Regression-11/10/02-Little Rock,Arkansas

On the X-Tron and on the TV's across the world the words flash:


The crowd begins to cheer, as this is on the screen!

--Backstage: Bischoff and Veronica--

Veronica Caine: Hey Eric, the ratings just came in from last week's Shocker, and I don't think you will be too pleased with them.

Veronica hands him the ratings, and Bischoff gets a angry look on his face when he sees the low numbers.

Eric Bischoff: How in the hell did that happen? I am a damn good promoter, I am a damn good Owner, I put on a Battle Royal for the World Title last week! What more do those stupid fans want out of me? You know what, I'm gonna go out to the ring, and give them all a peice of my mind.

Veronica Caine: Do what you have to do. I'll be here.

--Interview: Shane Douglas and Jeff Jarrett Comment on Rhyno--

Backstage, Shane Douglas and Jeff Jarrett stand by with Mike Tenay.

Mike Tenay: Guys, thankyou for taking time to answer a few questions, but first, I'd like to ask you Jeff what it feels like to lose tonight?

Jeff Jarrett: Listen up slapnut, where in the hell do you get off askin' me such a dumb question? Who in the hell do you think you are? Sure, I may had lost that match, but who really gives a damn? It wasn't important, neither is Edge or Steven Richards. Don't ask stupid questions ya idiotic slapass!

Mike Tenay: Well then, Shane, congratulations on advancing in the elimination series tonight.

Shane Douglas: Can we just hurry and get this damn thing done with?

Mike Tenay: Sure, sure, guys, can you tell us all what the thing was with Rhyno and Jarrett holding each others arms high? Is Rhyno the third member to the Triple Threat??

Shane Douglas: You know these past few weeks everyone wanted to know who the new member to the Triple Threat was and tonight you found out! YES! It Is Rhyno, and now that our group is complete we plan on ruling supreme over XPW!

Jeff Jarrett: That's right, so why don't ya choke on THAT..slapnutz!

The two walk off, as Mike Tenay stands there with a confused look on his face.

--Backstage: Hulk Hogan!--

The commissioner Hollywood Hulk Hogan is shown walking down the hallway. He is seemingly talking on a cellphone with somebody, but who could it be? Hogan tells whoever it is, that 'this is going to be great brother'.

Tony: Who do you think he could be talking to?

Bobby: I'm not sure.

Tony: Fans, lets head to one of the local Wal-Mart stores for our Television Championship match between Nick Mondo and Kurt Angle.

--TV Title Match inside the Wal-Mart Electronics Department: "Sick" Nick Mondo -vs- Kurt Angle--

The camera turns to a Wal-Mart local store where a truck comes to a halt, the man inside it is NICK MONDO! He gets out and walks around yelling... "COMON! KURT! GET YOUR ASS OUT HERE!!! NOW!!! KURT!!"

Tony: This is going to be a great match, I just know it.

He walks foreward a little bit as Kurt Angle jumps out of a car, with a steel chair in hand. He then nails him accross the back. Mondo burts through the wal-mart doors. Angle grabs his head, and takes him along the floor of Wal-Mart. He then grabs his head and tosses him into the electronics department. Angle tosses him against the shelves and proceeds to punch away at him. He then throws his head at the shelf. Kurt then grabs Mondos head and slams his head against the counter. Mondo holds his head and Kurt takes him swings him foreward, swings him back and does a drop toe hold, as he bounces his head off the counter! Mondo holds his jaw, then turns around into a midsection kick. He pulls him in, and drops in a sit down position, and...

Tony: Piledriver!

Kurt Angle gets up as Mondo lays on the ground. Kurt looks out to the couple fans piled outside the electronics department. He yells "WHOOO!" the fans give a mixed reaction, as Kurt picks up Mondo and Mondo hits a LOW BLOW KICK! Kurt bends down, holding his balls. Mondo then grabs his head, and falls backwards with a DDT into the counter! Mondo gets up and stomps Kurt Angle. Kurt then gets up and Mondo nails right hands. Mondo then grabs his head, and tosses it at the glass protecting the video games. Kurts head bounces off the glass and he turns around as Mondo drags him away by his feet, and holds his legs up. He turns around, and slingshots Kurt Angle into one plate of the glass, as that side shatters. Kurt starts bleeding. Mondo then walks over to the computers and takes a keyboard. Angle walks over, dazed. He gets there blood rushing down his head. BOOM!!!

