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sWo Community Involvement  

 The Importance of Our Community
The owners and staff at Susquehanna Wrestling feel that we have a committment to portray a positive image to people of all ages. We are available to speak publicly about issues facing the citizens of our community. Surprisingly, we have been asked to talk to people about a diverse range of subjects among them, mentoring. Today there is a strong need for role-models in the lives of youth, and we relate to many age groups overall. We realize that some people idolize prowrestlers, and some do so for the wrong reasons. It is our committment to make that fan interaction a positive experience!

The SWO also grants wishes to those who need them. Children are the prmary wish recipients, and are allowed to come "behind-the-scenes" and see an SWO show from a whole different aspect, making it all very personal and memorable. Please contact us if your child has a wish that needs granted.

Topics we can talk about with YOUR organization:
Drug use and abuse
School and Home Safety
Vehicle Safety
Alcohol Abuse and Underage Use
Peer Pressure
Social Pressure
Public Safety
Health Issues
Career Importance and Direction
And Of Course, Professional Wrestling

We can also discuss just about anything else you'd like to talk about. If there is a certain subject you want us to talk about, let us know before hand, and we'll do it, if possible.

Where Can We Speak Or Do Special Appearances???
Schools (K through 12)
Colleges & Universities
Ambulance Companies
Fire Departments
Boy Scout Troops
Girl Scout Troops
Cub Troops
Brownie Troops
Career Days
Fairs & Carnivals
Youth Programs
Hospitals & Hospices
Cancer & Other Medical Support Groups
ARC Chapters
Birthday Parties (All Ages)
Community Awareness Organizations
Fraternal Organizations
Non-Profit Organizations

We do special appearances for just about anyone, as long as we have advance notice that we can assemble a group to be at your event. All of our speakers are involved heavily in the prowrestling industry, and are committed to making the community better as a whole.