punches overwhelm Van Dam. A fan hands RVD a chair and RVD quickly uses it, cracking Goldberg over the head. The big man stumbles back, RVD tosses Berg the chair, jumps and hits the Vam Daminator! Goldberg rolls down the stairs through the crowd and makes his way back over the guardrail.

Bobby: Goldberg's been busted open!

Tony: That he has! And you have to wonder how much that's going to come into play here.

Van Dam jumps atop the guardrail and catches Goldberg with a flying jumping kick. This sends the big man down. RVD grabs Berg and attempts to toss him into the steal steps but Goldberg Reverses and its RVD who tastes the steal. Goldberg charges and spears Van Dam, smashing the steal steps. Goldberg tosses RVD onto the announce table, hooks RVD into a power bomb, but RVD escapes, kicks Goldberg in the gut and delivers a DDT breaking the announce table!

Tony: And... our annouce table is gone... we'll try to continue to call the action folks, but our monitors are out. Both men are lying here knocked senseless!

Somehow, Goldberg makes it to his feet first, Van Dam struggles and also makes it to his feet. Both men fight back to the ring. Once inside, both men continue to brawl. Van Dam's fist don't seem to get the job done as the massive Goldberg's fist rock Van Dam again and again. RVD decides to change plans and after taking another fierce punch from Goldberg, he smashes his opponent with a hard crescent kick. Van Dam charges Goldberg but runs right into an atomic drop. Goldberg picks Van Dam and attempts to throw him to the opposite turn buckle but Van Dam counters attempting to toss Goldberg into the steal but the big man counters, this time placing a boot into the stomach of RVD and before tossing him towards the corner. Unfortunately for both men, the referee stands in the corner and is smashes by RVD's back. Before realizing the referee was there, Goldberg has already charged his opponent and spears both Van Dam and the referee in the corner.

A fan tosses a chair into the ring and then another fan tosses a chair into the ring and the another and then another. Van Dam picks up a chair, as does Goldberg. Berg charges swimming the chair but Van Dam ducks, drops his chair and jumps smashing the chair into Goldberg's face. Berg stumbles to the opposite corner and falls down, fresh blood covering his already bloodied face. Van Dam charges and drop kicks Goldberg in the corner. He picks up a chair and places He calls for a fan from ringside who quickly comes to assist him. Van Dam positions the chair and the fan holds it steady as RVD rushes to the opposite turn buckle.

Tony: Oh, he isn't going for-!

Bobby: He's going for the Van Terminator!

Van Dam puts his hands above his head and the crowd chants "R.V.D". Suddenly on the X-Tron:

"C'mon, ya know I gotcha. Yeah, break the walls DOWWWWWN!"

On the stage, with arms out at his side, a chair in one hand, stands CHRIS JERICHO!

Shavonie: "Bobby do you see who I see?! Thats Chris Jericho!!"

This distracts RVD, allowing Goldberg time to get up. RVD looks to see Goldberg is already up and jumps running right into-

Tony: SPEAR!!!!

Goldberg gives the sign that it's over, picks RVD and prepares for the Jackhammer!

Bobby: Good night Irena!

Tony: We're going to have a new champion! He's got him up!

RVD somehow flips out the back, Goldberg turns and Mr. Monday Night jumps smashing Goldberg with a kick to the face sending him down. He runs to the opposite corner. Jericho stands, pissed and yet amazed that RVD was able to get out of such a move. RVD goes up top and jumps FLYING and smashing Goldberg with the FIVE STAR FROG SPLASH!

Tony: 1, 2, 3! HE GOT HIM!

Bobby: RVD is still the champion; he now has a World Title shot, and could it be against that man up there?

Shavonie: You mean the man coming down the ring towards RVD?!

Chris Jericho slides into the ring without RVD seeing and SLAMS The Chair on his back and RVD falls to the mat. Jericho slams it on RVD's back once again, and puts him in the Walls of Jericho. Jericho lets off, and grabs his chair standing there with one foot on RVD as his music hits. Its then cut off by Shane Douglas' music, who is now standing on the stage staring at Chris Jericho, who stares back.

Shavonie: Folks I'm sorry but we are out of time! OH GOD Tune in next week because these three will go at it for the World Title!

With that said, XPW Shocker fades out...

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