Brain: NO! Mondo just hit Kurt with that VCR, down goes Kurt!

Tony: Mondo is taking control now.

Angle is down holding his head, as Mondo grabs the desktop. He picks it up, and lifts up Angle. Angle looks at him, and he gets hit in the gut with the desktop! He then takes the monitor, and smashes it on Angle's back, as Angle's back starts becoming a bloody. Mondo picks up Angle and goes to slam his head into a sound system, He runs but Angle ducks under and pushes him right into the sterio!! Mondos head goes right into the sterio, and his head starts dripping blood. Mondo falls to the floor as Angle grabs a VCR. He walks over and picks up Mondo, then Mondo stands there and BOOM! Angle smashed the VCR over his head. Angle stands there, and picks him up. He takes him back to the counter, and then Mondo out of no-where he hits a CHOP! He then grabs Angle, and flips him onto his shoulderns, and drops him...

Tony: Assault Driver!! Mondos got the cover now, theres a one! Theres a two! Oh and Angle kicks out!

Angle gets up and Mondo hits some roundhouse kicks. Angle stumbles back, down an aisle. Mondo then runs and shoulder blocks him into the counter. Mondo taunts to the fans on the outside of the department. He runs....and Angle flips him over with a high back body drop as the counter man, collapses from Mondo landing on him! Angle raises his arms and taunts. Angle then picks him up, and goes onto the counter. Mondo climbs onto it, and Angle trash talks him, Mondo then out of nowhere throws Angles arms up and gives him a savage kick, Mondo lifts him up and jumps over to a glass counter, with old video games in it, on sale.


Angle lays there on his back, out of it, blood is on the shattered counter. Mondo rolls away, then picks up Angle, he then takes him over to the glass barrier, seperating the electronics and the clothes. Mondo then grabs Angles head, and runs...he pushes Angles back and Angle runs right through the glass, and falls into some braws. Angle lays there as blood starts coming down his stomache. Nick Mondo then walks through the whole, and picks him up. He then carries him back over to the electronics, and throws him against a shelf. He climbs up the shelves, pulling Angle along. Nick Mondo stands up on it, and Angle dives at his legs, making Mondo fall down. Angle then grabs his ankle, and lifts it and twists!!


Mondo lifts his hand up and slams it down on the rack, but the ref says he has to slam his hand 3 times. Mondo lifts his hand up again, and slams it down...he lifts it, and holds it. Mondo screams, as blood rushes down his face. Kurt twists and twists and twists, as Mondo puts his hand on the crowd, not slamming it down. He screams and goes on his hands, and throws his upper body up. He screams and screams as Mondo then puts his head down, and almost passes out. Angle then lets go. Angle then lifts him up, and grabs him by his stomache. He throws him over his head, and the counter guy gets up as Mondo flies onto the counter, with his legs hitting the guy, knocking him unconscious again. Mondo then lands on his back on the counter! Kurt then raises his arms, and jumps off hitting a leg drop onto Mondo!! Kurt then covers...ONE!!!......TWO!!!......THR--KICKOUT!!!


Angle gets on his knees almost in tears. Angle stands up, and picks up Mondo. He then grabs him by his stomache and throws him over his head as Mondo hits the plate of glass covering the video games, and he crashes through it!! Mondo then falls and lands on his head. Kurt then climbs on the counter, and backflips off of it, hitting a moonsault!! Kurt covers....ONE!!!....TWO!!!...THRE--SHOULDER UP!!! Kurt stands up thinking the ref did a slow count. Kurt then nails the referee in the face, Kurt then stomps the back of Mondo, and it starts to bleed. He then picks up Mondo and grabs his back, and hits a German Suplex, as Mondo goes back-first into the other plate of glass, as Mondos head smashes against the glass, and it breaks! Mondo sits there as blood poors from the back of his head. Angle gets up, and picks up Mondo. He takes him to the CD/Movie aisle, and takes out a WWE Video called "WWE Attitude Era" Mondo kicks Kurt Angle, and takes the WWE video. He spits on it, then breaks it over Angles head. Angle falls down onto his butt. Mondo drops it then goes over and grabs a TV. He puts it in a shopping cart. He then runs the shopping cart, as Angle gets on his knees and BOOM, he gets taken out with it.

