House Show opens up non-televised from Tuscon, Arizona. 

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, I would like to welcome you to the first ever XPW House Show. This will be non-televised as said on your tickets. We have four great match-ups for you tonight. Our first match up is a Singles match.

The X-Tron shows masks of Rey Mysterio, then all of a sudden pyros blast from the ramp and Rey Mysterio jumps out from the floor of the ramp way underneath the X-Tron.  

Lillian Garcia: Making his way to the ring, Standing at 5'4 weighing in at 175 pounds from San Diego, California.....REY MYSTERIO!

He runs down to the ring high fiving fans.  Slides under the bottom rope and jumps up on the turnbuckle showboating for the fans. The fans cheer and chant his name.

Lillian Garcia: Now walking towards the ring, Standing at 6'6 weighing in at 272 pounds from Harrisburg, PA... BRIAN CLARK!

The arena goes dark, then we hear "KRONIK..kronik.." echoing through the PA System. Green lights begin to shine as the crowd gives a mixed reaction when Brian Adams walks out from the curtain. He walks down the ramp raising his arms up high. He gets in the ring and go to he turnbuckles taunting as his music dies down. He turns around to receive a dropkick from Rey. Clark gets up quick and punches Rey in the face, the two superstars continue to trade right hooks to the face, Finally Brian clotheslines Rey, knocking him to the ground hard. Rey lays there for a minute and Clark picks him up, Rey is quick though and low blows Clark, and Clark falls to his knees. Rey runs against the ropes coming back and missile dropkicks Clark in the face knocking him down. Clark gets up fast and Rey goes for a Tornado DDT, But Clark throws Rey into the turnbuckle. Clark runs to the turnbuckle to clothesline Rey but Rey thinks quick and jumps over Clark and Clark hits the turnbuckle. Clark turns around and Rey starts kicking him in the abs till he falls down sitting in the turnbuckle. Rey runs to the other side of the ring, and runs back and hits a Bronco Buster on him. Rey gets off of him and goes to taunt and as he turns around he gets picked up for a huge backdrop. Rey holds his back as Clark stands back and laughs. Clark turns around, and then turns around again and sees Rey is no where to be seen. Clark turns around again. Rey jumps off top rope for a hurricarana but Clark catches him and powerbombs him to the mat. Clark stands up and does a standing elbow drop to Rey. Rey holds his chest and Clark picks him up. Rey is standing there dazed and Clark grapples him. Rey kicks Clark in the groin and throws him to the rope. Rey trips Brian and Clark is in the perfect position for 619. Rey calls for it and runs toward the rope and tries to do it. Rey slips and flies out side of the ring hitting his head on the hard floor below him. Clark takes his chance and runs and slides outside the ring and grabs a chair. The Ref is trying to stop him. But Rey gets up and turns around too look at the top of the ramp, right when he turns around he gets hit in the head with a chair by Adams. Brian Adams runs backstage to his locker room like nothing happened. Clark seen this and pushed the ref out of his way. He walks to Rey and slides him into the ring. Clark then slides in and picks Rey up..Rey is Dazed and WHAM!!!! Meltdown from Clark, Clark pins Rey....1....2....3.

Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner, Brian Clark.

The crowd boos as "Kronik...Kronik" hits on the PA system and Clark walks up the ramp and disappears from the stage. Meanwhile Rey is laying knocked out cold in the middle of the ring with blood dripping from his forehead. A medical team rushes in with a stretcher. They check on Rey and then put him on the stretcher and pushes him out to the ambulance. On his way Clark is walking around with an iron pipe. He sees Rey and starts hitting Rey in the knees with it. Security rushes in and pulls Clark away, and Rey is rushed to the hospital.

Lillian Garcia: The next match is a single's match, and now making his way to the ring, from Tampa Bay, Florida. Weighing in at 275 pounds and standing at 6'7.....Hollywood Hulk Hogan.

The crowd cheers as Hollywood Hulk Hogan's music begins to play and he comes out on the stage playing his air guitar and the fans erupt with cheers! He slowly makes his way down to the ring, listening to the fans cheer. He gets to the ring steps and begins bowing to the fans in the front row, then walks up the steps and gets in the ring. Hogan begins doing his hand taunt listening to the fans, and finally rips off his Hulkamania t-shirt as the fans cheer even more!

Lillian Garcia: And his opponent from Short Hills, New Jersey. Weighing in at 240, standing 6'4 tall.....Raven.

The crowd starts to chant for Hogan. 

