Regression-11/10/02-Little Rock,Arkansas

Edge and Rob Van Dam are shown arguing in their locker room.

RVD: Look man, I'm telling you I didn't mean to knock you out! It was Shane Douglas' fault, not mine.

Edge: That's a lie! I could understand if you knocked me out when we were the last two, maybe three, or even last four but c'mon bro you totally did the wrong thing!

RVD: Look, it wasn't my fault, like I said Shane Douglas moved and I hit you, look you shouldn't had been on the ropes like that anyways..

Edge shakes his head and just turns around, and walks out of the locker room. He slams the door and RVD walks over to the door and watches Edge walk down the hallway.

RVD: Damn.

A Black limo pulls up and the chauffer gets out and opens the door all the way in the back. The fans near by are cheering waiting to see who it is, when Veronica Caine steps out! The fans in the arena and especially the ones outside go crazy! Then, another man steps out, Eric Bischoff! The fans start to boo, but are all locked on Veronica.

Eric Bischoff: Let's go Veronica, we have a big night ahead of us.

Veronica Caine: You got it boss.

Before they could go anywhere, Mark Lloyd walks up with a microphone in hand.

Mark Lloyd: Eric, can I get some comments from you on this being your first XPW Pay Per View as Owner?

Eric Bischoff: Veronica, go on ahead of me, I'll be there in a few seconds. Mark, when the hell did you sign here? Did I sign you?

Mark Lloyd: Well no actually I have been here for quite some time ever since Shane McMahon was here..I..

Eric Bischoff: Then why in the hell haven't you been doing your job? Do you want to get fired?!

Mark Lloyd: Well No, I..

Eric Bischoff: Then get the hell out of my way!

Bischoff walks past Mark Lloyd, with Lloyd Looking on with a shocked look on his face. The limo drives off and another one pulls up!

Out steps XPW World Heavyweight Champion "HBK" Shawn Michaels with his strap over his shoulder. The fans start chanting "HBK! HBK! HBK! HBK!" and he sucks it all up. He raises his arms high with a big smile on his face and Mark Lloyd walks over to him.

Mark Lloyd: Shawn! Hey man, welcome to Little Rock!

Shawn Michaels: It feels absolutely GREAT Being here!

Mark Lloyd: Are you feeling confident about tonight?

Shawn Michaels: Mark, of course I'm feeling confident, I'm the Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels! I, am the only two time XPW Champion. Now if you'd excuse me, I have some autographs to sign!

Shawn walks over to the fans to sign a few autographs as Mark stands there with a big dorky smile on his face!

The XPW Theme hits, and the pyros go off in a form of an "X" on the Stage! The Fans erupt with cheers, and XPW Regression is LIVE! The cameras pan across the crowd to see them holding signs of their favorite wrestlers, and showing their love for Xtreme Professional Wrestling! We go down to ringside for our commentating team of Tony Shavonie and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan!

Tony: Ladies and Gentalmen welcome to XPW REGRESSION! LIVE! Here in Little Rock, Arkansas. This is XPW's return to Pay Per View in over five months, and Brain, I can feel the major excitement that these fans have for tonight already and we haven't even gotten started!

Bobby: There is no doubt Tony, that tonight is going to be one heck of a show! As you said its the XPW's return to Pay Per View, its our first time here in Little Rock, and tonight we will definately have a great show.

Tony: What do you think is going on in Eric Bischoff's mind tonight? Its his first Pay Per View as Owner of XPW, and I'm sure he has a lot on his mind.

Bobby: Well didn't you hear what he said earlier?

Tony: Actually brain, he didn't say too much, he walked off. Maybe we will hear from him later tonight. Also, what could the XPW Commissioner Hollywood Hulk Hogan have in store for tonight? The last time XPW Had a Pay Per View, he won the Heavyweight Championship! Now, he is the Commish of XPW. It has to be somewhat interesting for him.

