Shocker-10/13-Las Vegas,NV

The XPW Shocker theme "Break Away" hits as the pyro shoots up out from the X-Tron in an "X" form. The crowd cheers and we can see their signs as the camera scans the whole crowd of exited fans! We head to ringside to Tony Shavonie and Bobby the Brain Heenan for commentary!

Shavonie: "Ladies and Gentalmen welcome to XPW Shocker! I am Tony Shavonie and alongside me is Bobby "The Brain" Heenan, and Brain, what a night we are going to have tonight! After a small break off, we are back and our Television Championship will be decided via tournament, which will get started TONIGHT and the champion will be crowned at our Pay Per View."

Brain: "Speaking of Pay Per Views, XPW OWNER Eric Bischoff is going to announce our upcoming Pay Per View tonight! And yes if you didn't hear me, I said OWNER Eric Bischoff!"

Schavonie: "That's right and folks since Shane McMahon basically abandoned XPW Eric Bischoff saw it as an oppertunity to..."

Brain: "Quiet Shavonie! Don't spoil it for the fans! Let Bischoff tell them later tonight. Because he will be out here later, and whatever it is he has to say is important!"

Shavonie: "Well, Let's get this night started off with our first match..its a Round 1 Match for the Television Championship!"

The X-Tron shows masks of Rey Mysterio, then all of a sudden pyros blast from the ramp and Rey Mysterio jumps out from the floor of the rampway underneath the X-Tron.

Lillian Garcia: "The Following is a Round one tournament match for the TV Title set for one fall! Making his way to the ring from San Diego California, weighing in at 175 pounds,REY MYSTERIO!!"

  He runs down to the ring high fiving fans.  Slides under the bottom rope and jumps up on the tunbuckle showboating for the fans.

We hear 'Cho..Cho..Chosen One' and Jeff Jarrett's music starts up as he walks to the ring with a guitar in his hand and a 'Slapnuts' tanktop on. As he walks down the ring, he continues to jaw with some of the fans at ringside before sliding into the ring and saying something to the referee.

Lillian Garcia: "In the ring, weighing in at 247 Pounds, from Memphis Tennesse, "Double J" Jeff Jarrett!

Jarrett walks over to the ropes and raises his guitar in the air with on foot on the bottom rope as a set of pyros go off behind him. The lights restore and both men stare each other down.

The bell rings and the two lock up. Rey gets in a few forearm shots and tries to send Jarrett into the corner but Jarrett reverses. Rey hits the buckle and Jarrett runs at him but Rey gets an elbow up. Jarrett favors his face and Rey runs at him and leaps up, hitting a spinning DDT. Rey goes for the quick win 1..kick out! Rey bounces off the ropes and then comes back and baseball slides the face of Jarrett. Rey tries for another win 1...kick out by Jarrett. Rey picks Jarrett up and Jarrett pokes Rey in his eyes. Jarrett lifts Rey up and drops him down on Jarrett's knee, Rey is in pain! Rey favors his stomach where he landed and Jarrett picks him up and tosses him against the corner. Jarrett starts to punch him over and over again but the crowd starts up a "Lets go ReyRey" chant and he battles back. Rey reverses and starts punching Jarrett but he just gets pushed backwards. Rey runs at Jarrett and Jarrett tosses Rey up behind him. Rey amazingly lands on the top turnbuckle and backflips knocking Jarrett down. Rey hooks the leg 1..2..kick out! Jarrett gets up staggering a bit and Rey dropkicks him down and he lands on the second rope. Rey shouts out "619!!!" and the crowd cheers as Rey comes over and nails the 6...1...9 to Jarrett! Rey calls for the West Coast pop and he leaps up on the ropes and slings off of them but Jarrett sees this and kicks Rey in the gut as he is coming down. Rey falls to the mat and Jarrett picks him up, going for The Stroke! Rey gives Jarrett a shot to the face with his elbow, and Rey bounces off the ropes and comes at Jarrett who catches Rey in a Wheel Barrall position but Rey counters into a bulldog! Rey pins Jarrett 1...2..kick out again! Jarrett is angry now and gets up with Rey punching him in the head, Jarrett pushes Rey against the ropes and catches him in a sleeper hold. Rey falls to the mat and is about to pass out as the ref lifts his arm once and it falls. he lifts his arm again and it falls. He lifts his arm again as the crowd starts to cheer for Rey Rey and it stays up! Mysterio gets up while Jarrett holds on and Mysterio elbows Jarrett in the head, and reverses it and jumps up on the back of Jarrett locking in his own Sleeper! Jarrett uses his strength though and tosses Rey over his shoulders over the top rope out to ringside. Jarrett goes out there and whips Rey against the steel post. The crowd boos and Jarrett starts to jaw with a fan booing him. This allows Rey to climb the apron, and leap off with a Flying Headscissors. Jarrett falls and the crowd starts to cheer for Rey as he taunts to them. Rey picks Jarrett up and gets a LOW BLOW from him! Jarrett whips Mysterio against the baracade and he crashes against it. Jarrett goes to the announce table and beside it sits his Guitar. He picks it up and the referee is yelling at him to STOP! Jarrett waits for Rey to get up and when he stands up CRASH!!! Jarrett slams the guitar over Mysterio's head and he falls KO'd to the protective mat. Jarrett grabs Rey Mysterio and rolls him into the ring, pinning him 1....2....3.

