Shocker-August 26,2002

Shocker-August 26,2002

XPW Shocker hits the airwaves live on TNT as the fans in the arena are cheering as "Tear Away" is playing by Drowning Pool. The camera focuses no the X-Tron as Pyros shoot down from the ceiling, both going diagonal to form an "X" and there is a huge explosion! The camera gets shots of the crowd with signs such as "Team Mysterio", "Hogan is NEXT!", The RVD thumbs, "Stratusfaction Guarenteed" and "Latino Meat!". We head to ringside to join the best announce team for the best Federation, Tony shavonie and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan!

Tony Shavonie: Fans welcome to XPW Shocker back here live on TNT! I am Tony Shavonie as you already know, and here beside me is long time collegue Bobby "The brain" Heenan.

Bobby Heenan: That's right, and the Humaniods are really going to enjoy the show tonight as we will see the Pay Per View Main event that never happened as Hulk Hogan defends his XPW Title against Goldberg! Its fair enough to say that Hogan is NEXT! After that loss to Hurricane a few weeks back, you have to think Goldberg wants to get revenge, and he will try to do so on Hogan tonight.

Tony Shavonie: Not only that but many changes have happened since we were last on the air in July! The Hardcore Title, no more. The European Title, gone. Tag Team titles, taken to the Xtreme! Or should I say 3Xtreme? You will find out what I mean by that later on tonight.

Bobby Heenan: The Womens Title will be on the line, the Cruiserweight Title, and much more EXTREME Action tonight on XPW Shocker!

The music of Jushin "Thunder" Liger hits the PA System and he makes his way out on the stage. Lyger runs towards the ring at a fast pase and slides in under the bottom rope. He goes to the top rope and raises his arms then hops down.

Lillian Garcia: The following match is set for one fall. In the ring from Japan, weighing in at 216 pounds, Jushin "Thunder" Liger!

Tony Shavonie: Speaking of extreme action this first match is going to be one of those Extreme ones I do beleive. This first man Jushin Liger, came all the way from Japan just to wrestle here in XPW. He has made his mark overseas, but now its time to show what he is made up of here in XPW.

Last Resort by Papa Roach blasts over the P.A system.

Lillian Garcia: And his opponent from Minneapolis, Minnesota, weigng in at 202 pounds, "Sick" Nick Mondo!

"Sick" Nick Mondo walks out in his green UFO pants staring at the ground, Mondo then looks up and does the Mondo sign with his hand, And with a intence look on his face he looks around at the ground, Then begins to walk towards the ring.

Bobby Heenan:I've heard about this kid, he has devoted most of his wrestling career to the extreme style, in Indy feds most notable CZW. He will be a great addition to the Cruiserweight Division just as will Jushin Liger.

Tony Shavonie: You know he has gone as far to say that he will put the "X" in XPW, and become the "X" in XPW by the time the night is over. He has great potential and lets just see what will happen here.

"Sick" Nick Mondo stays at ringside now as Jushin Liger looks on in confusion. Mondo reaches under the ring and pulls out a trashcan and tosses it in the ring as Liger dodges it. Mondo then pulls out a 2x4 while the referee yells at Mondo to knock it off. Mondo mouths off to the referee and then out of nowhere Jushin Liger leaps off of the turnbuckle and knocks down Mondo with a flying body press. Liger picks Mondo up and whips him into the baracade and Mondo's back slams against it. Jushin grabs Mondo and front suplexes him onto the baracade. Mondo backs off of it and is in the crowd with the fans as he holds his stomach in pain. Liger reaches over to grab Mondo but he pokes Liger in the eyes. Mondo climbs up on the baracade and flies off and knocks Liger down with a spinning kick. Mondo gets up slow and starts to stomp Liger. Nick Mondo picks up the 2x4 and backs off of Liger. He climbs up on the apron and leaps off and smacks Liger across the back with it.

Tony Shavonie: There is Extreme for ya!

The referee has no control of this match as he yells at the two men to get back in the ring. Mondo looks at the referee and then at the crowd. He shout out at them asking should he go back in the ring and they shout out "HELL NO!" He looks back at the referee and shrugs his shoulders and goes back to Liger.

