HeADLINES - Owner Change; New Members

Okay, as you all know by now XPW IS NOT changing owners, I will remain the owner by popular demand. So, we are back to normal.

I would like to welcome our newest members Kidman, Hardy Boys, and Stone Cold. I am working hard day after day to get things organized and updated as well as gather members for the divisions. The Tag Team Division is looking better, so is the Cruiserweight Division. We still need a few more though, also Divas and Hardcore competitors as well. I say in a ballpark range, it will be about 2 weeks until we begin Roleplaying. On my agenda is: 1)Update the site, 2)Recruit members, 3)Update even more when we get new members, 4)Get Usernames and Passwords for the boards, and 5)Probably another thing I will find that needs to be done too lol. I am looking forward to getting started, we are getting some great newcomers, as well as the ones that have been with XPW in the past as well.

For another update, XPW Shocker the weekly show that was to be on Thursday, will now change. It is official that XPW Shocker is saying goodbye, and XPW Monday Madness RETURNS to have the weekly show o Monday! The RPing week will be from Monday at 11:59 pm until Saturday at 11:59 PM. Results will be completed on Sunday, and posted Monday.

I have also updated the Calendar according to what I think will go down with the schedule. For now, that is all! Check back daily for more updates.