Lillian: "Here is your winner, Jeff..Jarrett!"

Jarrett celebrates his win as We Head backstage to see a limo pulling up. It comes to a stop and the chaufer opens the door and out steps Eric Bischoff! The crowd gives him a mixed reaction in the arena as he brushes off his jacket, tugs at it, and begins to walk into the arena as we head to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

We come back on the air live from Las Vegas, Nevada and "Back In Black" begins to play over the PA System as the crowd begins to boo. Easy E Eric Bischoff emerges from the entrance with a big smile on his face. He begins walking down the ramp blowing kisses out at the crowd and pointing to them in a cocky fashion.

Lillian: "Ladies and Gentalmen, please welcome the Owner of Xtreme Professional Wrestling, ERIC..BISCHOFF!"

He makes his way into the ring and snatches a microphone from Lillian Garcia, as his music dies down.

Eric Bischoff: " Shocker!"

The crowd cheers!

"XPW Is LIVE from the SLUT MACHINE...oh wait, I mean SLOT MACHINE capital so to speak!"

Bischoff laughs as the crowd in Las Vegas only boos.

"Oh come on now, show a little compasion..*smiling*..Now I would just like to get one thing clear now. Ever since Shane McMahon abandoned XPW last month as well as all those other times, I just couldn't let that stand. It is just not right that he would just leave like that and leave you fans hanging so much. So that is why I saw it in my power to bring back XPW!"

The Crowd cheers.

"This the RETURN OF XPW! *crowd pops*...That's right! I am back..and I am going to lead this federation BACK to the top just like it used to be. But without SHANE O'MAC! I'm going to show you all what REAL entertainment is all about..I'm going to put the "X" XPW ladies and gentalmen. Which brings something to surface that I was going to touch on. That "X" stands for Xtreme, and lets think about something. We have thos 3Xtreme Tag Team Titles, but everyone is too much of a baby to find an extra third partner to win the title or just go for the title with, and that certainly is NoT XTREME! Its sorry! That is why ladies and gentalmen, I am making those titles..vacant, and now are back to two-man Tag Titles. That means, New Blood, RVD, K-Kwik, quote Edge himself.."You SO totally don't have those titles anymore."

The crowd begins to boo as Eric Bischoff just smiles in the ring. He continues.

"The Tag Team Titles will be decided via Tournament, and the champions will be crowned at our upcoming Pay Per View November 10th, Regression. As well as our Television Champion will be crowned then...Now, moving on. Speaking of Xtreme, what kind of a "XTREME" Professional Wrestling World Champion is Hulk Hogan? I mean, damn he is old! That's why, we need a new Champion in my opinion. And since my opinion is all that matters, then we DO need a new Champion. That's why, with the powers that I have as President of XPW, I am STRIPPING Hulk Hogan of his Championship *boos* and the NEW Champion will be crowned NEXT WEEK right here on Shocker! *ass hole chant breaks out* Boo me, call me what you want, I REALLY DON'T CARE! I'm in charge, and I'm gonna do what I WANT!..."

