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Things you'll find in this section:
1)Proper Form
2)Warm up drills
3)Shooting Drills

Proper Form: Leg and Hand position

So what's the correct form? Well contrary to popular belief there really is no perfect form that is ideal for all people, but i think the leg stance is the key. If you are right handed you alway jump into a shot with your left foot first, then bring your right foot in, just a tad bit farther then your left. Your feet should be paralell with your shoulders.

Now here's where the arguement comes in: correct hand and ball position. The ball position part is easy: it should be directly in front of you, not on either side of your head, though some people find that more comfortable. It is OK to be a little to your right or left, but try to minimize that as much as possible for a straight shot.

Hand position - your weak hand (if your right handed, your left hand) should be placed on the side of the ball where all the lines meet. Your strong hand is where the dispute comes in. I say place it where your comfortable, while many pros make it so there pinkies are touching the right sides corner (where all the lines meet). Now you roll the ball off your fingertips (DONT push with your palm) and then sort of cock your wrist forward so it puts a spin on the ball.

Warm Up Drills

1)When your stepping onto the court or your just not feeling your shot for the day, a great way to get warmed up and get your shot going is get about 3 feet away from the hoop. Use proper form (your strong foot up a little and all that good stuff) and then just jump into the air and shoot it and make sure you have swished it. After about 5 swishes (remember only 3 feet away) move back behind the free-throw line and shoot 10-20 free throws using correct form. Once you have done that you should feel good and ready to go.

Shooting Drills

The best way to improve your shot is - what else - is to shoot. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

1)Think of a player you most respect (or one you hate alot) and find a place to shoot a jumper. Do it in game pace - quickly. If you miss the shot the player you chose gets 2 points, if you make it you get 1. Get the rebound and run out to another place. Give yourself a time limit (say, 7 seconds) to get the rebound and set up the shot so you get into game pace. This one of my favorites, and when I'm shooting around by myself because i don't get too bored.

2)Here's a good way to improve your weak hand shooting (for lay-ups, so you don't get packed if you go left using your right hand). Stand maybe a foot away from the hoop. If your going right you step in with your left foot and lay it in. Then go back to a foot way and step in with your right foot and go left and lay it in with your left hand. Quicken your pace as you get the feel and you'll be able to do this very fast. Practice this drill and your weak hand lay-ups will improve.

As you can tell, i don't have a shooting program in this section, though i am looking for one to add. If you find a program, drill, or have a question, comment, or suggestion, please e-mail me at

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