Bobby Heenan: I have decided that I do not like this kid, look at him he thinks he can undermind the referee, who does this cocky punk think he is anyways? I hate him!

Jushin low blows Mondo, then picks him up and hits a brainbuster on the ramp! Jushin picks Mondo up and holds him by the hair as they walk over towards the announce table. Jushin whips Mondo into the ring steps. Jushin runs and dropkicks Mondo in the temple with the back of Mondo's head slamming against the ring steps too. Jushin drags Mondo over in front of the announce table and starts stomping him. Jushin removes the padding in one section as Mondo slowly gets up. Jushin then turns around and screams at the ring crew to get out of the way out of their chairs and they listen. Jushin puts Mondo in the position for the "Liger Bomb".

Bobby Heenan:Now that punk Mondo will get what's coming to him.

Tony Shavonie: Well looks as if the rules aren't as strict as we were told. The referee isn't doing much about this! Which may be a good thing for XPW!

Jushin taunts to the crowd as they boo but wait out of nowhere Mondo backdrops Liger onto all the ring crew's chairs and Liger starts to mone in pain! Mondo grabs Liger and drags him over the chairs then picks him up and rolls him into the ring. Mondo goes for the first pin of the match 1...2..kick out. Mondo picks Liger up and hits the Blue Thunder Driver and has him pinned 1..2..kick out! Mondo gets up and starts yelling at the referee telling him that was three! The referee argues back and insists it was only a two. Mondo, now frusterated goes back to Jushin but Jushin is standing there waiting and he kicks Mondo in the gut then hits a Brainbuster! Jushin "Thunder" Liger signals that he is going up top and he hops up to the top turnbuckle. He signals that he is going for his Shooting Star Press!

Tony Shavonie: He is the originator of the Shooting Star Press Brain!

Jushin shoots off from the turnbuckle but Mondo puts his knees up and Jushin lands hard! Mondo crawls on the mat for a second and uses the ropes to get up, then walks over and grabs that trash can he threw in the ring at the begining of the match. He picks Jushin up and sticks the trashcan over his head! Then Mondo hits a perfect Roundhouse kick to the trashcan which dings off of Jushin's head, and he falls.

Tony Shavonie: Very Impressive! What an opening match-up this is!

Bobby Heenan: I fail to even think of enjoying this, how boring. Nick Mondo will get his soon enough, that cocky punk.

Tony Shavonie: Give it a rest, you'll like him eventually you always do change your mind.

Bobby Heenan: What Shavonie?

Nick Mondo hops the ropes onto the apron, and slingshots himself over and lands a leg across the trashcan smashing it in as the fans cheer! Jushin struggles to get out of the trash can as Mondo looks on. Jushin gets out and gets to his feet but here comes Mondo as he dropkicks Jushin Liger out of the ring over the top ropes! Mondo climbs the turnbuckle and does his "Mondo" taunt to the crowd and they give off a mixed reaction. He hops down but goes to land on the apron. He stalks Jushin as he gets to his feet, then Mondo leaps off and clotheslines Jushin down. Mondo grabs Jushin and rolls him into the ring but pulls his arms to where he hangs off of the edge with his shoulders being just past the rope boundaries. Mondo gives Jushin a quick shot to the throat and the referee yells at him but Mondo ignores and climbs up to the turnbuckle. He executes a Corkscrew Moonsault which then he lands a leg drop right across the face of Jushin which he calls the "Mondo Sledge" and Mondo hits the protective padding at ringside.

Tony Shavonie: Wow! That's the Mondo Sledge, his trademark finishing maneuver!

The fans are chanting "HOLY SH*T! HOLY SH*T! HOLY SH*T!" Mondo grabs onto the apron and picks the fallen Jushin up and rolls him into the ring. Mondo gets in himself and pins Jushin 1..2..3!

Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner, "Sick" Nick Mondo!

Bobby Heenan: Well! I told you Shavonie, the kid has potential! I knew he'd win from the start, congratulations kid!

Tony Shavonie: Oh my, Brain, you..oh nevermind.