Bischoff is cut off as "One of a Kind" hits and out walks RVD with the United States Championship slung over his shoulder and beside him is fellow New Blood member Edge! The crowd erupts with cheers as these two bright young stars walk down the ramp halfway and stop, and RVD seems to have a mic in hand, as he begins to speak.

RVD: "Dude, what are you talking about Hulk Hogan not being a good champion for XPW? Hogan is a great champion! *crowd pops* I can't stop you from stripping Hogan of the title, But if you are goin' to get a new Champion, and give someone that title shot, it should be me..R...V...D..yeah."

RVD hands the microphone to Edge, and he begins to speak.

Edge: "Hey Eric, I respect you and all, but you can't just insult one of the biggest legends of all, the HULKSTER! And what is the deal with you stripping us of the 3Xtreme Tag Team Titles? I mean..."

"Okay Okay I have had about enough of this, why don't you both shut up?! RVD you want to tell me what to do and what not to do? You want to be in a Title match so bad huh? Well how about you be in one..tonight!?"

The crowd pops big time for RVD and starts chanting his name!

"But it WON'T be for the World Title..*crowd boos*, its going to be for YOUR United States Championship. And tonight it will be against...GOLDBERG!"

Shavonie: "Goldberg!?!"

Brain: "Wow that's a big match! RVD and Goldberg!"

"That's right, tonight you defend your title against The Man himself, Goldberg. If you manage to somehow defeat Goldberg, You may get a shot at the World Title next week. And Edge, I do believe you have a Tag Team match with K-Kwik and by the way, where is he anyways?"

"He hasn't arrived yet, but don't worry, he will be here and we will totally beat our opponents."

"Alright, well for now, I think I'm done talking to you, so gone.."

With that said, Shane Douglas comes out with a chair in hand and knocks Edge over the head with it. He swings at RVD but RVD ducks it, Douglas turns around and RVD hits the VAN-DAMINATOR..with a swift kick to the chair. The crowd cheers as RVD looks up quickly at Bischoff who is shocked in the ring, as we head backstage to see K-Kwik opening the doors entering the arena. The camera follows him as he turns the corner and bumps into "Sick" Nick Mondo. Nick looks on at K-Kwik as he just continues to walk without saying anything. The camera focuses in on Mondo who is shaking his head at this as we go to commercial break.

Commercial Break

We come back from a commercial break and head backstage where Gene Okerlund is standing by with Steven Richards...

Gene Okerlund: "Folks I am standing here with the newest XPW Superstar, Steven Richards. Steven, you have requested an interview, so go at it."

Steven Richards: "You know something Mean Gene........people dont know who I am.....people don't know what I am capeable of.....people DON'T respect me!!!!! For I am Steven Richards!!!! A man who will change the future forever!! A Man who will make a impact here in XPW. You see I am the rightful owner of the name "King of Hardcore". I was busting my butt longer before any of these.."rookies" were.....I did it because I liked it! I did it because I can and I will!! You see I signed my contract with Mr. Bischoff last week...and it was a good contract. I have held many belts in all the feds I have been in. Mean don't get it do you?"

Gene gets a confused look on his face, and has no idea what Richards is talking about as Steven Richards continues on..

"I bet even YOU think I am crazy right now just because I know I am better than all these "rookies" here...but it is alright....SOON I will show each and every single peice of Non-Moral Fan and Wrestler.......that I am The Best.....I am here on a mission...a mission to bring Moralty and High Spirit....make this show the best darn show on network tv. So parents won't be afraid to watch our show and see some out of shape lady dressed in scandly clad clothes......won't be afraid to see someone bleeding all over the place...won't be afraid to see people getting hit with chairs and going through tables....I will make the change for all Moral Spirits...and I am gonna start very very SOON!!! Mean will be for everyone's OWN GOOD!!!!! "

Richards walks off as Gene has one last comment.

