Christmas Chaos-12/15/02-New York City

We head to another locker room this time of the Triple Threat. Shane Douglas is there with Rhyno talking over their matches tonight.

Shane Douglas: Rhyno, you have to go out there and defend that title, you cannot let the New Blood get their hands on it, just as I will assure they do not get ahold of this World Heavyweight Championship.

Rhyno: There is nothing I won't do in order to keep this belt, Kurt Angle and Edge will definately fear the gore for a long long time after the match tonight because it will be what ends both of their careers for good!

Shane Douglas: You know Rhyno I like the way you think, its good for the team. Tonight the Triple Threat continues with their reign of rage!

We then fade into the backstage interview area where Marc Lloyd stands by with his slicked back hair, with Olympic Champion Kurt Angle.

Marc: Kurt Angle, in a matter of minutes you go out to the ring to face two of the hottest stars in the XPW for the United States Championship! What is going through your mind as you prepare for this match?

Kurt Angle: My thoughts? My thoughts?? Marc, my thoughts are this! Edge, he is just some kid trying to make it in a mans world. He is no where the man that your's truly is. What has he done in this company? Huh? Oh yeah he was the first ever graduate of that stupid Mid Continent Wrestling Academy, woopteedoo! I won the damn olympics with a broken freakin' neck! And Then you have Rhyno, the United States Champion. Why would you want him as your champion? Huh? He is no role model to look up to. He doesn't know how to take a shower, he doesn't know how to comb his hair and he doesnt know any manners! Rhyno is exactly what you all call him he is a man beast! Well tonight I prove that Edge and Rhyno are no match for your olympic hero Kurt Angle! Who better than to represent the United States into the new Year of 2003, than your next United States Champion Kurt Angle? Oh Its True..its damn true.

Backstage Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan are in the Owner's office.

Eric Bischoff: I cannot believe you let him beat you? How could you let Stone Cold Steve Austin win that match??

Hulk Hogan: You know what Bischoff I tried my best and thats all that I can say. Look we will get him on the next Shocker trust me he won't last long as Commissioner with us still together!

Eric Bischoff: Look I realize you and I make a great team and that is staying true and I also realize that stone Cold Steve Austin's life is going to be made a living hell from now on , just as He has made mine for the past four weeks! Now, what do you have in mind?

Bischoff and Hogan continue their conversation as we head out to the ring!

The camera cuts to the ring.

Lillian Garcia: The following contest is an anywhere falls match, and is a cant of 1 fall! Making his way to the ring first....

"I Don't Suck" blasts over the PA system as Kurt Angle, makes it out onto the stage. He raises his arms in the air, as red, white and blue pyros shoot out from behind him. He then continues his way down the ramp, as the fans yell "You Suck" to his music.

Lillian Garcia: From Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania...weighing in at a 224 pounds...KUUURT....ANGLE!

He gets in the ring and spins around, before removing his gold medals and the fans hear...

You Think You Know Me!!....

Rob Zombies "Never Gonna Stop", hits on the PA and Edge runs out onto the stage through a bunch of smoke. He poses at each end of the stage, before going to the center, and walking down.

Lillian: His opponent, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada...weighing in at a 234 pounds, EDDDDDDDGE!

Edge runs down the ring, and slides in posing on his chest. He then gets up and a couple drums roll. Then a beat and a electric guitar sound as "Manbeast" begins to play and Rhyno walks out, slightly slunched over, holding his United States Championship.

Lillian: Ladies and gentlemen, the United States Champion.......RHYNO!

Rhyno then throws down his United States title, and immediately gets in the ring, as the bells sounds.

Angle and Edge run at Rhyno, and immediately try to take out the champion first, with HARD right hands. Rhyno stumbles into the ropes and comes back, into a double clothesline from a linked Kurt Angle, and Edge.

Tony: This match is underway, and Kurt Angle and Edge are helping each other take out Rhyno.

Angle yells "woo" and smiles at Edge, as Edge smiles back and jumps up and dropkicks Angle off his feet. He jumps up as the crowd cheers for Edge. Angle gets up and says "you son of a..." and Kurt nails in a kick to the knee, and a firemans carry. Rhyno rolls out of the ring, just watching the two. Kurt then locks his legs, in a leg lock, and starts sitting back, as Edge yells in pain. Kurt then stops, and gets up, as Edge gets up, and Kurt grabs his belly, lifting him up over the top rope onto the outside of the ring! The crowd boos, as Rhyno slides in behind Angle, with a kendo stick in hand. Kurt Angle turns around and gets cracked in the stomache with it, then in the back. Kurt stumbles athe ring, and begins to walk out of the ring.

