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Overkill Modifieds have been discontinued until further notice.

Want a great performing engine, but don't want to pay over $100 for a new one? How about getting some extra horsepower and RPMs out of the same engine you already have? With rccarbroken's Overkill mods, you can turn your stock engine (or most aftermarket engines) into something more suited for competition.

After lots of trial and error, rccarbroken's has found a unique porting method that enhances power without losing a lot of efficiency. Here's how it works. As a stock engine, the fuel/air mixture chokes as it makes it's way up to the chamber (where it's burned). This makes a noticible loss of efficiency since the engine has to work to push the mixture into it. With the Overkill mod applied, the engine can breathe, maximizing power output with only a little more fuel. The only reason it uses a pinch more fuel is that the engines can breathe better and more mixture flows, not because more mixture is being forced into the chamber.

Since the engine breathes a lot smoother with the Overkill mod compared to stock, you get a lot of other benefits than just horsepower. You will notice that your engine idles like a clock because the fuel/air mixture is easily being pulled in. Your engine will also start usually on the first pull for the same reason. One of the best things is that the spool-up of an Overkill modified engine is amazing! Since the fuel can be drawn in a whole lot easier due to the smooth flow, transition is almost as fast as your servo can rotate on most engines. With my experimental HPI .15SS engine in my HPI Nitro Rush, I ported it from no wheelies at all to flipping over onto it's back on accelleration with a 14T clutchbell. It was that time that I knew I had a final porting procedeure.

The popular way to port an engine right now is inferior to the Overkill mod. After the regular-style porting is finished, your engine guzzles gas and may cause a big vibrating problem. Although there is more power over stock engines, there are lots of side effects that some people don't want to deal with. This is why many racers choose not to port their engines and buy a new engine instead. However, Overkill Modifieds does only pros to an engine with no side effects other than you have to run it slightly richer because of the smoother airflow. There is more power and efficiency from Overkill Modifieds than the standard method.

With the Overkill mod applied, you get these benefits:

    Rock solid idling
    Instant spool-up
    Serious horsepower
    More RPMs
    Less stalling
    Way better efficiency for gas used
    Easier Tuning
    More even powerband
    Instant starting

Overkill Modifieds are $34. After your engine has been cut, we will thoroughly rebuild your engine, cleaning every part until it's squeaky clean, and oiling it afterwards. So, if your engine doesn't even work, your engine will most likely start right up and haul (excluding burnt-out engines). Even if your engine runs already, a good rebuild can be as effective as adding 5% more nitro to your fuel. The $34 payment also includes shipping and handling, so there are no additional fees.

New! Free color Overkill Modifieds logo decals with every order!

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