The scene fades to an "Earlier Today" flashing on the screen and it fades into Edge, Stacy Keibler and Gene Okerlund sitting in the New Blood locker room. Stacy wears a Black Halter Top and a Black Leather Skirt with heels,and Got her hair and complete Curls. Edge Sits Beside her holding her hand. Edge wears the NEW BLOOD T-shirt and blue jeans, Edge got his hair down. Gene Okerland Starts

  "Mean" Gene Okerlund: You, Stacy, and Edge requested for an interview for Monday Night Shocker.

Stacy Keibler: That's right Gene,

"Mean" Gene Okerlund: Ok, First Question. Stacy, Trish Stratus said some heated words a couple of days ago. Lets show the footage.

The Scene Shows Trish At the XPW house show. Trish doesn't waste anytime talking about Lita,Ivory and Stacy. After 5 minutes, Trish says, "Stratusfaction Guarenteed" The Scene fades to black. As, Stacy looks at the monitor she gets heated and puts an mean look on her face.

"Mean" Gene Okerlund: Stacy, Trish called you an long legged h...well you saw what she had to say a few days back. What is it that you have to say to her?

Stacy faces the Camera.

Stacy: Trish,if You think that you can just arrive at XPW and win the XPW Women's title and actually get away with it you have another thing coming. You may got Man looking Ivory and Tom boy Lita but you also have Stacy Keibler, the newest member of THE NEW BLOODS in that match. You will eat those words.

"Mean" Gene Okerlund: Next Question Edge, words to The opponents in your 9 man 3 Tag Team action later on tonight, where you will get a shot to become the first ever 3Xtreme Tag Team Champions along with RVD and K-Kwik?

Edge: Yea, see You got Chavo, Eddie, Kurt, and The Anti-Americans. They all are very good wrestlers. But they totally reek of this of oh yea.. loserness.

The fans in the arena cheer at Edge's comment!

Edge: You got the cool rapping K-Kwik,Mr. Monday Night Rob Van Dam and your one and only Edge. SO IF THEY THINK FOR ONE MINUTE THEY GOING TO WIN , MAN THEIR BRAINS ARE AS DEAD AS THEIR THEME MUSIC!

Once again the fans go crazy!

"Mean" Gene Okerlund: Next Question for both Edge and Stacy. What is the relationship between You Stacy and You Edge?

Stacy: Me and Edge Relationship is really none your business. But..for our devoted fans we will tell you.

Edge: Me and Stacy are seeing each other. Me and Stacy are soo going out man. Totally. Hey Gene did you know that Stacy has this tattoo of a butterflys on her bu...

Stacy: But, we should be closing up this interview now.

"Mean" Gene Okerlund : Ok (okerland looking disappointed, because he wanted to know where it was located.) Any last comments to your oppnents, before tonight?

Stacy: Not really, we know the winner already. Just to Lita, be prepared to lose your title to me, Stacy Keibler.

Edge: And I would like to say that Stacy, you totally reek..of...awesomeness.

Stacy: Ah, thankyou but I knew that already!

All three laugh as the scene fades out.

The scene then fades in as we see a long white limo pulling up in the driveway that has a license that reads "XPW1". The limo driver gets out of the limo and walks back to the back door. He slowly opens up the door and out steps XPW Owner Shane McMahon in black pants, with a white button up shirt on. The driver puts his black jacket on Shane as the fans in the arena are cheering! Shane tips the limo driver and walks out of camera view as we head to a commercial!

As we come back from a commercial "Here Comes The Money" Hits the PA System as the crowd begins to cheer. XPW Owner Shane McMahon struts out from the entrance, showing off his dance skills on the stage. Shane struts down the aisle, goes up the ring steps, and steps through the middle and top ropes into the ring.

Lillian Garcia:Ladies and gentalmen welcome the Owner of Xtreme Professional Wrestling, Shane McMahon!

Shane O'Mac takes the microphone and begins to speak as his music dies down.

