Roster - Kurt Angle

XPW Acheivements

United States Champ

Wrestler Bio

Name: Kurt Angle
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 220 lbs.
Hometown: Pittsburgh,PA
Alignment: Heel
Finisher: Angle Slam/Ankle Lock
Moves: German Suplex, Vertical Suplex, Chops, Belly To belly Suplex, DDT, Super Belly To Belly Suplex, Moonsault, Piledriver, Backdrop, Mudhole Stomp, hip toss, ground maneuvers of sorts.
Theme Music: "Medal"
Entrance: "Medal" begins to play over the PA System as Kurt Angle makes his way out from the entrance to a booing crowd. He makes his way to the middle of the rampway, and stops and raises his arms in the air as red white and blue pyro shoot up behind him. The fans begin to chant "You Suck!" along with his music while he makes his way into the ring. Kurt raises his arms and spins around yelling out "Wooo!". His music begins to die down.