Tony: Oh my god, Angle got hit by that shopping cart.

The ref slowly crawls over. Mondo then puts the TV on Angle's head. He climbs up the shelves and backflips off, doing a corkscrew moonsault, dropping his leg onto the Television Set! Tony: Mondo Sledge!


Tony: MONDO WINS! MONDO IS THE TV CHAMPION! OH MY GOD! Both these men are bloody messes! The first ever TV champion, he is NICK MONDO!

Brain: What an amazing match, Angle looked like he could've had it so many times. But Mondo got him, 1..2..3, your winner, "Sick" Nick Mondo.

Mondo slowly rises to his feet, as the referee hands him the title. Nick Mondo raises it, blood dripping as the camera goes back to the arena!


--In Ring Segment: Eric Bischoff--

Tony: Fans welcome back to the arena!

All of a sudden, "Back in Black" by AC/DC hits the PA System and Eric Bischoff makes his way down to the ring. He gets out on the stage, and blows kisses to the crowd as they boo. He makes his way down to the ring with a big smile on his face. Bischoff enters the ring, and grabs the microphone from Lillian Garcia. His music dies down, and before speaking he adjusts his jacket. Bischoff speaks..

Bobby: Alright Shavonie, Don't say a word, Our beloved boss is about to make a speech!

Eric Bischoff: "You know, XPW is a company I took over because certain people couldn't handle the job. They couldn't handle turning this little piece of trash organization around, and so they gave me, Eric Bischoff the job. And you know what? Considering this industry is in a down turn, I've done a pretty damn good job. Even when Shane McMahon was around, it was me who had all of the great ideas! And, for the past few weeks here by myself, I get the Nelson ratings back and what do they say? 1.0, 1.1… and I think to myself…. What the hell is wrong with all you damn people out there in tv. Land! First of all, I blame all of the talent in the back. All of you son of a bitches could be a hell of a lot more entertaining! I mean, what kind of a program is it if we fill it with HBK's, RVD's, Hurri-Kane's? I mean, c'mon! And most of all, I blame that old, bald headed, wind bag, Hulk Hogan!" ***the crowd boos***

Tony: Oh!

Bobby: What "Oh!"? He's right, Hogan is old! Hogan is prehistoric. I don't know why they'd keep someone as old as him around here.

Tony: Well, uh, nevermind Brain.

" Yeah, you heard me right. You people don't think the show is innovative enough. Well now, we got wrestling 1980's style and yet you stupid moronic fans continue to cheer this old bastard! I KNOW WHAT YOU ALL NEED! I KNOW WHAT YOU ALL WANT TO SEE DAMMIT! I'M ERIC BISCHOFF AND YOU PEOPLE ARE NOTHING MORE THAN PIECES OF TRASH!! You couldn't even BEGIN to tie my shoe! I..."

Suddenly glass breaks, Bischoff's face goes almost cold as he looks up the entrance way and sees Stone Cold Steve Austin walk through the curtan, sporting a "WHAT" t-shirt, cut off jeans shorts and black wrestling boots.

Austin walks into the ring, hitting all four tunbuckles appeasing the crowd as they go wild. Austin ignores Bischoff, passing him by as he hits every turnbuckle. The music fades and Austin looks to Bishoff, a crazed look in his eyes.


Austin walks to Bischoff, kicks him hard in the stomach...and hits him with a Stone Cold Stunner, sending him flying! Austin runs to Bischoff, getting on his stomach, yelling curses at him. Security surrounds Austin, taking him down and putting him in handcuffs.

Eric Bischoff: Get that ****** out of my damn ring! GET HIM OUT!

Bischoff lays in the ring and tosses the mic down, referees try to help him up but he pushes them away and gets up himself. Veronica Caine runs down to the ring and gets in. Bischoff, holding his neck, gladly takes her help and they begin their way out of the ring, and up the ramp.

Tony: What in the hell was that all about?!

--Promo: Steven Richards--

Steven Richards stands by backstage, with a microphone in hand. He speaks.

