Shocker-August 26,2002

The show comes back on the air as we see Hurricane, Kidman with Torrie and Rey Mysterio holding his Cruisreweight title, talking to Shane..more like yelling.

Rey: Yo man that ain't right what they did, they came in and attacked for no reason. And yo Billy I had no idea Jushin Liger interfered I'm sorry it had to go like that.

Kidman: Its okay I know you didnt see him, but we will face another day in another time. But now I'm irate! I can't beleive Jushin would do that, all out of jealousy because I try to do the Shooting Star Press. Shane do something about this!

Rey: Hey you do it alot better then he does.

Hurricane: Hold on now, its great to be here in XPW and I just want to say that I want in on that action that they get Shane O'. Give me one of those punks I will go HurriCrazy on them!

Shane: Okay calm down everyone, here, how about this. Next week on Shocker it will be hmm..Billy Kidman versus Jushin Liger, there ya go.

Kidman: Thankyou Shane, let's go Torrie.

Kidman and Torrie walk out of camera view holding hands.

Shane: Hurricane and Rey, lets see, Hurricane how about we put you against Chavo Guerrero? And Rey, what about Nick Mondo?

Rey: Aight I'm down with that holmes.

Hurricane: Super idea Shane. (thumbs up)

Rey: Wait, will I be defending my title?

Shane: I will let you think about it, if you want to sure why not. But you two, go do whatever, and Rey think about it and let me know okay?

They thank Shane and Hurricane gives thumbs up and shakes Shane's hand before 'flying' off out of view in a WOOOOSH! Rey looks in confussion at Shane as Hurricane does that.

Rey: Yo Shane, Whats up Wit Dat?

Shane: Heh, don't ask me.

We head back to the ring, for our Eight Man Tag Match.

Lillian Garcia: This match is scheduled for one fall and is the eight man tag team match up! The winners of the match will face one another next week in an elimination style match up! Introducing first, the team of Justin Credible, Shawn Michaels, HHH and Chris Jericho! All four men walk to the ring and quickly enter

Lillian Garcia: Their opponents, Raven, Booker T, The Undertaker and Chris Benoit

They enter the ring and The bell rings and all men go out at, Benoit locking up with Jericho, Credible locking up with Raven, Triple H locking up with Booker T., Michaels locking up with the Undertaker. Michaels jumps, lunges and smashes taker with an elbow. Undertaker goes back-first over the ropes. Michaels to-pais over the ropes right onto him sending him down.

Tony: I think Michaels may have hurt himself just as bad as he hurt the Undertaker that time.

A fan tosses a chair into the ring. Credible grabs it and bashes Raven who rolls out of the ring. Credible follows suit and once outside he smashes Raven again, sending him down. He tosses the chair and picks him up then tosses him right into the steal guardrail. Credible takes a running start but Raven gets his feet up stunning credible. Both men begin to brawl on the outside, through the crowd and into the backstage area!

Meanwhile in the ring, Jericho and Benoit exchange chop after chop. Jericho tries a middle kick, but Benoit catches it, turn Jericho around and suplexes him right on his neck! Benoit goes out, under the ring and grabs a LADDER! Triple H turns his attention from Booker and charges but Benoit smashed him with the ladder right back a waiting Booker T. who gives Triple H the Book End! The refree counts Triple H bairly manages to kick out! Jericho drop kicks the ladder into Benoit and sends him over the ropes onto the outside, ladder still in hand. Jericho follows and sets up the ladder on the outside. He picks Benoit up but Benoit fights back and both men begin to brawl! SMACK! Raven and Justin Credible re-appear, Justin Credible smashes Raven again and again with a kendo stick. Blood runs down the head of Raven.

Tony: Oh my!

>Bobby: There right on our annouce table!

Inside the ring Booker T. continues to dish out damage to Triple H in the corner. Booker delivers a chop to Triple H but The Game has had enough. He reverses, tossing Booker into the corner and punches him. Triple H tosses Booker to the corner and follows with a clothsline. Booker stumbles out of the corner and Triple H grabs the leg of Booker, taking him down. He mounts Booker and chokes him, the refree tries to get him to break it.

