Christmas Chaos-12/15/02-New York City

The XPW Theme hits, and the pyros go off in a form of an "X" on the Stage! The Fans erupt with cheers, and XPW's headline pay per view event of the year Christmas Chaos is LIVE! The cameras pan across the crowd to see them holding signs of their favorite wrestlers, and showing their love for Xtreme Professional Wrestling! We go down to ringside for our commentating team of Tony Shavonie and Bobby "The Brain" Heenan!

Tony: Merry Christmas XPW fans and welcome to XPW Christmas Chaos live here in the one and only Madison Square Garden in New York City! am Tony Shavonie and sitting here beside me is Bobby "The Brain" Heenan! Brain what a night this is going to be as all XPW Titles will be on the line in exciting matches!

Bobby:The lines will be drawn tonight Tony on who can cut it and who can't cut it here in XPW because if you are going to be a star here, you will have to put your body on the line and that is exactly what these stars will do tonight!

Tony: Tonight the TV Title will be on the line in a Electronics match and Brain we saw what happened last month in one of those matches you have to expect total CHAOS tonight as well!

Bobby: I bet you're right and also we have a great TAg Team Title match in which its a Table Elimination match, that is quite interesting but when the great Eric Bischoff is running the place everything goes great!

tony: Well not everything as of late has been so great for him just keep in mind that Stone Cold Steve Austin and Hollywood hulk Hogan meet tonight for the Commissionership of XPW! If Austin wins its going to be hell for Bischoff and you have to believe Bischoff will do anything he can to get Austin to lose!

Bobby: In a clasic brother versus brother match Jeff Hardy and Matt Hardy Version UNO! face off in a ladder match. I think Jeff definately has the win because its his type of match but I am rooting for Mattitude!

Tony: version uno? MAN! And we cant forget about the US Title ANYTHING GOES FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE MATCH! Rhyno defends against Edge and Kurt Angle tonight! And in the Main Event a big match to decide the Heavyweight Championship.

Bobby: A Triple X Cage Match in which RVD HBK and Shane Douglas will lock up!

Tony: Will HBK capture the title for a third time? Will Shane Douglas defend his title and go into the NEw Year as the Champ or will RVD finally win the Big One? That match is going to be off the charts as will the whole show! FOLKS Thankyou for joining us you will NOT be dissapointed!

Bobby: Tony I think its about time to have our opening TV Title match!

The cameras pan to ringside where there are many electronic objects. Some are in tins and some are just lying around. TVs, Radios, VCRs, CDs, And much more all ready to be used in this brutal match! LOVEFURYPASSIONENERGY HITS the PA System and Lita comes out from under the X-Tron to a cheering crowd in New York!

Tony: The fans love Lita!

Lita raises her arm on the stage and then runs down slapping fans as she comes, she slides in the ring and goes up to the turnbuckle taunting.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentalmen, the Following contest is an Electronics MAtch for the World Television Championship! In the ring challenger number one from Fort Lauderdale, Florida, LIIIITA!

The crowd cheers as Lita continues to taunt but then Gettn Rowdy hits the PA System as K-Kwik comes out to a mixed reaction as he is on the mic rapping his song. He goes down the ramp slapping fan's hands and then rolls into the ring and raises his arms.

Lillian Garcia: And introducing her opponent from St.Louis, Missourri, K-KWIK!

Bobby: I hate the way he raps it sounds horrible!

Tony: Oh come on Brain!

KRONIK..echos through the PA System, and Rico comes out on the stage, whipes both his sleeves down and then adjusts his hair, and pauses, he then walks down to the ring as the crowd boos

Tony: No Kronik, that's odd.

Lillian Garcia: Their opponent weighing in at 228 pounds, RIIICOOO!!

Rico doesnt enter the ring as he sees K-Kwik in there. He instead checks out the weapons at ringside.

The sirens blare over the PA System and Steven Richards walks out with 1 arm up as the crowd boos. He walks down the ramp.

Lillian: And finally Steven Richards!

Tony: This should be a great match!