Brain: Oh yeah, comon Rhyno...go get Edge!

Rhyno climbs out of the ring, and stands up as Edge jumps at him tackling him into the ring post. Edge furiously throws right hands, as Rhyno tries for a right but Edge, catches it, and throws it into the post. Rhyno yells before grabbing his arm, and Edge, throwing him hard into the barricade. Rhyno crashes at it against that arm, and immediately yells out. Edge then goes under the ring, and lifts up his steel chair. Rhyno stands up and gets smacked in his arm! Rhyno yells then Edge goes for a shot to the head, but Rhyno gut kicks him, and takes the chair away, crashing it against Edge's spine! Edge falls onto his stomache, as Kurt Angle comes from behind Rhyno. Angle punches him in the back, and grabs it, before lifting him up high!!

Tony: German suplex, on the concrete!!

Rhyno lays out on the concrete as Kurt gets up and throws right hands against a standing up Edge. Kurt then grabs his stomache, and lifts him up, slamming Edge's groin down on his knee! Edge yells in pain, as he spins around and Kurt hard right hands him up the ramp. They get to the top of the ramp, and Kurt grabs his stomache, and flips him over Belly to Bellying him into the titantron set! Edge crashes against it with a smack. Then Rhyno runs up behind Kurt Angle, and backs up. Kurt turns around and Rhyno GORE GORE GORE right through a peice of the stage!

Tony: OH MY GOD! Kurt Angle could be dead!

Rhyno gets up, looking at the crowd stunned. Then Edge gets up, and goes for a spear, but Rhyno grabs him and tosses his head, against the edge of the non broken part. Edge falls onto the stage, and Rhyno stomps him. Kurt Angle sits up in the darkness behind the curtain, and looks around, before shaking his head. Rhyno picks up Edge back on the stage, and throws him through the black curtain, as he hits into a big black trunk. Edge falls ontop of it, and Rhyno runs with it, throwing Edge into the interview set-up backstage. Edge hits off it, and falls onto his back. Kurt stumbles over to Rhyno, with a steel chair in hand, and hits him hard against the back, as he falls onto his stomache! Edge gets up after about 10 more seconds, and gets nailed in the head with it. Edge falls down again, as blood starts to come down his head. Rhyno then gets on his hands and knees, and gets hit in the ankle with the chair. Then Kurt drops the chair and picks up Rhynos ankle. He then takes the chair again, and puts his foot, inbetween the opened chair, he closes it abit and does the Angle Lock!! He pulls and twists at it for a long while, as Rhyno raises his arm like he is going to tap. Rhyno puts his hand down, and shakes his head. Kurt twists more, as Rhyno still moans in pain. You can here his ankle crack, as Kurt twists and twists. Kurt then keeps it on for about another 20 seconds before Edge breaks it up. Edge then jumps up and dropkicks Angle. Edge then gets up, and brawls with him through the backstage area. They brawl past HBK, who is standing against a wall, pacing. Edge then grabs his arm, and throws him into a garbage can. Angle lays on the concrete ground, as Edge picks up the trashcan, and Angle gets up and gets hitten in the head. A big 'clunk' echoes through the hall as Edge throws him against the wall. Kurt falls on his but. As Edge gets a rest. Edge looks down the hall to see Rhyno sitting up, holding his ankle. Edge then walks over to Kurt, and grabs his bald head, but Kurt LOW BLOW's him, and digs his head against Edge's side, and lifts him high spinning, ANGLE SLAMMING him on the concrete ground!

Brain: What a beautiful Angle slam! Edge bounces off the concrete laying on his stomache, as Kurt sits down for about a minute, getting his breath. He rolls over onto Edge for the cover....1.................2.......Edge kicks out. Kurt gets up, and picks up Edge, before turning him around, and going for a german suplex. Edge back flips in mid air onto his feet and SPEAR!! Edge covers ..... 1!! ........ 2!! ....SHOULDER UP BY ANGLE!! Edge can't beleive it. He stands up and picks up Kurt, before throwing him under his arm. He goes for his Edge-a-cution, but Kurt lifts him up into a NORTHERN LIGHTS SUPLEX! Kurt keeps a bride........1.........2.....Edge kicks out again.