Cut outside of the ring, Jericho lays on the annouce table, Benoit is up atop the ladder, he jumps and dives right onto Jericho breaking the table!

Meanwhile in the ring, Triple H hooks Booker into the pedigree and smashes his face to the mat.|

Tony: 1, 2, 3-

Bobby: NO! NO! NO! NO! Booker kicked out!

Undertaker comes into the ring ring and smashes Triple to with a chair. Triple H rolls out of the ring. Undertaker looks to the crowd, puts his hands up and runs, jumping over the ropes RIGHT ONTO Triple H!

Tony: OH MY GOD! That's 300 PLUS POUNDS!!!

Shawn Michaels comes back into the ring and STOMPS the mat, the crowd goes wild. Booker slowly makes it to his feet, Michaels charges and connects with the Sweet Chin Music. Spit flies from the mouth of Booker as he goes down in a heap. Michaels covers and grabs the leg. The refree counts, and the crowd counts along with him.

Crowd: 1.2.3!!!

The bell rings!

Lillian Garcia: The winners of the match, Justin Credible, Shawn Michaels, HHH and Chris Jericho!

Tony: What a match up! What determination! What guts and persaverance these four men have all shown! Triple H enters the ring and walks to Shawn, pushing him.

Tony: What's this?

The camera gets in close so we can hear what both men are saying

Triple H: What the #### were you doing?! I had Booker beaten!

Shawn: He kicked out of your pin and you decided to brawl with the Undertaker! So I finished the job that YOU couldn't.

Michaels pokes his finger into the chest of Triple H Triple H shoves Shawn, he shoves back and Triple H punches Shawn. Fists begin to fly! Justin Credible tries to break both men up but Triple H punches him, sending him down. Credible quickly gets to his feet and walks towrds Michaels and Triple H, ready to beat to fight but Jericho tries to hold him back. Credible slaps Jericho and then both men begin to go at it

Tony: My god! We've got a war!

Bobby: These guys are gonna go at it next week!

Tony: But it doesn't look like their gonna wait till next week!

The shoe comes back on and we see Mike Tenay standing by with XPW World Champion Hollywood Hulk Hogan!

Mike Tenay: Well I am honored to be here with the XPW Champion, Hollywood Hulk Hogan. Hulk Hogan this Monday you finally get the match against Goldberg, this man ever since he won the Breakdown Brawl demanded the match against you but before that match could happen low ratings caused the XPW to take a hiatus. Now since the XPW has returned to action you and Goldberg finally get to settle the score between you both. Now please Hulkster give us you're reaction to you're first match back to the XPW.

Hogan: Well you know something brotha! Goldberg is the biggest chump I have ever seen he has not even made any comments about our match on Monday. You see Goldberg the difference between you and I is this I have been a World Champion over 12 times in my career and you have been a champion three or four times. You see I have done been in this business for over 25 years I have seen all of the flash in the pan wrestlers come and go and all of them have been more talented than you have been. This Monday night on Shocker Bill I will show everyone in the back and all of the XPW fans how low card you really are brother and Hulkamania will still run wild with the XPW World Championship.

Mike Tenay: Now I would like to talk to you about three men who made an impact against you a few days ago. Christian, Lance Storm and Test The Anti-Americans. These men Lance Storm in particular challenged you openly for a shot at the XPW Championship and we already heard you're response but they have not said anything since. Do you think they are having second thoughts about the situation?

Hogan: Well The Anti-Americans are just being the cowards that they know they are. You see Lance, Christian and Test do not have what it takes to take Hulkamania and ruin it like what they are doing to this country. I am hoping that Shane McMahon signs me against any one of those Canadian fools so Hulkamania and America can truely run wild on all three of them.

Mike Tenay: Well Kurt Angle who has also had problems with The Anti-Americans is starting off on you, Shane and you're opponent at Shocker. Angle hates the facts that Goldberg has the shot at you.

Hogan: Kurt Angle do not blame Shane McMahon for giving Goldberg the shot I am the man who signed the deal. Kurt you may be a Olympic Champion but brotha you are not worth me facing in the ring. I have beaten you so many times in the WWE that it was just sad, so Angle just wait you're turn and I will beat you in due time.

