XPW - "One on One" w/Gene Okerlund

"One on One"
1st Edition

This Week With

Rob Van Dam

Gene Okerlund: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to our first edition of "One On One". I am your host "Mean" Gene Okerlund, and here with me I have the reigning United States Champion Rob Van Dam. Rob, thankyou for joining us.

RVD: Hey no problem man.  I appreciate being the first guy to be interviewed.  Really warms my heart.

Gene Okerlund: Now Rob, you are the reigning United States Champion, holding  it since June! How does it feel to hold the second best title in XPW for that amount of time?

RVD:  Well, you know, what can I say, it feels great.  To know I am that good and no one can beat me for it really shows soemthing to doesnt it?

Gene Okerlund: You certainly have a wide array of titles in your XPW Achievments list. You have been Hardcore Champion, you were the first 3Xtreme Tag Team Champion with New Blood buddies Edge and K-Kwik, and now most recently you are the United States Champion. How does it feel to hold all of those titles in XPW?

RVD:  Gene buddy, you forgot about my tag team title I held a while back. Tsk tsk, but yah Im the only one to have held almost all the XPW titles.  I mean if I could get that TV title some where down the road too and become the first evr XPW Grand Slam Champion.  Now that would be impressive, and if there is any one that can do it, its R..V..D, yeah!

Gene Okerlund: Sorry for forgetting that Tag Title reign, old age you know! Now, You most certainly are the only superstar in XPW History to capture all of those belts, and this Sunday on Shocker you have the oppurtunity to win another belt. This time it is the most prestigious belt, the XPW World Championship. People such as Shawn Michaels, Booker T and Hollywood Hulk Hogan ..to name a few.. have held that title. What would it mean to you, if you won it?

RVD:  It would mean the World to me.  If I can go out there infront of all my fans and win it not only for me but for them.  It would be the greatest feeling ever.

Gene Okerlund: What happens if you end up not winning the belt? What is next for RVD?

RVD:  You know, If I dont win it then I might be in a match with Jericho for my US title.  Depends if he is the one to win.  But if I dont win it you can bet that Im not goign to stop trying.

Gene Okerlund: You will still be the United States Champion, will you continue to defend that, or continue to go for the World Title if in fact you do not pick up a win on Sunday?

RVD:  Im never gonna stop defending my US title Gene.  It means to much to me.  Obviously I have to prove that I deserve it, along with winning the World title but the US is just as Prestigious if you ask me.

Gene Okerlund: Either way Rob, I'm sure you will continue to be successful. There is a reason we chose you for this first edition of "One on One", actually many reasons. You have been with XPW longer than anyone else ever has, and we  all appreciate your commitment to this great company. But it wouldn't be a great company without people like you.

RVD:  Thanks Gene, it feels good to know people appreciate what I've done here.

Gene Okerlund: You are without a doubt one of the most successful, if not THE most successful Superstar XPW will have, and I thankyou for taking time out of your busy schedule this week to do this with me.

RVD:  Again, its my pleasure and thanks for choosing me to be on your show.

Gene Okerlund: Well folks, thankyou for joining us, and RVD thankyou once again for taking your time for this. We will be back next week with a new XPW Superstar, so make sure and return back! For now this is Gene Okerlund, take care...