XPW Acheivements

-None To Date-

Wrestler Bio

Name: Chris Jericho
Height: 6'
Weight: 231
Hometown: Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada
Alignment: Heel
Finisher: Walls Of Jericho
Theme Music: 'Break Down The Walls'
Entrance: The arena goes dark, and we see the countdown up on the X-Tron begin 5.00-4.00-3.00-2.00-1.00-0...Pyros Explode and "Break Down The Walls" Hits over the PA System as the crowd begins to boo. Chris Jericho is seen on the stage with his back facing the crowd and his arms out at his side. He spins around two times and stops looking out at the crowd with a smerk on his face. Jericho walks down the aisle while jawing with the fans. He steps up the ring steps and walks along the apron grabbing onto the ropes looking out at the crowd with yet again a smerk on his face. Jericho enters the ring and raises his arms up in the air saying he is the "King of the World!" as the crowd boos.