Richards runs into the ring and is ambushed by K-Kwik and Lita. Rico stands outside of the ring still admiring the weapons and seeing what there is as the bell sounds and this match is underway! Kwik and Lita whip Richards into the ropes and take him down with a double shoulder block. Richards goes down and Kwik lands an elbow drop and tries for the quick pin but with no prevail. Lita grabs Richards and...

Brain: this is unfair.. him a few swift chops to the chest and tries to whip him against the ropes but he is too strong and whips her across the ring. She bounces off the ropes and Richards kicks her in the gut and calls for the Stevie-T(DDT) but Kwik from behind with a double fist to the neck of Richards breaks it up. Kwik lands a reverse DDT and goes for the cover but Lita breaks it up at 2!

Tony: Woah that was unexpected!

Kwik asks her what she is doing and she slaps him, he grabs her by the hair and Richards intervenes hitting Kwik int he balls with a low blow! Meanwhile at ringside Rico finds a nice Video Camcorder and enters the ring with it. He sets it up on his shoulder tapping the action! Richards has K-Kwik in the corner laying in the punches as Lita walks over and taps Richards on the shoulder. He turns his head around and sees her but KICKS HER AWAY!

brain: UGH! Wow thats showin' her Stevie!

Tony: That was uncalled for in my views. But if she wants to hang with the big stars she is going to have to take a few hard bumps.

Lita falls backwards on the mat and the crowd boos. Kwik gets the advantage though and lifts Richards up and he goes face first into the turnbuckle. Lita from behind now lands a bulldog on K-Kwik and then goes for Richards. She sets him up on the turnbuckle and tries for a Hurricanrana but he pushes her off and she lands on her feet. Meanwhile Rico still tapes the action!

Tony: Rico is enjoying himself it seems.

K-Kwik gets up and turns Lita around and she slaps him! Richards is ready to leap off of the turnbuckle and he does! Lita turns around and jumps out of the way as he takes out Rico! The camera flies out of his hands and he goes down! Lita grabs the camera and as K-Kwik stands she clocks him over the head with it!

Tony: OH MY!

Richards stands and she runs at him and slams it on his head! Richards is bent over and Lita bends a bit putting the camera close to the mat then brings it up slamming it into Richards face and he flies backwards and rolls out of the ring! Lita taunts to the crowd but doesnt notice Rico getting up and he is very angry. She turns around and he takes her down with a spinning heel kick! Rico gets out of the ring and looks through the toys. He grabs a VCR and sets it in the ring. He gets a CD Rack and puts it in the ring, he tosses a few video games in as well. K-Kwik is slowly rising to his feet now. He gets up and goes through the ropes and stands ont he apron, he jumps off with a flying clothesline and takes down Rico! Rico falls and K-Kwik grabs a Wire Telephone and starts to choke Rico with the wire! Steven Richards is recuperating on the other side of the ring now and is searching under the ring for anything he can find and finds a kendo stick! He rolls in the ring and finds Lita getting to her feet. He swings but she drops suddenly and drop toe holds Richards onto the mat. His face impacts and she bounces off the ropes and comes back with a baseball slide to his face! Richards holds it even more now and she goes up top. Lita flies off with a LitaCanrana and has Richards pinned 1...2...KiCK OUT!

Tony: So close!

Meanwhile at ringside K-Kwik lets loose of the choke hold and leads Rico into the guardrail. Rico crashes into it back first. Kwik picks him up and snaps him over his shoulder. kwik searches through the stuff and finds a Portable CD Player with headphones! He puts the headphones on and there seems to be music playing now! He gets a pissed look on his face as he takes the head phones off and opens the cd player to find it to be a Dixie Chicks CD! HE hates country obviously as Rico comes at him and he nails him over the head with the CD! it shatters and it didnt have much effect so Kwik decides to just toss the whole damn walkman at him crashing it on his head. Lita and Richards are in the ring as Richards has the upperhand sort of now as he is going for a Full Nelson Slam and Lita counters into a arm drag. She grabs that broken camcorder and tosses it at Richards, he puts his arms up to block it from hitting him and the crowd laughs. She runs at him and clotheslines him over the top rope. He falls in front of K-Kwik and almost lands on Rico on accident! K-Kwik gets out a Karaoke machine and turns it on.