Steven Richards: People in the wrestling world, moral, and inmoral freaks in TV Land! LISTEN UP! Tonight, was horrible, my match, TERRIBLE! What kind of an idiot puts Mr Steven Richards in a Guitar On a Pole match? Where is the morality in that kind of match? I was cheated tonight! I always get cheated! Well, it is going to stop. I am tired of getting jumped, I am tired of things not going my way, I am tired of everything and everyone here! Kronik, you won't get away with this, neither will Jarrett or Edge. I will be back, and when I return, I will be new, I will be rejuvinated. When I return it is not going to be for ANYONE else's own good, BUT FOR MY OWN GOOD!

Tony: Ooookay..

Rob Van Dam is shown walking out of his locker room backstage, with his US Title over his shoulder.

Tony: There's RVD, he puts that title on the line next in a Hardcore Match. This should be great.

--US Title-Hardcore Match--
--RVD -vs- Shane Douglas -vs- Shawn Michaels--

Lilian: The following contest is the 3-way HARDCORE match for the United States Championship!

The lights in the arena fade to black as the crowd waits in anticipation. Then blue lights flood the arena and flicker in the ring and on the ramp as Perfect Strangers by Deep Purple begins to play along with a tron video, fans begin to boo loudly as Shane Douglas walk out with a cocky grin on his face. He jaws with a few fans before slowly pacing around the outside of the ring. He finally enters the ring and waits on his opponet.

Lilian: Introducing first, the challenger! From Pitsburg, PA weighing 242 pounds, THE FRANCHISE SHANE DOUGLAS!

Lilian: From San Antonio, Texas weighing 225 pounds, XPW Champion SHAWN MICHAELS! "Sexy Boy" Hits the PA System as we hear the lyrics going thru the Speakers and the crowd cheering! The music continues to play.."I think I'm Cute...I Know I'm Sexy" Shawn Michaels makes his way down to the ring. He goes up the steps, and enters the ring. Shawn spins around three times, and does the lean flexing his muscles as the pyro shoots up behind him.

"One of a Kind" by Breaking Point hits the PA System as the crowd begins to cheer and Rob Van Dam makes his way out. He walks down the aisle smiling as the crowd cheers. He rolls in the ring and spins around and point at himself while the crowd chants [-"Rob...Van...Dam!"-].

Lilian: From Battle Creek, Michigan, the current XPW United States Champion of the World -- he is known as Mr. Monday Night, Mr. Pay Per View, and the Whole F'n Show, ROB VAN DAM!

Tony: This match, as Lilian said for the United States Championship. So much on the line here.

Bobby: This has got to be the toughest challenge Van Dam has ever had to face, because he's not just having to face one opponent, he's having to face TWO.

Tony: The Franchise, a former ECW heavyweight champion, a former XPW heavyweight champion. Rob Van Dam, ECW World Television Champion for over two years, WWF Intercontanental Champion as well as WWF Hardcore Champion. And Shawn Michaels, Intercontanental Champion as well as multiple time World Wrestling Federation Champion, and 2 Time XPW Champion...THE CURRENT CHAMPION!

{The bell sounds.}

Tony: And we're off!

{All three men circle one another, neither making a move just yet.}

Bobby: Who's gonna go at who first. If I was in this match, I'd sit back and let two guys beat the hell out of each other, then come in and pick up what's left!

Tony: What a surprise there.

{Rob Van Dam and The Franchise lock up, Douglas knees to the gut of Van Dam and goes to the back, attemping to a German Suplex, but Van Dam repeatedly elbows him in the face. Michaels comes from behind and lock his arms around Douglas' waist. Douglas arms still locked around Van Dam--

Tony: Triple German Suplex! Oh my! What a way to start out this match up!

{Douglas rolls to the outside, Michaels makes it to his feet but Van Dam is there with a boot to the chest, Shawn stumbles to the turnbuckle, Van Dam runs, jumps and tosses Michaels with his feet, BUT Shawn is able to land on his feet. Rob Van Dam turns around, stunned that he landed on his feet and charges with a clothsline, but Michaels ducks and goes for his super kick, however Van Dam grabs and turns Michaels around, attemping to put him into a back drop, BUT Michaels flips out of it, goes for another clothsline, Van Dam ducks it goes goes for a kick, Michaels catches it and Van Dam FLIPS out of it! The crowd applauds both men's efforts.

Tony: Incredible wrestling by both men!