Shane McMahon: Welcome everyone to XPW Shocker! Now first things first, Id like to say that our beloved Eric Bischoff the VP of XPW(crowd boos) is not here tonight!(crowd cheers!) Yeah!, And now, as you have probably all heard titles have been dropped. The Hardcore championship is now gone, but wait that isn't a bad thing. XPW, that is our name. The first letter is "X" and that "X" stands for XTREME! And thats what we will be from now on. Just like you all saw in the great match between Jushin Liger and Nick Mondo, the rules were not as strict and no that was not a Hardcore Match. It was a singles, regular one on one matchup. By the way props goes out to Nick Mondo who was looking very great this week! You will be rewarded kid trust me. Now the second title was the European which was originally dropped. However now I am reconsidering that and I think The Rock deserves to keep the title, which is now the Television Title! It will be used as a stepping stone for those up and comers here in the XPW. That title will also be defended the most, not EVERY week, but every other week at least. And last but not least the Tag Team Championshpis have gone through a total change. They will no longer be held by only two people, but three. (crowd cheers) Yes three people will hold those titles and the champions will be crowned tonight in this very ring! The Anti Americans made up of Christian, Test and Lance Storm battle the New Blood team of K-Kwik, Edge and RVD plus the other team participating will be Latino Heat Eddie Guerrero, Chavo Guerrero and Your Olympic Hero..KURT ANGLE! Thankyou very much!

"Here comes the Money" hits the PA System again as the crowd cheers at this shocking development! Shane makes his way out of the ring and up the ramp.

Tony Shavonie: Well Brain can you beleive that? We both knew that the Tag Titles would become 3 Person Tag Team Titles, but we had no idea who the participants would be!

Bobby Heenan: I agree it is a "Shocker" but what can you expect here in XPW!? Expect the unexpected!

Tony Shavonie: Lets head to the ring for our next match.

Lillian Garcia :Ladies and gentlemen, the following Fatal Four Way contest is scheduled for one fall and it is for the XPW Women's Championship! Introducing first, challenger number 1...Ivory!

Ivory's music hits the PA System as the crowd give her a mixed reaction. She stops on the stage and holds her hands high before then walking down the ramp. She gets to the ring, and walks up the steps, enters the ring and raises her arms again, once again getting a mixed reaction. Then Trish Stratus' music blasts over the PA System and the fans begin to cheer once they see her make her way out on the stage.

Lillian Garcia: Challenger number two, from Toronto Ontario Canada...Trish Stratus!

Trish walks fast down the ramp waving to her fans and smiling. She goes up the steps, and enters the ring under the middle rope. She raises her arms as she walks to the center of the ring, and spins around smiling before staring down Ivory. The two start talking trash to each other as 'Legs' by Kid Rock begins to play and the fans erupt with noise.

Lillian Garcia: Challenger number 3, from Baltimore Maryland accompanied to the ring by Edge...Stacy Keibler.

Stacy walks towards the steps and takes her time walking up them step-by-step. When Stacy approaches the apron she throwns one leg of her over the 2nd rope and slowly reveals a thong. As the fans cheers Stacy throws her other leg above the rope and gets in the ring as Edge gets a good view of her. Stacy gets in the middle of the ring and throws her hands in the air as she stands with her legs apart. Edge raises her hands in the air. Stacy and Edge stand together in a corner as "LoveFuryPassionEnergy" hits the PA System as Lita makes her way out on the ramp!

Lillian Garcia:And their opponent, from Fort Lawderdale, Florida, the reigning XPW Women's Champion...Liiiitttaaa!

  Lita slides under the bottom rope and runs to the turnbuckle. She gets up on it and raises her title belt in the air smiling as the crowd cheers for her. Edge and Stacy stare at each other eyes locked as they are both smiling. Lita steps down and the four women face off in middle of the ring. Trish and Ivory begin to brawl with each other as Stacy jaws with Lita. Stacy can be seen mouthing Lita a slut, which angers Lita. Lita shoves Stacy down hard on her ass and starts to talk back to Stacy. Stacy gets back up and slaps the taste right out of Lita's mouth but Lita comes straight back at Stacy and spear her to the ground and the two women start to scrap on the mat.

Bobby Heenan: Cat fight, Cat fight Tony...I love it!

