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D.i.v.a. S.n.o.w. S.t.o.r.m. Version 4.0

Welcome to Diva Snow Storm! Version 4.0
This site was created: 12-04-00
Updated: 07-04-02

On September 11, 2001--We were taken by surprise when Four of our planes were hijacked and two crashed into the World Trade Center causing the building to collapse, This little note I am writing is dedicated to those who were on the plane and the people who were in the building when it collapsed, To those kids parents who will never return or see there children grow up and become something, My thoughts and Prayers are with them wherever they are and God Bless America. This Day Will Live In Infamy, Sincerely, ~*Sgt Mike~*

Happy 4th OfJuly!

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I won the site of the month award from born to be high flyers.4-18-01:)

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