Kurt stands up, and picks up Edge, throwing him into a door. He falls in, and looks up seeing THE HURRICANE AND KANE! Hurricane and Kane look at them, sitting down. Angle says "s-s-sorry" but Edge low blows him, and throws him into the wall. Hurricane says to Kane, "Holy Mick Foley, a Fight in our locker room!" Hurricane opens his mouth wide, putting his hand over it. Kane just looks at him and shakes his head. Edge then tackles him into a bench, and starts hammering him with rights on the ground. Edge gets up, and says "Hey Hurri, you got a water bottle?" Hurricane responds with "yes, in the fridge". Edge goes in the fridge, and sees a glass water bottle, Edge drinks some, then swallows it. He thanks another huge gulp, and spits it in Kurt Angles face!! Kurt gets showered with water, as he stands there in shock! Kurt then throws a right at him, and Edge fires back with a left hand. Kurt comes running back at him, and gets smashed in the head with the water bottle! Kurt falls to the ground, bleeding from his bald head. Then the door shoots open and in comes an enraged RHYNO! He runs GOREING Edge into the TV!! The tv falls onto the ground, as it breaks, and Edge falls lifelessy to the ground. "DAMN!" says Kane! "WASS UP WIT DAT?!" says Hurricane! Rhyno looks at Angle bloody, and picks him up, before chopping him across the chest.

Tony: Kane and Hurricanes TV, SMASHED! Hope Rhyno buys them a new one.

Brain: Comon Angle, win this thing!

Kurt comes back with a right hand, and throws him into the wall! But this time, Rhyno goes right through! Kurt looks at him, and picks up Edge, walking into the hall with him out of the locker room. Kurt throws him back at a door. He swings open the door, and its a entrance to the crowd! They walk down the aisle of the crowd, as Kurt throws Edge into the railing. Kurt then crouches his head into Edge's ribs, and lifts him up, spinning him dropping him ....

Brain: OLYMPIC SLAM ON THE STAIRS! Angle has the cover... 1!!! ...2!! ...Kickout by Edge!!

Angle can't beleive it, and gets onto his feet. He lifts up Edge, but Edge fights back and slams his head off the railing. Edge then slams rights on Angle, and pushes him down the stairs as Angle falls down the stairs. He falls all the way to the barricade. Edge runs down the stairs, and picks up Angle, and throws his head at the barricade. He then throws Angle over the barricade. Then he picks him up and whips him at the steel steps. Kurt lays in the step mess, with blood flowing out of his head. Edge then walks over to it, and picks up Angle, but Angle firest at him with a right hand, Edge comes back with a right hand of his own. They then brawl up the ramp again up to the titantron set. Kurt throws Edge up against the entrance set, and starts hitting fiery right hands. Kurt then knees him in the gut, and grabs a steel chair from backstage. He comes back out, and hits Edge over the head with the chair!

Tony: ouch!

Brain: Yes, he's taking advantage of a fallen Edge. Kurt is the best!

He then goes backstage, and comes back out with a table under his arm. He walks down the ramp with it. And sets it up by 2 tables side by side, by the side of the stage. Kurt then goes to a stack of tables by the stage and grabs another setting it by the sound system tables, and the table he set up. He then decided to put it on the top of them. Then he gets back up on the stage. And picks up the chair. Edge is up and gets hit in the sside with it. Kurt arches his head, in his ribs, but Rhyno runs out. He runs out and hits Kurt in the back. He throws rights at him, he then grabs his head, and lifts up Kurt, and hits a brainbuster! He then lays on him, for the cover...1.........2....Edge breaks it up!

Tony: Edge breaks up the count.