{Douglas comes back in with a steal chair and charges Van Dam from behind with a steal chair, smashing him in the head!}

Crowd: Ooh!

{Michaels runs at Douglas, hitting him with a flying elbow smash, sending him down! Michaels picks up Douglas and sends him into the ropes, and takes him down with an arm darg, Douglas quickly pops up to his feet but Michaels pops him with punches and sends him into the ropes again, going for another clothsline but Douglas ducks, going to the opposite turnbuckle, this time both men go for a clothsline and go down!}

Tony: What a collision!

Bobby: Both men are seeing some stars after that one!

{Rob Van Dam sees his opporunity and climbs to the top rope and--!}

Tony: RVD going up top now! What's he gonna do from here!

Bobby: He's not going to get ice cream, that's for sure.

Tony: FIVE STAR ON DOUGLAS! And The Pin...

{Shawn suddenly kick-ups and breaks the count at two with a well placed knee to the kneck of Van Dam.}

Bobby: Broken up by Mr. Monday Night!

{Michaels elbows and punches RVD to the corner and sets whips him, sending him to the opposite turnbuckle. RVD's back smashes agains the turnbuckle HARD, he stumbles forward in a days and Michaels jumps, throwing Mr. Monday Night into a Hurricanrana, taking him down! This time, Michaels assends to the top rope and jumps, hitting the moonsault on RVD!

Tony: 1, 2--

{SMASH! Steal massacres the back of Shawn Michaels, breaking up the pin. Douglas picks Michals up and waffles him with the steal chair, so hard that he flies through the ropes onto the outside. Douglas covers RVD.}

Tony: 1, 2- no, only a two count that time.

{Douglas picks RVD up, and holds RVD up for pile driver. He talks trash with the fans, holding RVD, but it's in vien as the U.S Champion struggles and is able to turn out of it, Van Dam hits a spin kick, smashing Douglas in the mouth. RVD tosses the chair and Douglas catches it, RVD jumps WHAM!!!}


Crowd: RVD! RVD! RVD!

Tony: Van Dam going up top again!

{RVD goes for a five star frog splash, BUT Douglas grabs the chair that just smashed him in the head and puts his knees up along with the chair! Van Dam's abdamen hits cold hard steal, his body bounches off and he convulses in pain!

Tony: Dear LORD!

{Douglas slowly gets to his feet. Suddenly, we see a ladder fly into the ring! A bloodies Michaels rolls in, bottom rope and points to the Franchise, who shakes his head. Franchies charges Michaels but runs into a Texas boot! Michales smashes Dougles with punches into the corner and chops him again and again. The Heartbreak Kid walks over, placing the ladder against the opposite turnbuckle. He points to the Franchise and then the ladder! The crowd cheers with delight!}

Tony: I think The Franchise is about to get a taste of that ladder!

{Michaels attempts to toss the Franchise into the steal but Franchise attempts to reverse and he does! Michaels goes into the steal, back first! He flips, back-first into the ladder and falls down right on his neck.

Tony: Oh! That bad back of Michaels!

{This time, Douglas sets Michaels up for the pile driver!}

Tony: NO! Don't do it! This could end his career!

Franchise: F**K YOU MICHAELS!

{Van Dam climbs the turnbuckle jumps and kicks Douglas in the back of the head causing him to drop Michaels Franchise rolls, holding his head. Michaels rolls to the opposite turnbuckle. Van Dam grabs a fallen chair and runs, jumps - putting the chair under his feet and smashes Douglas in the face! RVD show boats for the crowd, a bloodied Douglas makes it to his feet. Shawn Michaels gets to his feet and sees Douglas, the man who just tried to end his career and takes a running start!}


{A combination of blood, sweat and slobber flies from Douglas face, the sound of the hard leathery boot connecting with Douglas face can be heard echoing throughout the arena! Douglas is shot back like a bullet and flies outside of the ring! The crowd goes insane!}

Crowd: HBK! HBK! HBK! HBK! HBK!!!!

Tony: And the born again Shawn Michaels just took out the Franchise with that Super Kick!

Bobby: The Franchise is out!

{The bloodied Shawn Michaels poses for the crowd, holding up his hands! RVD claps for and salutes the heart break kid. Both men now turn their attention to each other. Meanwhile, two referees assist Douglas, who is out cold on the outside. They pick him up and carry him to the back.}

Tony: Fans, refrees taking Douglas to the back for medical attention. That kick from Michaels knocked him silly.

