Regression-11/10/02-Little Rock,Arkansas

--Tag Team Championship Match--
Hurri-Kane -vs- Goldberg & The Rock

Garcia: This match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the XPW World Tag Team Championship!!!! Introducing first from Tulsa, Oklahoma, weighing in at 275 pounds......GOLDBERG!!!!!!!

(( All of a Sudden "Da Man" Hits on the PA System and the crowd begins to cheer GOLDBERG makes his way on the stage. HE stops standing there as sparks shoot up at him, and he sucks it in. He taunts on the stage after they stop, swinging his arms around and yelling, and then walks towards the ring. He enters the ring and does a taunt in the center of it. ))

Garcia: His partner from Miami, Florida, weighing in at 275 pounds......THE ROCK!!!!

(( Then on the PA System we hear "IF YA SMELL...WHAT THE ROCK..IS COOKIN'!" as the crowd begins to cheer because The Rock is on his way out! He walks down the ramp looking out at the fans and towards the ring. He goes up the steps and walks along the apron and goes to the turnbuckle. he climbs up it and raises his right arm 'smelling' what the people are cooking! They cheer and snap photos as the crowd is still going nuts for The Rock! He gets down from the turnbuckle and enters the ring. He walks to the opposite turnbuckle and climbs up it. He raises his arm again, doing the same as before. He gets down from the turnbuckle, Rock and Goldberg stare each other down as they prepare for the match.

Garcia: And now their a combined weight of 471 pounds and they are the XPW World Tag Team Champions....HURRI-KANE!!!!

(( The Arena turns black and soon..."BOOM" fire bursts from the stage as then "Stand Back Theres A Hurricane Commin Though!" plays as the Hurri-Kane make their way out onto the stage. They walk down the aisle and Hurricane slides in the ring. Kane hops onto the apron and gets in over the top rope. Hurricane then jumps on the turnbuckle and does a Hurri-Pose, He jumps down and walks infront of Kane in the middle of the ring. Kane raises his arms, and slams them down as fire bursts from all four turnbuckles, as Hurricane does another Hurri-Pose infront of Kane. The lights come back to normal. Kane and The Hurricane handed the Championship Belts over to the referee and as the ref raises the belts high in the air the teams stand face to face with each other The Rock and Kane staring into each others eyes and The Hurricane and Goldberg staring at each other.

Tony: These two teams are ready for this contest, I can't wait to see how this match pans out because the whole XPW Tag Team Division will be affected by this match.

Bobby: Well you know what I hope after this match Kane and The Hurricane will never get the shot at the XPW Tag Belts again. I may not like The Rock but Goldberg and The Rock will be a unstoppable team.

(( The match begins as the ref calls for the bell, Goldberg and Kane enter the ring to begin the match, they lock up and Kane throws Goldberg into Goldberg's own corner. Goldberg stares at Kane as Kane points to Goldberg and yells something at him. Goldberg and Kane pace each other slowing down the pace of the match, the chants for Kane are getting louder as Goldberg yells at the fans and they respond with huge booes. Goldberg walks over to Kane, he looks into Kane's eyes and gives him a big shove, Kane shoves him back and they get started in a slugfest. ))

Tony: Do you see this Kane and Goldberg are going at it. Bill Goldberg is not going to win a fist fight with Kane, Goldberg is going to have to wrestle Kane get the man off of his feet because as long as Kane is on his feet he is very dangerous. What do you think Bobby?

Bobby: Goldberg is just showing Kane what he has and I know that Goldberg will have Kane screaming like a burned up baby.

(( Kane gets the upper hand as he pounds Goldberg into the mat and starts to kick Bill viciously. The Rock comes in to interfere and as The Hurricane enters to stop him the ref stops Hurricane and The Rock attacks Kane and he causes Kane to stagger a bit before Kane attacks The Rock. Goldberg comes up behind Kane and starts pounding away at "The Big Red Machine". Kane is getting a pounding as Goldberg officially tags in The Rock. The Rock proceeds to pound on Kane as well as Goldberg, the ref gets Goldberg back to the corner as The Rock continues the punishment. ))

Bobby: Look at that Tony Kane is getting the stuffing beaten out of him and soon Goldberg will win the Tag Team Championship and the XPW World Championship.

Tony: It was a double team attack Kane can't fight two men at once we all know that.

