HeADLINES - Mike Tenay Interviews Hurri-Kane!

Mike Tenay caught up with The Hurricane and Kane after Shocker, here is what was said!

Mike: Guys could you please tell me your thoughts on tonights show?

Kane: Ya know, I thought the show was a pretty good show, and ratings will definentaly be up!

Helms: It was a super-duper show. *Thumbs Up*

Mike: What did you think of the big shocker when Hogan was announced Commissioner?

Helms: I've known Hulk for some-time and I cant wait to see what else he does. I think it was an awesome idea, with a man of those brains for wrestling in.

Kane: Hogan is great, he just better not get in my way.

Mike: Do you think you would want that Veronica Caine's help into becoming big stars like she said she would help somebody?

Helms: I just hope she helps me. Hehe that would be good, maybe she can help me in something else to! *winks*

Kane: By the looks of it to me, she looks like shes got brains. She just better make XPW even better.

Mike: Hurricane, kane, would either of you be interested in that battle royal for the World Title? Do you think either of you would be picked to be in it?

Helms: Obviously you got to have a super-hero in it.

Kane: Ya know, I know I am in this thing, and Bischoff..If I aint, I will rip you limb from limb.

Mike: Well Kane, I heard a few minutes ago that rumor has it, you will be in the Battle Royal!

Kane: DAMN! Those other competitors better watch out or they will be sent to HELL AND BACK!

Mike: Im not sure about Hurricane yet though, but lets change the subject here..What do you two feel about defeating Shawn Michaels and Booker T? They are former World Champions! It had to be a great accomplishment.

Helms: Hold up just a minute...You dont know about me yet? WASS UP WIT DAT...How can you not have a super-hero involved? Anyways onto your question..How do we feel? I feel great to know that Kane and I whipped some Hurri-Asses!                                                                                                                                                             

                               Kane: Yeah, We totally smoked them...they should have known what was coming to them.

Mike: Is there anything else youd like to add before I let you go?

Kane: Yeah there is...To all those competitors in the battle royal..WATCH OUT!


Mike: Okay guys thanks for your time!