Brain: Oh please no more singing!

He tries to talk but the mic seems to not be opperating properly. Rico stumbles up and starts to stomp on Richards. Kwik sees this and walks over and nails Rico a couple times in the face and then picks Richards up but Rico from behind with a shot to the back. Richards and Rico try to double suplex K-Kwik but Lita out of nowhere from the top rope with a flying bodypress taking all three men down! She rolls Rico into the ring and waits for him to get up. He stumbles up and turns around and gets a kick in the gut, she calls for Twist of Fate but Rico counters pushing her against the ropes and she comes back to be met with a swift kick to the face! She goes down and rico pins her 1..2...3!

Tony: Lita has been eliminated!

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and Gentalmen LITA has been eliminated from the match leaving K-Kwik, Steven Richards and Rico!

K-kwik slides into the ring and attacks Rico from behind. He sets Rico up for the Hangtime and is looking as if he will drop Rico onto the VCR! But from behind comes Steven Richards and hits Kwik in the back of the head with a PS2! Kwik falls to the mat and Richards picks him up, kicks him in the gut and then plants him with a Stevie-T! Richards covers K-Kwik and the ref counts 1...2...3! The bell sounds and Kwik has been eliminated.

Lillian Garcia: Ladies and gentalmen K-Kwik has now been eliminated leaving Steven Richards and Rico!

Tony: Now its down to Steven Richards and Rico.

Richards grapples Rico, and sends him across the ring, Rico bounces off the ropes, comes back and ducks a clothesline, Rico lands a few right hands to Richards and then whips him into the turnbuckle. Rico walks over and kicks him with a few roundhouse kicks to the head and then jumps up onto the second rope with a knee to the face or Richards! He stumbles out of the corner and Rico tries for a bulldog but Richards ducks, and drops him with a big backdrop! Richards goes for the pin but Rico kicks out at 2! Richards walks over to the stuff in the ring and picks up the VCR. He goes over to the rising Rico and charges, but Rico with a strong kick to the VCR sends it into Richards face! He falls backwards and Rico goes up top to the turnbuckle! He moonsaults off and lands a perfect hit on Richards! The Ref counts as Rico stays for the pin 1..2...3!

Lillian: Your winner and NEW World Television Champion, RIIICOO!

Rico gets handed his title belt as he quickly slides out of the ring. He goes up the ramp.

Tony: What a match that was Brain!

Clips of the final moments show.

Brain: Indeed it was it looked as If Richards was about to make it lights out for the Stylelist Rico but in the end Rico came back with a great counter and a great moonsault to pick up the victory and the TV Title.

Tony: Folks you can see the carnage that the TV Title caused but that is nothing compared to the Tag Team Title match I bet! Its coming up in a few minutes!

a Video package for the three teams involved in the Tag Team Title Table elimination match tonight shows, with Hurri-Kane, KroniK, and the Dream Team shots all over the video package. We then head backstage.

Marc Lloyd stands with a microphone, grasped in his hand. His hair is gelled up for the biggest XPW event of the year, Christmas Chaos. Then from a different hall walks the Hurricane and Kane. They are about to walk past Marc Lloyd, but Marc Lloyd stops them.

Marc Lloyd: Wait wait wait!

Kane: What?

Marc Lloyd: I just wanted to know if I could get an interview with you two about tonights match.

Kane: Yeah sure...

Marc Lloyd: Kane, Hurricane what do you two feel like going into such a huge match. 13 tables, thats never been done in Wrestling History. You guys could go through all 13 tab-

Kane: What? You think we are going to lose to Kronik, and The Dream Team, we are going through none!

Hurricane: Thats right, because tonight, infront of all my Hurri-Fans, and Kanes kaneonites, they are going to jump on their feet, as we are announced the winners.

Marc Lloyd: Can I have some thoughts of what you think of The Rock, and Goldberg?

Kane: Rock and Goldberg, are never ever going to beat us, we beat them last month, and we know we are going to beat them this month, just like we know we are going to beat Kronik, as well and have our tag titles.