Mike Tenay: Ok finally I have to ask you about the comments from Rob Van Dam in a promo he cut earlier this week. He said that you even have to admit that you can't beat "The Whole Dam Show" Rob Van Dam. Would you like to say anything to RVD?

Hogan: Well Edge, Rob Van Dam and K-Kwik are the "New Blood" and I know that they are the future and one day Edge who is my biggest fan will be the man who will recieve the torch that I pass to him. I know that he will carry the "Hulkamania" banner proudly when I am ready to hang up my red and yellow. But RVD brotha you can talk the talk but until you can step into this ring with me and prove it that is all that you are doing talking. Rob Van Dam you are the XPW US Champion and I am going to challenge you to a friendly match to see out of the two major champions of the XPW who is the best.

Mike Tenay: Well do you have any final comments to the people watching at home?


Tony Shavonie: That match is next!

With that said, XPW Heads to a commercial break.

The Show comes back from commercial, as "Goldbergs theme" hits over the PA. He walks out through the gold sparks as they fly into the air. He does some taunts to cannons in the background, as he walks down the aisle.

Lillian Garcia: Making his way to the ring.....he is the challenger....GOLDBERRRRGGGGGG!!!

He rolls in the ring and stands up as "VooDoo" child hits over the PA as the fans erupt into cheers, and "Hogan" chants. After a couple of second Hulk Hogan walks onto the stage with his XPW World Title strapped around his waist.

Lillian Garcia: And his opponent! Weighing in at a 302 pounds, from Venice Beach, California, he is the XPW Heavyweight Champion...."HollyWood" Hulk HOOOGGAAANNNN!!!!

He walks down the aisle as he gets in the ring, he then rips off his Hulkamania shirt and throws it into the crowd before circling the ring.

The two circle the ring for a while as Goldberg and Hogan run at each other...they then lock horns and Goldberg with his power pushes Hogan into the turnbuckle. Goldberg backs up and Hogan walks to him, and Hogan raises his hand for a test of mercy! Goldberg raises his hand and Hogan lands a shot to gut. Hogan the locks him up and drops the DDT! Hogan stands up, as does goldberg. Hulk runs at him and nails a huge clothesline stumbling Goldberg back, then Hogan lands another one, making Goldberg bounce against the ropes, Hogan runs at him again and nails a huge flying clothesline takes Goldberg down!!

Bobby Hennan: Wow! Hulk with a flying clothesline?!

Both men struggle to get up as Hogan does first. Goldberg then gets to a knee and Hogan lands punches to the head. Goldbergs head bounces back after every hard hit, Hogan then lan ds another huge one as Goldberg gets to his feet, Hogan walks back and Goldberg, measures him with a spear!!

Tony Schavonie: OUCH!!

Goldberg gets up and calls for a jackhammer as he picks up Hogan to his feet. He puts Hogans arm over his head, and picks up Hogan, Hogan then drops down and lands on his feet and starts nailing hard rights!! Hogan then nails a hard right and Goldberg falls out of the ring. Hogan climbs out and walks to the announcers table. He picks up Bobby Hennan and takes his chair.

Bobby Hennan: HEY! I need that!

Hogan takes the chair over to Goldberg and lifts the chair...he then slams it on goldbergs back! Goldberg screams out in pain. Goldberg, struggling gets to his feet, Hogan goes to nail him in the head but Goldberg boots the chair into Hogans face, as hogan drops the chair. Goldberg picks it up and Hogan turns around into a chair shot to the head!! Goldberg then goes under the ring and pulls out a table! He slides it in the ring then grabs a ladder from under the ring, and he slided it in. Goldberg picks up a knocked out Hogan and rolls him in the ring. Goldberg slides in and goes for a cover. One...Two...Thr- NO KICKOUT!!


Goldberg picks up the table and sets it up. He then puts it over by the turnbuckle, and puts the ladder in the middle of the ring, leaving about 8 feet from the ladder to the table. Hogan gets up and goldberg nails a right hand in. Goldberg then takes him to the other side of the ladder so Goldberg is on one side and Hogan is on the other. Goldberg drags him up the ladder to the top. He then hooks him and goes for a suplex but Hogan hulks up and nails a right hand into Goldberg, and another, and another making goldberg fall and stumble over onto the table , with Hogan on the top of the ladder and goldberg laying on the table!!

