Christmas Chaos-12/15/02-New York City

We head backstage as we see XPW Owner Eric Bischoff and XPW Commissioner Hollywood Hulk Hogan standing by with "Mean" Gene Okerlund!

Gene: Hulk Hogan tonight you face off against Stone Cold Steve Austin for the commissionership of Xtreme Pro Wrestling. You, as well as yourself Mr. Bischoff, must be very nervous about tonight because if Hogan loses, Austin has booking power and much more power than he does at this time, in the XPW! That cant be good for you!

Eric Bischoff: Well thankyou GENE for your insight on what we are thinking. Are you a psychic? Can you read minds? HELL NO! So shut up with what you THINK WE ARE THINKING because for one thing we are not NERVOUS, we are very sure of tonight and we know that tonight XPW will still be under full control of yours truely and Hulk Hogan.

Hogan: Thats right Bisch, and you know what Gene tonight the Hulkster is going to go out there and treat Austin like the slimeball, the dirty trash that he is! I am going to show him that my age is not a factor in this match and show that I still have it! And Not only do I still have better wrestling skills than Stone Cold Steve Austin but after tonight I will STILLL HAVE Commissionership of Xtreme Professional Wrestling, not him.

Eric Bischoff: Tonight in that match, just to make sure Austin doesn't try to cheat his way out of winning the commissionership in a DQ or anything of that form, this match is now NO..Disqualification.

Hogan: Austin, what are you going to do? WHAT IN THE HELL WiLL YOU DO BROTHER? WHAT!? When The Bisch, and The Hulkster, RUN YOU DOWN FOR GOOOD!!!??

Hogan and Bischoff walk off down the hallway leaving Gene standing there.

We then change scenes to another part of the arena where Stone Cold Steve Austin is lacing up his boots for his match in just a few minutes!

Tony: Austin looks to almost be ready for his match tonight.

Bobby: He had better pray hard because there is no chance in hell that he can defeat Hulkamania!

Tony: Well I serously doubt that but with Eric Bischoff in his corner of course that is a possibility.

Bobby: Are you suggesting Eric Bischoff will help Hogan win? Hulk Hogan does not cheat to win he is an icon and a legend and all he needs is his powerful 16 inch pythons to lead him to victory!...BROTHER!

Tony: You are seriously full of it tonight (laughs), oh my brain.

Austin gets up and walks out of his locker room. A Video package shows of the history between Stone Cold/Eric Bischoff/Hulk Hogan. It lasts for about a minute and then comes to a closing!

We head out to the ring area for our next match!

Lilian: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and is NO DQ! The winner of the match will have sole commissionership of XPW!

The Sound of Glass breaking can be heard and the crowd cheers as Stone Cold Steve Austin makes his way out in that BMF style walk of his. He continues his quick walk down to the ring, and walks up the steps. He enters the ring and goes to the turnbuckle raising his arms. He gets down and goes to the opposite one, doing the same thing. He gets down, and goes to the other two turnbuckles eventually, raising his arms as well for the fans!

Lilian: From Victoria, Texas weighing in at 252 pounds, STONE COLD STEVE AUSTIN! ... And his opponent,

"I'm back" begins to play and Hulk Hogan, along with Eric Bishoff, comes out on the stage playing his air guitar and the fans erupt with boos. He slowly makes his way down to the ring, listening to the fans. He wears a yellow suit with black t-shirt, dark sunglasses and dark headband..

Lillian: From Hollywood California, accompanied by the Chairman of XPW Eric Bischoff, weighing in at 300 pounds, Hollywood HULK HOGAN!

Bishoff holds the ropes and Hogan gets into the ring. Hogan begins doing his hand taunt and finally taking off his jacket to the suit, wearing his black t-shirt, yellow pants and dress shoes. He hands the shirt to Bishoff. The bell sounds

Tony: And we're off!

Austin runs to Bischoff and gives him a clothesline over the top rope! Easy-E falls out of the ring and Hogan quickly comes form behind, double-sledging the Texas Rattlesnake.

Bobby: That was a stupid move by Austin! He should have kept his eye on Hogan at all times! But instead he went for Bishoff and now it's time to pay the piper!

Tony: In this instance you may be right. Hogan punches Austin again and again, backing him into the corner before stomping him. Hogan then picks Austin up and throws another punch, rocking Austin. But the Rattlesnake fights back, throwing crazy fist after fist. Hogan counters back

Tony: Oh my, it's on now!

Finally Hogan gets the advantage, backing Austin to the ropes and clothslining him over down to the floor. Bishoff runs and stmops Austin. Hogan heads to the outside and grabs a chair. Austin makes his way to his feet and begins walking towrds Bishoff but from behind Hogan cracks Austin's skull with the chair, sending him down hard!