Bobby: Its interesting for all of us Shavonie, you should know that by now anything with the letters "XPW" in it, is interesting to the EXTREME!

Tony: Looks like you're really getting the hang of this extremeness Bobby, well folks lets start the show off tonight with our opening match. Its a Guitar on a Pole match featuring three of XPW's brightest up and coming Stars: Edge, Steven Richards, and Jeff Jarrett.

Bobby: This is Jeff Jarrett's match for sure, he is, afterall, the man that walks around slamming guitars over people week after week. If Jarrett doesn't get the win tonight I will be shocked.

Tony: I probably have to agree with you there, Jarrett does have an advantage, but Edge and Steven Richards shouldn't be counted out either, they are also great stars. Speaking of those two, they have had quite the problems lately.

Bobby: That's right, Edge has his problems with himself and United States Champion Rob Van Dam, within the New Blood. Week after week it seems as if they are going to split up, and I say that Edge is on his way out of the New Blood! Especially after RVD tossed him out of the ring last Sunday.

Tony: He didn't toss him out, it was a mistake, lets roll the footage.

The footage shows up on the big X-Tron of Edge taunting on the ropes and Shane Douglas ducking a clothesline from RVD, RVD rams into Edge and he goes over...Back to the Table.

Bobby: See? That was a blaitant attack on Edge, he knew what he was doing, RVD has to have all the fame and glory.

Tony: Well, lets now talk about Steven Richards, he has had his problems too. Most notable with well, almost everybody! Jeff Jarrett, Edge, Kronik, the Fans! Last week Kronik even took out his own tag team partner, to where he had a Handicap with the two. That was quite a hectic night for him.

Bobby: If anything, Steven Richards needs to make a statement tonight that he isn't all for getting pushed around, if not, there could be major consiquenses in the future for him. He needs to step it up a bit or he will not make it in XPW.

Tony: Well, we will just have to find out what happens, time to start the night off with that Guitar on a Pole Match!


Lillian Garcia: The following contest is a Guitar on a Pole match! First, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, weighing in at 240 pounds, Edge!

"Never Gonna Stop" Hits the PA System and the fans begin to cheer! Smoke fills the stage and Edge emerges from it with a big smile on his face. The crowd is cheering lowdly as he makes way down the aisle. Edge runs and slides in the ring posing on his chest for a few seconds, then gets up and goes to the turnbuckle and taunts to the crowd.

Lillian Garcia: And his opponent, from Memphis, Tennessee, weighing in at 247 pounds, Jeff Jarrett!

We hear 'Cho..Cho..Chosen One' and Jeff Jarrett's music starts up as he walks to the ring with a guitar in his hand and a 'Slapnuts' tanktop on. As he walks down the ring, he continues to jaw with some of the fans at ringside before sliding into the ring and saying something to the referee. Jarrett walks over to the ropes and raises his guitar in the air with on foot on the bottom rope as a set of pyros go off behind him.

Lillian: And their opponent, from Walingford, Connecticut, weighing in at 220 pounds, Steven Richards!

Steven Richards' theme hits over the PA as he makes his way down to the ring. When he gets down to the end of the ramp, he raises his arms in the air and then he slides into the ring. The ref calls for the bell and the match is underway.

Tony: This should be a great match.

Jarrett and Richards start things off by double teaming Edge. They are both punching away at him and then Richards holds him as Jarrett kicks him in the gut and Suplexes Edge to the mat. As Jarrett walks over to Edge, Richards tries to sneak over and grab the guitar off the pole. Jarrett sees Richards out of the corner of his eye so he Clotheslines him down from behind. Jarrett picks Richards up and delivers a Double Underhook Suplex. Edge gets back to his feet so he whips Jarrett off the ropes and hits a Spinning Heel Kick on Jarrett. Edge sees Richards getting up and hits him with a Faceplant!

Bobby: Edge got lucky there!

Tony: That was just amazing, Edge out of the blue layed Richards out.