Trish pulls Lita off of Stacy and DDTs her...1...2...Ivory grabs Trish and suplexs her before covering Lita...1..only a one count. Ivory whips Lita across the ring and straight into a Trish clothesline. Trish slams Lita as Ivory clotheslines Stacy, and then Trish turns straight into an Ivory clothesline. Ivory drops an elbow on Lita...1...2...only two.

Trish brawls with Stacy as Lita ducks an Ivory clothesline...Twist Of Fate!!! Lita goes up to the top rope early for the Moonsault but Trish puls her leg and Lita gets caught in the Tree Of Woe position.

Tony Shavonie: Lita could of had the win right there! Nice thinking by Trish.

Trish pins Ivory as Lita tries to reach her, but she can't...1...2...Stacy breaks up the count. Stacy lines Trish up and goes for the spinkick, but Trish cathes the leg and backsuplexs Stacy. Lita gets untied and begins to go to work on Ivory as Trish DDTs Stacy. Lita leaves Ivory and snap suplexs Trish...1...2...only two again. Lita brawls with Trish in the corner as Ivory picks up Stacy. Ivory goes for the powerbomb on Stacy but Edge pulls her leg and Stacy backdrops her. The referee warns Edge not to do that and as he does so Edge slides the Womens Title in to Stacy. Stacy swings at Ivory but misses and Trish kicks Stacy hard in the face. Trish tries to pick Stacy up as Ivory grabs the belt and hits Trish in the back of the head! Ivory covers her as the ref gets back into the ring...1...2...Lita breaks up the count. Lita throws Ivory to the ropes and monkey flips her out again. Lita tries for the monkey flip again but Ivory moves sending Lita running into the buckles. Stacy spinkicks Ivory as Trish hits Lita with the Stratusfaction..

Bobby Heenan: Wait a second!

The ref double counts...1...2...Lita gets a foot on the ropes as Trish shoves Stacy off of Ivory.

Bobby Heenan: What is that referee thinking double counting? How would had we known who the winner was?! I tell you if I was the referee we wouldnt have dumb things like that happening.

Trish ducks the spinkick and hits Stacy with the Stratusfaction...1...2...Edge pulls Trish off. The ref warns Edge as Stacy hits Lita with the belt. Edge backs off and tries to explain and then the referee turns around as Stacy is pinning Lita..1..2...3!

Bobby Heenan:Stacy pinned Lita, and is the new champ!

Lillian Garcia:Here is your winner, and NEW XPW Women's Champion...Stacy Keibler!!

Edge and Stacy escape up the ramp with the belt as Edge shouts '1 down, one to go' to the camera man who is following them up the ramp. Edge raises Stacy's hand as Stacy puts the belt around her waist and kisses Edge.

The show comes back on the air as we see Shane McMahon talking on his cellphone and all of a sudden Kurt Angle bashes in the room.

Kurt Angle: Hey, whats the deal?

Shane McMahon: I'm not sure Kurt, what is the problem?

Kurt Angle: Whats the problem? What is the problem? I'll tell you what the problem is mister! Where do you get off putting Your Olympic Hero Kurt Angle in a Tag Team Match, with of all people Chavo and Eddie Guerrero? I mean, what do I look like to you? I am a singles competitor all the way, and I want, no I DEMAND that you take me out of this match.

Shane McMahon: Kurt, deal with it. You got a match, and its a Tag Team title match. Think about this ..Kurt Angle along with the Guerreros could be the first ever 3Xtreme Tag Team Champions. Good huh?

Kurt Angle: Well yeah I mean...wait NO! If you don't take me out of this match and put me in, in, a World Title match tonight, then there will be consiquenses.

Kurt Angle: Then let the chaos begin, and bring on the consequences, cause you are staying in that Tag Team Match whether you like it, or you don't like it.

Kurt Angle is angry and hits the wall with the palm of his hand. He opens the door but Shane isn't finished...

Shane McMahon: Kurt, Kurt, don't slam the door.

Kurt shakes his head in frustration as he walks out down the hallway.

Tony Shavonie: Well it seems that Kurt Angle isn't too happy to be going for the Tag Team Championships.