Bobby: Yes!

Tony: What a cheap shot from behind!

Both men fight outside of the ring and into the crowd, through the crowd, using chairs on one another, drinks and any objects they can find. Finally both make it back to the ring where the fist fight continues

Tony: Austin whips Hogan into the ropes, oh, shoulder block by Hogan sends Austin down!

Austin gets up and punches Hogan, but there's no effect! Austin punches again, NO EFFECT! Austin flicks Hogan off and tries for a third punch, but it's blocked and countered!

Tony: Oh! Hogan sent Austin down hard to the mat!}

Hogan picks Austin up and slams him down, this hits the ropes--


Bobby: That's all she wrote!


Bishoff tosses a chair in and Hogan cracks Austin over the head, sending him outside

Tony: Augh... Austin's been busted wide open!

Bishoff gets a few kicks in and tosses Austin back into the ring. Hogan picks him up again and rops him, then flicks him off and hits another leg drop

Bobby: Augh...

Tony: 1, 2, 3- NO!!!

Hogan puts Austin into a sleeper. Slowly, Austin works his way back up, elbowing Hogan in the gut again and again, finally Hogan releases his grip and Austin unloads with punches again and again!

Tony: Stone Cold Stunner!!! Tony: 1, 2-- NO! HOGAN KICKS OUT!

Austin grabs the chair and SMASHES Hogan with it as hard as he can. Hogan shakes his head in anger, now also busted wide open. Austin smashes him again, tossing the chair down and AGAIN hitting the stunner!

Tony: Cover! 1, 2, 3!!!!

Bobby: NO! XPW is going to burn in hell! Bishoff is spazzing outside the ring Austin signals for a few beers and gets them, celebrating, drinking hardily. He walks outside the ring, fliping The Bisch off before walking back to the dressing room.

Bischoff gets into the ring and starts to yell back out at Austin to get back in the ring as he stands by the fallen Hogan. Hogan struggles to get up and seems to be battered and definately beaten. Bischoff with an angry look on his face, shakes his head as he starts to talk to Hogan.

Tony: We now have a NEW Commissioner of XPW, that man is STONE COLD Steve Austin!

Backstage Gene Okerlund tries to catch up with Stone Cold as he enters the locker room part of the arena.

Gene: Austin! Austin! Can i get a word with you?!

Austin: What?

Gene: May I get a few words with you Stone Cold about that great win?

Austin: What?

Gene: I dont understand Stone Cold..

Austin: When you speak to me pops, you address me as MISTER Austin! Got it?

Gene: Oh I am sorry about that Mr. Austin. Will you give me your thoughts on..

MR. Austin: Sure pops I'll tell ya what it feels damn great being the Commissioner of XPW but it felt even better getting my hands on that old ass, no offense, Hulk Hogan! Eric bischoff didn't get what was totally coming to him but he will in due time. It wont only be physical pain but mental as I totally contradict every damn thing he does! Stone Cold Steve Austin is your commissioner of XPW and there aint a damn thing anybody can do about that! and Thats the bottom line..CAUSE STONE COLD..SAID SO!

The crowd cheers!

Gene: Thankyou very much Mr Austin.

Austin starts to walk off but stops and Turns to Gene.

Mr. Austin: pops, would you like to come share a few beers with good ol' Stone Cold?

Gene: Well Im not so sure i should afterall I should be working this event I..

Mr Austin: Ah who gives a damn what is Bischoff gonna do about it? NOT A DAMN THING AS LONG AS I AM COMMISSIONER! So Gene, drop the damn mic and lets go have a good time!

Gene sets the microphone down and the camera man follows them down the hallway as Gene seems to be a little nervous but still psyched! Austin pushes the doors open and they both walk into Austin's locker room. Austin opens the cooler and brings out two beers. He tosses one to Gene . Austin opens his and then opens Genes, they toast beers and beer flies everywhere as the scene fades out.

Backstage in the Steven Richards/Matt Hardy lockerroom they have a conversation>

Matt Hardy: Steven, I know you're upset after the loss to Rico earlier tonight, and you did infact suffer a great twist of Fate. Well, let me tell you that our team will not have two losses after tonight's end, because I.. Matt hardy Version 1, Founder of Mattitude will go out to that ring and beat my own Brother Jeff Hardy and show him who the real king of extreme is!

STeven Richards: You do that Matt, but do it on your own, I am staying back here.

Matt Hardy: Sure thing bro, can I call you bro? Hah, anyways, I will see YOU in a few minutes after I win my match!