Edge goes over to the pole and begins to climb the turnbuckle. Jarrett gets up and goes over there as well. Edge and Jarrett are fighting on the turnbuckle. Edge smashes Jarrett's head off the turnbuckle and then Edge hits a Missle Dropkick on Jarrett. Richards slowly gets to his feet and takes Edge down with a Spinnng Heel Kick. Richards sends Edge off the ropes and goes for a Dropkick but Edge holds onto the ropes and hits the Edge-o-matic on Richards! Jarrett gets back to his feet and kicks Edge in the gut and plants him with a Reverse DDT. Jarrett grabs Edge's legs and attempts to lock in the Figure Four. He gets it locked in as Edge screams in pain.

Bobby: There's no getting out of that hold!

The hold is locked in the middle of the ring so there is nowhere for Edge to go. Edge slowly begins to turn around and he reverses the Figure Four Jarrett is now in pain trying to get to the ropes.

Tony: Think again Brain, think again. Edge has reversed the figure four, and it looks as if Jarrett has about gotten to the ropes. But wait, what is Steven Richards doing?

Richards finally makes it up and he Dropkicks Edge in the face. He then goes for a Steven Kick on Jarrett but Jarrett catches his foot but Richards comes back with a big Clothesline. Richards picks Jarrett up and drags him over to the turnbuckle. Richards takes him up to the top attempting to go for a Superplex. Jarrett throws Richards down to the mat. Jarrett is struggling to regain his footing but eventually he does. Jarrett leaps off the turnbuckle going for a Double Axehandle but Richards connects with the Steven Kick in mid-air!

Bobby: Wow!

All three men are lying on the mat as the fans cheer for all three competitors. The first ones to make it up are Edge and Richards. Richards goes for a Clothesline but Edge ducks and hits a Downward Spiral! Jarrett gets to his feet and attempts to whip Edge but it is reversed and Jarrett is whipped into the turnbuckle. Edge runs at Jarrett trying to Spear him into the turnbuckle but Jarrett grabs the ref and he gets caught in the middle. The ref appears to be knocked out from the blow. Meanwhile, Richards gets to his feet and he hits a big Suplex on Jarrett. Just then Kronik begins making their way out to the ring.

Tony: Wat are they doing out here?

Bobby: I think its obvious, they are about to make an impact!

Richards is standing on the ring apron taunting the crowd so he doesn't notice who's standing behind him. When he turns around, Brian Clark and Brian Adams grab him by the throat and HIGH TIME! Kronik leaves ringside with sick smiles on their faces. And pause on the stage for a look at the damage they just did.

Edge get up and begins walking over to the pole. Just then, Edge sees Rhyno slide into the ring from the other side.

Bobby: Its RHYNO!

Rhyno lines Edge up for a Gore but Edge moves out of the way causing Rhyno's shoulder to hit the steel. Edge comes off the ropes and SPEAR to Rhyno! Edge sees Jarrett getting to his feet and EDGECUTION! Edge climbs th turnbuckle and he grabs the guitar from the steel. The ref looks up and sees Edge with the guitar and calls for the bell.

Tony: There you have it. Its over.

Lillian: Here is your winner, Edge!

What a match, Edge really did quite well in that match.

Edge holds the guitar and is looking around trying to decide who to hit with it. Just then Rhyno hits Edge down from behind causing him to drop the guitar. Rhyno sends Edge off the turnbuckle and then GORE to Edge!


Rhyno walks over to Jarrett and then he raiss Jarrett's arms in the air! Jarrett then walks over to where the guitar is laying and he picks it up. Jarrett waits for Edge to get up and then he smashes it over Edge's head! Jarrett's music begins to play as he and Rhyno celebrate in the ring.                              

Tony: What an amazing match that was! Can you believe what we saw? The debut of Rhyno when he seemingly helped out Jeff Jarrett, and Kronik's brutal attack on Steven Richards! WOW! Let's head backstage now to "Mean" Gene Okerlund standing by with the XPW United States Champion, Rob..Van..Dam.