(( The Rock keeps the pounding on Kane and The Hurricane is banging on the turnbuckle   getting the crowd to pump up Kane.   The Rock hooks Kane into the Sharpshooter and is just cranking the hold on Kane. The Hurricane rushes in and elbows The Rock and both The Rock and Kane lie inside the ring. Hurricane and Goldberg are in their corners waiting for the tag as Kane starts to move but so does The Rock. Kane makes it to his corner and tags in The Hurricane but The Rock tags in Goldberg who rushes in and begins the attack on The Hurricane. Hurricane is holding his own but he can't overpower "Da Man", Goldberg gets Hurricane to his feet and raises him up for a suplex, he holds Hurricane up for a long time before dropping him on his head. The crowd keeps booing Goldberg as he ignores them. Goldberg helps Hurricane up again but out of the ref's view Hurricane gives Goldberg a low blow. Goldberg staggers back and Hurricane falls into his corner tagging Kane in, Kane enters and Irish whips Goldberg into the ropes and as Goldberg comes toward Kane, Kane powerslams Goldberg. The Rock enters the ring to interfere but The Hurricane enters the ring as well to help out his partner, Hurricane clotheslines The Rock outside the ring and they fight as Kane exits the ring and grabs a chair. Kane slides the chair in as the ref tries to break up Rock and The Hurricane Kane picks up Goldberg and chokeslams him right ONTO THE CHAIR! Kane pins Goldberg in the middle of the ring. The referee enters the ring and begins the count The Rock tries to stop it but Hurricane holds his foot to keep him out and the ref continues to count,....1....2...3....! The bell is rung as The Hurricane reenters the ring and the referee is handed the belts by the timekeeper.   Lillian begins her announcement. ))

Garcia: The winners and NEW XPW World Tag Team Champions......HURRI-KANE!!!!!

Tony: The Hurricane and Kane successfully won those championships and they are ready for the next challenge.

Bobby: Tony they just got lucky they won't remain champs much longer I guarantee it.

Tony: Our next match is coming up in a few minutes, the World Title Match!!

(( Kane and The Hurricane stand in the middle of the ring with their belts high in the air as Goldberg and The Rock make their way up the ramp. Kane raises and drops his arms and the pyros go off as the crowd cheers for the XPW World Tag Team Champions and their successfull title win.

Kronik is shown backstage, walking around. They pass a stagehand, and Adams sorta barks at her, making a loud noise. She screams, and they start to laugh. Adams pats her on the back, and takes the water in her hand and takes a drink. He tosses it on the floor and they both walk off laughing.

Goldberg and The Rock are walking down the hallway, still breathing heavily. Golbderg tells The Rock to follow him. Goldberg and The Rock enter Eric Bischoff's office, and Goldberg says that they want a rematch, that was unfair! Bischoff responds...'GET THE HELL OUT!' Obviously, he still has a head ache. They leave the office, as Veronica Caine sits there beside Eric who is lying on the couch.

Helms and Kane stand by for an interview.

Gene Okerlund: Kane, Hurricane, congratulations on winning the XPW Tag Team championships.

The Hurricane: Well Citizen Gene, thats mighty nice of you to say something like that. Kane and I, have fought long and hard, and its "Hurri-Great" to hold these, XPW Tag Team Titles.

Kane: These belts, won't leave our waits for a long, long time. There is nobody that can take them from us, and there is nothing, that can keep us from holding them..for a LONG TIME!

Just then, KRONIK come into the scene and assault The Hurricane and Kane. They toss The Hurricane into the interview set knocking it down. And when Kane comes up from behind attacking them, they grab him by the throat, and push him downward! Kronik slap hands, and take the mic from Gene Okerlund.

Brian Adams: We want a Tag Team Title Shot! And if we don't get it, there will be HELL to Pay! And once we win those titles, then we will really reach the HIGH TIME!

Adams and Clark push the camera man out of the way and walk back on down the hallway.

Goldberg and The Rock walk into Commissioner Hogan's office, and Hogan asks them whats wrong. Goldberg explains how Bischoff told them off, and Hogan says not to worry, they will get a shot in due time. Goldberg and Rock walk out satisfied.

Shane Douglas, Jeff Jarrett and Rhyno are in the Triple Threat locker room. Shane Douglas is getting a bandage put on his head.

Shane Douglas: Okay, you know what to do. And remember, I am the Franchise damnit, I deserve to be World Champion, not RVD. I hear he's chosen a Ladder match, well, thats just fine..I'll walk out champion by nights end!

Shane pushes the medical technician away, and sticks the bandage on himself. He walks out of the locker room as Rhyno stands up, nods to Jarrett, and walks out as well!

Tony: What the hell?

World heavyweight Championship-Ladder Match
RVD vs Shane Douglas

The Bell rings...ding..ding..ding....Michael Buffer, special Main event PPV Anouncer, is back! He stands in the middle of the ring, ready to introduce the participants.

Michael Buffer: Two men fight tonight, in the Main Event for the Heavyweight..Championship of the World! Both are more than ready, and with the title being vacant as of now, both want to be the one to capture it even more. The two men, will be introduced momentarily. For now, wrestling fans, are you ready?!