Rhyno then throws Kurts face at the steel set, and starts climbing up it. He gets about 20 feet up, and Kurt chases after him, climbing. Rhyno climbs up the 40 foot set, and stands on a platform. Kurt gets up there. And Rhyno suplexes him on the platform. Edge then climbs up there. Edge stands on the platform, as Rhyno chops him. Rhyno then goes for a suplex off it, but Edge blocks it, and knees him in the gut, Edge then DDT's him. Kurt then picks up Edge, and low blows him with a kick, then does an overhead belly to to belly suplex on it to Edge. Edge lays on the cement, as Rhyno goes to GORE Angle, but Angle kicks him in the face and arches his head in Rhynos mid-section. Kurt has Rhyno in position for an Angle Slam, and sorta flips Rhyno off the platform spinning....he falls 40 feet and SLAMS through those tables!


Brain: Kurt with an Angle Slam, of sorts, to Rhyno and Rhyno flew off onto those tables oh my god!

Edge turns Angle around and kicks him in the gut for the Edgecution, Angle counters and grabs Edge's arm and..

Tony: Uh oh Angle Slam!

Bobby: Angle Slam! Kurt covers him and THE REFEREES COUNTING....1...........YES YES....2......COMON.......3!!!! ANGLE WINS!

"I Dont Suck!" hits on the PA system again. Rhyno lays in the mess, completely out of it. Edge lies on the platform KO'd The referee raises Kurt's arm. A stage crew member rushes the US Title from the ring up to the entrance area where they are. Angle and the ref make their way off of the tron. The crew member hands the US Title to the ref, who then awards it to Angle and Angle grabs it and drops to his knees holding it closely. The crowd gives off some cheers for Angle's great performance...

Tony: A New US Champion in Kurt Angle, but at what cost did Rhyno pay in this match? As you can see medics have already rushed to his aid.

Brain: This doesnt look good.

The meds strap Rhyno in a stretcher and take him backstage.

The cameras follow backstage as there is an ambulance awaiting. Stars gather to check on Rhyno. Meds ask them to back off some so they can have their space. They load Rhyno into the ambulance. It drives off sirens blaring.

Tony: Well I sure hope Rhyno is alright but he took quite a fall.

Brain: The sacrifice people make to wrestle here is way too extreme in my views but it is very entertaining. But it certainly isnt entertainment when someone is seriously injured like that.

Tony: Well folks we aren't sure if we will continue or not after witnessing that which is why I am told Marc Lloyd is trying to get an answer from our Boss.

Marc Lloyd knocks on the door of Eric Bischoff and he answers.

Eric Bischoff: What? What do you want?

Marc: I was just wondering if you saw what just happened to Rhyno?!

Eric BischofF: Yes, I saw it, this is my show what you don't think I don't pay any attention to it? Idiot!

Marc: Well last year in the second to last match in the event where Angle and Shawn Michaels fought in the Hell in a Cell match and took that hurendous fall, the show was called off and that was it, by then owner Shane McMahon. Will you do the same for Rhyno?

Eric Bischoff: What in the hell? Hell no! The show is going to go on and unlike Shane McMahon I will put on a show that actually can last all night. This show continues and I will outdo Shane McMahon's Christmas Chaos last year, just like I've outdone him in all other aspects since I became sole owner! Now get out!

Bischoff slams the door in Marc's face.

We then head out to the ring...

Tony: Fans, it's time for the main event. A cage like no other in wrestling history, a cage that will now show any mercy nor will it show any give. It's made for two reasons. First, to keep the competitors inside and second of all to deal out punishment.

Bobby: That you got right Shavonie. I was this structure today, it has no give, it has no leeway, it's nothing but cold hard seal, it'll rip and tear flesh!

Tony: With that in mind lets go to the footage.

Cut to footage.. Voice of Eric Bishoff, pictures of the cage and competitors run in the background: "A Triple X Cage Match!" "three cages, stacked on top of each other with the World Championship hanging at the top." "The first, a ladder, you can either use it to beat your opponents, or to climb to the second level." "Once in the second cage, you are now in the Hardcore Cage. There will be a Table, a Trash can items in it, a chair, things to destroy your opponents with. To get out of that cage, you must find the wire cutters, open the locked cage door and walk out, climb up the side, and on top of the second cage. "The third cage has no door, but has a small opening of where a door would be. You can reach in and grab a steel chair that will be hanging from it, and use it on your opponents, or just climb up on top of that cage. To win you must reach up, and grab the Title. Ladies and gentalmen, that, is the Triple X, CAGE MATCH! And that, is the best Pay per View in XPW History, PERIOD!" ..cut

"One of a Kind" by Breaking Point hits the PA System as the crowd begins to cheer and Rob Van Dam makes his way out. He walks down the aisle smiling as the crowd cheers. He rolls in the ring and spins around and point at himself while the crowd chants [-"Rob...Van...Dam!"-]

{"Sexy Boy" Hits the PA System as we hear the lyrics going thru the Speakers and the crowd cheering! The music continues to play.."I think I'm Cute...I Know I'm Sexy" Shawn Michaels makes his way down to the ring. He goes up the steps, and enters the ring. Shawn spins around three times, and does the lean flexing his muscles, however no pyro is in the ring due to the cage hanging above.