Bobby: But, why did Rhyno and Jarrett hold each others hands up?


Gene Okerlund: Hello Wrestling fans, I am here standing by with the XPW US Champion, RVD..Rob, you were one of the final four men in the Battle Royal last week, infact, you came out just losing to HBK Shawn Michaels as the last two in the ring. How do you feel about losing the match?

RVD: Hey Gene, It was a great match, and just because I didn't win the World Title then, doesn't mean I can't do it tonigght. The better match in the match won. Tonight though, Shawn Michaels might not be so lucky. Sure he isnt the only one in this match but he is the guy that everyone is going to be going for off the get-go, but not me... I'm looking at Goldberg and Shane Douglas. Why would I want to take out the Heart Break Kid anyway when the final event could be the best ever. I mean HBK vs RVD, can you imagine the ratings. I mean Im sure Bischoff would just love to give the fans that match.

Gene Okerlund: I was also wondering what happened between you and Edge? I mean it all looked like an accident when you clotheslined him over the top rope but was it?

RVD: What do you mean was it an accident? Of course it was an accident, do you actually think that I would intentionally get rid of one of my best friends in an elimination match before the finals? That stupid Shane Douglas did it again. He had to go and ruin something else. Im tired of him getting in my business all the time. Im going to make sure he is the first in our elimination matches to be eliminated.

Gene Okerlund: Do you think this will effect the New Blood in a big way or will it pass in time?

RVD: The New Blood will always surrvive no matter if we get new members or if it stays me and Edge. Rest assured though that I'll be New Blood forever. The New Blood will live on, and after tonight, everyone will know who we are, we are the New Blood of XPW, we are the Future of XPW. Just like I will be the World Heavyweight Champion..Cause I'm Rob..Van..Dam. Yeah!

RVD walks off with his US Title on his shoulder as we head to the office of Eric Bichoff and Veronica Caine.

--BACKSTAGE: Bischoff & Veronica--
Eric Bischoff: Veronica, tonight is going to be a great night I just know it! I'm going to show the whole wide World That I can run a more successful fed, than Shane O'Mac could ever think of! I'm going to take this fed to new heights, and tonight with the RETURN of XPW to Pay Per View, and the XPW being guided by Me..Easy E, everything tonight will run very, very smoothly..just as smooth as..

Bischoff starts to run his hand through Veronica's hair, and the office door swings open. In walks XPW Commissioner Hulk Hogan! Hogan has a video tape in his hand, and he hands it to Bischoff.

Commissioner Hogan: Well well, whats goin' on here Brother?

Eric Bischoff: Nothing now, BROTHER. What in the hell is this?

Commissioner Hogan: Well Bisch, usually I'm not in favor for running arands, and delivering things like someone's maid, because I'm not! But this thing, I HAD to deliver personally to you. I think what you find on it, will be very..

Eric Bischoff: WAIT! Is it something bad?

Commissioner Hogan: Well, for me, no. For you, yes brother, it could be.

Eric Bischoff: Hell no!

Bischoff throws the tape against the wall, and it shatters. Veronica screams and Hogan gets a shocked look on his face. He smiles before speaking again.

Commissioner Hogan: Well, I wouldn't had done that Eric, looks like you'll just have to find out without warning tonight..

Bischoff steps in front of Hogan's face..intensly..

Eric Bischoff: What in the hell are you talking about Hogan?

Commissioner Hogan: Chill brother, relax, its your big night, enjoy it while you can. I'll see you later I have other things to take care of.

Hogan walks out as Veronica and Eric look at each other.

Veronica Caine: What could've been on that tape?

Eric looks at the wall where he shattered the tape, it lies in bits and peices on the floor below. He turns back to her.

Eric Bischoff: I don't know, but hey, tonight is going to be great! Nothing can mess it up!....nothing..