The Hurricane: The Rock and Goldberg, they aren't worth anything anymore, it seems as if they just don't care. Tonight here at Christmas Chaos, it is going to be chaos, as 4 bodies, get put through tables.

Marc Lloyd: Any comments on KroniK?

Kane: Kronik... I have had enough of these guys, and im going to end it from beating them from one post, to the other to the other to the other. The only question I have for them now is, are they ready to be sent to hell and back?

Kane and Hurricane walk away, as Marc lowers his microphone.

We cut to another part of the arena where Rico is walking down the hallway with his newly won TV Title and he meets up With Kronik!

Rico: Guys! Did you see that great win of mine out there? I dominated the whole time and i walked out a champion! See, with me on your team I helped you win the Tag Team Titles and tonight I proved that I can be a champion as well. And with me in your corner tonight you will walk out of Christmas Chaos STILL Tag Team Champions!

Adams: No doubt no doubt..

We cut right back out to the arena where there are 13 tables around ringside. 8 have been set up around the apron, with one at the end of the ramp and four others propped up against the barricades. As we see all of these tables, we see a cip of the night when Kronik won the Tag Team Titles.

Tony: Well, the reigning Tag Team Champions Kronik have a real test on their hands tonight. It's gonna be extreme for sure, because all of these 13 tables WILL be broken here tonight. The team with the table 'eliminations' by them will win the Tag Team Titles.

The arena goes dark, then we hear "KRONIK..kronik.." echoing through the PA System. Green lights begin to shine as the crowd gives a mixed reaction when Brian Adams and Bryan Clark walk out from the curtain. Rico then walks out behind them, the three stand there on the stage taunting with Rico in the center before Kronik lead the way down the aisle.<.br>

Lillian: This triple threat tag team contest is for the XPW World Tag Team Championships. To win the match, one team must put their opponents through a table the most times out of 13, with the winners becoming the World Tag Team Champions. Introducing first, accompanied to the ring by Rico. Weighing in at a combined weight of 557 pounds, the reigning XPW World Tag Team Champions, Brian Clark and Brian Adams, KRONIK!

They walk down the ramp with Kronik raising their arms up high. They both get in the ring and go to the turnbuckles taunting as their music dies down.
The lights go out very suddenly, and the Hurri-Symbols appear on the rampway. We hear 'STAND BACK...THERE'S A HURRICANE COMIN' THRU!', and 'Out Of The Fire' begins to play after a huge burst of pyros, heralding the arrival of Hurri-Kane. They walk down the aisle and Hurricane slides in the ring. Kane hops onto the apron and gets in over the top rope as Kronik and Rico exit the ring and stand behind a couple of tables.

Lillian: And their opponents and challengers. First, at a total combined weight of 471lbs, they are the former XPW World Tag Team Champions...Hurri-Kane!

Hurricane then jumps on the turnbuckle and does a Hurri-Pose. He jumps down and walks in front of Kane in the middle of the ring. Kane raises his arms, and slams them down as fire bursts from all four turnbuckles, before locking eyes with Brian Clark.

Heenan: Tony, we're seeing a lot of firsts tonight, but I think this one will be a first that we won't forget in a long time.

Tony: Brain, this one will be brutal for sure.

Hurri-Kane and Kronik continue to stare at each other as suddenly "Da Man" hits as Goldberg walks out onto the stage. He stops standing there as sparks shoot up at him, and he sucks it in.

He taunts on the stage after they stop, swinging his arms around and yelling, and then walks towards the ring.

Lillian: And at a total combined weight of 550 pounds, the team of Goldberg...

Then on the PA System we hear "IF YA SMELL...WHAT THE ROCK..IS COOKIN'!" as the crowd begins to cheer because The Rock is on his way out! He walks down the ramp looking out at the fans and towards the ring. Rock and Goldberg acknowledge each other before walking on down the ramp.

Lillian: And his partner, The People's Champion, THE ROCK!

Heenan: Here we go Tony!