Out of the blue "End Of Everything" Begins blaring all over the load speakers. You begin to hear a mix chant for the man known as Raven, Raven walks out on the ramp. Raven then throws his arms in the air and then makes way to the ring. He gets to the ring, and slowly gets up on to the apron. He climbs the turnbuckle and puts his arms out in a crucifix. He gets down onto the apron, and enters the ring. Right when he gets in Hogan starts kicking him in the head. Raven finally pulls Hogan's feet out from under him and the crowd boos. Both superstars stand up and Raven grapples Hogan, Suplex. Raven starts kicking Hogan in the head. Then he turns around and begins to taunt as the crowd boos. Hogan gets up, grabs Raven and launches him into the ropes. Big Boot by Hogan and Raven hits the mat hard and bouncing right back up and grabs Hogan, Piledriver by Raven. Raven takes advantage of the hurting Hogan and goes for the pin, But Hogan immediately kicks out. Raven gets up and picks Hogan up, He attempts to throw him into the ropes, but Hogan reverses and tosses Raven into the turnbuckle. Hogan walks over and starts to punch him and the crowd counts along. 


But before Hogan can do anymore, Raven pushes him off. Raven runs at Hogan and hits a running bulldog. Hogan is down. Raven goes for another pin, but Hogan just kicks out again. Both superstars get up, and Raven does a Leg Sweep to Hogan. Hogan gets up and runs at Raven, But Raven ducks and Hogan accidentally nails the ref knocking him out of the ring. Hogan turns around and Raven swings a right hook at him, Hogan blocks it and grapples him. Hogan does a backdrop to  Raven and locks in the figure four. Raven is tapping out, but the ref doesn't see. Hogan lets go of the Figure Four and slides outside the ring to get the ref. Hogan slides the ref in and slides a chair in after him. Hogan then slides in to receive a kick to the abs by Raven. Raven grapples Hogan and hits a Ravens Effect DDT on Hogan and Hogan hits the chair and gets knocked out. Raven goes for the pin, 1....2....3.

Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner.....Raven!

Brian Clark comes running up the ramp and slides in the ring. He picks up the chair and acts like he is going to hit Hogan, but then nails Raven in the head with the chair knocking him out. Clark goes backstage to his locker room. 

The show goes backstage to a hall where Mean Gene is there to try to get in an interview with Kronik. The interview shows up on the X-Tron. 

Gene: I am standing here with Kronik, and I must say they are making an impact tonight. Brian Clark, why did you attack Raven in the ring just moments ago?

Brian Clark: Well, Raven talks alot of bullshi* for such a little punk. And I demand a match against him on the next card. I don't care if it is in a house show, pay-per-view, or Shocker, As long as I get my hands around his neck. 

Gene: What about you Adams, Why did you interfere in Clark's match?

Brian Adams: Well, It is quite simple Gene. Rey hops around out there like he is some kind of bird. And I thought I would go out there and teach him a lesson. 

Gene: Did you think that Clark couldn't take him out on his own?

Brian Adams: We can take anybody out, including you. 

Just then Raven runs down the hall, Brian Adams turns around and gets nailed with a chair. Clark runs at Raven, but Raven hits Clark in the head with the chair knocking him to the ground. Raven takes the mic from Gene. 

Raven: You still want that match Clark? Well, your on then. 

The show goes back to the ring.

Lillian Garcia: The next match is scheduled for one fall. Now making his way to the ring.....

"Gett'n Rowdy" hits the PA System as the fans begin to cheer. K-Kwik comes out with a mic in hand rapping to his entrance music as he makes his way down the ramp slapping hands of fans. He slides under the bottom rope into the ring and stands up. He starts waving his arms around rapping still, and then goes to the turnbuckle and climbs up it, raising his arms waving them back and forth. The crowd cheers.

Lillian Garcia: Weighing in at 230 pounds standing 6'1 tall from St. Louis, Mo.........K-KWIK.

The arena goes dark, then we hear "KRONIK..kronik.." echoing through the PA System. Green lights begin to shine as the crowd gives a mixed reaction when Brian Clark walks out from the curtain. 

Lillian Garcia: And his opponent from Atlanta Georgia, weighing 285 pounds, standing 6'7........Brian Adams.

