Roster - Booker T

XPW Acheivements

-World Championship-
-International Championship-

Wrestler Bio

Name: Booker T
Height: ?
Weight: ?
Hometown: Houston,TX
Alignment: Face
Finisher: Scissors Kick
Trademark Moves: Houston Hangover, Bookend, Spinning Heel Kick, Sidewalk Slam, Missle Dropkick, Standing Sidekick, Arm Wrench to Kick To Face, Jumping Calf Kick, Chops
Theme Music: "Can You Dig It?"
Entrance: The arena goes quiet, then all of a sudden on the PA System and on the X-Tron we hear and see the words: "Can You Dig It...Sucka?" And the fans Cheer! Booker T emerges onto the stage. He takes a few steps and stops. Booker raises his arms in the air as pyro shoots up behind him. He gives a wide-eyed stare around the arena, and begins walking down the aisle to the ring. Booker gets in the ring and goes to the turnbuckle and climbs up it. He begins raising the roof as the fans cheer and his music dies down.