"There you have it ladies and gentalmen, Steven Richards is here in the XPW to..well you heard what he said! Back to you guys at ringside."

Shavonie: "Thanks Gene, well folks up next we have our first Tag Team Tournament Match, pitting Kronik versus Booker T and Shawn Michaels."

Brain: "This should be a decent match. Kronik are former XPW Tag Team Champions, and Booker T and Shawn Michaels have tagged before, in fact they were both in the same stable a few months back. Last time we saw these two together, they were fighting for the World Championship, in which Booker T won! Will they be able to coexist as a team?"

Shavonie: "I really don't think there is any thing between the two, its in the past, now they have this tournament for the Tag Team Championships to focus on."

Brain: "Yeah, well good for them."

The arena goes quiet then all of a sudden "CAN YOU DIG IT...SUCKA!? flashes on the X-Tron and BLASTS over the PA System! Booker T and Shawn Michaels walk out from the entrance to cheers from the crowd.

Lillian Garcia: "The following match is a First Round Match in the Tag Team Tournament set for ONE FALL! Making their way to the ring, first from Houston, Texas, Bookerrrr T! And his partner, from San Antonio, Texas, "HBK" Shawwwwnnnn MICHAELS!"

The crowd cheers more now as they make their way down the ramp. Booker T stops on the ramp as HBK looks on. Booker raises his arms and pillars of fire go straight up behind him. Booker gets a wide eyed look to him, and then walks down the aisle with HBK. Shawn Michaels goes up the steps and gets in the ring with Booker T going under the bottom rope into the ring. Booker goes to the turnbuckle and taunts as HBK spins around, does the lean, and pyros shoot up from behind him in the ring!

Shavonie: "Wow, what an impressive display of pyro!"

Brain: "Wow, what an impressive way to waist money!"

The arena goes dark, then we hear "KRONIK..kronik.." echoing through the PA System. Green lights begin to shine as the crowd gives a mixed reaction when Brian Adams and Bryan Clark walk out from the curtain.

"And their opponents, at a combined weight of 557 pounds, Brian Adams and Bryan Clark, KRONIK!"

They walk down the ramp raising their arms up high. They both get in the ring and go to he turnbuckles taunting as their music dies down.

The lights restore to regular and the bell sounds as Booker T and Bryan Clark are going to start this match off. They lock up, and Booker sends Clark into the ropes and Clark comes back to be hit with an elbow block from Booker. Clark gets up quickly and charges Booker T but gets knocked down once again with a punch. Clark gets up a third time but outsmarts Booker and blocks a punch, and punches Booker with his own right hand. Booker flies back and bounces off the ropes as Clark hits a back drop. Clark tags in Brian Adams and they are both in. They whip Booker into the ropes and when he comes back they get in a double hip toss. Adams goes for the pin 1..2..kick out by Booker! Adams gets down on Booker and starts punching him with lefts and rights. Adams lets off of him and then drags him by his arm over to the Kronik corner. Brian Adams taunts at Michaels which makes him want to get in. The ref makes him stay out which is a distraction while Bryan Clark chokes Booker on the bottom rope. The ref turns around and Clark gets on the apron and recieves a Tag. Adams holds Booker so Clark can get in a shot to Booker's gut. Bryan Clark body slams Booker to the mat and smiles in a cocky manner but the crowd boos. Clark gets down and pins Booker 1..2..kick out.

Brain: "Doesn't look like your HBK and Booker team are workin' very well as a Tag Team tonight now does it!"

Clark slowly picks up Booker, frustrated he looks out at the crowd who is only booing still. Then out of nowhere Booker elbows Clark in the gut once..twice..three times! Booker escapes from the hands of Clark and gives him a few lefts and rights. Booker bounces off the ropes and jumps up clotheslining Clark down. Both men are now down, and the ref starts to administer the 10-count. 1.....2.....they slowly start to move...4......5.....6.....They crawl towards their corner...8....9..TAG IN..TAG IN! HBK gets in, Brian Adams gets in, and they charge each other! HBK gets a few forearm shots in and grabs Adams by the hand to whip him against the ropes but Adams reverses and sends HBK to the ropes. HBK comes back with a cross body block taking Adams down. HBK gets up and sees Bryan Clark coming and tries to kick him but Clark grabs ahold of HBK's foot. HBK reverses into an enziguiri and Clark goes down! HBK picks Adams up and whips him into the corner. Booker T picks up Clark and whips him into the opposite corner. Bookerhips Clark, HBK whips Adams, directly into each other but they stop before impact..both turn around and HBK hits a Dropkick to Adams as he turns around and Booker hits a Sidekick to Clark! Booker gets out of the ring as HBK pins Adams 1..2...kick out!