The crowd cheers.

Michael Buffer: For the thousands in attendance, and the Millions watching around the globe. Ladies and gentalmen..LLLLLLETS GET READY TO RUMBLLLLLLE!

"One of a Kind" by Breaking Point hits the PA System as the crowd begins to cheer and Rob Van Dam makes his way out. He walks down the aisle smiling as the crowd cheers. He rolls in the ring and spins around and point at himself while the crowd chants [-"Rob...Van...Dam!"-].

Michael Buffer: In the ring, is a man who has been said to have the most educated feet in professional wrestling. He held the ECW Television Title for a countless number of months. His finisher, a Five Star Frog Splash, makes very big impact on his opponent, as well as on himself. Wearing black and green, He is the reigning, and DEFENDING, United States Champion of the World! Ladies and Gentalmen, Mr. Pay Per View, Mr. Monday Night, Rob..Van..DAM!

RVD raises his arms high again, and holds his title up for all to see as they cheer!

Michael Buffer: And now, his opponent.

The lights in the arena fade to black as the crowd waits in anticipation. Then blue lights flood the arena and flicker in the ring and on the ramp as Perfect Strangers by Deep Purple begins to play along with a tron video, fans begin to boo loudly as Shane Douglas walk out with a cocky grin on his face.

Michael Buffer: Wearing Yellow and Black, he is a former ECW World Champion, a former WCW United States Champion, and a former XPW Champion. He is known around the world for his finisher, the Franchiser. He calls himself the Franchise of Xtreme Professional Wrestling, and has a goal to capture the Heavyweight Championship for a second time! Ladies and Gentalmen, "The FRANCHISE" Shane..DOUGLAS!

Shane taunts to the crowd and they start to boo. Shane seems to have a bandage on his forehead from earlier.

Tony: This should be one hell of a match. RVD hopes to get his hands on that World gold for the first time, and Shane Douglas wants it for a second time!

Bobby: That's right, and if they want to win the belt, they have to climb a ladder to get it. That's right, as you can see folks, the belt is hanging 20 feet above the ring, because RVD has chosen this match to be a Ladder Match. I tell you, Douglas can't be too pleased with this, he didn't have much luck with a ladder in the US Title match.

Both men begin to circle the ring, and then they lock up. RVD with a headlock, and Douglas pushes RVD against the ropes, Douglas down on the mat, RVD leaps over him, bounces off the ropes, Douglas up, Hip Toss..but RVD lands on his feet, tries for a spinning heel kick and Douglas ducks it, goes for a clothesline which RVD ducks and RVD hits a spinning wheel kick knocking Douglas down! RVD stands up and raises his arms as the crowd cheers.

Tony: Well could had there been any more counters in the begining of the match?! Amazing.

Bobby: There could had been Shavonie, but RVD was getting tired of them I guess!

Douglas gets up and puts his hand to his face and sees if there is any blood from that impact, and there isnt. He shakes the cobwebs off and they begin to lock up again, and they do. Douglas with his own headlock now, and RVD elbows him in the gut, RVD with a few forearm shots, and sends Douglas across the ring against the ropes and Douglas runs back with a clothesline knocking Van Dam down. Douglas taunts to the crowd and they boo. Douglas flips them off, and then goes back to RVD. He reaches down to pick him up and Van Dam grabs his tights and takes him throught the top and middle ropes and Douglas hits the protective mat at ringside.

Tony: There goes The Franchise!

RVD goes through the ropes and stands on the apron, his back facing the fans. Douglas gets up and RVD backflips off onto Douglas knocking him down! RVD reaches under the ring, and pulls out a ladder! The Fans cheer, as RVD waits for Douglas to get up, and RVD charges him and hits the ladder to Douglas' face! Shane goes down.

Bobby: Welp, thats all she wrote for Shane Douglas!

RVD puts the ladder under the bottom rope, into the ring. He goes over to Shane Douglas, picking him up and setting him on the baracade. RVD gets on the apron and does his finger taunt before jumping off. He spins in mid-air for his Helicopter Leg Drop and Douglas moves at the last minute, and RVD hits the baracade hard! Douglas starts punching Van Dam, and pushes him down to ringside. Douglas puts one leg over, then the next, and then kicks RVD in the stomach! RVD holds his stomach in pain and Douglas picks him up and whips him into the ringsteps! RVD impacts, his back hitting first! RVD screams out in pain, and Douglas grabs a chair from under the ring. He swings it and RVD moves and the Chair impacts on the steps. RVD leg sweeps Douglas and he goes down. RVD gets up on the apron, favoring his rib area, and leaps off but Douglas punches him in the gut and RVD flips over hitting the floor.