We then see Jeff Hardy in his locker room putting on his body paint blue, white and silver. He coats himself well with it and then walks out of his locker room. The camera watches him until he turns a corner and then The camera goes back to the ring, as we see "Matt Hardy Version 1.0" being typed in, then a loading. Then "Live For The Moment" pounds in as Matt Hardy comes in a screen. In the corner it says "Matt Hardy Is Way Better At Ladder Matches Then Jeff Hardy!"

He walks down the aisle, signaling the guns, and gets in the ring.

Lillian: Ladies and gentlemen, from Cameron North Carolina, weighing in at a 228 pounds, MATT...HARDY!

Matt stands up in the ring, and jumps up on the corner, raising his hands. Then "Not enough" by Our Lady Peace hits on the PA system, as Jeff Hardy comes jumping onto the stage.

He signals the guns, and taunts on the stage, as his glowpaint shines brightly. Then starts running down the ramp.

Lillian: Ladies and gentlemen, Jeff Hardy, ahhh!

Matt grabs Lillian and pulls her infront of Jeff, as Jeff goes to hit him. He stops seeing Lillian, then moves her out of the way, and starts going wild hitting hard right hands to Matt. Lillian gets out of the ring, as Jeff throws him at the turnbuckles. Jeff then runs and jumps up connecting with a splash in the corner. Matt stumbles out and Jeff then spinning wheel kicks him. Matt falls down, and tries to escape out of the ring, but Jeff grabs his legs, lifts them up, and jumps down hitting a leg drop with both legs into the groin. Matt bounces around holding his balls, as Jeff runs at the ropes, and comes back, fliping in the air. He comes down onto Matt, with a leg drop to the sternum, as Matt finally escapes onto the outside of the ring. Jeff jumps up, before saluting to the crowd. He then runs at the other set of ropes, and comes back, jumping over the top rope, Matt stands up, and Jeff comes down onto him with a splash. The fans cheer, as Jeff performs his first of probably many in the night.

Tony: Now Jeff Hardy is finally getting his revenge, on his selfish brother Matt Hardy.

Brain: He isn't selfish, he is a great athlete, even better than Jeff.

Jeff then throws rights at Matt, on the ground pummeling him. Matt finally pushes him up, and gets onto his feet. Jeff gets up quickly, and jumps at him, trying for a Hurricanrana... Matt reverses, and runs slamming Jeff into the post with a powerbomb. The fans go "aaaaahhhhh" and booing, as Jeffs spinal cord, hits the steel post. Jeff falls over onto his side, and Matt starts stomping him, as the crowd boo. Matt then walks over to Lillian, and grabs her by the head, and throws her off her seat, grabbing a steel chair. He walks over to Jeff, but Jeff jumps at him, and gets cracked in the face with the chair! Jeff falls onto his back, almost unconscious, as Matt picks him up. He then takes Jeff, and whips him against the barricade! Matts back hits off the barricade, and he comes back, and Matt picks him up, back body dropping him over his head and onto the cement floor. The fans dont appreciate this, as Matt picks up a fallen Jeff, and throws him at the steel steps. Jeffs shoulder hits off the steel, and he falls down.

Tony: Matt his beating up his brother with a chair, and steps, as he is taking full advantage of no disqualification in other matches.

Matt then picks up Jeff, and takes him onto the aisle. He hooks his head, and lifts him high in the air, dropping him down with a suplex on the ramp! Jeff groans in pain. Matt then looks out at the crowd and yells..."JEFF HAS NO MATTITUDE!" the fans reply with boos, as Matt picks up Jeff, and slams his head off the barricade. Jeff holds his head, but fires back with a hard right hand right to the nose! Matt stumbles back, and gets hit with another hard right hand! Jeff then jumps at him with a forearm! Matt falls down onto the ground, as Jeff lays on his stomache. Jeff then gets to his knees, and walks to the ring, he goes under the ring, and pulls out 2 ladders. Jeff picks up one, and puts it on the apron, and the other side on the barricade. He then puts one a couple feet away from it. He walks back to Matt, who is already up, and Jeff kicks him in the stomache. He then grabs Matts head, and throws it against the apron. Jeff then throws it at the ring apron again, as the crowd cheers. Jeff then closes his fist, and throws it right inbetween Matts eyes. Jeff then jumps up, and dropkicks Matt down. Jeff then goes under the ring, and pulls out a steel chair. Matt gets up, and gets hit in the face with the chair!! Matt falls on the ladder, laying on the barricade and the apron. He then slams the chair on Matts stomache, and throws rights at him. He then slams it again on Matt. Jeff then turns, and starts climbing up the other ladder. Jeff gets to the top, and jumps off!! Camers flash as Jeff's back comes down, hitting against Matts stomache, as the ladder Matt is laying on bends! The fans cheer loudly, as Jeff hits Matt. Jeff lays ontop of matt, as Matt lays there KO'd.

Tony: Oh my god, Matt Hardy might be dead.