He walks down the ramp raising his arms up high. He gets in the ring and go to he turnbuckles taunting as his music dies down. He turns around and gets off the turnbuckle. The bell rings and the two superstars grapple up, Kwik gets a kick to the abs on Adams, and then another...and another. He goes for another but Adams grabs his leg and yanks, and Kwik falls to the mat. Adams elbow drops him, Kwik gets up and grabs Brian, he launches him to the ropes. Kwik dropkicks Adams knocking him to the mat, but Adams gets up quick and hits Kwik with a right hook, then another, then grabs him up in the air and throws him out of the ring. He gets out  of the ring and begins to kick Kwik in the head. Then out comes Clark from backstage with a baseball bat. Adams slides Kwik into the ring, and slides into the ring after him. Clark climbs up, and gets in the ring. Adams picks Kwik up and holds him for Clark to hit. Clark swings back and swings to hit Kwik, and Kwik ducks and Adams gets nailed with the chair and hits the mat hard. Clark sets the chair down and grabs Kwik, he does Meltdown to him. Adams is finally getting up, he picks Kwik up, and Kronik hits High Time on him and Kwik hits the chair. Adams does for the pin, 1...2... Kick out by Kwik. Adams looks at the ref and starts to argue with him, when he turns around Kwik is right there running towards him. Adams picks him up and tosses him into the air. Kwik hits the ground, and Adams picks him up, he hits the Pump Handle Slam on him and goes for another cover up. 1....2....3.

Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner...Brian Adams. 

Kronik theme hits and they walk backstage to their locker room. 

Now the Xtreme Chicks are running out to the ring throwing shirts, beach towels, sunglasses, and more items into the crowd. They all climb into the ring and dance. When they are done they leave the ring and go backstage throwing more stuff into the crowd. 

Lillian Garcia: And now the moment we've all been waiting for, the Main Event. It was scheduled to be a falls count anywhere, but has been changed to a table match. And now making his way to the ring.......

The arena goes dark then all of a sudden "Time to Play The Game" hits the PA System! Triple H makes his way onto the stage with water bottle in hand. He poors it over his head, then shakes it all off and starts walking down the ramp. 

Lillian Garcia: From Greenwich, Connecticut, weighing 246 pounds and standing at 6'4 tall.....Triple H.  

He gets to the ring, takes a swig of his water, tosses it out in the crowd and hops up on the apron facing the camera. He looks to his left, then to his right. He looks forward then spews water out! He pauses for a second to look out at the crowd, then enters the ring and goes to the turnbuckle at the other end of the ring. He gets up on it and raises his arms flexing for the crowd!

"Sexy Boy" Hits the PA System as we hear the lyrics going thru the Speakers and the crowd cheering! 

Lillian Garcia: And his opponent from San Antonio, Texas...Standing at 6'1 weighing 225 pounds......"HBK" Shawn Michaels! 

The music continues to play.."I think I'm Cute...I Know I'm Sexy" Shawn Michaels makes his way down to the ring. He goes up the steps, and enters the ring. Shawn spins around three times, and does the lean flexing his muscles as the pyro shoots up behind him. He turns around and gets clothesline by Triple H. HBK gets up quick and Triple H and HBK lock up. Triple H throws HBK to the ropes and goes for another clothesline, but HBK ducks and drop kicks HHH. He runs outside the ring and grabs a table, he sets it up outside the ring. He grabs another and sets it on top of the other one. Triple H gets up and grabs HBK, he throws him into the chairs and then puts a table inside of the ring, He slides in and tries to set it up, But HBK slides into the ring, and kicks him in the back of the leg, sending Triple H to the ground. He locks up the Figure Four Leg lock, Triple H is screaming in pain. HBK lets go and picks HHH up, he sends in flying into the turnbuckle. He picks up the table and Triple H comes running toward him. HBK spins around with the table and nails Triple H in the head. HBK sets up the table and turns around, he waits for Triple H to get up, when he does HBK does Sweet Chin Music to Triple H and HHH flips out of the ring backwards. HBK climbs to top rope and then Triple H stands up. HBK does a flying body press to him knocking him down again. HBK picks him up and slides him in to the ring. HBK slides in after him. He picks Triple H up and grapples him, he does a Jumping Piledriver to him. HBK stands up and taunts as the crowd cheers, Triple H gets up and runs at HBK, But HBK turns around, ducks and launches Triple H over the ropes landing on the tables, Triple H smashes through them. 

Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner...."HBK" Shawn Michaels!

HBK slides outside the ring and sets up another table. He grabs a 12 foot ladder from underneath the ring and slides it into the ring. He then turns around and puts Triple H on the table. HBK slides into the ring and sets the ladder up. He climbs to the top and jumps off for the Moonsault. He lands on Triple H and they both smash through the table hard.  The medical team rushes out there as the show comes to an end.