Goldberg and Rock avoid the tables and slide into the ring where a fist fight between them and Hurri-Kane ensues. Meanwhile on the outside, Kronik grab a table that is propped up against the barricade and slide it into the ring. As Rock, Goldberg and Hurri-Kane see Kronik coming in though, they stop fighting with each other and attack Clark and Adams.

Heenan: Now this isn't fair! Why are they picking on Kronik?

Tony: Maybe they want to stop Kronik's chances early.

Heenan: So what you're saying is they're scared of Kronik.

Tony: No, I didn't say that at all!

As Hurri-Kane double team Adams, Goldberg is punching away on Clark in the opposite corner. The Rock then grabs the table and sets it up in the middle of the ring. Rico is going crazy on the outside of the ring as Goldberg whips Clark across the ring, and The Rock somehow manages to hit a spinebuster through the table for the first point!

Kronik-0 HurriKane-0 Dream Team-1

Clark lays in the table wreckage as on the other side of the ring, Kane grabs Brian Adams by the throat on the apron, and chokeslams Adams off the apron and through the table!

Kronik-0 HurriKane-1 Dream Team-1

Tony: It's not looking too good for the champs here is it Brain?

Heenan: What do you expect. It's four on two here.

Both Clark and Adams are knocked out as in the ring The Dream Team and Hurri-Kane square up to each other in the middle of the ring. As they do though, Rico runs in looking angry and steps in between the two teams, shouting at all four guys. Hurri-Kane and the Dream Team just look at each other before each taking shots at Rico. It's like a game of human pinball as Rico bounces from one punch to the other. Rico then finally rolls to safety, as back in the ring Hurricane turns around and is nailed with a spear by Goldberg! Kane then punds away on 'Da Man' when from behind The Rock spins Kane around and 'lays the smackdown' on Kane with hard right hands. Rock then goes for the spit punch, but Kane ducks it and nails Rocky with a big boot to the face.

Tony: These guys are going all out here! This is incredible.

Goldberg goes for the spear on Kane, but Kane moves and Goldberg goes flying into the ring post shoulder first. Kane then goes outside and grabs another table as in the ring Hurricane goes for the Hurri-chokeslam on Goldberg, but he can't lift 'Da Man', allowng Goldberg to clothesline Hurricane down hard. Kane slides the table in and gets in, only to be greeted by punches from both Goldberg and Rock. In the meantime though, Brian Clark is back on his feet, and he sets up the table behind Rock and Goldberg. Goldberg hits a clothesline knocking Kane to the outside of the ring as Rock turns around and Clark grabs him by the throat.

Heenan: High Times Tony!

Tony: But Brian Adams is still knocked out on the outside.

Adams yells at Rico to get in and complete the move, but as he does Rock fights back at Clark and chases Rico out of the ring. As Clark staggers around holding his face, Hurricane dives off the middle rope and hits the Overcast through the table!

Tony: Kronik have gone through tables three times already! They're going to have to make up for it somehow, and fast!

Kronik-0 HurriKane-2 Dream Team-1

Hurricane begins to celebrate, but as he does Adams slides back into the ring and knocks him down with a clothesline. Rock and Goldberg are busy with Kane as Rico pushes two tables close together on the outside. Adams then presses Hurricane up and over his head before throwing him out through BOTH the tables! The ref gives the signal that that counts as two as Adams smiles sickly, whilst looking down on Hurricane's broken body.

Kronik-2 HurriKane-2 Dream Team-1

As Adams looks down on Hurricane, Rock spins him around and goes for a DDT, but Adams manages to puch Rock back into the turnbuckles, and as he staggers out he and Clark hit the High Times on The Rock! Rico then slides a table in and tells them to 'finish the job' as Adams quickly sets it up. Kornik set Rock up for High Times again, but from behind Kane makes the save by fighting off both Kronik members. Kane then shoves the table outside of the ring, but as he turns around The Rock is back up, and he nails a Rock Bottom on Kane!!!