Tony: He wouldn't do it!!!

Bobby: I dont think so either TONY!!

Hogan then takes a few steps down on the ladder, and the fans begin to cheer! Hogan soars off the ladder onto goldberg with a huge LEG DROP THROUGH THE TABLE!!!!

Tony: As god as my witness, Goldberg is dead!

Bobby: No no, that dinosaur Hogan is dead to!

Hogan puts an arm on goldberg as the ref counts....One......Two.......Three!!

Tony: Hogan Did It!

But just then here come Lance Storm, Test and Christian attacking Hogan! Storm and Christian grab two steel chairs while Test holds Hogan and they hit a con-chair-to to Hogan! Storm gets down in Hogans face and starts jawing with him, then he locks in the Canadian Maple Leaf! Referees rush to the ring to help but then here comes RVD, K-Kwik and Edge rushing in as well! They slide in and RVD grabs a chair and takes down Christian! Edge spears Storm and K-Kwik picks up a chair and swings it at Test but doesn't hit him because Test got out of the ring. The scene fades to commercial as all three men of New Blood go to help Hogan.

The scene opens backstage as Torrie Wilson stands infront of the camera next to Gene Okerlund.

"Mean" Gene Okerlund: Torrie, There is something you wanted to say?

Torrie Wilson: Yes there is Gene. Stacy, congratulations on your Womens Title win, however, I would be honored if I could get a shot at that title, and possibly win it from you. I would hope that you accept, because I would love to face you. That is all Gene.

"Mean" Gene Okerlund: Alright Torrie, thankyou.

The scene cuts to the hallway where we see Chavo, Eddie Guerrero and Kurt Angle standing preparing for their match.

Eddie: Yo we gonna do good tonight vatos, we have to essa!

Chavo: Oh we're gonna dominate tonight, we're gonna take out the New Blood AND the Anti Americans.

Kurt: Yo yo, you are right.."Dogs". Tonight we will "put it down" on their "punk asses". Oh its true.

Eddie and Chavo looks at each other confused, then shrug it off.

Eddie: You know, the New Blood just got here and I already am sick of them holmes.

Chavo: They are sickening.

Eddie: Oooh Edge, what a beautiful smile he has! With that chica Stacy Keibler ooooh what long legs she has! Then you got Rob Van Dam...he calls himself Mr. Monday night yo this show isn't anything unless I'm on it essa!

Chavo: Yeah me too bro! Don't forget me!

Eddie: Right vato, and then you got..

Kurt: K-Kwik,

Chavo: You mean So-Slow.

Kurt: Who does that guy think he is rapping? This is not "BET" this is XPW. I can rap too you know.

Chavo: Is that right?

Kurt: Oh yeah.

Chavo: Let's see.

Kurt: Tonight on Shocker you know what I'm going to do? I'll break everyones freakin ankles oh its true!

Eddie: Odele Kurt you tell em vato.

Eddie rolls his eyes towards Chavo.

Chavo: wait you sa break everyones ankles? That don't mean us does it?

Kurt: Hey, I told "Shane O'Mac" that I didn't want to be in this match, so its on his head if I do too much damage tonight. I will do whatever I want, cause I'm an olympic gold medalist. Woo!

As Chavo and Eddie look at each other with angry looks on their faces, Christian, Lance Storm and Test walk up.

Lance: If I could be serious for a minute, its obvious you are overlooking us. But why? Is it because you know that there is no way you can defeat us? And by not mentioning our name you think that we won't be as aggressive on you?

Test: That's a load of crap and you know it! HAHAHA! You will see tonight punks that we will do whatever it takes to win those titles, even if it means taking out everyone's Olympic Hero Kurt Angle.

Christian: Just like we did Hulk Hogan, you too will be taken out, and it will not be pretty in the end.

The "Anti Americans" walk out of the scene as the three others stand there with intense looks on their faces.

Tony Shavonie: Well ladies and gentalmen, its time for our main event to crown the first ever 3Xtreme Tag Team Champions!