The lights in the arena fade to black as the crowd waits in anticipation.

Bobby: Here at comes the champ!

Then blue lights flood the arena and flicker in the ring and on the ramp as Perfect Strangers by Deep Purple begins to play along with a tron video, fans begin to boo loudly as Shane Douglas walk out with a cocky grin on his face, the XPW World Heavyweight Championship strapped across his waist shimmering brightly.

He jaws with a few fans before slowly pacing around the outside of the ring. He finally enters the ring and waits for Lilian to make the annoucement. Lilian Garcia steps through the ropes, mic in hand. Lilian: Ladies and gantleman, the following contest is for the XPW Championship of the World and it is a Triple X Cage Match! First, introducing the challengers. From Battlecreek Michigan, The Whole F'N Show, Mr Monday Night, Mr. Pay Per View, ROB VAN DAM!

Van Dam flip kicks in the center of the ring much to the crowds delight

Lilian: From San Antonio Texas, weighing 225 pounds The Heartbreak Kid, Shawn Michaels!

Shawn poses and the crowd erupts in cheers

Lilian: From Pittsburgh, PA, weighing 245 pounds he is the XPW World Heavyweight Champion, The Franchise, SHANE DOUGLAS!

Douglas smiles, spitting gum from his mouth, he takes off his long vest and tosses it outside Lilian exits the ring and the cage begins to lower.

Tony: Fans, it's not going to be pretty but once the cage lowers the bell will sound and it will be every man for himself. No refree inside, only these three men, all trying to climb that mountain and claim the greatest prize in this business.

Bobby: The Franchise is big time out numbered here. Two members of the New Blood, Van Dam and Michaels in there. This is by no means a fair contest.

Tony: Well, sometimes you get what's coming to you. Wait a minute, Van Dam now-- Van Dam walks over to Douglas, smiles and points his fingers in the air and then at himself.

Rob Van Dam: I'm (along with the crowd) "Rob Van Dam".

Van Dam steps back and then Douglas slaps the taste out of his mouth. Van Dam slaps the Franchise back and then fists begin to fly!

Tony: Oh! And we're off and running before the cage has even lowered!

Van Dam jumps and hits a spinning heel kick knocking the Franchise off balance. Douglas quickly goes into his trunks, Van Dam charges with a flying kick, Douglas ducks, runs and nails Van Dam with brass knuckles! Van Dam goes down with a thud, Shawn Michaels, who was watching in the corner, saving his strength, sees what has happend and charges Douglas but he too eats brass knuckle. The Franchise mounts Michaels and repeatedly punches him again and again then gets up, grabs Van Dam up and tosses him to the outside.

Bobby: What the hell?!

Tony: The cage has almost lowered and Van Dam is on the outside!

Douglas picks Michaels up, suplexes him and then again mounts the former champion and punches him repeadly with the knuckles. He then stands up, puts the brass knucks back into his tights and somps Michaels again and again. Finally, the cage lowers and the bell rings.

Tony: I don't believe this! The cage has lowered the match has started, but Van Dam is on the outside!

Bobby: Shane Douglas has got to be the smartest man in wrestling today! He had this planned from the very beginning! Eliminate one equation and then your down to just a one on one match!

Tony: Yellow is all it is!

The Franchise sets up the ladder and begins the climb to the second cage

Tony: Come on Shawn, get up! You have to stop this!

Bobby: Would you shut up! This is great!

Rob Vam Dam makes it to his feet, he walks to a refree outside talking to him, however we are unable to understand what is being said. Douglas grabs is almost at the top of the ladder, but Michaels reaches his feet, runs to the ladder and tips it over!

Crowd: Ooohh!!!

Tony: Augh! The Franchise just got crotched!