Rock turns around and Hurricane grabs him by the throat, but Rock elbows out and sets up for the Rock Bottom. Before he can hit it though, Rico slides in and nails the spinning heel kick to Rock. Hurricane superkicks Rico out before Goldberg tries to slide a table in. Hurricane sees him coming and baseball slides the table back into Goldberg before Hurricane grabs the wood and sets it up. Rock turns around and Hurricane grabs him by the throat, but before he can hit it, Bryan Clark comes back in, and together Clark and Hurricane hit a version of the High Times!

Tony: Oh great, all we need is a bit of confusion!

The ref goes over to Lillian as on the outside Goldberg is laid out on a table.

Lillian: Ladies and gentlemen, the referee has informed me that he is awarding both Hurri-Kane and Kronik half a point.

Kronik-2.5 HurriKane-2.5 Dream Team-1

As all of this goes on, Hurricane has climbed up to the top rope, and he dives off hitting a big splash through the table on Goldberg!

Kronik-2.5 HurriKane-3.5 Dream Team-1

Tony: Well Brain, 7 tables down and Hurri-Kane lead!

Heenan: Not so fast Tony!

On the outside, Brian Adams hits a full nelson slam through another table on Kane! The scores are even once more!

Kronik-3.5 HurriKane-3.5 Dream Team-1

Back in the ring, Brian Clark has been passed another table, and it has been set up ready for The Rock. Rock turns around and Clark hits a boot to the gut before setting up for the Meltdown, but Rocky floats over and goes for the Rock Bottom. Rock goes for it, but Rico pulls the table away before Clark goes through!

Tony: Oh come on, that would have been another table point right there!

Rock locks eyes with Rico, and he chases the stylist around the ring. Rico runs around before sliding back in, and Rock follows him only to be caught by Kronik, and hit with the High Times through a table!

Kronik-4.5 HurriKane-3.5 Dream Team-1

Tony: The Dream Team need a point otherwise they can't win. Thye've got to get the next 5 tables!

Heenan: No chance in hell Tony!

As Kronik stand tall in the middle of the ring, Kane climbs up the tunrbuckles, and flies off with a double flying clothesline, knockign both Aams and Clark down! Kane begins to pound away on Clark, but from behind Adams nails The Big Red Machine with a clubbing shot to the back. Adams then turns Kane around and throws him outside the ring before he and Clark follow out. Rico has set two tables up next to each other. Kronik set up Kane for High Times, but Hurricane runs over and helps out Kane. Kane grabs Clark and chokeslams him, but only through one table. Adams then catches Hurricane with a backbodydrop through the other table!

Kronik-5.5 HurriKane-4.5 Dream Team-1

Heenan: I told you Tony, no chance!

Tony: Well Goldberg and Rock can't win the belts now, but they can still play their part.

The last two tables have now been put into the ring by Rico. Adams throws Kane back into the ring and sets the table in the middle of the ring before the two exchange punches. Adams then whips Kane to the ropes before going for a Flapjack through the table, but Hurricane thinks fast, and grabs Kane's head as he goes through the table, in a sort of 3-D style!

Heenan: What's that idiot Hurricane doing? He just put his partner through a table.

Tony: Don't you get it Brain. If Kane had have gone through, that was it. Now though, Hurricane got half a point as well as Adams. The match is still on!

Kronik-6 HurriKane-5 Dream Team-1

Tony: Hurri-Kane just need one point to draw. What will happen if it's a draw?

Hurricane gets knocked down with a clothesline by Adams, who then sets up the last table. Meanwhile, The Rock and Goldberg walk up the rampway knowing they now can't win. Meanwhile Adams goes for the full nelson slam on Hurricane, but Hurricane hits a lowblow and goes to the second rope.

Tony: If he hits the Overcast it's over! Come on Hurricane! Aw damn!

From the apron, Hurricane is nailed with a kick by Rico! Adams then grabs Hurricane by the throat, as does Clark, and they hit a spinning High Times off the second rope through the table!!!

Kronik-7 HurriKane-5 Dream Team-1

Lillian:Here are your winners, and still XPW World Tag Team Champions, Kronik!

Tony: Damn it, Rico just cost Hurri-Kane the last point, and Kronik are still the Tag Champions!

Heenan: They're the best tag team in the world Tony! No doubt about it! And with Rico, they're unstoppable!

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