1. When you grade you are there to help the student. Not for a power trip and not to take away all their confidence. You also aren't there to make friends either.

2. One line replies to a category is unacceptable. You are there to help so be critical but helpful in responses. Show examples if needed to get the point across.

3. Failure to follow these points will result in a revoking of grading privileges. I will be personally reviewing RP's recently graded.

I understand that grading is volunteer work and you are doing it to help but if it's not done right it's only hurting things. That is why these rules are put into effect. Now for each category. There were guidelines but they were outdated so here are your new guidelines. Failure to follow these will also result in a revoke of grading privileges.

Size is NOT to be graded on the number of lines. The moment I see a grader mention the number of lines they will be hearing from me. Size is the toughest thing to grade with out a doubt.

THE 30 LINE RULE IS NO LONGER IN EFFECT If they put an effort into the RP and it is a decent size do the best you can to grade it. Angle fed accepts small RP's so don't throw away short RP's. If the Rp had no effort put into it, then check for the 30 lines.

A perfect grade in size will only occur in that RARE perfect RP. It can only receive a full 10 points if the rest of the RP is perfect. A good sized RP that leaves you satisfied with the length will be 8-9 points. A RP that leaves you wanting more then it gave you will be in the 5-7 point range. Same for a RP that goes on to long. Anything below a 5 will occur when filler is used. Each chunk of filler should deduct one point off the score. If it has a lot of filler then a 0 in size is an acceptable grade. Make sure when grading this category that you comment on why you judged the RP a good size, too long or too short and point out examples of filler used if there is any.

Size is judged out of 10 points


Quality is a new category and the most important one. Why it was never judged before is beyond me but it is now. This will be a 20 point category. A perfect grade in this can only be obtained if a perfect technical mark follows. A RP that is deemed of high quality will score in the range of 15-19 points and must be deemed filler free. A RP with good quality and some filler will fall in the range of 9-14 and anything below 8 will have to be poor quality, filled with filler and lots of technical mistakes.

Quality is judged out of 20 points


Ambience will still be the prominent category it was. Description is great although too much should be punished. A perfect grade in Ambience will only be seen in a perfect RP. It must be descriptive and yet not too descriptive, the perfect amount. A good job of Ambience that keeps you reading every last word of it, sets the tone and mood of the RP will get a grade of 15-19. Anything that seems to have too much description but is still well spaced and well done will fall in the 9-14 point range. Finally little or no description or poorly written descriptions will fall into the 0-8 point range. As a side note consider too much description as filler because describing how the nail head looks on the floor boards is nothing more then filler. The mood can be set by generally describing that the room is old, the boards rotting and metal rusting.

Ambience is judged out of 20 points.


Storyline is judged the same as before. If the RP has a purpose and they stay on track then it can receive a perfect grade. Ambience will affect this grade because a story is only as good or as bad as the description. Although a perfect grade will be rare it is possible if the story is laid out and it stays on track and is filler free. If the story veers off track a little bit or has some filler it can score in the range of 15-19. A story that has a beginning and a finish but jumps around a lot will finish in the 9-14 range. Finally a RP that lacks a story line or has no point at all will receive a grade anywhere in the 0-8 range. Be critical in this category, make sure the RP has a point, be it character development or to discuss an upcoming match. If it has no relevance to character or wrestling be harsh and explain why you were.

Storyline is judged out of 20 points


Originality is judged just as it sounds and will now be a 10 point category to make way for the quality category. Originality is not to be judged on I've seen a RP done in a plane so it gets a failing grade. A perfect score here is something unique, something that you have never seen before. Needless to say a perfect score will be something special and a rare occurrence. A RP may receive a 8-9 if it is done creatively. If they do something that gives it "Originality" even if it's a backstage RP it can get a good grade. The key here is no have I seen something like this before, or is this something different. A RP that is unique but nothing special will score in the 5-7 range, and lastly a RP that isn't very original will fall in the 0-4 range. Needless to say blatant rip offs, RP or character wise should receive harsh grades and told why.

Originality is judged out of 10 points.


Technical is split into two categories. Grammar and Readability Mark them as individual 10 point categories when grading.

Readability is judged on how the RP reads. If it flows and is easy to read then it would get a good grade in the 8-9 range. A perfect grade would result only if the rest of the RP is perfect. If the RP is generally smooth but has a few choppy parts it will fall in the 5-7 range. Anything that is a rough read and makes you want to stop will fall in the 0-4 range.

Readability is judged out of 10 points


Here is the Overall Grading Scale.

A+ = 90% and above. This grade is something special, a RP that would make the World Champion start to sweat.

A = 80-89% A very good RP, this is the level you aim for.

B = 70-79% Getting a B is still a good mark and is almost the level you need to be at to make it in one of the big feds. Getting a B should be looked on as an accomplishment.

C = 60-69% Getting a C in is considered average and there is no difference here. Once a student gets the hang of things they shouldn't be getting less then C's except on rare occasions.

D = 50-59% If you get a D you need to listen to the graders advice and follow it. D is not an acceptable grade.

F = 0-49% Many will fail on their first few RP's. Don't get discouraged if you do, but make sure to follow the graders advice and use it as inspiration to get better.

The important thing is a perfect grade in any category should be something special. It should RARELY happen. The grade itself is not nearly as important as the constructive critism. It is okay to say that something sucked as long as you explain why and how they can fix it. Be harsh but be fair. Most of all be HELPFUL.