Dougas stradles the rope, his face showing extreme pain. Michaels jumps the second turnbuckle then jupms again to the top, jumps off and drop kicks Douglas right in the chops sending him down, his back hitting the hard steal cage on the way down to the canvas. He rolls in between the ropes and Michaels is there to pick him up

Tony: And Shawn Michaels has taken controle of this match-up! Oh, suplex by the Heart Break Kid! Now Michaels is putting the boots to Douglas!

Shane rolls and stands up, Michaels charges him with a clothline and it connects, sending the Champ down hard. Douglas stands up and takes Micheals hits the ropes leaps and hits a flying forarm again sending Douglas down.

RVD: You have to unlock the cage, dude! This is bullshit!

Refree: Like I said before, that's the only way I can unlock this cage.

STOMP! ...RVD takes off backstage!!.. STOMP..Michaels stomps the ring again, setting up for sweet chin music!

Tony: Michaels is setting up, tuning up the band, getting ready to unleash the song that may indeed win him yet another World Title!

STOMP! ...Douglas makes it to his feet, Michaels charges and kicks BUT Douglas grabs his foot.

Tony: Oh! Dragon Screw by Douglas sent Michaels flying right onto that ladder!

Shawn holds his back in pain, making it to his feet. Douglas quickly throws a hard right hand and it connects. He grabs Michaels and this time picks him up and suplexes him right into the ladder! Michaels holds his back in agony! Douglas walks to the fallen HBK and puts him in a cammel clutch, wrenching back on his neck and back

Bobby: Again, Franchise is the smart one out of these three men. He doesn't go for any of that high spot CRAP, what he does do is scientific wresetle, he works on the injured body part, and that's Michaels back!

After a few moments Douglas releases the clutch and begins going to work on the back with hard knees and finally elbows. He then walks over to the turnbuckle and takes off the padding, then picks Michaels up and shoots him in. Michaels back collides with nothing but pure cold hard steal! Michaels cringes, moaning in agony as the Franchise follows him in with a clothsline and then picks him up and hits a hard Back Breaker. Douglas holds on and picks Michaels up, putting him in another back breaker, and then another, finally, still holding Michaels, Douglas runs and smashes him into the exposed steal where the padding for the turnbuckle was, then Power Slams Michaels down to the mat with authority.

Tony: Good lord! He must have broken his back in half!

Bobby: You can kiss that world title goodbye Mr. Michaels, because the only one who's takin' it home tonight is the Franchise!

Douglas again sets up the ladder and begins climbing to the second level, slowly and cockily he begins to make his way up the ladder, he grins looking down at the broken Michaels.



Douglas stops and looks on in amazement. Stone Cold Steve Austin walks out, behind him, RVD. Both men walk down the cage door and Austin pulls out a pair of keys.

Bobby: No, no, no, no! He can't do this!

Tony: He can do what he wants to do, he's the commissioner of XPW!

Michaels somehow makes it to his feet and charges the ladder, again knocking it over! Douglas this time tastes nothing but mat! suddenly, the door unlocks and flings open! But Douglas runs and jumps through the cage and in the process hitting both RVD and Austin down.

Bobby: Douglas is on the outside!

Tony: You can't win the world title that way, let me assure you!

Shawn quickly goes through the open door and both Austin and RVD rise to their feet

Stone Cold: Fuckin' son of a bitch.

Bobby: Uh, can he say that?

He stands back as both members of the New Blood begins to stalk Douglas. The Franchise looks around. Tony: No where to run, no where to hide!

Douglas grabs ahole of the cage and begins to climb!


Both RVD and Douglas look at one another, shrug their shoulders and begin to climb after the Franchise

Tony: Oh, there gonna go after him?! This is insane

A few minutes later after much climbing, Douglas makes his way to the TOP of the third cage and Shawn Michaels quickly makes it to the top. Douglas grabs the brass knuckles from his tights and tries to nail Shawn, but this time he ducks and DDT's Douglas right on the top of the steal! RVD makes his way to the top and picks Douglas up then slams him back down! Finally, Michaels picks Douglas up and begins punching him and again, Douglas begins to move backwards towrds the edge of the steal.

Tony: Oh god no! Don't do it! Don't do it!

{Michaels backs off and then shoots forward with a Superkick, nailing Franchise right in the head, sending him flying off the cage!

