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Pro Skater

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>> Info <<

Read This for info on the game

You are an amateur skater, working your way up through practice and competitions to become a pro skater. You can buy trucks and wheels, tour, compete, practice, do demos, and then go to the x-games. you have to choose your tricks for each event, and you receive cash and various different kinds of points in order to buy trucks etc. Once you finish the x-games, you receive a score and a rating, in which you can post up on the site. Its only a text game though so dont get too worked up.

>> Instructions <<

Read this to find out how to play

The game is easy to play. First click on the Pro skater icon to start the game up. Next click the enter button. Then a screen appear asking for a name, this will be your pro skater name. Type this in here. Click enter and another screen will appear, choose an option. Click enter and another screen will appear asking a similar question. Now click enter. This time a screen will appear asking you to choose a venue. YOU MUST CHOOSE A VENUE FOR THE GAME TO WORK CORRECTLY. Click enter again.

Now a screen will appear with some tricks on. Down the side will be the options that you have chosen at the start. On the other part of the screen you will see a list of tricks. YOU MUST CHOOSE EXACTLY 5 TRICKS TO CONTINUE. You only have so many total points to spend though. This is shown on the page above the tricks. Keep note of these points and dont spend more than you have or you wont be able to continue. If you click too many tricks or run out of points, you can click the Choose again button to erm.... choose again. Once you have chosen 5 tricks, with a total amount of at least 1 click continue to erm..... continue.

Now a screen will appear showing the options you have chosen you just need to click continue. Now the Event Screen will appear. The first time you chose this event its name will be appear on the top of the screen. The next time you choose this event, your last results will be shown at the top. Click run1 and your score for run 1 will appear. Look at the side and your position after run 1 will be shown. Now click run2 and the same will happen, now run 3 and then final results. Your final result will be shown at the top. Click continue.

The next screen is the office. Here you can compete for more cash and hall of fame points, which can be used on other things in the office.

The main aim of the game is too, get to the x-games, do that by competing in order to practice, in order to tour and get on the television, the television is the x-games, the more you play the more points you get and the better rating you get in the end, the game can be played in as quick a time as you want. Within reason.


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Pro Skater


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