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This Rloleplay may contain violance or bad language and if you think you will be offended in anyway then you should really click on the little "x" on the top right hand corner now. This layout was indeed made by me rdawg and Rob Miller. If you dare to think about stealing my layout then I will hunt you down and make you regret about thinking of stealing my layout. Now Please read my roleplay and enjoy.
..::.End Disclaimer.::..

( Scene )
24 hours after the ppv on a special Raw a black limo pulls up in the parking lot of the area and the camera shows that the plate says NWO on the back and the fans start to boo them, The limo then comes to a stop and the driver gets out of the limo and walks to the door and opens it a fue seconds later Vince gets out of the limo with a big smile on his fact and then he starts to talk

( Vince Mc mahon )
Well, well, well. 24 hours after the biggest PPV in the WWF and i got a new undisputed champion now i ask you driver what do you think about that

( Scene )
Before the driver could get a word out Rdawg gets out of the other side of the limo fallowed by hogan, hall, and nash. Rdawg then pulls the undisputed titles farther up his shoulder and then starts to talk

( Rdawg )
You know something vince i really dont think it matters what that sorry son of a bitch thinks because hes not in any importants to the NWO nore me the wwf undisputed champion Rdawg

( Nash )
Hes right vince hes nothing to me or Rdawg but i think scott might have something to say right man

( Hall )
Hey guys i got to say that last night was a great night but for sone reasion we were alittle late to get to the arena tonight i mean whats up with you takeing us all threw canada just to get here bro, but you know something were not gonna let that go to us No thats not the way we are, but you wanna know something else man

( Scene )
Hall then punches the driver right in the mouth then Hall and Rdawg get into the drivers face and then Rdawg starts to talk

( Rdawg ) Hey and next time were late for anything we will really kick your ass you sorry mother fucker, haha come on guys its show time

( Scene )
The NWO then walk away from a fallen limo driver and then start to walk tword the backstage area. The camera then fades into the ringside area showing JR and the king sitting there at ringside

( JR )
hello everyone and welcome to raw last night on PPV was a great night we have a new IC champion and that man go's by the name of HHH, and also and european champion christian, but the match everyone has been buzzing about was the undisputed title match between the ROCK AND Rdawg, and from what happened in the finnal moments we will never forget

( King )
thats right jr, at the finnal moments the NWO came out and cost the rock the title but the question is why? why would the NWO do that and why would the new undisputed champion join the NWO and raise hell in the federation

( scene )
Just as king stops talking the NWO music hits the system and the fans start to boo as loud as they can, Rdawg,hogan,hall,and nash walk from behind the curtains and make there way down to the ring

( Jr ) Well speaking on the NWO look who it is king. its the low down bastereds themselves

( scene )
They then walk down to the ring and Hogan grabs a mic from lilian then gets into the ring and the NWO then stands in the center of the ring for a fue seconds then hogan brings the mic up to his lips and starts to talk

( hogan )
Well i guess your all wondering why the NWO came to the wwf and why we helped Rdawg win the undisputed title and make him the newest member of the NWO right, Well its kinda obvios you see a long time ago the 4 of use were all partners in the NWO and just before WCW went under the NWO said that we will always be a team and no one will ever pull us apart, and that is why the band is back together....

( Scene )
Hogan then hands the mic to nash, and then nash brings the mic to his lips and starts to talk

( Nash )
Now i dont know if any of you are aware of this but we the NWO arnt here to rip the WWF apart ah hell no. You see were here to make things alittle more interesting and make all of you the fans love this great company even more. So dont bo us just because were trying to help the wwf no, bo your selves for acting like assholes all the time

( scene )
nash then hands the mic to hall and then he starts to talk

( Scott hall )
Hey yo, like my boy kev said were not here to be the bad guys were here to make the WWF better and make everything alittle more interesting and by doing that we had to take out the rock. Now dont think of that as a bad thing because its now at all. We did the right thing and we are damn proud of it, and well if your not happy about it you can kiss out asses

( scene ) Hall then looks at Rdawg and gets a big smile on his face, Rdawg then pulls the titles farther up his shoulders and then grabs the mic and starts to talk

( Rdawg )
Well, well, well. I guess the imposable happened last night when i won the undisputed title and took THE ROCK OUT OF THE GAME FOR GOOD. And since im talking about the game, yo HHH you wanna come out here and talk shit like you want a world title match and i suck, Well bro come Smackdown me and you will go one on one in a title for title match, and brother when its all said and done i will walk out with my titles and with yours and thats a damn promiss....See you on smackdown HHH......

( Scene )
Rdawg then drops the mic and then the NWO gets out of the ring and starts to walk up the ramp and to the backstage area, the camera then shows JR and the King sitting at rindside with shoked looks on there faces

( King )
My god jr did you hear that, ha were gonna have a world title match on smackdown haha this is great

( Jr )
Indeed it will be king and i will say this to you all this world title book will go down as one of the greatest matches in wwf history, well focks we got to go to commercial break so we will Be right back

::::: cuts to break :::::::::