--INTERVIEW: Mark Lloyd with Edge--
Mark Lloyd is standing by backstage with Edge.

Mark Lloyd-Edge, can I get a few words on Regression from you?

Edge-Oh I get it. You couldn't get the RVD scoop, so you thought you'd come to the second best guy. You see Mark, that's what everybody likes to think. That RVD is the best member of the New Blood. And nobody does more than RVD himself. I mean, come on Mark. It's all me, me, me with Rob. He's too busy with himself. He wanted to make sure he still had a chance of being the champion, so he waited until he could make it look like an accident, and then BAM!!! One clothesline. That's all it took. And now, while he's going for the Heavyweight Title tonight, I had to face Jeff Jarrett and Steven Richards in a Guitar On A Pole Match. What a pointless match! But I expected it. Bischoff doesn't care about me, because RVD gives better ratings. So he puts me in a match with a loser like Steven Richards, and another guy who's getting held back Jeff Jarrett. Now Mark, I won that stupid Triple Threat match but I almost didn't win because of that stupid man beast RHYNO! Who the hell does he think he is anyways? If he ever tries to get in the way again, and cost me a match, I personally will show him how a spear should be done! Oh and another thing, Nick Mondo he got lucky last week, I want a rematch with him!
Changing subjects Mark, I'm glad you caught with me, because I've asked the guys in the production truck to play this when I give the word, cause I got a few things to say about it. So guys please play it.

A clip of RVD's interview with Mene Gene Okerlund begins to play
RVD-"The New Blood will always survive no matter if we get new members or if it stays me and Edge. Rest assured though that I'll be New Blood forever.
The video cuts out, and back to Mark Lloyd with Edge.

Edge-You see Mark. It's all about RVD. 'I'll be New Blood forever!' Is that some sort of dig at me Rob? I wasn't the one who dumped my supposed best freind out of the battle royal on Shocker. Now, I know I said that we'd still be OK if you dumped me out, or vice-versa, if it was nesscesary. Well it wasn't nessecesary. If it was at the last two stage, then yes it would have been. If it was in the last four, it would have been understandable. But that was just greed from you. It proved to me that the New Blood is all about your career as far as you're concerned. Oh, and about that comment...'The New Blood will always survive no matter if we get new members or if it stays me and Edge.' Are you trying to say that you're going to replace me? Or that you're trying to hire new lackys to carry your bags? You haven't consulted me about any new members, so obviously I'm not important. No matter what happens, if we stay together, or split up, I am not playing around any more! That means no more attacks, no more misshaps! Everyone should know that the RAGE IS DEFINATELY COMING if they get in my way!

Tony: Well it looks as if Edge has somethings he needs to work out. Lets hope that the New Blood stay together, they are a great duo. Its time for our next match!

Bobby: Let's go!

Rob Van Dam -vs- Shane Douglas -vs- Goldberg -vs- Shawn Michaels

Lillian Garcia: The following match is scheduled for one fall. Making his way to the ring first, from Battle Creek, Michigan, weighing in at 220 pounds, he is the XPW United States Champion, Rob..Van..Dam!

"One of a Kind" by Breaking Point hits the PA System as the crowd begins to cheer and Rob Van Dam makes his way out. He walks down the aisle smiling as the crowd cheers. He rolls in the ring and spins around and point at himself while the crowd chants [-"Rob...Van...Dam!"-].

Lillian Garcia: And his opponent, From Tulsa, Oklahoma, weighing in at 275 pounds, GOLLLLLLLDBERRRRRRG!

All of a Sudden "Da Man" Hits on the PA System and the crowd begins to give a mixed reaction of cheers and boos as GOLDBERG makes his way on the stage.

HE stops standing there as sparks shoot up at him, and he sucks it in. He taunts on the stage after they stop, swinging his arms around and yelling, and then walks towards the ring. He enters the ring and does a taunt in the center of it grabbing the ropes.