Shawn Michaels picks Adams up and kicks him in the gut, and plants him with a DDT. HBK goes for the win again 1..2...kick out! HBK goes over and Tags Booker T in and Booker picks up Adams and whips him into Book's corner. He clotheslines Adams with impact in the corner. Adams stumbles away, and Booker T nails a spinning heel kick knocking the big man down. Bryan Clark gets in the ring and clothesline Booker down from behind and the ref tells him to get out! HE doesnt listen but HBK gets in the ring and surprisingly hits SWEET CHIN MUSIC to Bryan Clark knocking him backwards over the top rope to ringside!!! HBK gets out of the ring and picks Clark up, and whips him into the baracade as he crashes against it. Meanwhile back in the ring Booker T gets up and finds himself in a bit of trouble as Brian Adams is right behind him and when Booker Turns around he gets a Big BIG BOOT! Adams picks Booker up and lifts him up over his head and drops Booker down on his own chest! Booker holds his chest in pain as Adams smiles, and pins him 1...2...kick out!

Shavonie: "What a match!"

Adams, now frusterated, goes to ringside and grabs a steel chair. He brings it into the ring and the referee tells him to put it away but he doesn't listen. Booker T gets up and Adams swings but Booker moves, kicks Adams in the gut, and connects with the Scissors Kick! At ringside, Clark has regained control and tosses HBK over the baracade. He enters the ring as Booker is going for the win 1...2..break up by Bryan Clark! Clark helps Adams up, and positions the chair in the middle of the ring. They grab Booker, and both snag him by the throat.

Brain: "Booker T is going for some HIGH TIME!"

Shavonie: "On a steel chair!"

Kronik lift Booker up by his throat and DOWN He goes onto the steel chair with HIGH TIME! Adams lies down on Booker for the pin 1...2...NO! HBK LEAPS OFF THE TOP BUCKLE AND BREAKS UP THE COUNT WITH AN ELBOW DROP!!! Clark picks HBK up, and sets him up for the Pumphandle Suplex, but HBK wiggles out of it and takes Clark down with a DDT. Adams charges HBK, and HBK uses his speed to move out of the way, grab onto the bent chair, and when Adams turns towards HBK he gets it in the gut! HBK goes to his corner and yells at Booker to hurry and make the tag! Booker slowly crawls but Adams makes the tag to Clark first and He pulls Booker away from his corner. Bryan Clark grabs Booker and has him standing, and somehow Booker gets enough strength to hit a hook kick to the face of Clark! Booker tags in HBK and he climbs to the top rope. HBK flies off with a cross body on Bryan Clark, and Adams enters the ring but Booker cuts him off with a spinebuster! HBK lines Clark up, and hits SWEET CHIN MUSIC! HBK pins Bryan Clark 1.....2.....3!!!

Lillian: "Here are your winners, Booker T and Shawnnn MICHAELS!"

HBK's music hits as both men celebrate. HBK tells Booker to do the Spin-A-Rooni, and he does! The crowd goes crazy as the music switches to Booker's! They go up the ramp as we head backstage.

Gene Okerlund is standing by with The New Blood in the Interview Section.

Gene Okerlund: "Well, here I am standing with the New blood of XPW. Edge, K-Kwik, and the United States Champion Rob..Van..Dam! K-Kwik and Edge have been entered in the Tag Championship Tournament and good luck to them."

"Rob, you are in tonights main event with da man Goldberg. How does that make you feel?"

