Roster - Kane

XPW Acheivements

Tag Team Champion w/Hurricane

Wrestler Bio

Name: Kane
Height: 7'0"
Weight: 280
Alignment: Face
Finisher: ChokeSlam From Hell
Finisher: Big Boot, Tilt-A-Wirl Slam, Flying Lariat from top Rope, Throat Toss, Gorilla Press Slam, Hip Toss, Sidewalk Slam.
Theme Music: "Out Of the Fire"

Entrance(With The Hurricane): The Arena turns black and soon..."BOOM" fire bursts from the stage as then "Stand Back Theres A Hurricane Commin Though!" plays as the Hurri-Kane make their way out onto the stage. They walk down the aisle and Hurricane slides in the ring. Kane hops onto the apron and gets in over the top rope. Hurricane then jumps on the turnbuckle and does a Hurri-Pose, He jumps down and walks infront of Kane in the middle of the ring. Kane raises his arms, and slams them down as fire bursts from all four turnbuckles, as Hurricane does another Hurri-Pose infront of Kane. The lights come back to normal..
Entrance: The arena goes dark then all of a sudden we hear a massive BOOM and pyro shoots up from beneath the X-Tron. As the lights in the arena are an erie red color, Kane emerges from the curtain and makes his way down to the ring. He adjusts his wrist band, and reaches up and grabs the ropes. He pulls himself up on the apron and enters the ring over the top rope. He goes to the middle of the ring and Kane lifts his arms in the air and brings them back down as pyros blast from all four turnbuckles! The lights go back to normal as his music dies down.
Tag Partner: Hurricane