The lights in the arena fade to black as the crowd waits in anticipation. Then blue lights flood the arena and flicker in the ring and on the ramp as Perfect Strangers by Deep Purple begins to play along with a tron video, fans begin to boo loudly as Shane Douglas walk out with a cocky grin on his face.

Lillian Garcia: And next, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, weighing in at 245 pounds, "The Franchise" Shane Douglas!

He jaws with a few fans before slowly pacing around the outside of the ring. He finally enters the ring and waits on his opponet. Shane stands there, looking at Goldberg, and RVD. All of a sudden, "Sexy Boy" hits the PA System and the crowd goes nuts!

Lillian Garcia: AAAAND Their opponent, from San Antonio, Texas, weighing in at 225 pounds, he is the XPW World Heavyweight Champion, "HBK" Shawn Michaels!

The music continues to play.."I think I'm Cute...I Know I'm Sexy" Shawn Michaels makes his way down to the ring with his World strap over his shoulder. He goes up the steps, and enters the ring. Shawn spins around three times, and does the lean flexing his muscles as the pyro shoots up behind him.

The bell rings and the four stare each other down.

Tony: The rules are simple, the person who gains the pinfall or submission gets to pick the stipulation for the United States Championship match.

Bobby: And the person that gets the loss in this match, will get to sit the rest of the night out!

Goldberg assaults RVD quickly, and that leads to Shane Douglas attacking HBK. Goldberg and RVD scramble in the corner, and Goldberg punches Van Dam in the gut a few times, and then backs up and comes back to clothesline RVD down. Goldberg taunts to the crowd as they give off a mixed reaction. Goldberg lifts RVD up and starts to punch him over and over again, and he sits him up on the top of the turnbuckle. Goldberg sstarts to climb up but RVD hits him twice and Goldberg shakes it off trying not to lose his balance, RVD gives him a swift knee in the gut and Goldberg falls down. RVD gets up, standing on the top buckle, and he leaps off with a spinning wheel kick knocking Goldberg down.

Meanwhile, Shane Douglas has a sleeper hold locked in on Shawn Michaels. Goldberg then gets up, and tosses RVD over the top rope down to ringside!

Tony: Well that came out of nowhere, and lets look at HBK and The Franchise here, You have to wonder what Shawn Michaels feels like after that assault from Franchise last week at the End of Shocker.

Bobby: What do you think he feels like? Im guessing he wants revenge over Shane Douglas, but he can't take the Franchise..nobody can!

HBK elbows Douglas in the gut once, he elbows him in the gut another time, and then once more! HBK is free, and the fans are cheering. Shawn punches Douglas a few times, and grabs his arm and Douglas counters and sends Michaels into the ropes. HBK though comes back with a jumping forearm shot knocking Douglas down. HBK gets up and picks Douglas up, and whips him into the ropes this time Douglas goes, bounces off and comes back to receive a backdrop from Shawn Michaels! Shawn goes for the pin and the ref slides down 1...2...but Goldberg breaks them up. Goldberg grabs HBK by the hair and Douglas gets up, they double team him whipping him into the ropes and HBK comes back and kicks Douglas in the face, and DDT's Goldberg! RVD gets in the ring now, and runs and rolls on the mat, leaps up and...


RVD impacts on Goldberg and goes for the quick pin 1...2...Goldberg gets his foot on the ropes. Shane Douglas hits HBK with an axe handle to the back of his neck, and hits a backbreaker on him. Douglas picks Michaels up and rakes his eyes, and sets him up for a Piledriver!

Tony: This could hurt HBK really bad if this connects!

Douglas lifts Michaels, but he starts to move his legs, and Douglas is overpowered and Michaels is on his feet now, still in the Piledriver position, and backdrops Douglas!