RVD: "Well, Gene, bro, the way I see it is Goldberg aint got nothing on the Whole Dam Show. I mean Im R..V..D, yeah! Tonight in the main even and in the tag tournamentNew Blood is goign to show this company why they're the top players in the game."

K-Kwik: "Yah Dawg, Robs got it all figured out, see, New Blood will win the Tag gold, and RVD is going to kick the snot out of Goldberg. Now Kane and hurricane, the New Blood is goign to have to lay an ass beating on you boys. Nothing personal but we got to get the job done."

Edge: "Yah, all those Edge Heads out there chanting New Blood..New Blood..New Blood (A New Blood chant starts in the crowd) Thats just going to get us pumped up enough to beat you even more than we are going to have to."

Gene Okerlund: "Well the best of luck to all three of you...

Just then Nick Mondo passes by, and gives K-Kwik a rather angry look. He continues walking, as the New Blood and Gene are silently wondering what that was all about.

Brain: "Its Nick Mondo! Do you think he is angry because K-Kwik bumped him earlier?"

Shavonie: "That could be the case, Mondo doesn't look too happy with Kwik. Folks, stay tuned we wil be right back!"

Commercial Break

As we come back from commercial break we are treated with 10 beautiful women dancing on the XPW Stage.

Shavonie: "Well welcome back folks and if you are wondering who these fine lookin' ladies are its all thanks to Bischoff's dream of bringing out the "X" in XPW. As we have here the Xtreme Chix."

Brain: "Wow, I sure enjoy this. HAHA WWE! I bet Jerry Lawler would LOVE to be here tonight, too bad he works for the wrong company!"

Shavonie: "I bet you're right."

Brain: "Look there are ten of them, -X- is equal to ten in roman numerals did you know that Shavonie?"

Shavonie: "Yes I did Brain..yes I did."

Brain: "Sure ya did..wait a second!"

Steven Richards comes out demanding these ladies cover up! He has a mic in hand and starts to speak.

Steven Richards: "STOP THIS RIGHT NOW!!! What is all of this?! I want this to be a family show and this is just not going to be a family show if we have these women dancing around HALF NAKED!"

The crowd certainly isn't on Richards side as they boo like hell and start an ASS HOLE! Chant..Then "Never Gonna Stop" Hits the PA System and the crowd gets on their feet as Edge comes out. He has a mic in hand and speaks.

Edge: "Hey, Stevie, what in the world are you doing? I mean, c'mon this is NOT A family show already, regardless if we have these LOVELYYYYYYYY WOMEN! *crowd pops* Because we are EXTREME, so TOTALLY need to back of, and let these fans enjoy the show, and let the ladies do best of what they know."

"Oh is that right? Well Edge, rest assured what I'm about to do will be for your own goo..."

Richards doesn't even finish his sentence and hits Edge over the head with a microphone as the crowd boos and the Xtreme Chix step back and scream. Richards raises his arms in the air and walks backstage as we go to a commercial break.

Commercial Break

We come back from the Commercial and are by the ring ready for our next match.

Lillian Garcia: "The following contest is a non-title match scheduled for one fall! First, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 245 lbs, "The Franchise" Shane Douglas!"

The lights in the arena fade to black as the crowd waits in anticipation. Then blue lights flood the arena and flicker in the ring and on the ramp as Perfect Strangers by Deep Purple begins to play along with a tron video, fans begin to boo loudly as Shane Douglas walk out with a cocky grin on his face. He jaws with a few fans before slowly pacing around the outside of the ring. He finally enters the ring and waits on his opponent.

Lillian:"And his opponent, from Tampa Bay, Florida, weighing in at 275 pounds, he is the XPW World Champion, 'Hollywood' Hulk Hogan!"

