XPW - Xtreme Professional Wrestling

-Newz & Updates From The Prez-

(10/13) - Shocker Results up! House show card is up. You guys who are in the house show also must meet the min. or you will end up in it again next time. This one is set for Wed. and when results get put up for it, Then I will add a new card. Those in the house show can send in an interview, or interfere form. Get it in by the deadline though, (Wed, Oct. 16).

-Prez Vince

-Newz & Updates From The VP-

(10/13) Hey guys, the Shocker Card for 10/20 is up. Lets make this week better than last even if that really can't be possible! lol Good luck to everyone and just to let you know you have until Friday @ 11:59 pm XPW Time to Rp and send in all requests. Good luck!

-VP Bischoff