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is an Elimination 9 man tag team match! When a memeber of a team is pinned that team is eliminated. First, introducing the team of K-Kwik, Edge and Rob Van Dam! The NEW BLOOD!!! The Arena goes black. An air raid siren blares over the Arena's PA as red search light pan over the crowd. The words "NEW BLOOD......ARE YOU READY?", Flash across the Bruisertron. Suddenly the Siren stops, CUT MY LIFE INTO PIECES, THIS IS MY LAST RESORT... The opening words of Papa Roach's "Last Resort" blare over the speakers. Suddenly the music stops and static blares over the speakers. New music blares over the PA as "Fight Music" By Eminem and D-12 fill the arena. A blast of red pyro goes off, as the sparks bathe the ramp, and The NEW BLOOD appear at the top of the ramp. Edge on the right side of the ramp stares into the crowed getting roars form the crowed. K-Kwik on the left side is telling the crowed to get louder while RVD is in the center pointing to himself making the R....V....D signal. Dawn Marie walks to the side of Edge. Both embrace and hold their hands high. The group starts to make there way down to the ring, As they reach the Apron K-Kwik jumps on to the ring and opens the rope for Dawn. She slowly slides through the ropes, making sure the crowd gets just a peak of her valupouse ass. K-Kwik, RVD and Edge enter the ring they all go to a turnbuckle and climb and start to taunt to the fans, and the crowed starts to Erupted with cheers.

Lillian Garcia: Their opponents, Christian, Lance Storm and Test! The Anti-Americans!

The Anti-Americans' music begins to play as Christian, Storm and test make their way to the ring wearing their Anti-American shirts with the upside down flag on. The crowd boo them loudly as Storm and Christian get into the ring and Test waves his flag and begins to jaw with someone in the crowd. Finally, the big man steps into the ring. Immediatly, the trash talking between the anti-Americans and the New Blood begins.

lillian Garcia: Their opponents, Kurt Angle, Eddie Geurrero and Chavo Geurrero Jr.!

"Medal" hits as the trio make their way to the ring. Chavo holds his toy horse, Pepé close before sticking it under his legs and moving ahead of the group, riding it to the ring. Eddie and Angle look at each other, then shrug their shoulders and continue their walk to the ring. Chavo puts Pepé on the annouce table and tells Tony to take "good care of his friend." Tony replies that he will and Chavo rolls under the ropes. Angle and Eddie follow suite.

Bobby: Tony, you better take good care of Chavo's friend their.

Tony: Well... in any case, it seems that their trying to figure out who's going to begin this match up. All it takes is one team member to be pinned and the entire team is eliminated from the match-up.

Bobby: My money is on the Anti-Americans'. With Test, Storm and Christian, those guys have the best combination in the world.

Tony: I can't believe you brain, these guys are against everything this great country stands for and yet you'd bet for them!

Bobby: Your damn right, I'm gonna bet wherever I can make the most money.

Tony: You truly are a weasel.

Bobby: Thank you.

The bell rings. K-kwik and Lance Storm enter for their respective teams. Both men lock up in the center of the ring, Storm quickly breaks it with a boot to the stomach and follows up with an irish whip. He lunges and catches Kwik with a drop kick. Storm picks up Kwick and suplex him hard to the mat. Kwik tips back to his feet and charges Storm but Storm couters with two armdrags and a dropkick. K-Kwik gets to his feet, Storm attempts a clothsline but Kwik split-ducks and counters with a hard punch sending Storm down. Storm gets to his feet but Kwik puts him down again with a clothsline and follows up with an elbow. He grabs Storm and whips him into the ropes but he counters with rana. Kwik slugges it out with Storm, then in the ring Kwik charges Storm who ducks and sends Kwik flying over the ropes. Edge jumps into action and hits a nasty spear on Lance Storm. He picks Storm up and goes hits an Empalor and makes the cover, 1, 2-

Tony: Broken up by Rob Van Dam!

