XPW Acheivements

1st Television Champion

Wrestler Bio

Name: "Sick" Nick Mondo
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 202
Hometown: Minneapolis,MN
Alignment: Heel
Finisher: Mondo Sledge
Description: Corckscrew Moonsault-Legdrop to opponent who is on the 2nd Rope
Trademark Moves: Roundhouse Kicks, Springboard Legdrop, Blue Thunder Driver, M-Bison*, Mondo Driver*, Assault Driver*
Descriptions of Trademark Moves:
*M-Bison: Off top Turnbuckle Double Stomp to Opponent's head
*Mondo Driver: A Juvi Driver, or Michinoku Driver
*Assault Driver: Opponent is on Shoulders, Mondo grabs their wrists and flips them down onto the Mat. Mondo is in sitting position when they impact.
Theme Music: "Last Resort" -Papa Roach
Entrance: Last Resort by Papa Roach blasts over the P.A system as the song plays "Sick" Nick Mondo walks out in his green UFO pants staring at the ground, Mondo then looks up and does the Mondo sign with his hand, And with a intence look on his face he looks around at the ground, Then begins to walk towards the ring. Mondo slides in the ring and does his pose and walks around the ring.