HeADLINES - New Members; New Available Wrestlers!

XPW would like to welcome Kane, Undertaker, Shawn Michaels, Terri, Stephanie McMahon, Calienté and Sean O'Haire to the roster! Also, there have been more Wrestlers added to the Available list that were not on there before. Plus, others are now available that were on there, such as Rhyno, Justin Credible, and Dawn Marie.

I have almost gotten all of the Individual Bios finished, and after I am finished with that, I will begin working on the UN and PW for the RP and OOC Boards. That will not take long. Right now,the first show was planned to be on September 1st. But, if things go right it could be a week earlier on August 26th. Return every other day or so for more updates!