Bobby Heenan: Kurt Angle is an olympic gold medalist, and he should be going for the true gold in XPW, the singles titles. He realizes that, I realize that why can't you and Shane McMahon realize that? I tell you if Eric Bischoff was here tonight there would be some justice.

Tony Shavonie: No there would be chaos.

The X-Tron shows masks of Rey Mysterio, then all of a sudden pyros blast from the ramp and Rey Mysterio jumps out from the floor of the rampway underneath the X-Tron.  He runs down to the ring high fiving fans.  Slides under the bottom rope and jumps up on the tunbuckle showboating for the fans.

Lillian Garcia:The following match is set for one fall and is for the XPW Cruiserweight Championship. In the ring from San Diego, California, weighing in at 175 pounds Rey Mysterio!

Kidman's music begins blasting over the PA System and the fans cheer! He makes his way out smiling alongside Torrie Wilson. They hold hands as they make their way down to the ring. Kidman allows Torrie to go up the steps first, and he gets up them. He holds the bottom rope for Torrie as she enters, and he hops over the top rope. Kidman grabs onto Torrie's hand, and raises it up in the air and they spin around as the crowd cheers.

Lillian Garcia: And his opponent being accompanied by Torrie Wilson, from Alantown, Pennsylvania he is the Cruiserweight Champion, Billy Kidman!

Kidman extends his hand to Rey Mysterio, and they shake. The crowd cheers. The referee signals for the bell and it rings as the competitors begin moving around getting ready to lock up.

Tony Shavonie:This is going to be a fantastic Cruiserweight matchup. These are two of the best this industry has, and what a show they will put on for us tonight.

Rey and Kidman then do lock up in the center of the ring and Kidman gets Rey in a side headlock. Rey starts elbowing Kidman in the gut then gets t of the hold twisting the arm of Kidman. Kidman then reverses and twists the arm of Rey. Rey backs up to the ropes, and does a backflip getting out of the hold, and dropkicks Kidman down. Rey goes over to Kidman as he is getting up and starts punching him. Rey grabs Kidman's arm to whip him into the corner across the ring but Kidman reverses and sends Rey into the corner. Kidman runs but Rey catches him with an elbow. Kidman staggers in the center of the ring and Rey runs at him and executs the Torrito and rolls him up for the pin 1..kick out! Rey picks Kidman up to his feet and sends him into the corner. Rey runs but Kidman moves and Rey almost hits the corner but stops before getting there. He turns around and Kidman hits a running splash to Rey knocking him senseless.

Bobby Heenan: Oooh that had to hurt, WHAT AN IMPACT!

Kidman sets Rey up on the turnbuckle and climbs up.

Tony Shavonie: Looks like he is going for a Hurricanrana here.

He connects with a Hurricanrana! Kidman quickly goes to cover Rey 1..2..kick out! Kidman picks Rey up and sets him up for a backdrop. Kidman picks Rey up but Rey Mysterio backflips and lands on his feet. Rey charges at Kidman but is caught with a backelbow and Rey goes down. Kidman pins Rey 1..2..kick out. Kidman picks Mysterio up and hits a snap suplex Kidman hops out onto the apron and hops over for a Slingshot Legdrop but Rey moves at the last second and Kidman lands hard on the mat. Rey runs to the opposite side of the ring and bounces off the ropes and comes back and baseball slides Kidman out of the ring.

Tony Shavonie:Rey is going to do something very interesting right here I just know it.

Mysterio gets to his feet and waits for Kidman to get up on the outside. He slings himself over the ropes and connects to Kidman on the outside with a Corkscrew Topé as the fans in the arena are going wild!

Tony Shavonie:He puts a little twist in his moves, I like it! This Rey Mysterio is one of a kind.

Bobby Heenan:Well of course he is one of a kind he doesnt have a clone...does he? No really he may you never know about these things..

