XPW Acheivements

Womens Champ(current)

Wrestler Bio

Name: Stacy Keibler
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 115
Hometown: Baltimore,Maryland
Alignment: Face
Finisher: Spinning Heel Kick
Theme Music: "Legs"-Kid Rock
Entrance: "Legs" by Kid Rock plays and Stacy Keibler comes out of the curtians and poses as the fans cheer, Stacy's soft blond hair bounces as she makes her way down the ramp. Stacy walks to wards the steps and takes her time walkin up the steps, step-by-step. When Stacy approaches the apron she throwns one leg of her over the 3rd rope and slowly reveals a thong. As the fans cheers Stacy throws her other leg above the rope and gets in the ring. Stacy gets in the middle of the ring and throws her hands in the air as she stands with her legs apart and hands in the air.