Roster - Rey Mysterio

XPW Acheivements

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Wrestler Bio

Name: Rey Mysterio
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 175
Hometown: San Diego,CA
Alignment: Face
Finisher: 'West Coast Pop' Springboard Hurricanrana Pin
Moves: '619', Bronco Buster, Shoulder Spin Hurricanrana, Tornado DDT, Corcksrew Topé, Springboard Legdrop, Springboard Headscissors, Face Buster, Bulldog, Guilletine Leg Drop.
Theme Music: No Name
Entrance: The X-Tron shows masks of Rey Mysterio, then all of a sudden pyros blast from the ramp and Rey Mysterio jumps out from the floor of the rampway underneath the X-Tron.  He runs down to the ring high fiving fans.  Slides under the bottom rope and jumps up on the tunbuckle showboating for the fans.