Rey catches his breath and gets up picking Kidman up at the same time. He rolls Kidman back in the ring and gets up on the apron. He pats the turnbuckle signalling he is gonna fly! As the fans cheer Rey climbs the turnbuckle. He leaps off for a Hurricanrana but Kidman catches him in mid air hitting a powerbomb! The referee counts 1..2..NO KICK OUT! Kidman cannot beleive it and the fans are going wilder cheering for this great competitive match! Kidman picks Rey up and kicks him in the gut. Kidman has Rey set up for the "Kid Krusher" but wait Rey pulls Kidman's hands out from under him and Kidman falls to the mat.Rey has Kidman in a roll up 1..2..kick out! Rey rushes to the ropes as Kidman gets up, Rey bounces off them and jumps at Kidman. Kidman has Rey in the "Wheel Barrow" position and brings Rey up and Rey connects with a bulldog! Rey pins Kidman 1..2..kick out again. Rey quickly picks Kidman up and sends him into the ropes. Kidman bounces off and out of nowhere connects with a Headscissors takedown on Rey! Kidman lifts Rey up and sends him into the corner. Rey comes out with force though running fast and hits a spinning wheel kick but WAIT!. Kidman moved out of the way and Rey ended up hitting the referee.

Bobby Heenan:And there goes the ref.

Rey is in shock and as he turns around and sees Kidman, he runs at him but Kidman counters with a "Sky High" powerbomb! Kidman pulls Rey closer to the corner and calls that he is going up top for the Shooting Star Press! Kidman is up there but wait out of nowhere comes Jushin "Thunder" Liger and he has ahold of Kidman's foot pulling on him.

Tony Shavonie: You know as we stated Earlier Jushin Liger invented the Shooting Star Press, and maybe this is the reason he has come out here tonight.

Kidman tries to push him off away but Jushin won't let go. Rey starts to get up slowly but doesn't see what is going on. But then Jushin Liger spits green mist in Kidman's face and he falls to the mat! Kidman crawls trying to see as Rey is getting up to his feet and Jushin Liger ducks down at ringside. Kidman leans on the second rope holding his face and tries to whipe the green away from them. Rey sees this as an oppertunity and is unaware of the interference so he runs and hits the 619! Kidman slings backwards into the middle of the ring and stands up dazed as Rey puts his arm up in the air and the fans cheer.

Tony Shavonie: Looks like we are about to see the West Coast Pop!

And just as Tony says that Rey springboards off of the ropes onto Kidman hitting a Hurricanrana pin and the ref slowly comes to and counts 1......2.......3!

Tony Shavonie: Rey wins the Cruiserweight title! But he had no idea there was interference by Jushin Liger.

Bobby Heenan:He robbed Kidman of that title, and no I am not talking about Jushin Liger. Rey stole it, shame on him.

Rey offers Kidman his hand as Torrie Wilson is begining to enter the ring to aid him. Kidman accepts but still is dissapointed but then Jushin Liger rushes in the ring and dropkicks Rey down and tries to hit a sidekick to Kidman but Kidman counters into an inziguiri! All of a sudden Nick Mondo rushes out from the entrance and comes down to the ring with a steel chair in hand. He slides in the ring and takes out Kidman with that chair but when he turns around Rey Mysterio is up top and jumps off hitting the "Pop Code" onto Mondo! Then here comes Chavo Guerrero and he attacks Rey from behind. Chavo hits a Brainbuster on Rey Mysterio. Here comes Kidman but he is cut off by Chavo with a clothesline. Now Chavo, Nick Mondo and Jushin Liger are all standing there stomping on Rey and Kidman when all of a sudden the arena goes dark. Then the words echo through the building:


The Hurricane's music hits! The crowd goes nuts and as the lights come back on Hurricane is up top and the three turn around as Hurricane jumps off and takes them all down with a Flying Cross body. They get up and try to tackle Hurricane but now Rey and Kidman are up. Rey starts to battle Nick Mondo, Kidman goes to work on Chavo and Hurricane ducks a Clothesline from Jushin Liger and then grabs his throat and HURRI-CHOKESLAM! Kidman hip tosses Chavo over the ropes and Rey Mysterio hits a Headscissors on Mondo which slings him out of the ring. The three men stand tall in the ring as Torrie now makes her way in with Kidman. The referee hands Rey the Cruiserweight Title as we head to a commercial break.

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