Tony: Ouch, that didn't look too good.

Douglas reaches under the ring and grabs a ladder! He puts it in the ring and grabs RVD, and rolls him in.

Bobby: That's two ladders.

Douglas picks RVD up and drops RVD's ribs on Douglas' knee.

Tony: Rib Breaker!

Douglas picks RVD up and sends him into the corner. Douglas walks over to him, and chops him across the chest. The crowd goes WOOO! with every hit. Douglas hits a few more chops, and then sends RVD across the ring into the opposite corner. Douglas runs and RVD gets a boot up. RVD runs at Douglas but gets backdropped. The Franchise picks up one of those ladders and sets it up against the corner buckle. He picks up RVD and tries to whip him into it, but RVD counters and drop toe holds Douglas down. RVD climbs the turnbuckle and Douglas gets up, RVD jumps off and sidekicks Shane down. RVD helicopter legdrops Douglas and taunts to the crowd. RVD picks Douglas up and Shane hits a low blow, Douglas puts his arms tightly around RVD, and belly to belly suplexes him into the Ladder in the corner!

Tony: Oh my god! What an impact!

Bobby: I've never seen anything like that. Look at how RVD landed though, after hitting the ladder, he fell on his neck!

Tony: That had to have some affect on RVDs back and ribs.

Shane Douglas grabs the other ladder and sets it up in the center of the ring. He points up at the World Title, and starts to climb. One step at a time, he gets higher and higher. RVD slowly begins to get to his feet, and climb up the other side. RVD gets to the top just as Douglas does, and RVD hits Douglas a couple times. Douglas hits RVD back, and the ladder begins to shake. They both climb one step higher, and Shane Douglas tries for a suplex on RVD, he has him set up for it. RVD though, punches his way out of it and slams Douglas' head off of the top of the ladder. The ladder begins to shake and both men look around as if they don't know what is going on and the ladder falls! They both get hung up on the ropes and RVD goes over onto ringside.

Tony: Woah! I don't think that was supposed to happen!

Douglas gets up, standing on his feet sorta stumbling around. RVD gets up at ringside and gets in the ring under the bottom rope. Douglas pushes the ladder down on the mat folded up. He goes after Van Dam, and starts kicking him while he is on the mat. Douglas picks RVD up and whips him across the ring into the corner. He sets RVD up on the top of the buckle and punches him in the stomach. Douglas then grabs a ladder and sets it in the middle of the ring. Douglas, climbs the turnbuckle, in order to suplex RVD onto the ladder.

Tony: Oh my god, he is going to suplex RVD onto that ladder, this is not good.

Bobby: What do you mean Shavonie? This is GREAT!

RVD manages to get out of it, and pushes him down. Shane grabs RVD and lifts him and turns around to slam him on the ladder, but RVD falls back, and Monkey Flips Douglas onto the ladder!

Bobby: YIKES!

RVD gets up, and bounces off the ropes and baseball slides Douglas in the face. RVD pulls Shane in his desired position, and puts the ladder on top of him. RVD runs across the ring, and hits Rolling thunder on top of the ladder, impacting to Douglas! RVD holds his back and stands up, holding it. RVD gets the ladder off of Douglas, who holds his stomach, and RVD sets it up in the center of the ring. He starts to climb up, slowly, step by step getting higher. He gets to the top, and reaches high, but then looks down at the Franchise, laying there. RVD looks out at the crowd and they begin to cheer. He climbs up, and stands on the top of the ladder!

Tony: He wouldnt...

RVD bends down, and jumps...


Bobby: Off the Ladder!

Crowd: OOH!

But RVD misses!

Tony: Someone pulled Shane Douglas out of the way! Who was that??

The person who did it slides in the ring...

Bobby: It was Rhyno Shavonie! Rhyno pulled The Franchise out of the way!

RVD is in pain, holding his stomach, he can barely stand. He pulls himself up in the corner, and Rhyno stalks him. The crowd is trying to warn RVD...RVD turns around and Rhyno charges..

Bobby: GORE!

Rhyno GORES RVD down hard! His in major pain! Shane Douglas slides into the ring, and he shakes Rhyno's hand. RVD lies there, motionless. Shane Douglas climbs the ladder, as the crowd boos. Shane gets to the top, reaches, and ...

Tony: HE GOT IT!

Bobby: That's all she wrote Tony!

Michael Buffer: Your winner, and NEW Heavyweight, Champion of the World.."THE FRANCHISE", Shane DOUGLAS!

Douglas stays up on the ladder, holding his belt, with a wicked Smile on his face. Rhyno climbs the turnbuckle and taunts to the crowd, as Regression goes off the air!