Edge rolls out of the ring and RVD hits a series of kicks to Storm, both men duke it out. Lance hits a stiff shot on RVD, hops back and hits a STIFF Super Kick sending Van Dam down. Storm grabs Van Dam by his pony tail and takes him to the corner of the anti-Americans. He tags Christian. Both Storm and Christian double-suplex RVD and put the boots to him. The refree tries to get Storm to go back to his corner, and Storm finally abliges. Christian tosses RVD into the opposite corner and charges but RVD moves and Christian smacks the turnbuckle hard. Dawn Marie slides a chair in, Rob takes it swings the chair at Christian who ducks and kicks Van Dam in the gut. Rob drops the chair and Christian DDT's him right on the chair! Van Dam rolls out of the ring out of the ring and Chavo Geurrero quickly jumps into action. Both men lock up, a series of standing switches and clothsline misses take place before Christian kicks Chavo right in the balls! Chavo stumbles and is picked up by Christian and dropped right on his head. Christian tags test who tosses Chavo into the corner and hits a stiff clothsline. Chavo falls to the ground, back against the turnbuckle and Test unloads with a series of hard mudstomping kicks. He picks Chavo up but Chavo slips out and hits his own kick to the groaing. Chavo picks up the chair (which is still in the ring) and SMASHES test in the head with a hard shot! Test flies over the top rope out of the ring and K-kwik jumps into take his place. Chavo hits a springboard bodypress, then a double underhook suplex, holding on with the a double underhook clutch. Chavo is on fire! He hits a suplex and goes for the pin but only gets two!

Tony: My, what a match!

Chavo whips Kwik to his teams turnbuckle and tags in Kurt Angle. Angle comes in and unloads with hard rights on Kwik. He hooks Kwik and hits double-underhook suplex. Angle chops away at Kwik in the corner and then grabes a knuckle lock and headbuttees Kwik again and again. Angel whips Kwik into the opposite corner and rushes him but Kwik meets the other corner with a tip up and hits a hurracarana on Angle. Kwik crawls to his corner but Angle snaps on the Ankel lock! Kwik screams in pain, trying to make it to his corner! Finally, Kwik stands up and smashes Angle with an ensaguri! He crawls to the corner and TAGS Edge who unloads on Angle, Eddie, Test Storm and Christian! Chavo comes from behind with Pepé and swings at Edge but he ducks and Edge hits a spear! 1, 2-! No! Eddie breaks it up! Chavo rolls out of the ring and Test comes and attempts a big boot but Edge ducks, kick to the gut and hits the Impailer! 1, 2, 3!!!!

Lillian Garcia: The Anti-Americans have been eliminated!

Chavo stands behind Edge with Pepé. Edge turns around and BANG! Tony: 1, 2- No! Broken up by Eddie Geurrero!

Chavo and Eddie dismantel Edge, taking shot after shot with the metal Pepé. Finally, Chavo leaves and Eddie moves in with vicious punches and kicks. He jaws with the crowd and goes to pick Edge up, but Edge fights back clothlines Eddie down! A tag to Rob Van Dam! The action goes crazy, every man is in the ring. RVD tosses a chair to Kurt Angle who grabs it and for his trouble receives the VAN DAMINATOR! RVD covers!

Tony: 1, 2, 3!!!!

Bobby: The new bloods have beaten-- who in the hell?! Besides, who the hell was legal in this match anyway? The refree should do his damn job!

Tony: This is XPW Brain. So you might as well throw the rules out the window.

RVD, K-Kwik and Edge celebrate with their titles as we see Kurt Angle is attacking Chavo Guerrero! Kurt kicks Chavo in the gut and hits the Angle Slam on him! Then here comes Eddie to the rescue and starts punching Angle but Angle retaleates and knocks him down locking in the Ankle Lock! Then here comes..THE ROCK!!!


The Rock runs into the ring and the New Blood split. The Rock stalks Angle and Rock Bottoms him! He grabs a mic and speaks.

Rock: So Angle, you don't like tag matches huh? Well The Rock says this, how about you take The Rock on next week in a SINGLES match, So I can whoop your candy ass! And oh yeah, The Rock is here in XPW, TV Champion and there is not a damn thing, and the Rock means not aDAMN THING that you can do about it.....If ya smellalalalalow! What The!

Tony Schavonie: What a out of control show this has been! And a great one at that! Folks we are far from out of time and we have to go, tune in next week!

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