HeADLINES - Major Announcement Concerning Titles

The scene opens as we see an office with big windows, letting the sun shine in brightly, two plants on each side of the biggest window, which is behind a desk where sits the Owner of XPW, Shane McMahon. He looks into the camera that is placed before him, and begins to speak.

Shane McMahon: I have been talking to a certain Creative team member lately, and he brought up something that made me begin to think. "Why not reduce the ammount of titles in XPW"? Well, I beleive that that is not such a bad idea after all. You see here in XPW we want competition to be great, and with 5 titles, excluding the Womens, they may not mean as much if there were say..3. So, I have decided to end the legacy of a few titles here in XPW.

First, the European Championship. The Rock currently holds that title, and I deeply appoligize that we have to get rid of it. Rock, you will not be left stranded, but rewarded with another title shot on Monday in our first show back.

The next title to be taken out, is the Hardcore Championship. You may be wondering why the Hardcore belt, you may be saying XPW needs that belt to show its hardcore side. Well our name is Xtreme Professional Wrestling, that "X" stands for Xtreme, so why not bend the rules a bit for matches, and just have leeway for matches. There is no need for a Hardcore belt in a fed where "Xtreme" is our first name, all matches will be a little bit different from now on with the rules not taken as strict.

The other belt, more like 'belts', the Tag Titles. No we are not getting rid of them. More like expanding the belts. When you think of a tag team, or Tag Team Championships you think of two people on a team. That, is rather blah. In XPW we are Xtreme and we like to take it to the next level at all costs. We want our matches more inovative and I would like to give everyone a shot for TV time. So, what is going to happen is this..The Tag Team belts will not be held by two people any longer, but now three people. So, on Monday in our first show back we will crown our first "Triple Tag Team Champions" in what will be a helluva match. I have decided teams, and I hope they are all okay to your approval.

Now, to address the Womens Championship. Right now it stays. But if in fact the division begins to get boring, or not as active, that title will be dropped. I strongly considered this before when we were reopening here, but then a few women joined so I reconsidered. Ladies, lets put forth as much effort as the guys, and keep your division alive.

Besides all that, the card for our first event back will be posted later tonight. When it is posted, you are not to begin roleplaying until 11:59 pm CENTRAL(XPW Time). You will then have until Saturday at 11:59 pm Central(XPW Time) to roleplay with 5 full 24 hour days in all.

So I hope to see alot of roleplays for Shocker up, or Madness, it depends on if we get a banner or not. For now, Its Shocker next Monday the 26th. Lets get those roleplays going well, and have a GREAT first show. Thankyou, and good luck.