Bobby: Douglas just got screwed! This was a calaboration between Michaels and Rob Van Dam the whole time!

{RVD and Michaels lock up, both men push off each other Shawn charges in, RVD leap frogs over and sweep kicks Michaels. Van Dam hits the ropes with a Rolling Senton (Rolling Thunder) but Michaels moves and Van Dam lands flat on his back. Michaels jumps for a drop kick, but RVD moves and Micheals lands on his ass. RVD goes for a kick and Michaels leans back and rolls back. Both men stand ready and the crowd cheers at another incredible display!}

Tony: Fans, you're seeing two that are on top of their game right now!

{Both lock up, standing switch after standing swith takes place, finally both men resort to punching! Michaels comes out on top and backs RVD to the ropes, Michaels runs at RVD but he ducks, and Shawn goes top rope first to the outside. RVD gets an excited look in his eye, runs, hitting the opposite turnbuckle and dives right onto Michaels, sending him crashing into the steal guard rail!}

Tony: Van Dam spring onto the outside!

{Van Dam runs with a flip kick but Michaels moves just in the nick of time!}

Tony: RVD crotched on the steal!

{Michaels grabs a chair and hits Van Dam with it, he falls into the crowd. Michaels sets the chair up, jumps off it and nails RVD with a cloths line! Both men brawl through the crowd, finally, smashing each other with fists and chairs! Finally, RVD is sent over the guard rail, back to the ring area.}

Tony: Now RVD is busted wide open!

{Blood courses down both men's faces. Michaels makes his way over the guard rail, and grabs RVD by his pony tail and smashes his head into the steal ring post. Michaels walks to the steal guard rail and--}

Tony: What the hell? Michaels is tearing a section of the guard rail off!

{Michaels tosses the guard rail section into the ring. RVD has already rolled into the ring and Micheals ascends the top rope and rops the double sledge, sending RVD back down. Michaels picks up RVD and crouches him onto the guard rail and then clothlines him HARD! RVD falls off the steal, holding his crotch in pain! Michaels pushes the guard rail down and walks to the opposite corner, STOMPING his foot against the mat again and again.}

Bobby: Oh man, this doesn't look good for RVD!

Tony: Michaels may be setting him up for some Sweet Chin Music!

{RVD drawsely makes it to his feet and Michaels rushes, letting his foot flly! BUT Van Dam catches the boot and spins Michaels around. He picks The Heart Break Kid up and backdrops him onto the fallen guard rail!

Tony: Ah!

{Van Dam quickly asceds the ropes again and JUMP! Nailing the Five Star Frog Splash on Michaels, who's back connects with the guardrail yet again! Van Dam's body air lifts onto the opposite side of the ring. He crawls despratly to make the cover!}

Tony: That's goota be!!!

Bobby: 1!

Tony: 2 !

Crowd: 3!


{RVD and Michaels are both down. The refree begins the long ten count. Both men make it to their feet by 6 and begin exchanging blows. Van Dam decides fists aren't working and resorts to kicks, driving Michaels into the corner. He jumps and hits a kick directly to the bloodied face of Shawn Michaels, who goes down! Van Dam grabs the same battered chair that has been used the entire match and surfboards it, smashing Michaels in the head yet again! He places it on Michaels chst and goes up top yet AGAIN!

Bobby: You don't think?!

{Van Dam jumps!}


{{{B A N G !!!}}}

Crowd: OOOOH!!!

Tony: Van Dam with the cover!

Crowd: 1

Crowd: 2

Crowd: 3!!!!

Tony: Van Dam has done it! He's still the United States Champion!

Lilian: Here is your winner and STILL United States Champion, ROB VAN DAM!

{Van Dam and Michaels lay on the mat, a bloody mess. "One of a Kind" plays and RVD is handed the belt. Van Dam slowly stands up and climbs the ropes, showing his belt for all to see! He puts it around his waist and jump spin kicks in the middle of the ring! The crowd cheers. Michaels slowly makes it to his feet and walks to RVD. "One of a Kind" fades out. Both men stare at each other, looking at the carnage they have put each other through.

Bobby: Oh man, here we go.