Meanwhile Rob Van Dam and Goldberg have their brawl, RVD hits a few forearm shots in on Goldberg and sends him into the turnbuckle. RVD runs and Goldberg gets an elbow out and RVD hits it hard. Goldberg picks Van Dam up and presses him over his head. Goldberg holds him up for a few seconds, and DROPS him flat face first on the mat. Goldberg taunts to the crowd and they cheer. Shawn Michaels climbs the turnbuckle and Goldberg doesn't see this...Goldberg turns around and Shawn leaps off hitting Goldberg with a Moonsault! Michaels has the pin on him and the ref counts..1....2...Shane Douglas breaks it up. Douglas grabs Goldberg and picks him up, and slams him down on the mat. He gets on top of Goldberg and starts to punch away, as Shawn Michaels picks Van Dam up, who was already on his knees, and Shawn sends him into the turnbuckle. HBK climbs to the second buckle in front of RVD, and starts to punch him as the crowd chants along: 1.....2......3......4......5.......6.......7.......8.......9.......Shawn gets down off of the Turnbuckle, spins around and ...10! Shane Douglas gets up off of Goldberg and chops him across the chest a few times, and sets him up for a Belly to Belly Suplex, and Goldberg counters, and hits his own Belly to belly!

Bobby: This match is boring!

Tony: Bobby, nothing is entertaining to you, just watch the match and don't say anything. This is a great match.

RVD rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair from the announce area, and puts it into the ring. Shawn Michaels is about to get out of the ring but RVD pulls his legs and trips him, and pulls HBK out. RVD kicks HBK with a few roundhouse kicks, and sends him into the steel steps! RVD turns around, and get in the ring.

Tony: What the hell?

Van Dam picks up the chair and sets it up, and sits down watching Goldberg and Shane Douglas. Goldberg whips Shane Douglas into the buckle, and clotheslines him down. Douglas falls and is sitting in the corner. RVD gets up off of the chair, and folds it up. He nails Goldberg with it! RVD then backs up against a turnbuckle, and runs with the chair in hand towards Douglas. He places the chair near his feet and dropkicks it into Douglas's face!


Bobby: yeah, yeah..

RVD gets up and raises his arms and the fans go crazy! Goldberg is getting up in the opposite corner,and RVD picks up his chair. He runs and rolls on the mat, leaving the chair in the middle of the ring, and RVD leaps in the air and gets SPEARED!

Tony: Out of nowhere, Goldberg hits a spear to Van Dam!

Bobby: Looked like he was going for that Monkey flip of his. Sure didn't work this time.

Outside, Shawn Michaels shakes off the cobwebs and enters the ring ..while Goldberg has RVD up for a Jackhammer! HE HITS IT! Shane Douglas slowly gets up, and Goldberg decides to go for the pin, but before he does he sees HBK on the apron and he knocks him down. Goldberg runs over to Shane Douglas and hits a standing sidekick to him, knocking him over the top rope. Meanwhile, HBK slides in the ring, and Goldberg turns around..


Bobby: NO!

Tony: 1....2.....3!

The bell rings..

Lillian Garcia: Here is your winner, "HBK" Shawn Michaels! Backstage: Gene Okerlund
We head backstage to where "Mean" Gene Okerlund is walking, and Rhyno is passing by with an intense look on his face.

Gene Okerlund: Excuse me Rhyno, Rhyno, could you give us a moment of your time please? Why did you attack Edge? Rhyno?

Rhyno pays no attention, and walks on by. Shawn Michaels just happens to pass by, just after his big match. He sees Gene, and steps aside still breathing heavily.

Shawn Michaels: Look, you don't have to worry about Rhyno, worry about me man. Look at me, I am the only two time XPW World Heavyweight Champion! You know, My pick for the US Title Match, is a HARDCORE MATCH! Tonight Mean Gene, I plan on remaining the World Champion, and also walking out the first person to hold the US And World Titles simultaneously. Why? You ask? Because I am the HBK, The Heart Break Kid, Shawn Michaels!

Shawn walks on, as Gene stands there, with a look of aproval on his face.

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