Jeff then slowly gets up. He grabs a ladder, and tosses it in the ring. He rolls in after it, and sets up in the middle of the ring. Matt Hardy rolls in the ring, still out of it, as Jeff picks him up and whips him off the ropes, Matt bounces off the ropes and comes back, swinging for a clothesline but Jeff ducks, and Matt comes off the other side as they hit a double clothesline.

The crowd cheers, as Jeff comes alive, and gets to his feet. Matt gets up slowly and begins to walk over to Jeff. Jeff then jumps at him, but Matt catches him, twirls around and twist of fate!!

Matt covers....1...........................2!!.....................Jeff kicks out!

Matt can't belive it, and gets up. He grabs the ladder, and holds it. He runs, and Jeff is up and gets hit with the ladder in the head! Jeff stumbles against the turnbuckles, as Matt sets it back up in the middle of the ring. Jeff holds his head, as it starts dripping with blood. Matt then walks over to him, and begins to punch at his head. Jeff tries coming back, but gets stopped, with a knee lift. Matt, then goes for a irish whip, but Jeff holds on and runs back with a diving clothesline. Both men lay out.


Tony: They're gettin behind Jeff Hardy here, shouting his name.

Brain: shush fans!!

Both men start to get up, and Jeff looks at Matt Hardy, with blood in his eyes. Matt then lays in the corner, and turns around, as Jeff charges and clotheslines him!! Matt stumbles out, and falls flat on his face. He then lifts up matt, and pulls him under his arm, before twirling, and giving him a twist of fate! Jeff looks up at the ladder, and walks over to it. He starts climbing up it. He gets to the top after about half a minute, and looks down. He takes off his shirt, and signals.

Tony: Jeff could be waisting time.. but, WHAT IS HE GOING TO TRY FOR...?!?!?

Jeff flys off, flipping!!


Brain: No...He missed!!

Jeff bounces off his back, as Matt lays beside him. 30 seconds later, Matt gets up, and looks around, he falls back in the turnbuckles, and a couple seconds later, Jeff gets up, falling back in a corner. Matt runs at him, but Jeff puts his foot up, and Matt bounces off his foot. Jeff then hops on the second rope, and jumps off, catching his head, and landing in a DDT. Jeff then gets up, and walks over to the ropes. He looks out at the crowd, and starts climbing up the ropes, but WHAT THE HELL?! It's Steven Richards!!

Tony: What is he doing out here?!

Steven runs out, holding a kendo stick. Jeff gets on the top rope, and Steven jumps on the apron, and slams the kendo stick into Jeffs back. Jeff falls off the turnbuckles, and lands right on his back. Steven then jumps down, and watches the match.

Tony: Oh no, this might cost Jeff the match! Matt is getting up now...

Matt then walks over to the ladder, and taunts Jeff, he starts climbing it. Obviously looking for a high flying move. Matt gets halfway up, and Jeff gets up, he runs, and jumps onto the 5th rung. Matt is 2 rungs up, as Jeff starts climbing up. He is at the top of the ladder with Matt Hardy, and Jeff beats right hands into Matts skull. Matt holds on, and Jeff grabs Matts head. He hooks it, but Matt punches Jeffs ribs, and Steven throws up the kendo stick. Matt catches it, and bashes Jeff in the stomache. Matt then pulls him into his arms, and jumps off with Jeff, twirling!!

Tony: OH MY GOD...NO!!

Brain: TWIST OF FATE OFF THE TOP OF THE LADDER!! Jeff Hardy is out cold!! Matt has the hook of the leg.......

Tony: No.......1!!!!!..........2!!!!!...

Brain: .... 3!!! Matt wins!

"Live For A Moment" hits again, as Matt rolls out of the ring. Steven helps him up the ramp, and backstage.

We then head backstage to the New Blood locker room.

RVD: Look dude, trust me after tonight is over with the new blood will be packing major gold. I mean its either gonna be myself or HBK to win the World Title but we all know he doesnt deserve it again, the only person in that match who does is me..R..V..D..

HBK: Wait a second there R..V..D who do you think you are? I am a two time champion and I may not deserve it again, but wait that makes no sense you just are jealous because you haven't held it one single time! But man trust me on this, if you win I will shake your hand and I hope that you do the same for me.

RVD: Dude..alright.

Edge: But what about what you were saying to me RVD? I know i have what it takes to be a champion here in the XPW but those two guys in the ring with me are way bigger. Wait..nevermind that, I need to think more positive, that's what you were going to say right?

RVD and HBK are puzzled..They both say 'sure' at the same time.

Edge: Thought so, you know what? Tonight the edge heads will be standing on their feet and screaming louder than ever when they see me crowned as their NEW, US Champion!

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