Hollywood Hulk Hogan's music begins to play and he comes out on the stage playing his air guitar and the fans erupt with cheers! He slowly makes his way down to the ring, listening to the fans cheer. He gets to the ring steps and begins bowing to the fans in the front row, then walks up the steps and gets in the ring. Hogan begins doing his hand taunt listening to the fans, and finally rips off his Hulkamania t-shirt as the fans cheer even more! The bell sounds meaning the match is now underway. Hogan and Franchise circle each other around the ring, trying to get the right position. Finally, they lock up in the centre of the ring and Franchise muscles Hogan into the corner. Franchise backs off and Hogan gets back to his feet. They lock up again but this time Hogan muscles Fanchise into the corner and he starts throwing lefts and rights to The Franchise's face. Hogan backs up and takes a run at the Franchise but he moves out of the way and Hogan hits the turnbuckle. Franchise picks Hogan up and delivers a Suplex to the mat. Franchise picks Hogan up and Bodyslams him down and then he comes off the ropes and hits an Elbow Drop on Hogan and goes for a quick cover..1..2..and Hogan kicks out easily. Franchise picks up Hogan and is stting him up for a Piledriver but Hogan slides out of it and sends Franchise off the ropes and then takes him down with a Clothesline. Hogan picks Franchise up and attempts a Gorilla Press Slam but Franchise counters and delivers a Back Breaker to Hogan! Hogan is in pain from that move as Franchise puts his knee on the back of Hogan applying pressure so cause more pain. Franchise is holding Hogan's arms back as he applies the knee to the back. Hogan's slowly regaining strength though as he elbows Franchise in the gut a couple of times. Hogan's beginning to hulk up and he sends Franchise off the ropes but Franchise hits a knee to the gut of Hogan to stop the momentum. Franchise takes Hogan down with a Clothesline and then he sends Hogan into the turnbuckle. Franchise begins delivering hard chops to the chest of Hogan and then he mounts Hogan and begins to hit 10 punches on Hogan. On the final one, Hogan counters with a Powerbomb in mid-air.

Shavonie: "Great counter by Hogan!"

Both men are down trying to regain strangth to continue. The referee begins the 10 count as both men struggle to make it to their feet. Both men make it up at the same time. Hogan sends Franchise off the ropes and he hits a Back Body Drop. Now, Hogan picks Franchise up and Suplexes him to the mat. Hogan sends Franchise off the ropes again and locks in a Sleeper hold to Franchise. Franchise manages to counter it into a Sleeper of his own. Hogan counters it and atempts to whip Franchise off the rope but he gets knocked into the referee. The ref gets knocked out of the ring and meanwhile inside the ring, Hogan is hulking up.

Brain: "Oh god I hate it when he does this..."

Shavonie: "Why's that?"

Brain: "Its so...wrestling.."

Shavonie: "Huh?"

Franchise punches him but it has no effect. He tries another punch and still nothing. Franchise tries one more and Hogan just points at Franchise as he has a stunned look on his face. Hogan sends Franchise off the ropes and hits a Big Boot. Hogan comes off the ropes and hits the Running Leg Drop and goes for the cover but there is no referee. The fans count to 3 but it doesn't matter because the ref is still on the outside. Hogan puts his head through the ropes to check on the referee but Franchise gets up and hits a Low Blow to Hogan from behind. Shane now reaches down into his boot and he pulls out a pair of brass knuckles. Franchise nails Hogan with the knucks and Hogan is now busted open just over his right eye.

Shavonie: " god."

Franchise sees the ref getting to his feet so he helps him back in the ring. Franchise now goes over to the bloodied Hogan and picks him up and delivers a Franchiser! Franchise covers Hogan

Brain: "1..2...3! The Franchise has won this! And Hulk Hogan is DEAD!"

Shavonie: "That's not funny, he could be really hurt Bobby."

Shane Douglas insists to be handed a microphone and he gets on it ready to speak.

Shane Douglas: "EVERYBODY LISTEN TO ME! What you have just witnessed here, is the disposal of a Legend, a Former World Champion. All take a good look at Hogan, see him bleeding. Soon, it will be anyone and everyone that crosses me..and its going to be all done by a FRANCHISE! To be more specific, this damned Federation's Franchise..THE XP F'N W FRANCHISE..SHANE DOUGLAS!"

Shane Douglas tosses the mic down on Hogan as the medics rush down to assist him as he is still bleeding from above his eye. Douglas picks up the Brass Knucks and slips them into his tights and walks up the ramp as we go to a commercial break.

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