{Michaels estends his hand and both men shake and embrace. RVD holds up Michaels hand and points to the legend, the crowd cheers!}

Tony: Rob Van Dam and Shawn Michaels, showing that they are both true champions!

Bobby: Oh, this makes me sick Shavonie!

{Van Dam walks to one turnbuckle and Michaels to the other, both men hold their arms high to many applause. Suddenly, Douglas enters the ring with a steal chair! Michaels looks and sees The Franchise and quickly jumps down from the turnbuckle, but it's too late! Michaels is smashes with the chair! Douglas throws the chair onto the outside and reaches into his trunks, grabbing his brass knucles! Van Dam hears the thud and jumps down, he charges Douglas with a clothsline but it's ducked and Van Dam taste brass knuckle, going down! Douglas grabs his chair and smashes Van Dam again and again. Michaels stands only to again taste the same pain that sent him down. The Franchise throws the chair down and asks for the mic which is quickly granted.

Douglas: I was screwed in this damn match up and you all know it! That only person who should have that f*cking belt is the number one person in this company, THE FRANCHISE! The only reason Van Dam has that belt is because these two jackasses teamed up against me from the start of the match! Well f%ck you both, because I've made my stand but this is just the beginning of my revenge on you both! I wasn't the one pinned in this F#cking match anyways! IT WAS SHAWN! SO, ITS ME AND YOU R..V..D! HAHAHA! See you Later Tonight,when I REGAIN MY WORLD TITLE!

Tony: That no good son of a-

Bobby: Whoa!

Tony: Well, leave it to that man to spoil an incredible moment! He was knocked out mid way through the match up, so he comes out here AFTER it's over. He's truly a peice of work.

Bobby: Hey look! Its our beloved Owner again! HE doesn't look too well.

Eric Bischoff is shown entering his office with Veronica Caine beside him.

Eric Bischoff: I need to lie down, my neck hurts, get me some pain pills!

Hulk Hogan walks in...

Hulk Hogan: Ah Bisch, what happened? I bet you were stunned by what happened out there.

Just then, Veronica Caine SLAPS Hulk Hogan! Hogan puts his hand on his cheek, and looks at Veronica like he is about to hit her. She backs down, and Hogan starts laughing. Hogan leaves, and Bischoff screams for some pain killers now!

Tony: Doesn't look like he is feeling too well, just like you said Brain!

--Nick Mondo Is Here!--
A Bloody Nick Mondo enters the building, with TV Title around his waist, and Gene Okerlund is there to get a word with him.

Gene Okerlund: Nick! Could you give us some comments on your match with Angle earlier?

Nick Mondo: Shut up! I'm here to show you all, shove it in your face! That I SAID ID WIN, and I DID! ...From now on, the XPW TV Title will be defended in the most sick, hardcore, EXTREME matches you can think of. They will be under my rules, Gene, THE SICKNESS IS RISING!

--Stone Cold is taken away--

Outside of the arena, Stone Cold Steve Austin is carried away in handcuffs, and put into a Police Car. The sirens sound, and it drives off as the camera stays there watching it go. The car turns a corner, and we head back into the arena.

--Interview with The Rock & Goldberg--

Mike Tenay: Goldberg, Rock, in just minutes you two will go head to head with The Hurricane, and Kane, for the XPW Tag Team Championship. What are your comments on this match?

Goldberg: This match is long awaited, and we deserve to be in it. We've beaten numerous men to get here tonight, and we won't let two punks interfere with our goal, and that is the Tag Team Championships. Some people call me and Rocky the Dream Team of XPW, nobody would had ever thought we would team up, only here in XPW right? Well, this Title match is going to be our match, I've already lost one match, you WON'T see a repeat in this upcoming one.

The Rock: What Goldberg is trying to say, is that there is no way..AND THE ROCK MEANS..NOOO WAY! That The Hurricane and Kane are walking out of that match the XPW Tag Team Champions! The Rock/Goldberg, two of the best stars in XPW, go against two of the freakiest stars in XPW! Tonight, we walked into this building just the Dream Team of XPW, but after the night is over, we walk out, the Dream Team, TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS of XPW......IF YA SMEEEELLLLLLLALALLALALALLLLLOW! WHAT THE ROCK........IS COOKIN'!

They walk off, as we head to the ring for our Title Match!

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