House Show- Card
Date: October 19, 2002
Location: Reno, Nevada

House Show Rules

You guys are all in a house show either because you're new, Or you didn't meet the min. on Shocker. Or the Shocker card could be full, then you will get a match here. You will be "promoted" to the live event, Shocker, when I or VP Eric feel you can meet the min. You guys will get results here, but the wont be great like Shocker results, and you can not win, or compete for titles in a house show. I will  be hosting 2 house shows a week. You must roleplay for this, or it will lead to suspension, and possible expulsion. When you post on the RP Board, please put (House Show) *Opponent's Name* as your subject. Don't take this as punishment, because it is not. Its a show, just like Shocker. You are all apart of the XPW.

Roleplay Deadline is Saturday, October 19th at 2 P.M. (XPW Time)
Singles Match
Triple H vs. Hogan
Singles Match
Rey Mysterio vs. K-Kwik
Singles Match - Hardcore
HBK vs. Stone Cold
(Main Event) - Tag Match
Kronik vs. Raven and Benoit

(*Card Subject To Change*)