Tony: HOLY!...


Douglas slams RIGHT into the annouce table, Bobby and Tony dive out of the way at the last second.. A Shot of Stone Cold, his face says it all now..

Austin: Holy shit!

Micheals and RVD high five each other and begin the long climb down. There is nothing but a long silence as the annouce table has been broken in half. XPW medics rush to help the Franchise. and XPW staff quickly tries to get commentary back on track. Both Shawn and Van Dam go back into the cage, but Austin doesn't shut the door. He waits to see the situation with the Franchise.

Tony: Are we on?

Bobby: Hey, are we back?

Tony: We're back folks and my gosh, the Franchise is... I don't even know how to describe it.

RVD turns around, telling Austin that he can shut the cage, Franchise is done. When he turns around he gets his teeth kicked down his throat, as Michaels superskicks the hell out of him, sending him down to the mat. Micheals grabs the ladder, climbs it and MAKES it to the second level..

Tony: Shawn Michaels has made it to the second level!

Van Dam finally recovers and follows to the second level, but when he makes it Michaels bashes him with a chair, sending him down on the steel! michaels throws down the chair and grabs the trash can, dumping out kendo sticks and other various objects. RVD runs and kicks Michaels with a flying kick, which sends him down yet again. He grabs a Kendo stick and begins to pumble Michaels with it, hitting him again and again and again. Michaels crawls over, grabbing a fire estinguisher and spraying him. RVD wipes his eyes in pain! RVD sets up a table grabs michaels, putting him on it. He scales the walls of the cage.

Bobby: Oh man, you know what's coming!

Tony: Indeed I think I do!

Van Dam jumps off the side going into a frog splash BUT at the last second Michaels moves and RVD crashes through the table right onto the steel!

Tony: Dear lord!

Meanwhile outside the ring, the Franchise is put onto a strecher, he already has a brace around his neck. The medics begins to lift him up the ramp.

Tony: It looks like the Franchise is out of this match-up... his neck may indeed be broken after falling os many feet.

Bobby: Hey look.

Stone Cold Steve Austin locks the cage and walks back up the ramp, following the medics and the Franchise back up.

Austin: {to one of the medics} Can he continue?

Medic: No, he's got a broken neck we believe.

Tony: I wouldnt doubt that.

Austin: Get his ass out of here.

Michaels grabs a chain and a chair. He puts a chair over the fallen RVD's head, takes the chain and WHIPS the chair again and again.

Michaels grabs a pair of wire cutters and cuts open the door to get out of the cage. Michaels begins to climb up the side of the cage but RVD is right on his trail! Michales grabs the belt, trying to get it down! But RVD catches him and punches him again and again and again, wanting the championship more than anything! Finally, Michaels is dazed and lets go, falling into the opposite cage!


The bell sounds.

Lilian: The winner of the match, and NEEEEEW XPW WORLD CHAMPION, ROB VAN DAM!!!!

RVD taunts up on the top of the cage, much to the delight of the crowd.

Shawn: Get your ass down from there!

RVD does. They get on the top of the second cage and get in each other's Faces. HBK extends his hand, and they shake. HBK raises his arm in victory!

Tony: What a moment! What class by Shawn Michaels! Bobby: This makes me sick!

They get down onto the top of the first cage and somebody is climbing up onto the side. Tony: Now Who in the hell is that?

The camera focuses to see that it is Diesel!

Tony: That's---!

Bobby: Kevin Nash!

Tony: NO! IT says DIESEL on his tights!

Diesel stands there looking at both men, while they look down and around if there was anywhere to go. Diesel charges and the two duck, and and work Diesel over together. RVD gets knocked down, and HBK is there alone, he grabs RVD's title like he is gonna hit Diesel, RVD gets up, HBK stands stoping his defence against the big man and all of a sudden spins around and--

Tony: Sweet Chin Music to RVD!

RVD flies back and is lucky he doesn't fall off the side. HBK is yelling orders at Diesel

Tony: What the hell is this?!

Diesel jacknife powerbombs RVD on the top of that cage.

Bobby: I have no idea, but they just did a number on the new champion!

HBK and Diesel hold each other's hands high as Christmas Chaos goes off the air!

Tony: We gotta go! Merry Christmas fans!

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