HeADLINES - RVD Comments on Shocker

After Shocker, Mike Tenay caught up with Rob Van Dam to see what he had to say about the loss that night!

Mike: Rob! If you can please tell what it feels like to have lost your match tonight.

RVD: Well, I feel like shit, I can tell you that much.  Douglas is an idiot, he is the one that got pinned and the one that got in the way of the five star or we would be sitting here right now goign on into the tag team finals.  Its all good though, cause now I can team up with a true soon to be champion, Edge...

Mike: Some may say that it was Shane Douglas' fault, some may say you both took part in why you lost the match, do you blame it on Shane?

RVD:Cant you tell that Im blaming it on Shane man.  SUre we worked good together for most of the match but who was the guy who got pinned 1..2..3  Im glad I five starred him though, coutesy of R..V..D!

Mike: There were misshaps in that match, like when you ended up dropkicking Douglas out of the ring, and when he elbow dropped you.Then there were other times when you guys purposely hit each other! There was much tension the whole match was there  not?

RVD:  Yah you could say there was.  I lost another match two weeks in a row since he arrived here, but this time it wasnt my fault.  I have a chance to get his World title again though.  Sure when we go into Regression I might end up losing my US title, and if thats the case... Mike lets just say I would rather lose the world title than the US title.  If I win that World title on Shocker, the belt that Shane Douglas has worn proudly across his waist.  Im goign to spit on it and hold up my US title.  I mean who wants to hold a belt as underated as something that was around the waist of the Franchise.

Mike: People were wondering if you two could co exist, if there was one thing about that match you would like to change what would it be?

RVD:  Mike, absolutely nothing except for I wish I would have hit Rock instead of Shane just so I could claim another victory on the hands of Rob..Van..Dam!

Mike: Do you  plan on competing in the Battle Royal next week? And if so, could you be after Goldberg? The Rock? Possibly Shane Douglas for revenge?

RVD:Hey man, Im goign to go after whoever I can get my hands on.  You know why Mike...?  Just so I can spit on the belt when I win it.  There is going to be a new first class title around here, thats the US title.

Mike: One last question, would you care to comment on the condition of the New Blood? Rumors have it that K-Kwik could be returning, but Edge seems to be drifting from the group, what do you have to say?

RVD:  I dont know exactly what Kwik has been up to but I wish he would come back.  He was a good wrestler and him and Edge would be in that tag title spotlight if it wern't for Mondo.  Now Edge... everything is just fine, OK MIKE!

Mike: Okay RVD uh.. thanks for your time!